Photographs of headstones, memorials and crosses in

The Pines Cemetery at

Tewksbury State Hospital

All photos taken and submitted by Joanne Trudelle 2004



Stone dedicated to the patients who died at Tewksbury State Hospital. This was donated by the Friends of Tewksbury Hospital. The stone is laid out in Tewksbury Cemetery on East. St., where there are also many people buried who had died at the hospital. However, the markers were removed during World War II to save metal. There may be over 1,000 patients buried there.


Cross on a tree in Pines Cemetery


Stone with no markings in The Pines Cemetery

Headstone for Anderson Homes, who died at the hospital in 1880

Headstone for Kirkor Garabedian, who died at the Hospital in 1907

Cross erected in memory of Federico Alleva, who died on September 26, 1900

Headstone for John Scanlan, who died at the hospital November 12, 1884

Headstone for Maria P. Kontona, who died at the hospital in 1882


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