Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records
for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better. 

Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)


* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list. 

*** = There is a conflict in data on records. The death record at town hall does indicate they were buried at the hospital, yet according to the hospital's records, they were interred somewhere else. 

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members. 

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record. 

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with. 

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down. 

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list. 

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page. 

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.

Name, age, birth Parents Origin Occupation & contact date/cause of death
Ezekiel Thomas, 18y, Danish West Indies William Thomas & Dothia Lorens, both of West Indies res. Boston October 15, 1903, Phthisis
Daniel F. Sullivan, 45y, MA, single Timothy & Julia Lyons, both of Ireland res. Boston, painter, at hosp 67d October 25, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
Mary Campbell, 60y, Ireland both of Ireland, no names res. Lawrence, weaver, at hosp 25y 23d October 26, 1903, pneumonia
Pauline B. Keyes, 33y, Michigan, widow David M. Bragg & Mary Parks, both of NY res. Boston, teacher October 26, 1903, phthisis, alcoholism
David Moodie, 1 day, b. at hosp Gladys of MA October 26, 1903, hemorrhage of newborn
William Henry, 58y, NY William & Catherine, both of Ireland res. Boston, scene shifter October 27, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
Daniel O'Leary, 36y, Ireland, single Daniel & Julia, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer October 27, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
George Finnen, 5m 6d, b. at hosp Margaret Finnen of ME at hosp 159 days October 31, 1903, preemie
Kusta Stemmaka (?), 50y, Finland unknown res. Winchendon, MA November 2, 1903, fracture of skull
Gilman D. Dam, 48y, ME Leader & Hannah, both of ME res. ME, laborer, contact Charles F. Dane, 34 N. St., Portland, ME November 6, 1903, chronic myocarditis
# Celestine Colarusso, 46y, Italy John & Cardiamon (?), both of Italy res. Lowell, organ grinder November 6, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
# John Kelliher, 45y, Ireland Thomas & Nora, both of Ireland res. Boston, farmer November 6, 1903, phthisis
Julia Moran, 60y, Ireland, married all unknown contact John Moran in Malden, MA, at hosp 10y, 9m, 13d November 7, 1903, chronic diffuse nephritis
Samuel Jackson, 63y, VT Peter of Barbados & Mary Evans of VT res. Boston, laborer, contact John W. Williams, 30 Irving St., Boston November 11, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
Josephine Botulinsky, 48d, b. state hosp Michael & Frances, both of Austria mother at hospital November 17, 1903, preemie
# Matthew Murphy, 40y, Ireland Thomas & Alice, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer November 18, 1903, TB
Albert F. Purdy, 1m, 5d. b. Boston all blank state ward November 21, 1903, heredity syphilis
Florence Frances, 2m, 4d, b. at hosp Florence Frances of Provincetown, MA, at hosp res. Boston November 22, 1903, marasumus
Oscar Hillstrom, 24y, Sweden, single Charles & Hertwig, both of Sweden res. Worcester, laborer, contact Mrs. Jennie Yonson, 4 Rodgers St., Worcester November 22, 1903, TB meningitis  
George McKeown, 30y, Canada John & Ann Neal, both of Canada res. Boston, hostler, contact Ranville House 57 Green St., Boston November 23, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
# Daniel MacDonald, 44y, ME Hugh of Scotland & Mary of Ireland res. Boston, teamster November 28, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
# Sarah Fitzpatrick, 82y, Irelandm widow Robert McGivaen & Ann McMasters, both of Ireland tailoress December 1, 1903, chronic myocarditis, at hosp 5y, 15d
Carmelli Renzullo, 28y, Italy, married Antonio & Maria, both of Italy contact husband Michael Renzullo, 20 Sheafe St., Boston December 3, 1903, cancer of uterus
# Elizabeth  Campbell, 65y, Ireland, widow Hugh McDermott & Nancy Touer, both of Ireland res. Agawam, housework, contact Mrs. Samuel McNally, Wells Ave., Chicopee Falls, MA December 4, 1903, myocarditis
Annie Upton, 80y, South Carolina, widow Henry & Polly, both of SC. res. Chelsea, MA, washer woman, contact Henry Reid in Woburn, MA December 6, 1903, cancer of esophagus
# George Barnes, 69y, MA Samuel & Caroline Haven, both of MA res. Boston, laborer December 8, 1903, pneumonia
# John F. Evans, 55y, Ireland William H. & Rachel Garvin, both of Ireland res. Boston, carpenter December 9, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
Rosalie Lea, 26, Italy Domingo & Vincience, both of Italy res. Boston, MA December 10, 1903, heart disease
Elizabeth Bancroft, 2y, 16d, ward of the state all unknown ward of the state December 11, 1903, hereditary syphilis
# Mary Carney, 64y, Ireland, single both of Ireland, no names domestic, at hosp. 27y, 13d December 12, 1903, chronic myocarditis
# Samuel Burtt, 56y, NC Samuel, both of unknown origin res. Boston, laborer December 12, 1903, mitral insufficiency
Bailey B. Emerson, 53y, NH Daniel & Hannah, both of NH res. Hudson, MA, painter December 13, 1903, Phthisis
# Peter Printer, 18y, Italy all unknown res. Chilton, MA, laborer December 14, 1904, abscess of lung
Hector Goucas, 79y, Quebec, single Joseph & Mary, both of Quebec res. Maynard, cook, contact Cyril Karen, E. Brookfield, MA December 17, 1903, mitral insufficiency
# Agatha Maxine Ames, 2m, 19d b. Boston Pearly & Alberta Ames, both of Maine res. Boston December 17, 1903, hereditary syphilis
Albert George, 28y, VA Albert & Rebecca (Macklin), both of VA res. Boston, mill operative, contact Robert Jones 11 Kirkland St., Boston December 17, 1903, Pulmonary phthisis
# John McGovern, 58y, Ireland Arthur & Annie, both of Ireland res. Worcester, laborer December 20, 1903, Pulmonary phthisis, at hosp 21m
Bessie Schiller, 45y all unknown resident at hospital for 21 years December 23, 1903, foreign body in esophagus
# William Doherty, 34y, Boston Peter & Mary (Carr), both of Boston res. Boston, laborer December 23, 1903, phthisis, alcoholism
Thomas Watson, 35y, Ireland, single William & Rebecca (Clifford), both of Ireland res. Lynn, laborer, contact Nelson Levigne in Balhurst, N.B. December 26, 1903, cirrhosis of the liver, pulmonary phthisis
Theodore Jackson, 4m, state ward unknown state hospital December 27, 1903, hereditary syphilis
# Daniel Galliger or Richard Tobin, 65y, Ireland (record gives both names) both of Ireland res. Hamilton, laborer, at hosp 19m December 28, 1903, mitral insufficiency
Patrick H. Manning, 26y, MA Michael & Mary (O'Brien), both of Ireland res. Boston, mill hand, contact Mrs. Mary Manning 378 Floyd St., Lowell December 28, 1903, pulmonary phthisis
Joseph Raillancourt, 33y, Canada, single Lawrence & Mary Provoire, both of Canada res. Lowell, laborer, contact someone with same last name. (cannot read 1st) 173 Crawford St., Lowell December 30, 1903, mitral stenosis
Valentine Bertram, 48y, Ireland James of England & Julia McDowell of Scotland res. Lowell, MA, at hosp 2y, machinist January 1, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Joseph Root, 22y, Russia Henry & Annie, both of Russia res. Worcester, MA January 1, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Benjamin Walker, 26y, S. Carolina David & Martha, both of SC res. Boston, MA, miner January 2, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Richard J. Packwood, 66y, New York Samuel of West Indies & Mary of CT Springfield, MA, physician January 3, 1904, hemiplegia
Thomas G. Doyle, 61y, Ireland John & Elizabeth Dee, both of Ireland res. Boston, MA, laborer January 5, 1904, mitral insufficiency
John Q. A. Morton, 78y, MA William & Sophia, both of MA res. Boston, fisherman January 8, 1904, myocarditis
Eustis Myrie, 21y, Jamaica Richard & Cecilia Edwards, both of Jamaica res. Boston, MA, laborer January 9, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
James Havey, 68y, Ireland Owen & Margaret, both of Ireland res, Newton, MA, painter January 9, 1904, mitral insufficiency
John Hannafin, 77y, Ireland Cornelius & Mary Murphy, both of Ireland res. Boston, plasterer January 9, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Antonio Genitas, 77y, Italy Powello, of Italy res. Boston, laborer January 10, 1904, chronic myocarditis
Catherine Hare, 74y, Scotland John Conlon & Mary Martin, both of Ireland weaver, res unknown January 11, 1904, pneumonia
Jalmar Pihlajamaki, 19y, Finland no names, both parents of Finland res. Rockport, MA, quarryman January 14, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Lillian Hall, 25y, N. Carolina Jeremiah Hall & Rebecca Bland, both of N.C. res. Boston, MA; cook January 15, 1904, general TB
William McGarry, 26y, MA Ella & Patrick, unknown origin.  res. Tewksbury, MA, laborer January 15, 1904, TB meningitis
Annie Sullivan, 24y, Ireland Eugene & Bridget, both of Ireland state farm resident; mill hand January 16, 1904, phthisis & neuritis alcoholism
Mary Burns, 39y, NY, married Dailou Bameton (?) & Lenora Rivers, both of Canada res. State Farm, operative, contact Ameda Barneton 15 Amherst St., Manchester, NH January 18, 1904, phthisis
Ida Mingo, 3y, Mashpee, MA unknown state ward January 19, 1904, marasumus
John L. Ingham, 17y, FL Fred of Michigan & Julia of MA res. Boston, planing mill, contact father at 28 Ash St. Boston January 21, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Hilda A. Lindblad, Sweden John & Anna Dalgreen, both of Sweden res. Boston, MA; housework, at hosp 3y January 22, 1904, general paralysis of the insane
John Roscoe, 39y, England Thomas & Sarah Maitland, both of England res. Fall River, MA, weaver, contact Wm. Boulch 101 Cash St. Fall River, MA January 23, 1904, cancer of liver
# James McGlove, 29y, Ireland John & Bridget O'Neil, both of Ireland res. Boston; laborer January 23, 1904, TB
Wladislaw Roemukiawczu, 17y, Russia Michael & Agnes, both of Russia res. Boston, baker, contact Joseph Roemukiawczu, 189 Tudor St., Boston January 24, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Peter Girard, 100y, Canada - record questions this age Joseph & Louisa, both of Canada res. Fitchburg, contact Thomas Girard, 13 Woodland St, Fitchburg January 27, 1904, mitral stenosis, at hosp 43d
Hannah (Mary E.) Bradshaw, 69y, Ireland, widow Thomas Flaherty & Mary, both of Ireland res. Chelsea, domestic, contact Mary E. Bradshaw, Williams St., Chelsea January 27, 1904, myocarditis, at hosp 3 y
Mary J. Silvia, 22y, Married, from Fayal Frank & Annie, both of Fayal operative, cont. Antome Silvia, 227 S. France St., New Bedford, MA January 28, 1904, phthisis
# Catherine Flaherty, 45y, Ireland, widow Michael Tracy & Mary Radigan, both of Ireland res. Boston, laundress January 30, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
# Michael O'Mealey, 65y (?), Ireland both of Ireland, no names res. Lowell, MA, laborer January 31, 1904, myocarditis
# John Hayes, 35y, Florida Abraham Hayes (of unknown)  & mother of Fl, no name  res. Boston; laborer February 6, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Elizabeth McNally, 2 days, born at hospital Elizabeth Lynch, at hospital, & Martin McNally, of England Tewksbury State Hosp February 6, 1904, congenital heart disease
Pelery Maremas (?), 42y, Italy Joseph & Mary, both of Italy res. Millbury, MA, laborer, wife, contact, 82 Mine St. Millbury, MA February 7, 1904, TB of kidneys, at hosp 11m
# Michael McLaney, 34y, Ireland Patrick & Mary, both of Ireland res. Boston, horseshoer February 7, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Charles H. Miller, 55y, Rochester, NY John & Catherine Winkler, of Rochester, NY res. Boston, MA, galvanizer February 8, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Michael Hefferin, 10 days, born at hospital Mary, at hospital, & Michael Costigan, both of Ireland Tewksbury State Hosp February 8, 1904, pneumonia
# Frank Miller, 57y, Denver, CO John & Mary Smith, both of Denver, CO res. Boston, MA; carpenter February 9, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
# Julia Necket (?), 21y, Syria all unknown res. Lawrence, MA, cotton weaver February 10, 1904, TB
John H. Allen, 34y, ME Daniel of N. Carolina & Catherine Roche, of ME res. Boston, laborer, contact Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor 295 Cambridge St., Boston February 11, 1904, emphysema, at hosp 3m
# Jaakko Takola, 23y, birthplace unknown all unknown unknown February 11, 1904, Phthisis
# Jeremiah Connelly, 60y, Ireland John & Margaret, both of Ireland res. unknown; spinner February 12, 1904, phthisis
Chas. Cogan, 49y, Boston, widow Patrick & Mary Tuhan, both of Ireland res. Worcester, laborer, contact John Tiffany, Everett Ave., Everett, MA February 13, 1904, general TB, at hosp 6m
Agnes Howie, 48y, N.B., single Gilbert & Margaret Copeland, both of Scotland res. Boston, housework, contact John Howie, Hanover, York Co., N.B. February 13, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# William Darlington, 46y, Ireland Thomas & Elizabeth, both of Ireland res. Lowell, MA; carpenter February 20, 1904, pneumonia
Daniel McCarthy, 46y, Ireland Timothy & Catherine Lee, both of Ireland res. Boston, MA; longshoreman February 21, 1904, myocarditis
Peter Connelly, 73y, Ireland John & Nancy Vaughn, both of Ireland res. Tewksbury, fisherman February 22, 1904, myocarditis
Fred Currier, 1y, 2d, b. at hosp mother, Laura, of Canada Tewksbury State Hospital February 23, 1904, complications due to premature birth
James Hughes, 63y, Ireland Patrick & Ann, both of Ireland res. Boston, MA; junk dealer February 24, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
John Driscoll, 54y, Boston Patrick & Ellen Kenefit (?), both of Ireland res. Boston, MA; laborer February 25, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Abbie F. Ames, 48y, VT, widow Daniel Harrington, of NY & Harriet Hale, of VT res. unknown, seamstress February 27, 1904, carcinoma of throat
Charles M. Anderson, 31y, Sweden Lars Svenson & Katherine Lofgren, both of Sweden res. Boston, MA; iron worker February 27, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Edward Veazie, 60y, Ireland James & Mary Gillighan, both of Ireland res. Boston, MA laborer February 27, 1904, pneumonia
Argop Malkasin, 18y, Armenia Tonell & Kroar Malgam, both of Armenia res. Boston, MA; peddler February 27, 1904, TB
Archibald McLeall, 60y, Scotland Daniel & Rose, both of Scotland res. Boston, MA; weaver February 29, 1904, pneumonia
# Rose Underwood, 81y, Scotland James Morton & Elizabeth, both of unknown origin res. unknown; washer woman March 3, 1904, phthisis 
Catherine McCarthy, 65y, Ireland husband; Jeremiah; parents- unknown names, both of Ireland res. 88 Revere St., Boston, MA March 3, 1904, phthisis, at hosp 19 years
Ascandia Farrah, 21y, Syria, married to Elias Farrah unknown names, both of Syria husband at 270 Oaks St., Lawrence March 3, 1904, phthisis, at hosp 297 days
Hans Evensen, 47y, Norway Arin & Mary, both of Norway res. Boston, MA; laborer March 4, 1904, mitral insufficiency
James Simpson, 46y, Scotland James & Ellen Thompson, both of Scotland res. Boston, MA; sailor March 7, 1904, chronic nephritis 
James Shannon, 45y, Ireland, widow Patrick & Ann, both of Ireland res. Boston, fireman, contact Thomas Shannon, 5 __emon Place, Roxbury March 9, 1904, pneumonia, at hosp 3m
Annie Cash, 46y, Ireland Jere & Nellie, both of Ireland res. Boston, MA; housework March 10, 1904, myocarditis, at hosp 415 days
Pasquale LeDome, 30y, Italy both of Italy, no names res. Boston; laborer March 11, 1904, stomach cancer
Harry Atkins, 29y, England James P. of Scotland, & Annie Milroy, of Wales res. Boston, MA; cook March 11, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# John Cunningham, Ireland Michael & Bridget, both of Ireland res. Boston; laborer March 12, 1904, pneumonia
Hattie Londea, 34y, VA Jacob Riddick & Martha Evans, both of VA res. Lancaster, MA; housework March 13, 1904, TB
Alfred Jordan, 58y, England John & Mary Wood, both of England res. Haverhill, MA; cotton spinner March 14, 1904, myocarditis
Benjamin V. Lantz, 47y, Nova Scotia Jeremiah & Lucy, both of N.S. res. Boston; upholsterer March 15, 1904, chronic intestinal obstruction
Charles H. Carleton, 48y, NH, widow Albert of NH & Rue Chase, of NY  res. Boston, iron moulder, contact John McNally 77 N. Main St. Middleboro, MA March 15, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Joseph Devereaux, 1m, 16d, b. at hosp Mary, at hosp, from Cape Breton Tewksbury State Hospital March 17, 1904, hereditary syphilis
Leban Hubieson, 35y, Austria both parents of Austria, no names res. not known, operative March 18, 1904, cancer of uterus
Michael H. Gauet, 25y, Boston William & Mary, both of Ireland res. Boston, teamster March 19, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Julia Fairhurst, 9y, 11m, b. at hosp. mother is Helen of Ohio, at hospital Tewksbury State Hospital March 19, 1904, pneumonia
Eliza Leary, 50y, Ireland James & Mary Murphy, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework March 20, 1904, phthisis
Catherine Ray, 72y, Ireland, widow Cornelius McLinchy & Helen Brodbine, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework March 24, 1904, heart disease
John Morris, 48y, Canada Peter & Ann Matthews, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer March 24, 1904, bronchial asthma
Margaret Reardon, 67y, Ireland all unknown unknown March 25, 1904, phthisis, at hosp 32y
Sarah J. Maddox, 55y, New Brunswick, widow Thomas Brown & Nancy Edwards, both of N.B. res. Boston, cook March 26, 1904, heart disease, contributory factor; cannot read main cause
Edward Dawson, 40 hours mother is Melkea from  Washington DC, at hospital; father, William Jenkins Tewksbury State Hospital March 26, 1904, preemie
James Rice, 66y, Roxbury unknown unknown, carpenter March 26, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Nicholas Rich, 48y, Italy John & Eliza, both of Italy res, Marlboro MA, farmer March 27, 1904, hemaphegia & dementia
Michael Cohen, Jr., 43y, Boston blank  res. Boston March 28, 1904, phthisis
Lucy A. Talbot, 72y, Maine, widow Jacob Peters of East Indies & Rebecca of Maine  res. Boston, washer woman March 28, 1904, phthisis
John Gunn 42y, Ireland, widow Daniel & Bridget Gilligan, both of Ireland res. Boston, teamster, cont. Dennis Gunn, Huntington Ave, Hyde Park March 29, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Chas. H. Wilde, 60y, Colfax, Ind. Chas. & Lydia, both of Ind. unknown, laborer March 30, 1904, heart disease
Fred Flynn, 9 days mother, Elizabeth Flynn, at hospital; father James Horrigan Tewksbury State Hospital April 2, 1904, hemorrhage of newborn
# John Duggan, 55y, Ireland Timothy & Kate Donohue, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer April 5, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Fred Walsh, 1y mother, Mabel Howard of N.B., illigit, at hospital; father is Fred Walsh of MA Tewksbury State Hospital April 6, 1904, phthisis
# Margaret Norton, 43y, MA, widow Jere. Mahoney & Mary Garvey, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework April 9, 1904, phthisis
Thomas Cullen, 64y, P.E.I. John & Bridget Keough, both of Ireland res. Boston, carpenter, at hosp. 6 months April 10, 1904, strangulation, suicide at hospital
Frank Parker, 39y, CT Jeremiah of CT & Fanny of NJ, married, no name of wife res. Boston, cook, contact Jeremiah McCarthy, 436 Tremont St., Boston April 16, 1904, phthisis
Henry Bellow, 44y, Canada Joseph & Rose, both of Canada unknown res., barber, contact in Lowell, MA April 17, 1904, pneumonia
John Zoagko, 26y, Poland Kazinsier & Ludwiea, both of Poland res. Harwich, MA, laborer April 17, 1904, TB
# Elvira Mingo, 12y, State Ward, b. Mashpee all blank res. Boston April 18, 1904, pneumonia
James H. Ashworth, 27y, b. Olneyville, RI Wright Ashworth of England & Mary A., of Ireland res. Springfield, MA; cotton spinner April 19, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# John Miller al William Zine, 41y, Ireland Daniel Zine & Johanna Huttenloken, both of Ireland at hosp 3 1/2 months April 20, 1904, transverse milelitis
Peter Smine, 7 days mother is Torte, of Greece, at hospital Tewksbury State Hospital April 22, 1904, hemorrhage of newborn
Charles Hanson, 38y, Finland Hans & Mary Marlson, both of Finland res. Holden, MA, laborer April 24, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
George Burtis Pennington, 66y, Peru Daniel & Lelilia Townsend, both of Peru res. Boston, jailer April 25, 1904, enlarged prostate
Maud Hughes, 29y, NH Jackson of NH & Fannie of NY res. Lowell, housework April 26, 1904, vomiting following death of fetus in utero
Frank F. Jackson, 38y, Washington D.C. Wesley of VA & Frances of DC res. Boston, janitor April 28, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# James Temony (?), 60y, Ireland Michael & Nancy Brennan, both of Ireland res. Boston, trader April 29, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Sarah A. Brainard, 77y, Boston, widow Jonathan Stewart of NH & Abigail Honr (?) of MA res. East Longmeadow, hairdresser April 30, 1904, mitral insufficient
Ella J. White, 48y, MA all unknown res. Taunton, housework May 4, 1904, cancer of uterus
Joseph Volenski, 20y, Poland both of Poland, no names res. Palmer, MA, laborer May 4, 1904, TB meningitis
James Murray, 65y, MD Vance of MD res. Boston, MA, meat cutter May 5, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Jeremiah J. Hagerty, 44y, Ireland Jeremiah & Catherine Lamb, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer May 7, 1904, mitral insufficiency
*** Edward McLaughlin, 67y Ireland Patrick & Eunice Doherty res. Tewksbury, laborer March 8, 1903, arterial sclerosis
James Reynolds, 6hrs mother Catherine, of Ireland, at hospital; James Tewksbury State Hospital May 10, 1904, Preemie
Catherine Egan, 49y, Cambridge, MA father from Ireland, mother from Maine, no names contact Mary Flanagan on Harrison St., Somerville, MA May 16, 1904, aortic stenosis
# John Murphy, 61y, Boston parents both of Ireland, no names res. Boston, laborer May 16, 1904, phthisis
*** # Patrick Lafferty, 55y, Ireland parents both born Ireland res. Winchester, MA, laborer May 17, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Katherine Cassidy, 64y, Ireland Owen Cassidy & Mary Doherty, both of Ireland res. Boston, Housework May 18, 1904, Chronic enteritis
# Werner Anderson, 22y, Finland Johannes & Anna, both of Finland res. Boston May 19, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Oscar Wellman, 51y, Maine Benjamin & Margaret Nash, both of Maine res. Lawrence, paper mill, contact (cant read name) 11 Newton St. - cant read  May 20, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Colman F. Gill, 30y, MA Hugh & Hannah Flaherty, both of Ireland res. Boston, teamster, contact Colman Welch, 36 A. St. S. Boston May 21, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Robert H. Elliot, 27y, CT John N. of VA & Ella Heany of CT res. Webster, MA, coachman, contact Clara Boyd, 61 Main St. Webster May 21, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
James Murphy, 39y, Ireland William & Mary Finlay, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer, contact Joseph Dolan, Milford, MA May 22, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Charles Talmage, 14y, North Adams, MA no information North Adams, MA May 24, 1904, epilepsy; contributory cause; congenital idiot
Ella Callahan, 47y, RI, widow Parents both of RI, Maiden name was Wells unknown occupation, Contact Mrs. B. Curtis, Donnellsville, CT May 25, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
Patrick McQuirk, 51y Ireland James & Catherine Falon, both of Ireland res. Lawrence, laborer, contact priest at St. Mary's church in Lawrence May 25, 1904, Pulmonary phthisis
# Carl Johnson, 35y, USA Oscar b. USA & Mary of Armenia res. Watertown, piano factory worker May 26, 1904, TB meningitis
Eldonis Foster, 45y, ME Frank & Nettie Crocker, both of ME res. Boston, longshoreman, contact Frank Foster in Winthrop, MA May 29, 1904, mitral insufficiency
John Brown, 53y, N.S. William & Mary A. Burns, both of N.S. res. Boston, farmer, contact George Brown in N. Reading, MA May 29, 1904, mitral insufficiency
John Donovan, 52y, Boston Michael & Mary Cahill, both of Ireland res. Boston, bolter May 29, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Patrick Hickey, 41y, Ireland James & Margaret, both of Ireland res. unk., laborer May 30, 1904, general paralysis of the insane
Christopher Brennan, 59y, Ireland, married Patrick & Ellen O'Regan, both of Ireland res. Tewksbury, paper maker, wife at insane hospital - cannot read location May 31, 1904, chronic influenza
# Carl Magnuson, 6m, Boston mother, Marie, at hospital res. Boston May 31, 1904, phthisis, grave marker # J273
Georgiana Hanley, 4m, MA father from Ireland, mother Norah Hanley of Ireland Tewksbury State Hospital June 1, 1904, inherited syphilis
James Stanley, 63y, Ireland James & Jane Matthews, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer June 1, 1904, acute enteritis
Ethel Moore, 7 hours mother Eva, of CT & father John Moore of Newfoundland Tewksbury State Hospital June 5, 1904, hemorrhage of newborn
Mary Brennan, 61y b. unk unknown res. unk, domestic, contact Mrs. Marsh (?) 5 Ward St., Worcester, MA June 5, 1904, acute enteritis
# Daniel Connell, 80y, Ireland Thomas & Mary Powers, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer June 6, 1904, chronic bronchitis
Elvira Seabrook, 22y, S. Carolina Robert Chrisholm & Rebecca res. Boston, housework June 9, 1904, phthisis
George W. Rounds 1m, 20d mother, Lillian Rounds, at hospital Tewksbury State Hospital June 9, 1904, inherited syphilis
# Maggie Tyndrowicz, 20d, b. Austria Parents both of Austria res. Ludlow, MA, mill hand, record does list Austria as place of birth, perhaps in error.  June 10, 1904, phthisis
Joseph Lurton, 51y, Readville, ME, married Levi & Celia Jefferson, both of ME res. Fall River, spinner, wife lives at 2132 Robinson St. Fall River June 10, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
William Miller, 44y, N.S, married William & Mary, both of N. Scotia res. Boston, moulder, contact in Lynn, not his wife June 12, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
Henry E. Paramenter, 59y, MA, single William & Adalkine Jilius (?), both of MA res. Worcester, shoemaker, contact Mrs. Belle Parameter, 51 Beacon St., Worcester, MA June 13, 1904, chronic intestinal nephritis
Kate F. Collins (Cooley), 38y, Boston mother, Catherine, rest unknown unknown, contact Mrs. Catherine Collins, No. Margin St. Boston June 14, 1904, phthisis
George Milbourne, 54y, MD William & Betty Lee, both of MD res. Boston June 16, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Sabra Wood, 72y, ME, widow Joseph Churchill & Rebecca Morey, both of MA housework, contact Ella F. Shurtcliff, Sandwich St., Plymouth, MA June 16, 1904, myocarditis
William J. Daley, 42y, MA John & Mary Delany, both of Ireland res. Boston, machinist June 16, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
David Pearson, 82y, widow, b. Salem, MA Jethro & Anna Franks, both of Salem, MA res. Boston, painter June 16, 1904, enlarged prostate
Alfred Talbot, 65y, England Thomas & Elizabeth Plant, both of England res. Tewksbury, chain maker June 18, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Patrick McCall, 40y, Boston Michael & Anne, both of Ireland res. Boston, teamster June 18, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Maria Kelley, 75y, widow, b. England Bartholomew Burns, mother's maiden name was Gray, both of England res. Worcester, housework June 19, 1904, cancer of stomach
Albert Turner, 52y, ME Mitchell & Sarah Moore, both of ME res. Boston, constable keeper June 21, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Samuel F. Wilson, 78y, ME Samuel & Judith Rust, both of ME res. Boston, painter, contact in Roxbury June 22, 1904, arterial sclerosis
Michael Orr, 34y, MA Michael of Ireland & Elizabeth of Scotland res. Boston, laborer June 22, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Charles Gusto, 58y, Italy Charles & Genoa, both of Italy res. Boston, laborer June 22, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
# Antonio Severio, 23y, Italy Vincenzo & Dominicia, both of Italy last residence listed as Italy, cook June 24, 1904, phthisis
# Florence A. Brown, 36y unknown lived at hosp 2 years June 25, 1904, heart disease & phthisis
# Frank Tamozenmas, 35y, Poland Joseph & Annie, both of Poland res. W. Northfield, MA, farmer June 25, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Sanford Hall, 78y, VT Rufus & Salome, both of unknown origin res. Montague, carriage trimmer June 27, 1904, mitral insufficiency, at hosp 3 yrs
Elizabeth Valikis, 20y, Poland John & Katarina, both of Poland res. Boston, housework June 28, 1904, phthisis
# Mary Stewart , 70y, Ireland James & Bridget, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework, at hosp 1 y June 29, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage & tertiary syphilis
# Lyman H. Poole, 81y, Grafton, NY unknown res. Pittsfield, MA, laborer June 30, 1904, arterial sclerosis
# John Murray, 55y, Ireland Peter & Anna Kenney, both of Ireland res. unknown, mason July 2, 1904, chronic nephritis
Liberatos Colaiocco, 21y, Italy Dominico & Maria, both of Italy res. Boston, laborer July 3, 1904, meningitis
Mary Hurley, 70y, Ireland William & Betty (Broderick), both of Ireland dress maker, contact Mary Hurley, corner of Brookline Ave. & (unreadable) Rd., Brookline, MA  July 5, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Anthony Bannister, 40y, Poland unknown morocco dresser, contact wife in Lynn, MA July 5, 1904, acute cholecystitis
# Giavanbattista Cerroni, 27y. Rome, Italy Francesco & Grazzia Rouzitte, both of Italy res. Audora, MA, laborer July 7, 1904, TB meningitis
Annie Harris, 21y, VA Samuel & Lizzie res. Cambridge, housework July 7, 1904, phthisis
# Christopher Hughes, 55y, Ireland Susan & Thomas, both of Ireland res. Holyoke, laborer July 7, 1904, cancer of stomach
Susan Fitzgerald, 53y, Ireland unknown names, both of Ireland domestic, contact brother, John Fitzgerald, Moulton St., Stoughton, MA July 7, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Annie Mary Dickson, 43y, N.S., widow Stearns McNant & Mary, both of N.S. res. Sterling, MA, housework July 9, 1904, mylitis
# Catherine Sullivan, 40y, Ireland Daniel O'Brien & Margaret Shea res. Boston, domestic July 12, 1904, phthisis
James Crowley, 68y, Boston James & Anne Sutton, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer July 15, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Johanna Ragan, 48y, MA unknown Domestic, at hospital 24 years July 17, 1904, enteritis
Thomas Freeman, 50y, England Michael & Mary, both of Ireland res. Lowell, MA, laborer July 20, 1904, aortic aneurysm
# Thomas Kennedy, 74y, Ireland William & Margaret Fodden, both of Ireland morocco dresser, res. Boston July 22, 1904, acute enteritis
William Foreman, 48y, N. Carolina Essex & Priscilla Bodger, both of N. C.  res. Boston, carpenter July 24, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# John Connolly, 33y, Salem, MA Patrick & Annie Doyle, both of Ireland shoemaker, Danvers State Hospital July 24, 1904, enteritis
# Anne White, 63y, Ireland John & Mary, both of Ireland laundress July 25, 1904, enteritis
Romolo DiFalco, 3m, Boston mother at hospital, both parents of Italy Tewksbury State Hospital July 26, 1904, marasumus
Thomas H. Maguire, 70y, Boston Michael & Margaret Fitzsimmons, both of Ireland res. Boston, roofer July 26, 1904, arterial sclerosis
# Maria McElroy, 60y, Ireland Peter & Maria McGuire, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework July 26, 1904, phthisis
George E. Preble, 50y, PA Austin & Rachel K. Hill, both of ME res. Boston, laborer July 27, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Isaac Hanson, 61y, England, widow Joseph & Rebecca, both of England res. Worcester, mill worker, contact Julia Hanson, 105 Jackson St., Lawrence July 27, 1904, paraplegia for 3 years
Daniel J. Sheehan, 45y, Boston Jerry & Martha Taylor, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer July 28, 1904, cancer of tongue
# Delle Colis, 34y, England William of England, & Mary Mulroney of Ireland res. Boston, waitress July 30, 1904, cancer of uterus
Sarah Owens, 24y, S. Carolina John Frazier & Susan Washington, both of S.C.  res. Melrose, domestic July 31, 1904, Phthisis
Dihran Towsian, 25y, Armenia Torus & Martha, both of Armenia res. Boston, Wire Mill July 31, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# "December  Eighth", 36y unknown, obvious this patient is a John Doe spent five years in hospital, there is no indication he was "found" on Dec. 8th died of heart disease August 1, 1904. There is no obvious cause as to him not being able to give his real name.
Daniel O'Leary, 46y, Ireland John & Jane Flynn, both of Ireland res. N. Hampton, shoemaker August 4, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
# John Higgins, 78y, Ireland Lawrence & Bridget Creaclan, both of Ireland res. Boston, carpenter August 5, 1904, enteritis
Savina DiFalco, 4m, Boston Mother at hosp., parents both of Italy Tewksbury State Hospital August 6, 1904, marasumus
# Nicholas H. Holbrook, 70y, MA Thomas & Mary Hathaway, both of MA res. Medford, carpenter August 6, 1904, enteritis
Mary Murphy, 60y, Ireland unknown res. Worcester, domestic, At hosp 18y August 8, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Michael Halpin, 68y, Ireland Bernard & Ann Houlton, both of Ireland laborer August 9, 1904, enteritis
Charles B. Gibson (Gibson), 48y, NH Peter & Melina, both of NH res. Worcester, cook August 9, 1904, cancer of stomach
# Joseph Demers, 75y, St. Jules, Canada Joseph is father, both of Canada Southbridge, MA August 10, 1904, enteritis
Howard Bullis, 43y, NY Joseph of France, & Sophia of VA res. Lowell, leather worker August 11, 1904, gumina of brain
# James R. Hatkins, 34y, S. America unknown plumber August 13, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Arthur Trahan, 44y, St. Johns Quebec unknown laborer, contact Elrich (?), South Main St., Fall River, MA August 14, 1904, at hosp 3 y, pulmonary phthisis
Albert L. Leach, 63y, ME  Wilbert & Dorothy Russell, both of ME res. Boston, teamster August 15, 1904, esophageal cancer
Charles A. Anthony, 60y, Ireland John of Portugal & Susan Bost of MA res. Boston, carriage maker August 15, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Ellen Hennessey, 64y, Ireland John Duffy & Bridget Moore, both of Ireland housework August 16, 1904, phthisis
Paul Shlinski, 32y, Russia both parents of Russia, no names mill hand, res. Blackstone August 18, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
John Shaw, 23y, Newton Heights, MA father, James of Scotland res. Boston, cotton weaver August 20, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
William Patterson, 55y, ME William & Mary Holland, both of ME res. Holliston, waiter August 20, 1904, pneumonia
Daniel McKay, 32y, Scotland Daniel & Mary Galligan, both of Ireland res. Boston, lather August 21, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Anginette Pierce, 62y, MA Joseph & Mary seamstress August 22, 1904, stomach cancer
# Charles Grublowsky, 35y, Russia Martha, of Russia res. Boston, laborer August 24, 1904, influenza pneumonia
John Moynihan, 18y, Salem, MA Patrick & Ellen Harrington, both of Ireland res. Hyde Park, hostler August 26, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Michael Reggatt, 46y, Ireland James & Kate Burns, both of Ireland res. Lawrence, laborer August 26, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
Harry H. Hall, 55y, NH Reuben & Susan, both of NH Lynn, MA, shoemaker August 27, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Felix Virbitcki, 31y, Russia both parents of Russia, no  names res. Worcester, laborer August 28, 1904, cancer of the liver
John Burke, 59y, Ireland John & Mary Harrison, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer August 28, 1904, mitral insufficiency
George Kendall, 79y, VT Saul & Molly Whitman, both of VT Montague, painter August 29, 1904, arterial sclerosis
Mary Smith, 50y, Ireland John O'Hearn & Mary, both of Ireland res. Boston, cook August 31, 1904, phthisis
# Patrick M. Shea, 47y, Quincy John S. & Margaret Rocket, both of Ireland res. Boston, teamster September 1, 1904, mitral insufficiency
John Murphy, 47y, St. John, N. B. James & Johanna, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer September 2, 1904, cerebral hemorrhage
Edward J. Desmond, 46y, Boston Cornelius & Mary Leonard, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer September 3, 1904, phthisis
Richard J. Allen, 72y, Boston John & Catherine Sheehan, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer September 4, 1904, arterial sclerosis
Daniel G. Palmer, 55y, MA William & Mary, both of MA peddler in Boston September 4, 1904, chronic cystitis
Roger Trull, 9 hours Everett Goodrich & Eva Trull, mother at hospital Tewksbury State Hospital September 3, 1904, heart disease
# John Duffy, 72y, Ireland Patrick & Catherine Rice, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer September 6, 1904, arterial sclerosis
# Stanislaw Lipkoski, 40y, Poland unknown farmer, laborer, Chicopee, MA September 7, 1904, Pott's Disease
James P. Murphy, 46y, England James & Ellen Herbert, both of England res. Boston, ice cream maker September 7, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
# Michael Murray, 48y, MA Patrick & Mary, both of Ireland res. Boston, mat maker September 10, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
George James , 70y, England George & Elizabeth Pierson, both of England res. Lynn, blacksmith September 10, 1904, mitral insufficiency
William Brady, 56y, Roxbury unknown res. Tewksbury, baker September 11, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Martin Warren, 54y, Ireland Daniel & Catherine Devine, both of Ireland res. Boston, plasterer September 11, 1904, Lacomator ataxia & gangrene of toe
Antonio Luccio, 34y, Italy Pasquale & Christina Nuchia, both of Italy res. Boston, laborer September 11, 1904, paraplegia for 10 months
John Garen, 58y, Ireland Cornelius & Mary Fenton, both of Ireland res. Boston, fisherman September 11, 1904, pulmonary phthisis
John Landry, 3m, 14d mother, insane, Mary from Ireland Tewksbury State Hospital September 11, 1904, marasumus
# Benjamin B. Pettis, 75y, MA Ira & Jemima, both of MA res. Tewksbury, laborer September 12, 1904, facial erysipulas
Edward Blasatram, 34y, Sweden Lars & Louisa, both of Sweden res. Boston, cook September 12, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Mary Hall, 79y, Ireland Nicholas & Mary Grout, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework September 12, 1904, myocarditis
# Bridget W. Prye, 40y, Ireland, widow Patrick Fay & Margaret, both of Ireland res. Boston, cook September 12, 1904, phthisis
Patrick Buckley, 48y, Ireland Daniel & Mary Lynch, both of Ireland res. Boston, laborer September 15, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# Thomas Heathcote, 38y, England mother, Alice of England Tewksbury State Hospital for 20 months with epilepsy September 18, 1904, epilepsy
Alexander Liske, 40y, Germany Joseph & Julia Lagman, both of Germany res. Boston, tailor September 18, 1904, mitral insufficiency
# John Tattersall, 70y, England unknown res. Bridgewater, MA September 21, 1904, acute enteritis
# James Cannon, 43y, Ireland Thomas & Mary Quinn, both of Ireland res. Bridgewater, MA, clerk September 22, 1904, pulmonary TB
Harriet Morris, 23y, MA Michael & Harriet George, both of Ireland res. Boston, housework September 23, 1904, phthisis
Nicholas Ventre, 63y, Italy Frank, of Italy Weymouth, MA, shoe maker September 27, 1904, mitral insufficiency
Mary A. Griffin, 52y, MA Father of NY, no names resided previously at. Worcester State Hospital, dress maker September 27, 1904, acute enteritis
# Maxim Poro, 82y, Canada Phillipe & Julia Blake both of Canada res. Palmer, MA, sailor September 27, 1904, arterial sclerosis
John Johnson, 71y, Sweden John Magnuson & Britta Ludhorn, both of Sweden res. Boston, tailor October 1, 1904, heart disease and dementia
William Forrest, 66y, Chicago, married unknown parent information res. Boston, wife at Water St., Medford October 2, 1904, mitral insufficiency, at hosp 1 year
# Paul Pearson, 60y, Ireland Paul & Johanna Mullen, both of Ireland res. Lynn, laborer October 7, 1904, nephritis
Madaline E. Donovan/DeBarr, 32y, ME Dennis Donovan of N.B., & Marie Dezetelle of France res. Boston, housework October 9, 1904, alcoholic, at hosp 40 days
Patrick Sullivan, 54y, Ireland John & Mary Falley, both of Ireland baker October 9, 1904, cirrhosis of the liver
Mary Ann Fahey, 54y, Ireland, married husband; Michael Fahey, father; Thomas Ferry, mother; Catherine Daley, parents of Ireland res. Boston, housework October 11, 1904, cancer of stomach
Phillip Stewart, 2 days John Gardner of ME & Ellen Stewart, of N.S. born at hospital October 17, 1904, congenital heart disease
# Ruth Carpenter, 64y, P.E.I., widow father unknown, mother Catherine of P.E.I. res. of hospital for 4 years, cook October 18, 1904, heart disease
Edna E. Bennett, 15y, NY Willis Bennett of NY & Eliza, of NY housework, contact Clara Bennett, Greenwich, NY October 21, 1904
# Robert Krehl, 45y, Germany Ludwig & Joseph Keselinger, both of Germany cabinet maker, resided last 2 years at hosp October 21, 1904
Thomas A. Heywood, 38y, England David & Elizabeth Allbright, both of England res. Cambridge, machinist October 23, 1904
Charles H. J. Eastman, 77y, ME Joseph & Kilgrove, both of ME contact in Cambridge, painter October 27, 1904
# James Booth, 27y, Ireland, single James & Catherine, both of Ireland farmer, resided at hospital for last 4 months October 30, 1904


# William Connors, 1m, 15d, b. at hosp Maria G. Connors, of N.S. mother at hospital October 30, 1904

All records copied and transcribed by JAS 2004-2009