Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records

for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better.

Please note that you can contact Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an offical death certificate (i.e. contact name and information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents.)



* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who were originally buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list.

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording most of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members.

CAUSE OF DEATH : Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record.

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from all the rest, and it included the number - the rest DO NOT. I do NOT have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with.

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the records. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down.

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list.

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a LIMITED amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them seperate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page.

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio, including photographs of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it to me in an email and I will be more than pleased to add it to the page.

It is my sincere hope that within this database, many "brick walls" may be closed up. Considering how many of these patients came from out of town, and only came due to illness, it is easily imaginable that these folks vanished "without a trace" - and hopefully, now, we will be able to find their ultimate resting place.


Name, Age, Birth
Parents names, birth
cause, date of death

Maria Howett, 60y, P.E.I., widow

William & Mary Platt, both of England

housework, contact listed in Boston

November 1, 1904

William Teed, 7m 15d, born at hospital

Father= Walter of N.S., mother= Catherine Darrah of N.B., reside at hospital

born at hospital

November 3, 1904

August William Johnson, 46y, Sweden, single

John & Catherine Lawson, both of Sweden

cabinet maker, Boston, MA

November 8, 1904

Richard O'Connell, 36y, Ireland, widow

Jeremiah & Bridget Hooley, both of Ireland

laborer, contact is Catherine O'Donnell in Boston

November 9, 1904

Catherine White, 71y, Ireland

parents both of Ireland

housework, reside at hospital 2 1/2 years. contact = 36 N. Andover St., Boston, MA

November 11, 1904, cancer of neck

Annie Pollarino, 36y, Ireland

Martin & Ann, both of Ireland

housework, contact M. Palmer on Boston St., Boston, MA

November 12, 1904,

John Hands, 61y, Ireland

Peter & Slavaw, both of Ireland

laborer, contact=Celia Hands, 2 Meehan Pl., Boston

November 14, 1904, paraplegia for several years

# Dennis Lynch, 67y, Ireland

David & Ellen, both of Ireland

stone mason

November 18, 1904, heart disease

Thomas Mitchell Jr., 41y, Ireland

Thomas & Sarah - both of Ireland

laborer, contact in Medway, MA

November 21, 1904, typhoid fever

Mary Florence Hapgood, 24y, Waltham, MA, single

George W. Hapgood of Lowell & Nellie T. Donovan of E. Cambridge

candy maker, contact Mrs. Demeritt in E. Cambridge

November 22, 1904

Albert Brown, 36y, England

Charles & Ann Smith both of England

Laborer, married, wife lives in Foxboro

November 25, 1904 TB laryngitis

Joseph Verzbiski, 26y, Poland

Salvert & Mary, both of Poland

shoemaker, contact= Frank Ostanenis, River St. Haverhill

November 28, 1904

John W. Fields, 70y?, Ireland

William & Hannah, both of Ireland

longshoreman, Boston, MA

November 28, 1904, cancer of tongue

Tanis Giroux, 40y, Canada

Joseph & Almira Gavan, both of Canada

tinsmith, Boston, MA

November 30, 1904

# Peter Riley, 50y, England

William & Ann Hyland, both of Ireland

cotton spinner

December 2, 1904, cancer of stomach

# Patrick Curtin, 52y, Westboro, MA

Patrick & Mary Meehan, both of Ireland

shoemaker, "no relatives"

December 5, 1904

# Wells D. Meek, 65y, Boston

father= Samuel of Salem, mother= Mary A. Swett of Boston


December 6, 1904

John Dunphy, 72y, N.S.

James & Ellen Welsh, both of Ireland

fisherman, Gloucster, MA

December 7, 1904

# George E. Goodard, 35y, England

all areas left blank

shoe cutter

December 7, 1904, cerebral syphilis and dimentia

Ellen Wiggins, 43y, England, widow

husband=Charles Wiggins, father= Patrick Kennedy, mother= Ellen Coffer, parents from Ireland

housework, Boston

December 9, 1904, cancer of uterus

Fred E. Norris or Narvis, 59y, ME, married

father= John, of France, mother= Julia of ME

laborer, contact in Providence RI

December 12, 1904

# Catherine Gervis, 86y, Germany

parents both of Germany

domestic, lived at hospital 1 1/2 yrs

December 13, 1904, gangrene of legs

# George McGovern, 56y, Ireland

Bernard & Ann Herssort, both of Ireland


December 14, 1904, pneumonia

John Walsh, 78y, Ireland

all left blank

"none", contact=Richard Walsh in Dorchester, MA

December 14, 1904, pneumonia

John Sharer, 60(?), NY

Richard of NY, Kate, of Peru

laborer, Hillsdale, MA contact

December 14, 1904, pneumonia

# Mary Mahoney, 73y, Ireland

Daniel & Hannah Russell, both of Ireland

cook, single

December 18, 1904, heart disease

Julia Seed, 25y, Syria, married

husband=John Seed 75 Derby St. Salem, MA, maiden name="Tohan?"


December 18, 1904, kidney scarcome

James Sullivan, 51y, Boston

Timothy & Catherine McCarthy, both of Ireland

laboroer, contact Daniel Sullivan in Boston

December 19, 1904

# Eliza (Pentokanas) Ahola, 69y, Finland

both parents of Finland


December 20, 1904

# John Brown, 38y, Ireland

John & Bridget Auley, both of Ireland


December 21, 1904

William J. Marcotti, 34y, Burlington, VT

Joseph E. from Canada and Bridget Donovan from Ireland

laborer, Lowell, MA

December 23, 194

# Benjamin B. Wentworth, 70y, ME

Benjamin B. & Susan, from unknown


December 23, 1904

# Olive Jones, 78y, Otis, MA

parents both from MA

housework, lived at hospital for 5 1/2 years

December 24, 1904

Hiram M. Blake, 63y, NH

Benjamin & Sally Maywood both of NH

salesman, Nashua, NH contact. Lived at Hospital 6 years

December 24, 1904

# Joseph Cantaluppi, 44y, France

all blank

all blank

December 28, 1904

# Martin Flanagan, 41y, Ireland

Patrick & Bridget Lisbon, both of Ireland

oyster man

December 29, 1904

John Nilowiski, 33y, Austria

Ferdinand & Mary both of Austria

paper hanger, Boston, MA

January 5, 1905

Michael Cogan, 71y, Ireland

Daniel & Mary Swyer, both of Ireland

laborer, Worcester, MA

January 2, 1905, pneumonia

# John Custun, 62y, FL

John & Maria, both of FL

caterer, spent 1y 10m at hospital

January 4, 1905

Robert Burden, 37y, NJ

William & Mary A. Reily, both of NYC

laborer, contact=Bridget Coffey, in Mansfield, MA

January 4, 1905

# Peter Cowles, 1y, Woburn

mother= Margaret Sullivan, at hospital

Tewksbury State Hospital

January 4, 1905, bronchial pneumonia

# Isadore Couture, 86y, Canada

Andrew & Mary Aulian, both of Canada


January 5, 1905

# Minerva Randall, 83y, N.C.

Mauderville Clayton and Grady

housework, at hospital 2y 9m

January 5, 1905, heart disease and dimentia

John C. Connors, 64y, PA

John & Elizabeth, both of PA

paper hanger, contact=Mrs. J. Connors, Philly, PA

January 6, 1905, general paralysis of the insane, at hosp. 7 months

# Thomas Kenney, 78y, Ireland

Cornelius & Catherine, both of Ireland


January 6, 1906, cancer of tongue, at hospital 8 years

Thomas Maguire, 45y, Ireland

James & Maggie Murphy, both of Ireland

laborer, East Boston, MA

January 7, 1905, pneumonia

Mary Pilkey, 43y, Canada

Lewis & Philomena Pleurd, both of Canada

housekeeper, Porltand, ME

January 8, 1905

# John C. Brown, 80y, Ireland

James & Fanny Bailey, both of Ireland


January 8, 1905, cancer of face

Henry Halten, 32y, Cambridge, MA

Henry & Rachel Camby

flower cutter, Boston, MA

January 10, 1905

Michael Duffy, 55y, Ireland

John & Catherine Riley, both of Ireland

longshoreman, Boston, MA

January 11, 1905

# Bell Jordan, 35y, b. unknown

George of Portland & Minnie

housework, at hospital 14y, 9m, 21d

January 11, 1905

Mary Deitche, 41y, Ireland

husband=Rapheal Deitche, father= John Cronin, mother= Katherine Reordan both of Ireland

housework, lives at 3 Newman block, off Pleasant St. Boston, MA

January 12, 1905

Christina Wilson, 67y, ME

father b. Peru, mother b. ME

Millhand, contact in Hoboken, NJ

January 13, 1905

Peter Valin, 85y, Quebec

Charles & Mary, both of Canada

carpenter, Cambridge

Janury 14, 1905, pneumonia

Mary Susan McNutt, 84y, N.S.

widow, husband=William, parents=John Canfield & Devera Williams, both of NS

housework, contact in Lynn, MA

January 14, 1905

Mary E. Jones, 64y, MA

Abner & Elizabeth Ann Jackson, both of MA

housework, contact=Chesterfield, MA

January 15, 1905, pneumonia, at hospital 4y

# Mary J. Francis, 35y, New Bedford

names unk, b. Western Islands

at hospital 9y 6m

January 15, 1905, TB & idiocy

Kate or Elizabeth Carey, 67y, Ireland

Morris & Julia Downy, both of Ireland

housework, Pawtucket, RI

January 15, 1905

John Tyne, 55y, Ireland

James & Bridget Dillon, both of Ireland

laborer, Cape Ann

January 15, 1905, pneumonia

Michael Capre, 24y, Italy

wife= Patsy, 651 Main St. Waltham, MA, parents= Peter & Mary, both of Italy

bootblack (?)

January 16, 1905, TB

Henry E. Frost, 65y, London

Eli & Caroline Burtt, both of England, wife at hospital

January 16, 1905, pneumonia

# John Garland, 35y, Canada

both parents from Canada


January 16, 1905

# Rose George , 21y, Syria

both parents from Syria


January 17, 1905

Rose Rogers, 58y, Worcester, MA

all blank, contact= John Rogers in Shrewsbury, MA

at hospital 14y 6m

January 17, 1905, cerebral hemorrage

Margaret Sullivan, 56y, PEI

Patrick & Margaret Gormley, both of Ireland

housework, widowed, Davenport St., Boston, MA

January 18, 1905

Cornelius Sullivan, 57y, Ireland

Maurice & Mary Roach, both of Ireland

laborer, Lawrence, MA

January 18, 1905

Mary Konikowsky, 5m, Chelsea

father of Austria, mother=Julia Konikowsky, at hospital

Tewksbury State Hospital

Jamuary 19, 1905, pneumonia

# Charles Lothrop, 64y, ME

Leander of MA, Anna of ME

Engineer, at hosp. 1y 3m

January 19, 1905

# Frank Dennis, 76y, Boston

all blank

clerk, at hospital 7+ months, widow

January 19, 1905, heart disease

Fanny Fatusha, 46y, Syria

husband=Hapiep Fatusha, father= Charles Zembar and Annie Ejapawe, both of Syria

peddler, Olive Pl., Boston

January 19, 1905

Margaret Nason or Wason, 72y, NB

Peter McCloud & Mary McCurdy, both of Scotland

housework, Boston

January 20, 1905

# Honora McCarty, 65y, Ireland


domestic, at hospital 37y, 8m

Janaury 20, 1905

Mary Louise Marshall, 21y, Montreal

Joseph Mansfield & Mary Bison, both of Montreal, husband= William M. Marshall

housework, contact name=Richard Barrett, 4 Grant Pl. Boston, MA

January 20, 1905

Elizabeth Leviolette, 39y, NB

Joseph Blanchard & Marie, both of NB

domestic, father is contact, lived here 2y 11m

January 22, 1905, phthisis, general paralysis of the insane

Martin Ford, 68y, RI

John & Delia Hines, both of NY

marketman, Providence RI, lived in Salem, MA

January 23, 1905

# Mary Ann Kerrigan, 71y, Ireland

both parents of Ireland

housework, lived here 2y 4m 18d, widowed

January 23, 1905

Charles McGaragle, 70y, Roxbury

all unknown

iron worker, contact=John McGaragle, 6 Concord Ave, Charlestown

January 24, 1905, at hosp. 33y 2m 9d, heart disease

John Donnelly, 75y, MA

John Arnold of NY & Dourd of MA

farmer, Fred Donnell Lenox, MA=contact

January 24, 1905

John T. Burtchell, 39y, Boston

Michael & Mary Fitzgerald, unknown location

stablemaker, res. Boston

January 25, 1905

# Paul Fovini, 39y, Switzerland

John & Maria Rodona, unknown

kitchen work

January 26, 1905

John J. Harrington, 47y, England

John & Mary Crowley, both of Ireland

stable man

January 27, 1905

# James Murray, 60y, Ireland

John & Catherine Burke, both of Ireland

laborer, 2 years at hosp.

January 27, 1905, pneumonia

John Kurtz, 33y, PA

mother= Lena of Germany

stableman, contact= Albert Kurtz of Plymouth, MA

January 28, 1905

Mary Donahue, 40y, Ireland

Michael & Mary Cunningham, both of Ireland

housework, contact Mrs Sullivan in Boston

January 28, 1905

# Aldea Beaudoin, 3m 7d

mother= Medora of RI

state ward, born at hospital

January 29, 1905, pneumonia

# Thomas J. King, 45y, England

John & Mary Travers, both of Ireland

painter, res. Boston

January 29, 1905

William Whitney, 47y, MA

James & Betsy, both of MA

laborer, res. Tewksbury

January 30, 1905, pneumonia

Margaret Driscoll, 64y, Ireland

mother=Margaret of 69 Porter St East Boston, father=James of 52 Nashua St., Boston

no occupation, single, at hospital for 37 years 9m 20 days

Jamuary 30, 1905

Patrick Egan, 63y, Ireland

Thomas & Bridget Kearn both of Ireland

teamster, contact in Roxbury

February 1, 1905, heart disease, widow

# William Page, 38y, Canada

George, father, both parents of Canada

laborer, res. Tewksbury

February 2, 1905, pneumonia

John P. Johnson, 42y, IL

John & Katherine McGuire, both of England

spinner, widow

February 4, 1905

# Patrick Dinan (?), 63y, Ireland

John & Johanna, both of Ireland

widow, laborer

February 6, 1905, at hosp 8y 7m 27d

Harley Beauder Stebbins, 50y, Canada

Lewis & Lucy Dufo, both of Canada

laborer, contact=Charles Cross of Masonville, RI

February 8, 1905, pneumonia, at hosp 4y 4m 19d

Hugh F. Smith, 50y, Salem

John of Salem & Grace McPherson of NS

stableman, res. Boston

February 9, 1905

Rocco Parodi, 50y, Italy

John & Solarie Paola, both of Italy

fruit vendor, res. Boston

February 9, 1905

# Thomas Kelly, 75y, MA

Thomas & Mary, both of Ireland


February 9, 1905

Catherine C. Kimball, 58y, Boston

husband=James W., 64 Middle St. S. Boston

housework, at hospital 1y, 16d

February 10, 1905

# Patrick Edwards or Ledmond, 73y, Ireland

Michael & Mary Kane, both of Ireland

laborer, res. here 1 1/2 y

February 10, 1905

Frank W. Cook, 35y, married, b. Portland, ME

father=Charles H. Cook, also the contact, Tremont St. So. End Boston, MA

none given

February 11, 1905, TB laryngitis

# John Murphy, 28y, Peabody

Timothy & Mary both of MA

"occupation = none"

February 11, 1905

# Olaf Olsen, 58y, Norway

Kurt & Olive, both of Norway

Brass molder

February 12, 1905

John Fitzpatrick, 61y, Ireland

Barney & Ann McGuire, both of Ireland

laborer, contact=family in Lynn, MA

February 12, 1905

Augustine Farretti, 59y, Italy

Antonio & Catherine, both of Italy

laborer, contact in Boston

February 12, 1905, fx femur, at hospital 1y 1m 16d

# Henry Tracy, 64y, Ireland

Patrick & Ann Gregory, both of Ireland

stableman, Tewkbury, MA

February 13, 1905, pneumonia

# Carl Bauer, 76y, Germany

Thomas & Caroline, both of Germany

cabinet maker

February 13, 1905

John McCullough, 39y, GA

George, of GA, mother unknown

waiter, contact = Lizzie McCullough, Roxbury, MA

February 15, 1905, at hosp. 11m 10d, general paralysis of the insane

John Williams, 72y, Wales

Owen & Jane Humphreys, both of Wales

laborer, contact=Joseph Williams, ME

February 15, 1905

Thomas H. Mullin, 62y, E. Orleans, MA

Hugh & Catherine Connelly, both of MA

hack drier (?), contact John Mullin in Lynn, MA

February 17, 1905, pheumonia

Ellen J. Sanborn, 54y, Lawrence

Moses of NH, Mary E. Burrell of Lynn, MA

housework, at hosp. 3y 8m

February 17, 1905

# William Johnson, 67y, VA

William & Martha, both of VA

farm laborer, at hosp. 2y 4m

February 17, 1905, heart disease

# Mary Miller, 68y, Ireland

James & Johanna both of Ireland

housework, at hosp 3y 1m 18d

February 17, 1905, pneumonia

Dennis Desmond, 75y, Ireland

William & Julia Ryan, both of Ireland


February 18, 1905, pneumonia

James Nolan, 1y 1m, Boston

Edward Nolan of Ireland, mother= Belle Nolan, at hosp.

February 19, 1905, TB

William Mack, true name Hazel, 38y, Ireland

Thomas Mack of Scotland & Mary Ann Rice of England

painter, at hosp 2 1/2 years

February 19, 1905

# George D. Stewart, 37y, England

Thomas & Mary Dowling, both of Ireland


February 20, 1905

# Peter Disley, 84y, Canada

Matthew & Mary Rancourt, both of Canada

farm laborer, widow, at hosp 4y 5m 4d

February 20, 1905

George Robinson, 49y, MA

Joseph of France & Mary of NS.

painter, wife address 125 ___ , Brighton, MA

February 21, 1905

# Walter W. Wilson, 53y, NH

mother= Lizzie L. Mason from NH

plaster maker

February 23, 1905, epilepsy

Carl Alexis, 41y, Sweden

all unknown

fisherman, contact=Mrs Severin, Main St. Gloucester

February 25, 1905

# John McBurney, 65y, Boston

William & Elizabeth, both of Ireland

laborer, 1y 5m at hosp

February 25, 1905, pneumonia

Henry Everett Bell, 11m 22d, NY

mother= Annie M. Bell, at hospital

February 25, 1905, inherited syphilis

Andrew Shalow, 26y, Russia

Joseph of Russia

foundrywork, contact=Worcester, MA

February 25, 1905

# William J. Mahoney, 52y, Canada

William & Catherine Coughlin, both of Ireland


February 25, 1905

John J. Connolly, 51y, Ireland

James & Margaret Boyle, both of Ireland

laborer, brother at hosp.

February 27, 1905, pneumonia

Ellen McCormick, 61y, Ireland, single

Daniel & Ellen, both of Ireland

domestic, contact=John McCormick, 185 Brooks St, East Boston

March 2, 1905, at hospital 33y 7m 9d, epileptic insanity

Daniel F. Sullivan, 49y, MA

Jeremiah & Julia, both of Ireland


March 3, 1905, pneumonia

# Benjamin F. Sprague, 63y, Dedham, MA

all unknown

at hospital 14y 6m

March 3, 1905

Ellen Weddick, 56y, Ireland

Gregory & Catherine Staples, both of Ireland

cook, contact in Boston

March 3, 1905

John E. Hill, 53y, Charlottetown, PEI

Robert of PEI & Christina McShorn, of Scotland

carpenter, contact=Mrs. F.A. Marple, E. Boston

March 4, 1905

Christos Virgos, 19y, Greece

both parents of Greece

millhand, res. Lowell, MA

March 4, 1905

Otto Paul Paselt, 54y, Germany

Godfried & Susannah Halem, both of Germany

weaver, contact Mr. William Paselt - Maxwell St. Haverhill

March 6, 1905

Albert Logan, 62y, ME

Samuel & Abigail, both of ME


March 6, 1905, pneumonia

Mary Fogg, 79y, ME

Joseph Park & Frances Wring, both of ME

March 7, 1905

Reginald Carey, 1h old, b. Tewksbury State Hospital

Angus & Lydia Carey, mother at hospital

March 7, 1905, premie

# Martin Reynolds, 70y, Ireland

Martin & Winifred Owens, both of Ireland

laborer, res. Tewskbury

March 8, 1905, pneumonia

John Cheatham, 11m 7d, b. Tewksbury State Hospital

Rose of NC, at hospital

March 8, 1905, bronchial pneumonia

Dennis Murphy, 60y, Ireland

John & Mary Donovan, both of Ireland


March 9, 1905, pneumonia

Flora Tatro, 25y, b. unknown

father = Frank Tatro of Gilbertville, MA

at hospital 4y 5m

March 9, 1905, pneumonia

James H. Brown, 60y, Iowa

George & Ann Elliot, both of MA


March 10, 1905, pneumonia

John H. Brady, 43y, NY

John & Kate, both of Canada

laborer, contact Frank Brady in Somerville, MA

March 10, 1905, general paralysis of the insane

# Ann Barrett, 61y, Ireland


mill operator, at hosp. 1y 2m

March 10, 1905, contributing factor = dimentia

Ellen White, 43y, NH

Thomas & Mary Blue, England

tailoress, contact= Mrs. F.W. Tilbets, 4 W. Utah St, E. Boston, MA

March 12, 1905, general paralysis of the insane

Patrick Phillips, 55y apparent age, Ireland

Myles & Mary Rodney, both of Ireland

laborer, contact in Newton Heights, MA

March 14, 1905, at hosp. 4y 6m

# John Lane 32y, Scotland

Richard & Esther Burns, both of Scotland

grocer, resident Boston

March 15, 1905

Julia A. Higgins, 51y, England

unknown, single, contact=John Higgins 152 D St S. Boston


March 15, 1905, at hosp. 16y 11m 3d

# Otto Mortt, 35y, Germany

Andreas & Maguola, both of Germany

cigar maker

March 15, 1905, at hosp. 9m

William Reece, 30y, Newport News, VA

Charles of Newport News, VA

blacksmith, contact=Walter Reece, Newport News, VA

March 15, 1905

William G. Clark, 52y, New Bedford, MA

Daniel from unknown, Mary Ann Robinson of Hingham

carpenter, friend in Fairhaven, CT

March 16, 1905, cerebral syphilis

William Hillgrove, 65y, Ireland

John & Ann McCarthy, both of Ireland

laborer, contact=Mrs. Newell in Roxbury

March 16, 1905

# Nathan Moon, 34y, VA

Rufus & Sally Crump, both of VA

cook, resident Boston

March 17, 1905, contributory factor=TB Enteritis

William C (?) Freeman, 46y, Pittsfield, MA

George A of NY & Charlotte Williams of NY

laborer, widow

March 17, 1905, at hosp 5y 4m 9d heart disease

John F. Hynes, 42y, Lee, MA

Michael & Ann Keely, both of Ireland

bar keeper, res. Boston, contact Joe Constantine 3 1/2 Stanifred St, Boston

March 18, 1905

# Michael Schmidt, 75y, Germany

Adam & Louisa Bardt, both of Germany


March 19, 1905

Levi W. Blake, 57y, NH

Daniel & Sarah Bickford, both of NH

laborer, contact in Wolfboro, NH

March 19, 1905

# Tony Trizza, 59y, Italy

all unknown

laborer, at hospt 7y 8m 10d

March 22, 1905, epilepsy

# George H. Gates, 54y, Worcester

Henry of Worcester & Delorina M. Chamberlin of VT

laborer, at hospt 5y 10m 16d

March 22, 1905, phlthisis

# George B. Curtis, 76y, VT

Asa of VT & Lucy Bowen of Canada

sailor, resident Tewksbury

March 22, 1905, pneumonia

# Sarah Emery, 62y, Lowell

John & Elizabeth, both of Ireland

no occupation, at hospital 47y 8m 7d

March 24, 1904, Idiocy, Cerebral hemorrage

# Frank J. Lyons, 60y, Ireland

Timothy & Catherine O'Neil, both of Ireland


March 25, 1905

# John Conley, 73y, Scotland

John & Jane Stewart, both of Scotland


March 26, 1905

Joseph Jobuski, 25y, Hungary

Andrew & Lizzie, both of Hungary

laborer, contact mother in East Douglas, MA

March 28, 1905

John Durogianopoulous, 24y, Greece

both parents from Greece

laborer, contact Peter Kanjas in Lowell

March 28, 1905

John Fox, 58y, Ireland

William & Mary Leonard, both of Ireland

laborer, contact Mrs. Donnelly 33 Dover St, Boston, resident Tewksbury

March 30, 1905, at hosp 10m 26d

# James Doherty, 70y, Ireland

Henry & Ellen O'Gallagher, both of Ireland

boiler maker

March 31, 1905, at hosp. 11y 10m 12d

Patrick Bowen, 48y, Ireland

Daniel & Mary Sweeney, both of Ireland

laborer, contact Michael Bowen in Boston

April 1, 1905, TB of intestines

Hazel Merrill, 29y, NB

William England & BrigetWelch both of NB

married, contact Peter England in NB

April 2, 1905

Daniel McCarty, 65y, Ireland

John & Catherine Harrington, both of Ireland

laborer, contact John McCarty Roxbury, MA

April 3, 1905, at hosp 2y 8m 17d

# Mary Kokki, 33y, Finland

married, husban is Edward Kokki, father, Mortin (?) Passany & Elisa Levanter, both of Finland


April 3, 1905

# Roxanna Putnam, 61y, Southbridge, MA

all unknown


April 4, 1905, at hosp 1y, 2m 24d

Mildred Came, 28y, Boston

George A of NH & Sarah Grant of Boston

housework, contact George A Came Woburn St, Lexington

April 6, 1905

# Jacob W. Nostrom, 72y, Sweden

John & Catherine Ulrica, both of Sweden

cabinet maker

April 7, 1905, heart disease

Edward Murphy, 70y, Canada

Max & Mary, both of Ireland

laborer, contact Boston

April 7, 1905, pneumonia

# Peter Erickson, 75y, Sweden

Erick, father, both of Sweden


April 8, 1905, heart disease

# Richard Broline, 28y, Sweden

K.U & Johanna, both of Sweden


April 8, 1905

# John Shea, 38y, Ireland

George & Kate Murphy, both of Ireland


April 10, 1905, DT's & pneumonia

# John Mansfield, 53y, Ireland

Patrick & Lizza Jackson, both of Ireland

long shoreman

April 10, 1905

# Henry Green, 5y, MA

parents unknown, child from Boston


April 13, 1905, TB peritonitis

# Margaret Simpson, 61y, Ireland

widow, husban- William Simpson; parents-James & Bettie Loly, both of Ireland


April 13, 1905, pneumonia

Eli Gray, 49y, VA

Charles & Rebecca, both of VA

butcher, contact Miss Annie Moore 3 George St, Boston

April 15, 1905, cancer of liver, was resident of Boston

John F. Maxwell, 33(?), Taunton, MA

Thomas & Mary

shoemaker, contact -Ellen Clark Maxwell in Taunton

April 18, 1905, single

James Davis, 39y, SC

Richard, both parents from SC

janitor, contact in Boston

April 18, 1905, heart disease

Harrison Flood, 31, NY

Luke & Bridgett Higgins, mother from NY

shoemaker, contact in Boston

April 19, 1905

# Luke A. Kelley, 36y, RI

Luke of NY & Julia Donnelly of RI

waiter, resident of Boston

April 19, 1905, TB

# Joseph W. Adams, 75y, Lynn, MA

Joseph, both of MA


April 19, 1905, heart disease

# Henry Gagnon, 22, Quebec

all unknown

farm laborer, at hosp 5y 4m 12d

April 20, 1905, heart

Eliza Jefferson Terry, 55y, SC

Robert of VT & Maria Fox of GA, widow; husb-Dand Terry

contact Silas Jefferson in Cambridge, housework

April 21, 1905

Lineous Coombs, 50y, Randolph, VT

Nathaniel & Lucy Smalley, both of Randolph, VT

laborer, contact family in Wocester, MA

April 21, 1905

# John Johnson, 60y, Boston

John of Sweden & Elizabeth Hayes of Germany

laborer, at hosp 4y 8m

April 23, 1905

Agnes Knights, 58y, England

all unknown

tailoress, contact in North End, Boston

April 24, 1905

# Patrick Green, 61y, Ireland

James & Mary Dumphrey, both of Ireland


April 24, 1905

# Annie Penczon. 20y, Poland

Fred & Mary, both of Poland


April 24, 1905

Catherine Crocker, 87y, MA

John of MA & Catherine Marvel of NH; single

housework, contact in Stoneham, MA, at hosp 5y 7m 18d

April 24, 1905, pneumonia

# Mary Welch, 34y, Ireland

Michael & Mary, both of Ireland

domestic, at hosp 6y 5m 15d

April 26, 1905

Walker Almond, 42y, England

Benjamin & Mary, both of England

marine Engineer, contact in Lancashire, England

april 28, 1905, general paralysis of the insane, cerebral hemmorage, at hosp 11+ m

Lizzie Price, 50y, GA

widow-hus-Walter Price; parents=Anderson Smith of GA and Delsie Platt of VA

housework, contact J. Stackey W. Peach, Atlanta, GA

April 30, 1905, cancer of uterus

James B. Behagen, 39y, W. Indies

Charles, both of W. Indies

porter, contact on Seattle St, Boston

May 1, 1905

Annie E. Bucek, 35y, Boston

dad unknown, mother-Mary of 21 Eaton St. Boston, MA

at hosp 13y 1m 3d

May 2, 1905

Annie Losson (?), 56y, Sweden

all unknown, at hosp 19 y 5m 22d

May 4, 1905, contact Mrs Christina Peterson, 202 Hanover St, Boston

May 4, 1905, Dimentia

# Ellen Kenny, 71y, Ireland

widow, both parents of Ireland

at hosp 33 y 7m 28d

May 5, 1905, chronic heart disease

Charles Williams, 48y, OH

Oliver of Sweden & Catherine Flynn of Boston

family in Boston

May 5, 1905, cancer of stomach

Annie Bryan, 19y, SC

Peter & Margaret McLeod, both of SC

housework, contact family in Fiogmore, SC

May 5, 1905, at hosp 1y 3m 12d

Jacob Neimi, 60y, Finland

Andres & Mary, both of Finland

wife in Rockport, MA, no name given

May 6, 1905, pneumonia

Margaret McLaughlin, 42y, Ireland

George & Mary, both of Ireland

hosuework, family - Corey St, Boston

May 7, 1905, pneumonia, at hosp 2+ years

Robert Maise, 9y, Yarmouth, NS

Grant & Helen both of DC, mother at 6 Fayette St, Boston


May 9, 1905, cerebral spinal menigitis

Daniel Lovett, 50y, VA

Deubry of TN & Elsie of VA

teamster, widow, contact 141 W 28th St, NYC

May 10, 1905

# Peter Leagere, 62, Sweden

YouArie (?) & Grata, both of Sweden


May 10, 1905

William A. Stewart, 61y, RIE

John of Scotland & Barbara of PEI

cabinet maker, contact PEI

May 11, 1905

Edwige Bouletes, 83y, Canada

James - unknown

mill operator

May 11, 1905

Annie E. Childs, 37y, Foxboro, MA

Philander - unknown

millhand, contact W. Mansfield, MA

May 12, 1905, at hosp 4y, 5m

Edward Hirst, 60y, England

William & Mary Riely, both of England


May 12, 1905

# Rebecca Manuel, 56y, Lowell, MA

all unknown

at hosp 36 years, 5 months 17 days

May 12, 1905, cancer of breast

Ellen Murphy, 39y, Ireland

Matthew Welch & Catherine Condon, both of Ireland

housework, widow, contact family in East Cambridge, MA

May 12, 1905

# Martha Foster, 66y, Ireland

all unknown

domestic, at hosp 19 yrs 6m 1d

May 13, 1905

Arthur Melvin O'Neil, 1m 7d, b. Haverhill, MA

Frederick O'Neil of ME & Ella Burke, at hospital

Tewksbury State Hospital

May 15, 1905

# Mary E. Wheatley, 29y, NY

James of Australia & Mary of Mexico

domestic, at hosp 4y 5m 26d

May 16, 1905

George Whitman, 69y, MA

Daniel & Betsy, both of CT

brakeman, contact Westfield, CT

May 16, 1905

John Brosnihan, 65y, Ireland

Matthew & Kate, both of Ireland

laborer, contact Roxbury, MA

May 18, 1905

Harriet M. Kelly, 4m

all blank,

State Ward

May 18, 1905, syphilis

Patrick Riely, 45y, NJ

Patrick & Ann, both of Ireland


May 19, 1905, pneumonia

Thomas E. McDonald, 58y, NB

David & Ellen, both of Scotland

toll fixer, contact Fall River, MA

May 20, 1905

Cora Kordzikowska, 18y, Austria

Joseph & Mary, both of Austria

operative, contact Thorndike

May 21, 1905

Frank O'Rourke, 64y, Ireland

Frank & Mary, both of Ireland

laborer, contact Marlboro, MA

May 22, 1905

Nerses Harmanian, 39y, Armenia

Vigo Hos & Perpap, of Armenia

shoemaker, contact in Lynn

May 24, 1905

Persis Violetta Laruche, 1m 7d

Joseph of Canada & Louise Laruche, at hospital

Tewksbury State Hospital

May 25, 1905, premie

# Mary A. Raynor, 61y, England

all unknown

housework, at hospital 21 years 7m 22d

May 25, 1905, mitral insufficiency

Bessie McDonald, 26y, Scotland

Frank & Kate, bot hfo Scotland

waitress, contact Lynn, MA

May 25, 1905

Minnie Bryan, 38y, Haverhill

James & Annie, both of Ireland

housework, contact John Lehan, 100 N. Hampton St, Suffolk State House, Boston, MA, at hosp 5m 21d

May 26, 1905, cancer of breast

# James Donovan, 65y, Ireland

Daniel & Catherine, both of Ireland


May 26, 1905

John Dexter, 72y, CTBio/photos

Marvin & Mary A. Allen, both of CT


May 26, 1905, cerebral hemmorage

Owen Harkins, 53y, Ireland

John & Rose, both of Ireland

laborer, contact family in Boston

May 26, 1905

Albert Jackson, 55y, MA

Andrew & Lucy, both of MA

laborer, family in Boston

May 27, 1905

Gertrude Darling, 30y, MA

married, husband-Milo Darling, parents Edward Penfield of NY & Rhoda Tucker of ME

contact Harry Penfield in Sheffield, MA

May 27, 1905, cancer of uterus

Albrina Ratelle, 52y, Canada

Tarsess of Canda & Frazen of Ireland

housework, contact in Holyoke

May 28, 1905, cerebral hemorrage

* Jennie Dunham, 29y, VT

husband=William Dunham of Pepperell, MA, parents-Harry & Martha both of VT

May 31, 1905

Joseph Zamoitiz, 19y, Russia

Kazimer & Rosie, both of Russia

no occupation, father lives at 152 River St. Haverhill

June 2, 1905, Hodgkins Disease

# Peter Moche, 68y, Canada

Maxin & Louisa, both of Canada


June 3, 1905

Frank or Frederick J. Boon, 32y, England

wife, 52 Tileston St. Boston, MA, parents-Chalres & Caroline, both of England


June 3, 1905, fracture of spine

# James Leen, 77y, Newfoundland

Michael & Hannah, both of Ireland


June 4, 1905

William Stearns, 76y, Melrose, MA

William & Mary, both of England

cook, contact in Boston

June 4, 1905, gangrene, at hosp 4 y 7 m

Catherine Doherty, 44y, Boston

all unknown

contact in E. Boston, at hosp. 16y 5m 3d

June 6, 1905

# Abdow David, 17y, Syria

David of Syria

peddler, resident Springfield,MA

June 7, 1905

John Kirshaw, 61y, England

Joseph & Ann, both of England

iron moulder, contact in England

June 9, 1905

Patrick Heartly, 73y, Ireland, widow

James & Bridget, both of Ireland

contact family in Dalton, MA

June 9, 1905, at hosp 4y 8m

Annie Allen, 58y, Ontario

John McCrummon & Catherine, both of Scotland


June 9, 1905, at hosp 1y 2m

Frank Perry, 28y, NC

Frank & Nellie, both of NC

engineer, contact Lizzie White E. Lenox St., Boston

June 9, 1905, general TB

Jeremiah Donovan, 48y, Ireland

Daniel & Ellen, both of Ireland

iron maker

June 9, 1905, TB of kidneys

Rosanna McCormack, 73y, Ireland

Willliam & Rosanne, both of Ireland

domestic, contact E. Boston

June 11, 1905, at hosp 12y 7m 10d

Patrick Riley, 90y, Ireland

both parents of Ireland

laborer, widow, at hosp 13y, 9m, contact family in Boston

June 11, 1905, heart disease,

John F.S. Kelly, 41y, MA

Terrance & Ellen, both of Ireland

hostler, contact S. Boston

June 14, 1905, pneumonia

David H. Simpson, 50y, Scotland

Henry of Scotland & Ann Collins of NJ


June 15, 1905

# John Brown, 59y, Ireland

both of Ireland


June 16, 1905

Amelia Herring, 74y, Spain

wisow, husban; Thomas, father=Roger Costillard, both parents of Spain

domestic, contact not family name, in E. Cambridge, MA

June 16, 1905

Martha Parker, 61y, Woburn, MA

FF. Rosanna, from unkknown

Domestic, at hosp 6y 7m

June 19, 1905

Thomas J. Devine, 67y, Ireland

John & Bridgette, both of Ireland

laborer, married, wife=229 Hancock St. Boston

June 24, 1905, at hosp 1y 3m 6d

# George Nutting, 68y, VT


June 24, 1905, at hosp 2y 6m, cerebral hemorrage

# Olias (?) Kaapaakoski, 19y, Finland

both of Finland


June 25, 1905

Baby Acheson, 2 minutes

James & Dianna, mother at hospital

Tewksbur State Hosptial

June 28, 1905, premie

Joseph Smith, 63y, Ireland

John & Margaret, both of Ireland

Laborer, contact in Boston

June 29, 1905

# Charles Leonard, 54y, Boston

James & Catherine


June 29, 1905

# Alice Boso, 9m, Boston

all unknown

at hosp 1m 6days

July 2, 1905, syphilis

Ceasar Doucett, 6m, Boston

mother=Emily, at hospital

July 2, 1905, syphilis

# Jan Hagac, 25y, Poland

both of Poland


July 5, 1905

Joseph Varello, 28y, Italy

Frances & Theresa, both of Italy

laborer, contact East Boston

July 7, 1905

# Mary Gleason, 69y, Ireland

Nicholas & Bridget, both of Ireland


July 7, 1905, at hosp 9y 9m

Hilda Halmen 1m, 12d, b. at hospital

August & Hilda Fine, mother at hospital

July 8, 1905, premie

Josef Misura 44y, Russia

Anth & Annie, both of Russia

laborer, resident of Shirley, MA

July 8, 1905, injury to rectum

# Mary Taggart, 66y, England

Charles of England & Mary of Scotland


July 9, 1905

# Ann Doherty, 49y, Ireland

all unknown

at hosp 12y

July 12, 1905

Jane McMillen, 74y, Cape Bretton

Malcom of Canada & Mary of Scotland


July 12, 1905

Adam Youngman, 59y, Germany

Henry & Louisa, both of Germany


July 13, 1905, cancer of stomach

# Bessie Murphy, 59y, Ireland

Daniel & Mary, both of Ireland

housework, at hosp 9y

July 15, 1905, arthritis deformanus

Edna McAuliffe al Mabel Brown, 37y, Manchester, VT

married, husband=Matthew Haven, both parents of Ireland


July 15, 1905

Nancy Norris, 46y, NS

all blank

at hosp 15 y 2 m 29d

July 16, 1905, mitral insufficiency

John Similius, 32y, Finland

Jardo & Mary, both of Finland

stone mason

July 16, 1905

James Daley, 42y, Ireland

John & Susan, both of Ireland


July 18, 1905

Daniel McLeod, 53y, NS

both of NS


July 19, 1905

John Mahila, 19y, Finland

John & Amelia, both of Finland

laborer, contact in Quincy

July 20, 1905

Mary Oliver, 3m

state ward - all unknown

at hosp 1m 6d

July 20, 1905

George Riday, 41y, MA

Richard & Mary, both of NY

painter, contact in Leominster

July 20, 1905

Charles Godfrey, 73y, MA

Charles & Sophia, both of MA


July 24, 1905

# John C. Sullivan, 58y, Ireland

Patrick & Mary, both of Ireland


July 29, 1905

# Jennie Przytota, 2m, Salem, MA

Frank & Ellen, both of Russia

July 31, 1905

# Kazimaras Pampalas, 31y, Russia

Willaim & Mary, both of Russia


August 1, 1905

Ruth M. Valentine, 6 1/2m

all unknown

state ward

August 1, 1905

Edward R. Eldridge, 39y, Sandwich, MA

Peirce & Ellen


August 6, 1905, general paralysis of the insane

William McElroy, 52y, Ireland

William & Julia, both of Ireland

laborer, contact Lynn, MA

August 7, 1905

Agnes Burke, 25y, England

James Furey & Mary Kilroy, both of Ireland

widow, husband=Thomas. Contact in East Dedham. occupation=spinner

August 8, 1905, cancer of uterus

Mary al Margaret Farrell, 59y, Ireland

all unknown

weaver, at hosp 16y 7m

August 8, 1905

# Christian F. Larson, 73y, Denmark

Peter & Eliza, both of Demark


August 9, 1905

# John Carney, 53y, Ireland

Patrick & Ellen, both of Ireland


August 9, 1905

George Andrews, 11m, MA

Michael of Greece & Nellie McCall - at hospital

August 11, 1905, pneumonia

# Margaret Cronkite, 37y, Boston

Joseph & Sarah, both of England

waitress, resident of Boston

August 11, 1905

William McPherson, 70y, Newfoundland

William of Scotland & Mary of Newfoundland

iron moulder

August 12, 1905

George Pinos, 28y, Greece

Peter of Greece

laborer, contact family in Lowell, MA

August 14, 1905

# Sarah Frances Chase 65y, MA

John & Salome, both of MA

housewife, married to Charles

August 15, 1905, at hosp 1y 6m 28d

John J. Brazell, 31y, NY

John J of Ireland & Mary of NY

shoe maker, contact in Natick

August 15, 1905

Isabella Perkins, 35y, NY

Robert & Isabella Johnson

father lives in soldiers home in Chelsea, MA

August 17, 1905, at hosp 6y 9m 2od

# Alf Peterson, 33y, Noway

Peter Stoleson & Mary Olsen, both of Norway


August 17, 1905

James Wyatt, 54y, Canada

Francis (Canada) & Mary Walsh, of England

stone mason, contact at church in Boston

August 19, 1905

Frederick Walsh, 8m 28d, b. at hospital

Etta Walker - in hospital

Tewksbury State Hospital

August 21, 1905, premie

# George Bartlett, 39y, Sandwich Islands

all unknown

at hospital 10 months

August 22, 1905, general TB

# Victor J. Strome, 3m 28d, b. MA

all unknown

state ward

August 25, 1905, marasumus

Eliza Rhodes, 61y, Ireland

George & Mary, both of Ireland

housework, contact=Mrs. Ellen Barry in South Boston

August 26, 1905

Jean Roche, 39y, France

Jean & Mary, both of France

cook, contact = Jolen Roche, 39 Winchester St, Boston

August 26, 1905

Imogene Ball, 1y 9m

all blank

state ward

August 28, 1905, marasumus

George W. Jacobs, 52y, Ware, MA

widow, father = Moses of NH

salesman, contact W. Newton St., Boston

August 28, 1905

# Mary KNowlton, 62y, Franklin, NH

Married, husband name unk. parents, all unknown


August 28, 1905, enteritis, at hospital 20y, 11m 10d

# Josef Guluszka, 41y, Austria

all blank


August 30, 1905, at hosp. only 11 days

# Vincent Perlatti, 5m 11d, b. MA

all blank

at hospital 6 days

heriditary syphillis, August 30, 1905

Mary J. Murray, 50y, DC

Davy of India and Mary McPherson of India

housework, husband = Andrew Murray. Contact Frank Johnson 13 Blossom Ct. Boston

August 31, 1905

All records copied and transcribed by JAS 2004-2009