Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records

for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better.

Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)



* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list.

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members.

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record.

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with.

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down.

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list.

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page.

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.

Name, age, birth Parents, origin Occupation/contact date/cause of death
# James Rowley, 58y, Ireland George E. & Elizabeth, both of Ireland hostler September 3, 1905, heart disease
# James R. Pettee, 48y, MA George of Maine & Catherine Lecois of Ireland paper hanger September 4, 1905
# Victor Broughton, 80y, France Francois of France fisherman, at hospital 3 days September 6, 1905, enteritis
Ellen May LaBelle, 3m 15d, Marlboro, MA Pearl LaBelle, at hospital   September 6, 1905, marasumus
Frank Palander, 25y, Finland Frank & Gustava, both of Finland laborer September 6, 1905
Lillian Cosby, 2m 25d, MA all unknown state ward September 7, 1905, hereditary syphilis
Joseph Hudyka, 19y, Austria Stanislaw & Susanna, both of Austria laborer, contact Mr. Woicik (?), in Adams, MA September 8, 1905
Francis Pryztota, 4m, Salem, MA Frank & Ellen both of Russia mother at hospital September 9, 1905, marasumus
Frank Hawse, 23y, Jamaica Chane & Rosy, both of Jamaica waiter, contact Mrs Ann Desiler, Kingston, Jamaica September 11, 1905
Kate Josephine DeCourcey, 3m 26d, b. at hospital Kate DeCourcey, at hospital   September 11, 1905, Diphtheria
Ardenah Ruiter, 51y, Canada Samuel of Canada & Christina of NH railroad conductor, family in Smith Mills, Quebec September 12, 1905, cerebral hemorrhage
Winifred Duffy, 79y, Ireland husband=Thomas Duffy; parents=Michael Colman & Bridget Sharman both of Ireland at hospital 5y 3m 7d, housework September 14, 1905
Mary Corrigan al Hartigan, 71y, Ireland both parents of Ireland, no names housework, contact Mrs. McLaughlin in Boston, at hosp. 21y, 5m, 24d September 14, 1905, heart disease
Deborah Nixon, 45y, Ireland Allen & Ann, both of Ireland housework, contact Sarah Freeman, 32 Ash St. Boston September 16, 1905, pneumonia
Annie Brogan Merrill, 30y, Ireland husband=George Merrill; parents James Brogan & Elizabeth. both of Ireland dress worker, contact Thomas Mone (?) in Roxbury, MA, at hosp 4days September 18, 1905
John J. O'Donnell, 43y, Ireland William & Catherine Lynch, both of Ireland stage worker, contact wife at 1240 Washington St., Boston, at hosp 1m 24d September 18, 1905, cancer of tongue
Martin Flynn, 54y, Ireland Patrick & Mary Moore, both of Ireland laborer, contact=Edward Bannon, Lincoln Center, MA September 21, 1905
Paul Hagopian, 28y, Armenia Paul & Hannah, both of Armenia teamster, contact John Tasker 50 Beach St., Boston, MA September 24, 1905, at hosp. 11m 5d, TB
# Andrew Lundstrom, 73y, widow, Sweden John & Christina Nelson, both of Sweden blacksmith, at hospital 1y, 5m, 2d September 24, 1905, Phthisis, insane
Joseph Spinelli, 27y, Boston, single Samuel and Frances Fortune, both of Italy laborer, contact Mrs. Spinelli, 345 Cinder St. Leominster, MA(not wife) September 27, 1905
Frank Noel, 61y, Canada John & Olive Houle, both of Canada laborer, contact family in Leominster, MA, widow September 28, 1905, mitral insufficiency
Frederick Meyer, 63y, Germany both parents of Germany, no names cook, contact George Boyle, 15 Rollins St. Boston September 30, 1905, at hosp. 4m 22d
John Corker, 47y, Boston Dennis, of St John, N.B., & Mary of Boston painter, contact in Cambridge October 2, 1905
Josef Sypek, 28y, Austria Michael & Mary, both of Austria laborer, married, resided Chestnut St., Chicopee, MA October 3, 1905
Joseph Gorman, 34y, Canada Michael & Margaret, both of Ireland steward, contact family in Montreal. single, at hosp. 6m 20d October 6, 1905
# James A. Robertson, 86y, MA David of England & Mary of MA carriage maker, at hosp 5m 25d October 8, 1905, heart disease
# Peter Lefevre Herbert, 89y, France widow, no parents names at hospital only 4 days October 8, 1905, heart disease
Susan Brown al Nichols, 25y, MA John & Nellie, both of MA housework, contact William Melvin, 564 Green St., Cambridge, MA October 9, 1905
# William Dennis, 60y, MA William of England & Mary of MA glass blower, at hosp 1y 4m 24d October 11, 1905, enteritis
Frank Kress, 84y, Germany Frank & Christina, both of Germany weaver, contact in Lawrence, at hosp. 6m 5d October 11, 1905, heart disease
William Powell, 50y, MA John & Ann, both of Ireland roofer, contact in Roxbury, MA, at hosp 2y, 1m, 27d October 11, 1905
James Drohan, 41y, Ireland Patrick & Mary, both of Ireland, single bartender, mother lives at 124 Congress St., Springfield, MA October 11, 1905, at hosp 6y, 10m
# Joseph Ruckmuller (?), 37y, SC Joseph & Flora, both of SC window washer October 13, 1905
William E. Lambert, 30y, VA Edward & Rosaline Buck, both of VA laundry man, contact Copley Sq. Hotel, Boston October 14, 1905, at hosp 23d
James Woods, 35y, Ireland Edward & Mary, both of Ireland contact in Everett, MA, longshoreman October 15, 1905
John P. Miller , 52y, Lyme, CT George & Sarah West, both of Ireland, married, no name paper maker, contact Mrs. Augusta McGrath 113 14th St. Buffalo, NY October 15, 1905, general paralysis of the insane, at hosp 7m 20d
# Fanny C. Perry, 66y, Worcester Frederick & Fanny Smith, both of Worcester housework, at hosp 4y, 3m, 26d October 15, 1905, pneumonia
William Stewart, 55y, Scotland David & Catherine, both of Scotland laborer, contact in Lenoxdale, MA October 16, 1905
Michael E. Hennessey, 39y, Boston Dennis & Mary Murphy, both of Ireland, single contact on Woodward St., Boston October 17, 1905
James Carter, 80y, VA Valentine & Annie Carter of Martinsburg, VA; married laborer October 19, 1905, heart disease
John T. O'Neil, 55y, ME Edward of Ireland & Ellen , of NB painter, contact in Boston October 21, 1905
James Beattie, 34y, Scotland James & Mary, both of Scotland teamster, contact on Washington St., Boston October 23, 1905, general paralysis of the insane
# Barney Duffy, 70y, Ireland John of Ireland laborer, at hosp 12d October 23, 1905, mitral insufficiency
Cookson Lightfoot, 74y, N.S. John & Mary, both of England bookkeeper, contact in Boston October 23, 1905
Daniel Donahue, 64y, Ireland Daniel & Mary Riely, both of Ireland laborer, contact Mrs. Wilson, Tremont St., Boston October 24, 1905, Mitral insufficiency
John O'Brien, 71y, Ireland Michael & Ellen, both of Ireland longshoreman, contact John Mahoney, Commercial St., Boston October 24, 1905
# Michael J. Donovan, 52y, ME James & Hannah Scully, both of Ireland laborer October 27, 1905
Margaret Hogan Kneeland, 21y, Ireland James & Margaret, both of Ireland housework, family at 158 Bowen St., Boston October 28, 1905, Phthisis
Beatrice Clare, 5m, b. Roxbury mother, Alice, from MA at hospital 2m 27d October 28, 1905, pneumonia & malnourishment
Myra Niles, 71y, MA, widow, husb=Murro Niles Lyman Mason of MA & Almira of RI housework, contact Louisa Estes in Williamstown, MA October 28, 1905, at hosp. 7m 15d, heart disease
Josiah G. Swett, 78y, ME, single all blank laborer, contact Sadie in Lynn, MA October 29, 1905, enteritis, at hosp. 1y, 6m, 28d
Raymond Fiske, 6d, b. Tewksbury State Hospital Albert Brown (of Halifax, N.S.) and Ida Fiske of MA, mother at hospital   October 31, 1905, syphilis
# Annie MacDonald, 1y, 4m all blank at hosp. 1m 3d October 31, 1905, marasumus
Russell DeRoache, 4m, 4d, b. Boston all blank state ward, at hosp 2m, 9d October 31, 1905, marasumus
Stanislaw Rogalsky, 29y, Russia Joseph, both parents of Russia, no name for mother laborer, contact family in Wesfield, MA November 1, 1905, general TB
Sarah Margaret Gleason, 39y, Ireland widow, husband=Cornelius Gleason; parents William Daly & Elizabeth O'Neil, both parents of Ireland housework November 2, 1905
Charles Mowen, 59y, Ireland John & Bridget, both of Ireland laborer, contact James Mowen in Coscob, CT November 8, 1905, prostrate cancer
Eusebe St Peters, 72y, Canada father = Peter (?) shoe maker, wife in West Warren, MA November 9, 1905
George Wright, 39y, b. Dover, NH Marshall & Ann Wins, both of Scotland painter, contact William Wright, Dover, NH November 14, 1905, Cancer of stomach
Telesphore Castonguay, 46y, Canada Joseph & Dellian Paris, both of Canada laborer, wife at 74 Everett St., S. Cambridge, MA November 15, 1905, mitral insufficiency
Joseph Knight, 57y, England Edward & Elizabeth, both of England florist, reside with wife @ 2 Warshell (?sp) St., Lowell, MA November 17, 1905
George F. Alcomber 63y, MA Philip & Fannie White, both of Germany farmer, contact Daniel Alcomber in North Adams, MA November 21, 1905
# Peter Dixon, 47y, Canada Peter & Mary, both of Canada laborer November 22, 1905
# Patrick W. Burke, 64y, Ireland Walter & Ellen Murphy, both of Ireland laborer, at hosp 2y, 4m 6d November 26, 1905, enteritis
Virginia Provencher (Potter), 32y, b. at sea Calex of Canada & Amy Bauchine of West Indies cook, contact John R. Hague 159 Ruggles St., Roxbury, MA November 25, 1905, mitral insufficiency
James Robert DeBors, 26y, MA Isaac & Esther, both of MA painter, wife resides at 8 Louvel (?sp) St., Cambridgeport, MA November 25, 1905
Margaret A. Frazier, 8y, b. Boston blank ward of the state November 25, 1905, Potts Disease, General TB
Edward Birge, 47y, MA Joseph of MA & mother from Ireland harness maker, contact in Boston November 28, 1905
George Dinsmore, 11m all blank ward of the state, at hosp 26 days November 30, 1905, hereditary syphilis
William Carr, 54y, N.B. Dennis & Rosanna Lurrney, both unknown birth location carriage painter, at hosp 1y, 8m December 1, 1905
# Anton P. Kaanlund, 61y, Denmark Hans & Mary, both of Denmark cabinet maker December 3, 1905
# Henry Loris Cummings, 7m 19d, b. state hospital Annie of England at hosp. 5m, 5d December 3, 1905, pneumonia
Mary Markio, 75y, Ireland widow of Joseph; parents, James Flynn & Margaret, both of Ireland weaver, contact in Chelsea December 4, 1905, pneumonia
John Hinchey, 57y, Canada James & Johanna, both of Ireland laborer, contact S.J. Hinchey, 3077 Washington St., Boston December 7, 1905
Nelson L. Horton, 54y, New Bedford, MA father= Sanford, both parents of RI advertising agent, widow, family in Unionville, CT December 9, 1905, heart disease
# George Madders, 24y, Newfoundland Joseph & Jemima, both of Newfoundland farm laborer, at hosp 1y, 6m, 23d December 10, 1905
Hannah Holmes, 71y, N.S. widow of Anderson Holmes Peter Prince & Hannah Ford, of VA & N.S. contact in Boston December 10, 1905, cancer of stomach
Matt Miala, 66y, Finland both parents of Finland, no names laborer, contact in Gloucester December 11, 1905
# Sophie Klesak, 23y, Austria Stanislaw & Carolina, both of Austria operative December 13, 1905
James S. Winfield, 42y, VA Eldridge & Frances, both of VA laborer, contact in Roxbury December 15, 1905
Catherine Fennessey, 45y, Peabody, widow Richard & Delia Mitchell contact family in West Point, CA, at hosp. 5y 2m December 15, 1905
Muriel Cathleen Taulback, 2d, b. at hosp Laura Taulback, b. N.S., at hosp   December 16, 1905, hemorrhage of newborn
James Hill, 60y, England, widow William & Maria, both of England laborer, contact in Providence, RI December 16, 1905
John Doyle, 7m, Lawrence, MA Robert, of NY, & Margaret Hibbits of RI mother at hosp., at hosp 5m December 16, 1905, colitis, malnourishment
Thomas Powers, 18d, b. at hosp father of Malden, no name; mother, at hosp., Gertrude, b. Boston   December 17, 1905, preemie
Ruth Alice Welch, 19d Nellie Welch, at hosp.   December 17, 1905, preemie
John Sullivan, 65y, Boston unknown gardener December 20, 1905
Catherine Myers, 47y, Roxbury, widow of Walter John Hayes of Germany & Isabelle of Dublin, Ireland housework December 21, 1905, cancer of bladder
# Caleb Sparrow, 80y, MA, widow blank fisherman December 22, 1905, heart disease
# Frank Green, 44y, NY Patrick & Kate Drew, both of Ireland Teamster December 22, 1905, TB enteritis
Daniel Regan, 40y, Ireland, single Patrick & Julia, both of Ireland laborer, contact in Roxbury December 23, 1905, at hosp 1y, 6m, 24d
Charles Sumpter, 30y, MA all unknown laborer, contact Whitinsville, MA December 24, 1905, at hosp 4y, 5m
Patrick O'Brien, 61y, Ireland, widow Patrick & Catherine, both of Ireland teamster, contact Ellen Bailey of Canton, MA December 27, 1905, at hosp 1y, 2m
Eugenia V. Graham, 60y, Canada, widow of James John Doschrupt & Julia, both of Canada cook, contact in Danvers December 30, 1905
# Mary Kob, 32y, Austria Michael & Katie, both of Austria spinner December 30, 1905
# George W. Thompson, 73y, Canada James of England & Abbie of Ireland seaman, at hosp 1y, 4m, 8d December 30, 1905
Isabelle Crombie, 68y, Ireland Martin & Martha, both of Ireland wife at 2 Brookville St., Lynn, MA December 31, 1905 intestinal cancer
Howard F. Ross, 3y, 5m, 1d, MA state ward at hosp 4m, 21d January 2, 1906 phthisis
Nicholas McKowen, 42y, Ireland James & Margaret, both of Ireland stone mason, family, possibly father (?) in Somerville, MA January 2, 1906
Pasquale Rossi, 18y, Italy Dominic & Marcia, both of Italy candy factory, contact in Boston January 4, 1906
Walter Harvey, 46y, England William & Mary, both of England cook, contact in Oxford, England January 6, 1906
Phillip O'Rourke, 28y, Ireland Jeremiah & Bridget, both of Ireland laborer, family in Lawrence, MA January 6, 1906
John Blesby, 58y, Ireland, single James & Mary, both of Ireland distributor, contact in Boston January 7, 1906
# Nellie French, 65y, ME, widow of Warren James Dunn (?), both parents of ME housework January 7, 1906
Matthew Haehaduzetn, 38y, Turkey Kachadoor & Rosy, both of Turkey barber, contact in Boston January 7, 1906, TB
# Patrick Reagan, 67y, Ireland Cornelius & Mary, both of Ireland laborer, at hosp 1y, 1m, 28d January 8, 1906, heart disease
Henry Lafluer, 37y, NH Peter & Mary , both of Canada hostler, contact in Chicopee, MA January 9, 1906
Gertrude A. Powers, 18y, MA George & Margaret, both of MA waitress, contact in E. Watertown, MA January 9, 1906
Peter Kenney, 30y, Salem, MA Martin & Mary, both of Ireland painter, family in Worcester, MA January 14, 1906
Frank Bennett, 34y, N.S. John & Eunice, both of N.S teamster January 16, 1906
John Nendt, 43y, Sweden Rudolf & Elizabeth, both of Sweden electrician, contact on Milk St., Boston January 21, 1906, TB
# William King, 65y, England William of England  & Mary of Scotland carpenter January 22, 1906
Ellen Lawrence, 61y, Ireland husband=Patrick, parents, John & Ann Hogarty, both of Ireland   housework, contact Mrs. Ellen Carson 77 Hudson St, S. East Boston January 22, 1906, at hosp 1y, 1m, 16d, phthisis
Albert J. Ellis, 48y, NH, widow Albert J. & Sarah, of NH & ME piano tuner, contact A. J. Perkins in NH January 22, 1906
Albert Sommers, 71y, Germany both parents of Germany, no names farmer, contact Mr. Sweezer (?) in South Foxboro, MA January 24, 1906, intestinal cancer
Don F. Pierce, 55y, Michigan, widow Jonathan & Minerva, both of OH painter, contact in Boston January 24, 1906
Frank H. Russell, 52y, Boston Joseph of VT & Emma Holt of England musician, contact 165 State St, Boston, MA January 27, 1906
George Arnold, 74y, England both of England, no names laborer, contact in Springfield, MA January 27, 1906, in hosp 1y, pneumonia
George M. Burden, 65y, VA, widow can't read fathers name, mother is Rachel, both of VA laborer, contact in Newport, RI January 28, 1906
Daniel N(?)omersley, 69y, England Elkaham & Ann, both of England wood sorter January 29, 1906, heart disease
John Ardini, 33y, Italy Joseph & Louisa, both of Italy   January 29, 1906, TB
Charles Pouten, 21y, Boston Dudley is father - rest is unknown hostler, contact Tremont St., Boston January 31, 1906
# Emilee Reymond, 90y, Canada Francis & Josephine (Tezore), both of Canada housework February 2, 1906, pneumonia
John Pescinski, 40y, Russia Joseph & Annie, both of Russia leatherworker, contact family 40 Peabody St, Salem, MA February 3, 1906, TB
# Menas Margasian, 45y, Armenia Wargae & Warco, both of Armenia boardinghouse keeper February 6, 1906

Name, Age, Birth

Parents Names, birth


cause, date of death

Hannah Shay (Shea), 61y, Ireland, Single

George & Mary Shea, both of Ireland

Tailoress, contact Mary Shea 113 Leverett St. Boston, George Shea 4 Hartford Pl. Boston

Phthisis, February 10, 1906, At hospital for 34y, 4m, 21d

# Edward Everett King, 15 days, State Hospital

Jennie King, Nova Scotia

Acute Inanition, February 11, 1906

Susan A. Rich, 30y, Mass, Married

Joseph & Catherine Hatfield, both of Canada. Husband N.G. Rich

Housework, contact Elmer Young 235 Washington St. Boston

Phthisis, February 14, 1906

# Annie Nolan, 53y, England, Married

Frank & Mary Dundon, both of Ireland. Husband Thos.


Cerebral Hem., February 16, 1906, At hospital 2y, 2m, 27d.

George Stevens (or Benjamin Pray), 43y, Salem, Mass.

Thomas of Ireland, Mary Richardson of Maine

Sailor, Mrs. Alice Low, Corner of Cabott & Dane Sts, Beverly

Phthisis, February 16, 1906 At hospital 2m, 8d.

# Michael Kob, 1y,2m, US

Mary Kob of Austria, father of Poland

Pneumonia, February 18, 1906, At hospital 2m, 26d.

Minnie Baker, 31y, Canada, Married

Frank & Phoebe (Marcdell) Perry, both of Canada. Husband Frank Baker

Housework, contact Mr. Trembley 13 Siph St. Newburyport

Mitral Insufficiency, February 19, 1906, At hospital 3m, 2d.

Cornelius Bresnahan, 58y, Ireland, Single

Cornelius & Ellen (Coshrane) both of Ireland

Laborer, contact Cornelius Bresnahan Oak St. Springfield, Mass

Phthisis, February 20, 1906

William A. Frawley, 35y, Mass, Widow

Henry & Margaret (Cassidy) both of US

Cook, contact Henry Frawley 218 Deane St. Providence RI

Phthisis, February 20, 1906, At hospital 4m, 3d.

Salvatore Santa Croce, 42y, Italy, Widow

Vincenzi & Marie (Benenti) both of Italy

Paper Worker, contact Mrs Carmili Santa Croce 58 Commerce St. Boston

Sarcoma of Liver, February 20, 1906, At hospital 2m, 1d

Edmund Kannealley, 69y, Ireland, Single

Michael & Margaret (Carroll), both of Ireland

Shoemaker, contact Mrs. Jane Leahy Hopkinton

Gangrene of leg, February 20, 1906

Michael Kehoe, 50y, US, Widow

Richard of Newfoundland, Mary (Dee) of Ireland

Carpenter, contact Catherine Evans 1475 Washinton St. Boston

Tubercular Enteritis, February 21, 1906, At Hospital 4m, 16d.

# Elizabeth Sheridan, 36y, Boston, Married

Joseph & Agnes (Timmerman) Reodle both of Germany. Husband John Slaten


Alcoholism, February 21, 1906

Joseph Moshier, 29y, Mass, Single

Frank & Margaret (Scerbo) both of Canada

Laborer, contact Mr. Max Stryker, Florida, Mass

Phthisis, February 26, 1906, At hospital 5m, 3d.

Thomas F. Kennedy, 38y, Everett Mass, Single

Patrick & Mary (Mullen) both of Ireland

Laborer, contact Miss Watches 21 Winter St. Everett

Pneumonia, February 28, 1906

# Margaret Alice O'Connor, 2 months, 16d, Boston

State Ward

Hereditary Syphilis, March 1, 1906

George F. Kane (or Joseph King), 60y, Canada, Married

Artenoy of France, Augelet (Rawley) of Ireland

Stone Cutter, contact Emily Horan 5 Park St. Roxbury

Phthisis, March 2, 1906

Annie McGilley, 67y, Ireland

Edward & Susan both of Ireland

Housework, contact Edward McGilley Holliston, Mass

Phthisis, March 3, 1906, At hospital 2y, 6m, 12d.

George Anderson, 70y, N.S.

Janitor, Contact Walter Anderson Everett, Mass

Arteriosclerosis, March 4, 1906, At hospital 1m, 2d.

# Michael Dupont, 60y, Canada, Widow

Jean & Julie (Credbourne) both of Canada


Aortic Insufficiency, March 4, 1906

# Michael Lezen, 28y, Austria, Single

Worcelle & Victoria both of Austria


Phthisis, March 4, 1906

Robert McJunkin, 58y, New Brunswick, Widow

Samuel & Martha (King) both of Ireland

Laborer, contact Mr. Thomas Cronin corner of Green & Leverett Boston

Phthisis, March 5, 1906

Samuel Whitman, 80y, Conn, Widow

John both of Conn

Farmer, contact John Hatler Hope Valley RI

Arteriosclerosis, March 11, 1906, At hospital 2m, 1d.

# Gilda Pecovara, 1y 8m, Italy

Joseppa & Nuncio both of Italy


Tuberculosis Meningitis, March 12, 1906

Martin Curran, 30y, Ireland, Single

both of Ireland

Laborer, contact Martin Curran, Springfield

Fracture of Spine, March 14, 1906, At hospital 1m, 2d.

S. Leonard Holmes, 85y, Maine, Widow

Samuel & Clarissa (Marsten) both of Maine

Merchant, contact Freeland Drury 5 Mt. Pleasant Pl. Boston

Arterial Sclerosis, March 16, 1906, At hospital 4m, 15d.

Francisco Mancini, 40y, Italy, Married

Seraphie & Sabine (Regia) both of Italy

Laborer, contact Bernard Gilchie 5 Wall St. Boston

Sarcoma of Thigh, March 16, 1906, At hospital 3m, 11d

John L. Vincent, 53y, N.B. Widow

Charles & Mary (Lester) both of N.B.

Carpenter, contact Mrs. Winford Lane, Dudley St. Boston

Chronic Cystitis, March 16, 1906, At hospital 1m, 26d

# Angelina Vane, 39y, Lowell, Married

Mill hand

Phthisis, March 20, 1906, At hospital 1y, 11m, 16d.

# James Lyons, 61y, Ireland, Widow

James & Mary (Stack) both of Ireland


Mitral Insufficiency, March 22, 1906, At hospital 1y, 7m, 16d.

Ellen Fagin, 24 days, State Hospital

Samuel Elleus of US and Alice Fagin of Mass.

None, Mother here

Erysipelas of New Born, March 28, 1906

# Lizzie Brown, 53y, Boston, Mass, Single


Pneumonia, March 28, 1906, At hospital 18y, 5m, 8d.

Simon Volongivicz, 31y, Russia, Single

Joseph & Mary (Killeriski) both of Russia

Laborer, contact Joseph Volongrivicz Washburg St. Worcester

Phthisis, March 30, 1906

Florence Simmons, 34y, N.B., Married

Thomas & Julia (Jrino?) Graham both of N.B. Husband John Simmons

Housework, contact Chris Thomas Guilford, Maine

Phthisis, March 20, 1906, At hospital 1m, 27d.

Annie McIsaac, 44y, N.S. Widow

Charles & Annie (McDonald) McKinnon both of Scotland. Husband John McIsaac

Housework, contact Mrs. McDonald 7 Fairview Ave Hyde Park

Phthisis, March, 30, 1906, At hospital 2m, 11d.

# Jane E. Howard, 50y. Chelmsford, Mass, Single

Mill Operator

Phthisis, April 1, 1906, At hospital 2y, 2m, 21d.

# Annabel McLeod, 65 days, Cambridge

State Ward

Hereditary Syphilis, April 2, 1906

Michael J. McAtamney, 29y, Ireland, Single

John and Maria (Norton?) both of Ireland

Iron Worker, contact Miss Elizabeth Quimby 25 Temple Place Boston

Phthisis, April 3, 1906

# Frank Collins, 62y, Ireland, Single

Patrick & Ellen (McMann) both of Ireland


Mitral Insufficiency, April 4, 1906, At hospital 1y, 14d.

# Richard Wilcox, 74y, England, Single

both of England


Arteriosclerosis, April 4, 1906, At hospital 1m, 7d.

# Patrick H. McAloon, 70y, Married?

Phthisis, April 5, 1906, At hospital 9y, 5m, 19d.

Annie Meangard, 50y, Maine, Single

Elwell & Ellenor (Radcliff) Meangard both of Maine

Housework, contact Mrs. Kelley 69 Hancock St. Cambridgeport

Pneumonia, contributory Alcoholism, April 6, 1906

Alexander Yakubian, 20y Turkey, Single

Charley, both of Turkey

Weaver, contact Charlie Yakubian 84 River St. Fitchburg, Mass

Phthisis, April 6, 1906, At hospital 2m, 18d.

Henry Veaudet, 34 days, Tewksbury, Mass

Henry of Fall River and Ida of Canada

Mother Here

Acute Inanition, April 8, 1906

Sophia Russell, 63y, Ireland, Single

James & (McCullen) Russell, both of Ireland

Housework, Sister here

Arterial Sclerosis, April 9, 1906, At hospital 2y, 26d.

Jesse Melanson, 56y, N.S. Married

Isaac & Margaret both of N.S.

Harness Maker, contact Lizzie Melanson High St. Gloucester

Cerebral Hem., April 9, 1906

# John Beaumont, 68y, Ireland, Married

both of Ireland


Cerebral Hem., April 12, 1906, At hospital 2m. 6d.

# Henrietta Stewart, 40y, Savannah, Georgia, Married

Harry & Elizabeth Moore both of Savannah Ga. Husband Henry Steward


Cerebral Hem., April 15, 1906, At hospital 6m, 27d.

# Munzio Meylio, 45y, Italy, Single

Joseph & Mary C. (Cecova?) both of Italy


Cerebral Hem. April 15, 1906, At hospital 7m, 4d.

Jure J. Coffee, 55y, Ireland, Widow

John & Hannah (Firinerhan?) both of Ireland

Laborer, contact Mrs. Ellen Newman 163 Bowers St. So. Boston

Phthisis, contributory Mitral Insufficiency, April 16, 1906, At hospital 2y, 1m, 10d

# Jennie Sulinski, 3y, Hyde Park

Chron. Infantile Meningitis, April 18, 1906, At hospital 21 days

John Gridley, 51y, Italy, Single

Louie & Josie (Fouske) both of Italy

Mill hand, contact Michael Palma, Boston

Phthisis, April 18, 1906, At hospital 9d

# John Lowry, 73y, Ireland, Widow

John & Elizabeth (Edgar) both of Ireland


Arterial Sclerosis, April 18, 1906, At hospital 5m, 10d.

Richard Harnmes, 66y, England, Married

both of England

Painter, Contact Wife 57 Somerville Ave, Somerville

Cerebral Hem., April 19, 1906, At hospital 2m, 23d

John Labos, 22y, Greece, Single

Tarumery? & Joe both of Greece

Tannery Work, contact John Pauprus?

Phthisis, April 20, 1906

James Harper, 56y, Newfound, Married

Michael from Ireland & Maria (Brushel) from Newfoundland

Carpenter, contact Michael Covel? 19 W. Coutors St. Boston

Phthisis, April 21, 1906, At hospital 3m, 19d

Mary McLane, 56y, Scotland, Married

both from Scotland

Weaver, contact Mrs. Ellen Morrison 98 Fayette St. Lowell, Mass

Phthisis, April 21, 1906, At hospital 16y, 22d

Mary E. Pearson, 58y, Boston, Mass, Married

John from Halifax, N.S. & Emily (Harvard) from Boston

Contact Husband W.E. Pearson, 44 India St. Mrs. R.K. Hardray? 34 London St. E. Boston

Cerebral Hem. April 22, 1906, At hospital 2m, 22d

Leon Arthur Demack, 4m,4d, Mass

Mary Demack, from Mass

Contact Mother here

Hereditary Syphilis, April 22, 1906

# Avak Kacdhadoorian, 43y, Armenia, Married

Jacob & Mary (Roudraiser?) both of Armenia


Phthisis, April 25, 1906

Johanna Engstrom, 51y, Sweden, Single

both of Sweden

Domestic, contact Chas. Foss, #1 E Sewdale? St. Worcester

Pneumonia, April 26, 1906, At hospital 21y, 7m, 8d.

William Wisber, 39y, Russia, Widow

William & Maggie (Belski) both of Russia

Press man, contact Perus Chrisenna? 160 Bolton St. So. Boston

Phthisis, April 26, 1906, At hospital 2m, 16d

# John Rooney, 40y, Ireland, Single

Michael & Mia (Chohen) both of Ireland


Phthisis, April 27, 1906, At hospital 2m, 6d

# Hagot Tutelian? 50y, Armenia, Married

Trilil? & Miaran? Both of Armenia

Mill Hand

Tuberculosis, April 27, 1906

# Margaret Kelley, 57y, P.E.I. Single

Daniel & Ann (Costello) both of Ireland


Mitral Insufficiency, April 28, 1906

# James Richardson, 72y, Nova Scotia, Widow

John & Bridget (Cannell) both of N.S.


Cerebral Hem. April 29, 1906, At hospital 6m, 21d

Bartholomew Glynn, 55y, Ireland, Single

Michael & Sarah (Condon) both of Ireland

Fisherman, contact Peter Grovey address not known

Phthisis, April 29, 1906

James Fraiser, 58y, Canada, Married

Thomas & Esther (King) both of Canada

Fisherman, contact wife 330 Summer St. E. Boston

Cerebral Hem. May 1, 1906, At hospital 7m, 12d

# Victoria Kiviecienski, 20y, Austria, Single

Peter & Josephine (Rarpot?) both of Austria


Phthisis, May 2, 1906, At hospital 1m, 19d

Mary Maker, 47y, Boston, Mass, Single

Housework, contact brother here

Tuberculosis Meningitis, May 2, 1906, at hospital 7y,11m,22d

George Upton, 70y, Boston, Single

Daniel & Lucy (Wilcox) both of Mass.

Cabinet Maker, contact Mrs. Stoner Thompson Sq. Charlestown?

Phthisis, May 3, 1906, At hospital 2m.18d

# Margaret Yancey, 41y, Virginia, Single

William of Virginia


Mitral Insufficiency, May 3, 1906, At hospital 16y,9m,25d.

John Wrobel, 50y, Austria, Single

both of Austria

laborer, contact Elizabeth Wroble Thn? River, Mass P.O.B. #12

Phthisis, May 5, 1906, At hospital 2m,9d

Nellie Kenney, 27y, NY, Single

Patrick & Anne (Kelley) both of Ireland

Waitress, contact Thos. Redington 5 Upton Ct. Brighton

Tuberculosis, May 5, 1906, At hospital 3m, 9d

Peter City, 46y, France, Single

Peter & Mary (Milleoux) both of France

Laborer, contact Warren Fanuham? Cheshire Mass.

Phthisis, May 5, 1906

# Khazer Johnson, 51y, Turkey, Married

both of Turkey


Phthisis, May 6, 1906, At hospital 2y, 10m, 20d.

# Mary Hassan, 35y, Syria

Phthisis, May 7, 1906

Alfred M. Clapp, 65y, Northampton, Widow

Nathan of Northampton & Sophia (Day) of Holyoke

Seaman, contact Geo. Odrway 120 Elint? St. Boston

Phthisis, May 11, 1906, At hospital 5m, 26d.

# John Nicholson (Nickerson), 52y, Mass, Single

Henry of Mass


Locomotor Ataxia, May 11, 1906, At hospital 4m, 9d.

Michael Piekielneak, 27y, Austria, Single

Michael & Mary both of Austria

Laborer, contact John Gogenoc? Wose.? Mass.

Phthisis, May 11, 1906

# Evaline Pullman, 10m, 27d, Hartford Ct.

Hereditary Syphilis, May 12, 1906

# Florince Donahue, 44y N.Y. City, Single

Pneumonia, May 12, 1906, At hospital 11y, 2m, 11d.

Blasioli Braso, 21y, Italy, Single

Both of Italy

Laborer, contact Pasquola Vautrilo? 177 Soloneau St. Worcester

Phthisis, May 13, 1906, At Hospital 2m, 5d

Thomas J. Harper, 31y, Boston, Mass, Married

William of Boston & Cath. (Mc Pherson?) of Scotland

Waiter, contact wife 2 Oak Place, Boston

Phthisis, May 13, 1906, at hospital 2m, 1d

Laura E. Sutcliffe, 36y, England, Married

Alfred Taylor & Alice (DecRworth?) both of England, Husband Stephen Sutcliff

Housework, contact Stephen Sutcliffe Genl. Del. Lynn

Tuberculosis, May 14, 1906

Bridget Manning, 73?y, Ireland, Single

Servant, contact Michael Manning 43 Blackstone St. Worcester, Mass.

Myocarditis, May 15, 1906, at hospital 12y, 10m, 21d.

# Christina Foster, 53y, Sweden, Single

John & Cath. (Johnson) both of Sweden


Emphysema ? , May 16, 1906, at hospital 1m, 3d.

Dennis O'Brien, 40y, Ireland, Single

Martin & Mary (McCarthy) both of Ireland

Laborer, contact Cornelius O'Brien Adams St. Dorchester, Mass.

Phthisis, May 18, 1906, at hospital 1y,3m,6d.

# Luke Welch, 73y, Ireland, Widow

Patrick & Sarah (Sullivan) both of Ireland


Mitral Insufficiency, May 19, 1906, at hospital 8m, 18d.

John M. Wilson, 64y, VT, Widow

Ira of Scotland & Claranda (Noie) of Conn.

Stone Cutter, contact John Ward Concord, NH

Cancer of Stomach, Mary 20, 1906, at hospital 1y, 1m, 1d.

John Simmons, 69y, Georgia, Widow

Matthew & Teira both of S.C.

Janitor, contact Thomas Mevney 66 Union St. Jacksonville, Fla.

Gangrene of leg, May 21, 1906, at hospital 3m, 8d

# Nikolia Markkula, 24y, Finland, Single

both of Finland

Mill Operative

Cerebrospinal Meningitis, May 21, 1906

Elisha H. Quimby, 72y, Salem, Mass, Married

Elisha & Mary (Flint) both of Salem Mass.

Physician, contact Dr. S.F. Quimby Salem, Mass, Mrs. Grace Sargent Belcher, Mass., Rebecca G. Quimby 72 High St. Salem, Mass.

Cerebral Hem., May 27, 1906, At hospital 4m.

Bridget Phipps, 58y, Ireland, Married

Patrick Walsh & Mary (Kelley) both of Ireland, Husband Eugene Phipps

Housework, contact Eugene Phipps 1026 Harrison Ave. Boston

Phthisis, May 28, 1906

Henry C. Kingsbury, 53y, Mass, Single

Joseph & Helen (Belden) both of Mass.

Plasterer, contact Charles Whipple, E. Douglas

Myocarditis, June 1, 1906

Nathaniel P. Smelling, 76y, Boston, Mass. Married

Nathaniel P. of Boston & Angeline (Hunt Taft) of Maine

Hardware, contact Mrs. Helen Snelling Lee Mass.

Tubercular Meningitis, June 1, 1906

Patrick Conway, 47ym Ireland, Married

Patrick & Hannah (McLannigian?) both of Ireland

Tailor, contact Thomas Nugent 42 Bowlen St. Cambridge

Mitral Insufficiency, June 2, 1906, at hospital 2m

Thomas B. Kelley, 40y, Ireland, Single

Brine & Bridget (Folley) both of Ireland

Teamster, contact Mrs. Winn 48 Brighton St. Boston

Phthisis, June 2, 1906, at hospital 2m, 27d

Ambrose Durgin, 48y, Boston, Mass, Married

Ambrose & Julia A. (Frys) both of Maine

Leather Sorter, contact Mrs. Jennie Durgin, off Washington St. Haverhill

Phthisis, June 3, 1906

# William McDevitt, 61y, Penn, Single

Charles & Ann McLaren both of Ireland

Stone Mason

Mitral Insufficiency, June 3, 1906, At hospital 1y, 2m, 17d

John M. Jones, 45y, Va, Single

Charles & Julia (Hanemer?) both of VA

Laborer, contact Mrs. Augusta Walker, 27 Newman St. Boston

Mitral Insufficiency, June 5, 1906, at hospital 2m, 17d

#  Grubarski Ludwig, 26y, Poland, Single

Antony & Magdaline both of Poland


Mitral Insufficiency, June 9, 1906

Daniel Bradley, 29y, Ireland, Single

Daniel & Cath. (McClusky) both of Ireland

Farmer, contact Mrs. Cath. Iorevson? 517 West Third St. Avaranda?

Tuberculosis, June 9, 1906, at hospital 1y, 1m.

# James Murphy, 66y, Ireland, Widow

Terrence & Rosanns (Henraddy) both of Ireland


Cancer of Stomach, June 9, 1906, at hospital 2m, 23d

John T. Gardner, 64y, Mass, Widow

Attonias? Of Mass & Mary (Alexander) of Maine

Drummer?, contact William A. Griffin, Norwolk, Conn.

Phthisis, June 12, 1906, at hospital 2m, 23d.

Lawrence Henderson, 55y, Scotland, Single

Alexander & Mary (McAndy) both of Scotland

Painter, contact Sam'l Jones 1066 Wash. St. Boston

Transverse Myelitis, June 16, 1906, at hospital 1m, 20d

# Minnie Steve Howland, 2m, Boston

Hereditary Syphilis, June 17, 1906

# Stella McDonald, 60y, Salem


Cerebral Hem. June 18, 1906

# John Anderson, 55y, Sweden, Single

Lars & Hannah (Rouke) both of Sweden


Phthisis, June 19, 1906

# Michael Slaherty, 61y, Ireland, Widow

Michael & Hannah (O'Connell) both of Ireland


Arterial Sclerosis, June 19, 1906, at hospital 1m, 4d.

# Matthew Doherty, 67y, Ireland, Widow

Michael of Ireland


Mitral Insufficiency, June 20, 1906, at hospital 2m, 3d.

# Joseph Hamel, 65y, Canada, Single

Joseph & Marg't (Habel) both of Canada


Arterial Sclerosis, June 21, 1906, at hospital 1y, 1m, 24d.

# John Wilson, 39y, Roxbury, Mass, Single

John & Mgt. (Hickey) both of Ireland


Phthisis, June 22, 1906

Onofry Hodowski, 41y, Austria, Married

Daniel & Annie (Vunc?) both of Austria

Laborer, contact John Hodowski

Phthisis, June 25, 1906, At hospital 1m

Aramia Papazian, 36y, Armenia, Single

Rarbaros? Of Armenia

Laborer, contact Chas. Papazian Worcester, Mass.

Phthisis, June 26, 1906

Lizzie Kalil, 18y, Syria, Married

both of Syria

Housework, contact Hodid Kalil, Oak St. Boston

Phthisis, June 27,1906, at hospital 1m, 16d

# Michael Splain, 75y, Ireland, Single

Morris & Ellen (Donovan) both of Ireland


Cerebral Hem, June 29, 1906

# Michael Mitchell, 68y, Eng. Widow

Richard and Mgt. (Schofield) both of Eng.


Arterial Sclerosis, June 30, 1906, at hospital 4m, 25d

Mary Zitto, 56y, New York, Married

contact Mrs. Sarah Cushman, Clyde? Wayne Co. NY.

Phthisis, July 3, 1906, at hospital 6m, 11d

# Johanna Barrett, 79y, Ire, Widow

General Bray & Johanna (Quick) both or Ireland


Myocarditis, July4, 1906, at hospital 6y, 11m.

# Louisa McConnell, 36y, Boston, Mass, Single

Phthisis, July 5, 1906, at hospital 19y, 8m, 10d

# Winifred Hoban, 42y, Ireland, Single

Patrick & Mary (Jordan) both of Ireland


Acute Enteritis, July 6, 1906, at hospital 1m, 20d.

William W. Forest, 59y, Boston, Single

John & Mary (Kelley) both of Boston

Laborer, Contact Abbie Louney? Haverhill

Mitral Insufficiency, July 8, 1906, at hospital 3m, 14d

# Henry W. Scott, 63y, Vt, Widow

both of Vt.


Arterial Sclerosis, July 9, 1906, at hospital 8y, 5m, 15d.

Lawrence Curley, 21y, Boston, Single

Martin of Ireland & Agnes (Keefe) of NH

Painter, contact mother 215 Freeman St. Brookline

Brain Tumor, July 12, 1906 At hospital 6m, 23d.

# Cornelius McCarthy, 60y, Ireland, Single

Jeremiah & Johanna (Hagerty) both in Ireland


Cerebral Hem. July 14, 1906

# Louis Planitzer, 53y, Germany, Married

Herman & Fredericka both of Germany


Cancer of Neck, July 14, 1906, 2m, 10d.

All records copied and transcribed by JAS and DL 2004-2009