Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records
for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better. 
Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)

* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list. 

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members. 

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record. 

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with. 

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down. 

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list. 

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page. 

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.

Name, age, birthplace Parents name, birthplace Occupation, contact Date/Cause of Death
William Nesbitt, 47y, Scotland, Widow William & Ellen (Livingstone), both of Scotland Painter, contact Jos. Miller Carr. Mfg. Co. Somerville Mitral Insufficiency, July 15, 1906, At hospital 1m, 15d
Margaret Eva Miles, 65y, Boston, Widow David Horan & Mary (Murphy), both of Ireland, Husband William Miles Housework, contact Miss Mary Horan 35 North St. East Cambridge Chronic Diffuse Nephritis, contributory: Aortic Insufficiency, July 15, 1906, At hospital 3m, 19d
# Dennis Savage, 65y, N.B., Single Timothy of N.B. & Mary of Ireland Laborer Mitral Insufficiency, July 16, 1906
William O'Toole, 63y, Maine, Single James & Mary (Flynn), both of Ireland Laborer, contact James Cahill 174 Endicott St. Boston Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, July 17, 1906, at hospital 3m, 7d
# John Gomes, 22?, Cape Verde Islands, Single Unknown None Phthisis, July 17, 1906, at hospital 2m, 14d
# Mary Rourke, 49y, Ireland, Single (blank) Rouke & Mary McGrath, both of Ireland Cook Heat Prostration, contributory: Alcoholism, July 20, 1906
# Catherine Wise, 74y, Boston, Single John & Mary (Hickey), both of Ireland Domestic Acute Enteritis, July 21, 1906, at hospital 52y, 2m, 18d
Christie Ann McDonald, 32y, Fall River, Married Daniel McDonald of P.E.I & (Morrison) of N.S., Husband William McDonald Housework, contact Miss Maria Morrison 1904 Washington St. Roxbury Phthisis, July 23, 1906
# Stanley Stankovitz, 20y, Russia, Single George & Annie both of Russia Laborer Phthisis, July 25, 1906, at hospital 3m, 8d
John Steward, 48y, Ireland, Widow Campbell & Jane (Carson) both of Ireland Laborer, contact John Steward Charlestown Navy Yd. Cerebral Hem. July 27, 1906, at hospital 8m
Annie Kelly, 38y, Ireland, Widow Martin Noonan & Bridget (Kelly) both of Ireland Housework, contact Mrs. Kittie Allen 52 Middlesex St. Boston Phthisis, July 28, 1906, at hospital 4m, 25d
# Ovagen Manvagian, 45y, Turkey, Married Moriun? Both of Turkey Barber Phthisis, July 28, 1906
Mary Duran, 42y, Ireland, Single Patrick & Mary (Fitzpatrick) both of Ireland Laundress, contact Michael Duran Cohasset Life Saving Station, Cohasset, Mass. Phthisis, July 29, 1906, at hospital 8m, 29d
Harold E. Wallace, 5m 7d, So. Framingham Emma Wallace of Boston Mother here Acute Iliocolitis, July 31, 1906, at hospital 7d
# Tekla Szlachta, 35 y, Poland, Single Peter & Mary both of Poland all blank Cancer of Stomach, August 2, 1906
Margaret Keeley, 61y, Ireland, Widow Timothy Bresnahan & Ellen (Flavin) both of Ireland Housework, contact James Welsh, East Boston, Mass. Pneumonia, August 2, 1906, at hospital 6y, 1m, 23d
Margaret McNamara, 39y, England, Married William Coyle & Ellen (Hart) both of England Operator, contact Frank Hart Lawrence Mass. Acute Enteritis, August, 6, 1906 at hospital 7y,1m,9d
Albert Alie, 25y, Syria, Married both of Syria Mill Hand, contact Wife 72 Suffolk St. Lowell Phthisis, August 7, 1906
James Murphy, 69y, Ireland, Widow James & Johanna (Christan) both of Ireland Mill Work, contact John Murphy 2475th St. Fall River Aortic & Mitral Insufficiency, August 7, 1906
Roddy Neil McLeod, 6hrs, Mass. State Hospital Daniel McLeod of Nova Scotia & Jessie McLeod of Cape Breton None, contact Mother Mass State Hospital Congenital Heart Disease, August 7, 1906
Anna Thompson, 23y, England, Single James & Jane (Darson) both of England Housework, contact James Tarnlinson 26 Warren St. So. Boston Phthisis, August 12, 1906, at hospital 2m
Vivi Hakkio, 19y, Finland, Single both of Finland Unknown, contact Lembi Hakkia 121 Spring St., East Boston Phthisis, August 13, 1906, at hospital 2m 8d
James Gorman, 50y, N.B. Single John & Kate (McCaffery) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Mrs. Lizzie McCaffery 136 Union St. Lowell Alcoholism, August 13, 1906
Jan Gula, 38y, Poland, Married George & Mary (Teisch) both of Poland Laborer, contact Cady Gula 58 Middle St. Chicopee Falls Chronic Diffuse Nephritis, August 14, 1906
# Amanda Stracosh, 48y, Windsor Vt. Married Unknown Housewife Phthisis, August 17, 1906, at hospital 4y, 9m, 17d
Patrick Russell, 64y, Ireland, Single James & Cath. (Reardon) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Kate Solmon Cor. Fountain & Ellen St. Holyoke, Mass Phthisis, August 17, 1906
# Elizabeth Lee, 1y 1m 13d, Unknown Unknown None Bachitis, August 17, 1906, at hospital 3m 5d
Herbert L. Hood, 52y, Middleboro, Mass, Married Cyrus & Catherine (Allen) both or Halifax, Mass. Express man, contact R.F. Atwood 106 Walnut St. Somerville Phthisis, August 18, 1906, at hospital 3m 15d
# Luise Howe, 3m, Unknown Unknown None Congenital Syphilis, August 19, 1906, at hospital 1m, 13d
Fred Pinae, 25y, Cape Verde Is. Single both of Cape Verde Is. Barber, contact John Pinae, Canton, Mass Pulmonary Embolism, contributory: Phthisis, August 20, 1906 at hospital 4m, 11d
Jacob Colthers, 61y, Nova Scotia, Widow George & Mary (Seauks?) both of Nova Scotia Bricklayer, contact Sadie Christian, 8 Lendel Pl. Boston Tubercular Enteritis, contributory: Phthisis, August 22, 1906
# Annie Laramie, 36y, France, Widow James Trombley & Deline Trombley both of France, Husband Elsio Collins Laundress Phthisis, contributory: Alcoholism, August 22, 1906
Arakin Caspin, 40y, Turkey, Married Arakin & Sultan both of Turkey Laborer, contact Mrs. Anakin Caspin 4 Lawrence St. Lowell Tubercular Enteritis, contributory: Phthisis, August 22, 1906
Michael J. Murtha, 47y, Ireland, Married Michael & Mary (McClinton?) both of Ireland Upholster, contact Philip Cassidy Broadway Exchange Chelsea Phthisis, August 23, 1906
Robert Lee, 68y, Virginia, Married Bassil & Jane both of Virginia Sailor, contact Chas. Richardson N. Anderson St. Boston Myocarditis, August 23, 1906 at hospital 5y, 6m, 5d
Sarah Richardson, 32y, Ireland, Married Daniel Sweeney & Sarah (Dorothy) both of Ireland, Husband John Richardson Housework, contact Mrs. Sarah Sweeney 16 Cedar Pl, Somerville Phthisis, August 23, 1906
Howard Francis Arkerson, 11m, Boston Unknown State Ward Acute Enteritis, August 23, 1906 at hospital 24d
# Mary J. Brown, 41y, Ireland James Brown & Annie (Dever) both or Ireland Housework Phthisis, August 25, 1906 at hospital 3m, 1d
Peter Martin, 68y, Ireland, Single Patrick & Ellen (Hanley) both of  Ireland Farmer, contact J.J. Martin Palmer St. Providence RI Arteriosclerosis, August 26, 1906 at hospital 1m, 13d
# Joseph Goldman, 17y, Russia, Single Jacob - both or Russia None Typhoid Fever, August 28, 1906
Nellie E. Lane, 28y, Mass, Married Cornelius Buckley & Mary (Callahan) both of Ireland, Husband Geo. Lane Housework, contact Geo. Lane, 11 Corning St. Boston Phthisis, August 29, 1906, at hospital 5m 7d
# Jeremiah Doherty, 18y, Ireland, Single John & Sarah both of Ireland Laborer Phthisis, August 31, 1906
# Catherine Allen, 61y, Ireland, Married James Russell of Scotland & Catherine (McCullen) of Ireland, Husband ? Housework Cerebral Hem. September 1, 1906, at hospital 2y, 5m, 18d
# Maud Cohen Weiner, 4m, Boston Unknown None Marasumus, September 2, 1906, at hospital 1m, 13d
# Eunice Doherty, 55y, Ireland, Single Daniel & Ellen Doherty both or Ireland Housework Cerebral Hem. September 4, 1906, at hospital 10m
# John Doherty, 19y, Unknown, Single Unknown Mill Hand Endocarditis, September 5, 1906, at hospital 6m, 8d
Orin Jennings, 46y, N.H. Single William & Jane (Webster) both of New Hampshire Farmer, contact William Phillips Baldwinville Acute Enteritis, September 6, 1906, at hospital 1m, 18d
Ida Maxwell, 35y, St. Albans, VT, Widow Peter Jackson of Mass & Josephine (King) of Vermont, Husband John Maxwell Domestic, contact Joseph Wilson 14 Hivenhoe St. Near, East Canton St. Boston Phthisis, September 8, 1906, at hospital 1y, 8m, 27d
# Robert B. Fuller, 79y, Ireland, Single both of Ireland Carpenter Arteriosclerosis, contributory Phthisis, September 8, 1906 at hospital 29y, 4m
# William Hayes, 57y, Ireland, Widow Patrick & Hannah (O'Brien) both of Ireland Laborer Tubercular Enteritis, contributory: Phthisis, September 8, 1906, at hospital 2m, 23d
James C. McClearns, 72y, N.S., Widow John & Unknown both of N.S. Cobbler, contact Capt. Stewart F. McClearns, State St. Marblehead Mitral Insufficiency, September 9, 1906, at hospital 1m, 2d
Frederick W. O'Neil, 39y, Boston, Mass, Single John of Ireland & Ellen (Carney) of Lowell, Mass. Cook, contact Frank E. O'Neil 10 Garnet St. Providence RI Tubercular Laryngitis, contributory Phthisis, September 10, 1906, at hospital 1m, 10d
Hattie Long, 27y, N.J. Married Daniel McCarty of Ireland & Julia Hartent? Of Worcester, Husband George Long Domestic, contact Mrs. Mary Ryan  7 Cross St. Westford, Mass. Phthisis, September 10, 1906, at hospital 2m, 26d
# Martin Murray, 68y, Ireland, Widow Michael & Mary (O'Neil) both or Ireland Stonecutter Mitral Insufficiency, September 10, 1906, at hospital 2m, 18d
# Antonio Rogenski, 21y, Russia, Single Adam & Katarina both of Russia Painter Phthisis, September 12, 1906, at hospital 2m 30d
James H. Sullivan, 39y, Ireland, Single James & Mary both of Ireland Teamster, contact Fred Fox, Dracut Septicaernia?, September 12, 1906
# Charles Williams, 35y, Penn, Single Robert & Mary (Johnson) both of Md. Barber Phthisis, September 12, 1906, at hospital 1m, 1d
# Richard F. Roche, 41y, Unknown Unknown None Mitral & Aortic Insuff. Contributory: Phthisis, September 13, 1906, at hospital 1y, 3m, 12d
William C. Perkins, 54y, N.H. Married Thomas of N.H. & Catherine (McIntire) of Mass. Roofer, contact wife 78 Michigan Ave, Lynn Cerebral Hem. September 14, 1906, at hospital 1m, 10d
Frank Miller, 33y, Everett, Mass, Single Albert of Nova Scotia & Sarah of ? Carpenter, contact Geo. Miller, 12 Salem St. Charlestown Tubercular Laryngitis, contributory: Phthisis, September 16, 1906, at hospital 2m, 24d
Daniel O'Leary, 73y, Ireland, Widow Timothy & Mary both or Ireland Laborer, contact Mr. Coutney Lowell Gastro Enteritis, September 19, 1906
John McKenna, 52y, Mass, Single James & Ellen (Murphy) both of Ireland Laborer, contact James McKenna, 1 Prospect St. Boston Aortic Insufficiency, contributory: Tertiary Syphilis, September 19, 1906
Frank Wiegard, 36y, Germany, Single Jacob & Annie (Dipeurider?) both of Germany Metal Worker, contact William McGee, 50 Monument St. Charlestown, Mass. Phthisis, contributory Tubercular Enteritis,  September 20, 1906, at hospital 3m, 27d
William Kaivista, 56y, Finland, Married Otto & Wilhimena both of Finland Laborer, contact Wife  Finland Phthisis, September 21, 1906
Owen O'Brien, 84y, Ireland, Widow John F. & Mary (Smith) both of Ireland Mason, contact John O'Brien 181 Cherry St. Chelsea Cancer of Neck (4 years), September 24, 1906, at hospital 1y,8m,22d
Mary A. Harrington, 40y, Ireland, Married John Doran & Mary (Lynch) both of Ireland, Husband Daniel Harrington Mill Operative, contact Daniel Harrington John St. Lowell Phthisis (4 mos.), September 25, 1906, at hospital 1m, 11d
Joseph David Marchesseault, 13 days, Mass. State Hospital, Single Crossed out Father (Adelard Visson), Mother Bella Marchesseault of Canada contact Mother - State Hospital Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newly Born, September 25, 1906, at hospital 13 days
Delia Williams, 30y, Ireland, Married Patrick Murphy & Gabella (McCann) both of Ireland, Husband Billy Andennoh? Housework, contact Annie Williams, So. Acton Phthisis, September 25, 1906
David Bourgeois, 47y, Canada, Single Matilda both parents of Canada Mill Hand, contact Frank Bourgeois, New Bedford Phthisis (few months), contributory Cellulites Leg, September 26, 1906
# Susan Thomas, 43y, England, Married Charles Thomas & Elizabeth Humphreyson? Both of England, Husband ? Nurse Myocarditis, contributory Alcoholism, September 27, 1906
# Elizabeth DeCara, 47 days, Boston, Single Raphael DeCara & Mary DeAngels both of Italy None Marasumus, September 30, 1906, at hospital 1 month
Charles Imberg, 38 days, State Hospital, Single Joseph Imberg & Eliza both of Finland contact Mother here Marasumus, October 2, 1906, at hospital 38 days
James F. Hurley, 41y, N.B. Single Daniel & Mary (Hewey) both of Ireland Brass Finisher, contact Mrs. Sarah McLaughlin 41 Cambridge St. Charlestown Myocarditis, October 2, 1906
Michael Nugent, 67y, Ireland, Widow Thomas & Hannah (Mahan) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Thomas Mitchell Cabot & Ruggles St. Roxbury Mitral Insufficiency, contributory Tuberculosis Enteritis, October 2, 1906
# Patrick Lally, 41y, Ireland, Single Patrick & Catherine (McDonald) both of Ireland Porter Chronic Influenza, October 2, 1906, at hospital 1m, 5d
Celestina Tousi, Jr? 3m,3d, Boston, Single John Tousi & Celestina both of Italy contact Mother here Premature birth, October 3, 1906, at hospital 20 days
John Flint, 41y, N.H., Married John & Eliz. (Mattox) both of N.H. Junk Dealer, contact Mrs. John Flint 45 Broadway, Lowell Phthisis, contributory ? of liver, October 7, 1906
Alphonse Collin, 63y, Canada, Married Julia (Brown) both of Canada Butcher, contact Mrs. Woods, Fletcher St. Westford Mitral Insufficiency, October 7, 1906
Thomas White, 67y, Mass, Widow John R. & Mgt. (Campbell) both of Mass. Laborer, contact S. Williams 84 William St. Oakland, Cal. Tubercular Laryngitis (8 months), Contributory Phthisis (1 1/2 years), October 8, 1906, at hospital 2m, 12d
David Ayton, 39y, Scotland, Single Robert & Mary (Williams) both of Scotland Kitchen Helper, contact Dan'l Boyle 12 Rollins St. Boston and Robt. Braun 2 Franklin St. Boston Phthisis (6+ months), October 9, 1906, at hospital 3m,12d
Homer Spencer, 10y, Unknown, Single Parents Unknown School Boy, contact State Ward Phthisis, October 9, 1906, at hospital 1m, 4d
Kermit Nicklin, 3m,5d, So. Framingham None contact State Ward Hereditary Syphilis, October 10, 1906, at hospital 1m, 23d
Mary Wolfe, 59y, Germany, Married Unknown Cook, contact Wm. Wolfe 23 Chestnut St. Worcester, Mass. Acute Enteritis, October 10, 1906, at hospital 22y, 22d
Louis C. Selmar, 43y, Gloucester, Mass, Single William of Denmark & Mary (Sheridan) of Ireland Cigar Maker, contact John Stenman 4 Commercial St. Gloucester, Mass. Tertiary Syphilis, October 11, 1906, at hospital 8m,11d
William Flanagan, 35y, Mass, Single John Flanagan of Ireland & Margerite (Ryan) of Mass. Printer, contact Ellen Hanson 161 Marginal St. East Boston Phthisis (3 years), October 12, 1906, at hospital 18d
# Michael Griffin, 81y, Ireland, Married Timothy & Honorah both of Ireland Laborer Lobar Pneumonia, contributory Cronic Bronchitis, October 12, 1906, at hospital 1y, 4m, 22d
# William J. Lambert, 30y, Boston, Mass, Married Unknown Laborer Gurnrua? of Brain, October 13, 1906
William Connor, 52y, Salem, Mass. Single Unknown Laborer, contact Kate Levy, Salem, Mass. Cerebral Hem, October 13, 1906, at hospital 1y, 7m, 22d
Leonard Getchell, 65y, Mass, Married William of Maine & Mary (Fisher) of Nantucket Chef, contact Ella Plunkett 316 Main St. West Everett Myxoederna, October 17, 1906
James Rose, 29y, Italy, Single Antonia & Dresina (Vendula) both of Italy Laborer, contact Tany? Cagan 15 Green St. Boston, Mass. Phthisis (1 year), October 20, 1906, at hospital 3m, 21d
Theresa Hennessey, 50y, Boston, Married Jeremiah McCarty & Catherine (Daly) both of Ireland, Husband Walter A. Schultz Operative, contact Delia Dow 26 Sargents Court, West Lynn Carcinoma of Cervix (11 months), October 20, 1906, at hospital 28d
# Steve Geolis, 37y, Russia, Single Mike Geolis & Sophia (Poure) both of Russia Laborer Phthisis (10 months), October 21, 1906, at hospital 4m, 1d
Gertrude Doherty, 3m, 3d, State Hospital, Single Gertrude Doherty of New Brunswick None, Mother here Marasumus, October 22, 1906, at hospital 3m, 3d
# Anna Land, 18y, Poland, Single John Lang, both of Poland Housework Phthisis (6 weeks), October 22, 1906, at hospital 4m, 27d (No place of burial listed)
# Patre Person, 59y, Sweden, ? Unknown Laborer Lobar Pneumonia, contributory Hempipligia?, October 24, 1906, at hospital 3m, 1d
Michael Shannahan, 38y, Ireland, Single Unknown Laborer, contact John Sullivan Barnsville? Mass. Gastro Enteritis, October 25, 1906
George Cameron, 54y, St. Johns, N.B., Single George & Kath. (Shannon) both of Ireland Mill hand, contact James Forrest Wilton, N.H. Carcinoma of Stomach (1 year) ,contributory Phthisis, October 26, 1906
Annie Flanagan, 47y, Ireland, Single Everett & Elena (Murphy) both or Ireland Housework, contact Kath. Short 909 Bedford St. Fall River Cancer of Cervix (1year), October 29, 1906
James Morris, 30y, New York, Single John & Jane (McQuinn) both of Ireland Waiter, contact Mrs. E. Wetherbee 54 Myrtle St., Boston Phthisis (16 months), contributory Tuberculosis of Bladder (abt 1 year), November 4, 1906
Mary L. Austin, 30y, Maryland, Married William Russell & Mandy (Farrel) both of Georgia, Husband Edward Austin Domestic, contact Wm. Rolands 10 Fay St. Boston Mitral Stenosis & Insufficiency, November 7, 1906
# George E. Harvey, 58y, England, Widow George & Eliza (Andrews) both of England Stableman Hemonliage ? into cord, November 9, 1906
George Fitzpatrick, 23y, Boston, Single Richard & Mary Mahoney both or Springfield Teamster, contact Mrs. Fitzgerald 63 9th St. So. Boston Phthisis, (1year) November 9, 1906
Pearl Gardner, 43 days, Williamstown, Single Hattie Gardner of New York contact Hattie Gardner here Secondary Adema, November 10, 1906 at hospital 24 days
# Susan L. Rosengue, 58y, Ireland, Single both of Ireland Domestic Tuberculosis Enteritis, November 12, 1906, at hospital 23y, 9m
#Jane Cutliffe, 90y, England, Single Richard & Mary both of England Nurse Arterial Sclerosis, November 12, 1906
Edward L. Fox, 55y, Mass. Widow Louis & ? Unice? (Brown) both of Maine Bartender, contact Ella Stillings? 28 Dedham St. Boston Phthisis, November 13, 1906
# John Johnson, 38y, Mass. Single James of Mass. & Mary of Maine Sailor Delirium Tremens, November 15, 1906
# Henry Abbott, 72y, New York, Single Not Known Laborer Arterial Sclerosis, November 18, 1906, at hospital 6y,3m,8d
Anthonetta Metilla, 25 days, State Hospital, Single Concetta Metilla of Italy contact Mother here Malnutrition from birth, November 21, 1906, at hospital 25 days
Selma Shubert, 42y, Gemany, Single Unknown contact Mrs. Frank Glessman 75 Newton St. Holyoke, Mass. Chronic Myocarditis, November 22, 1906, at hospital 7m, 23d
# James Thompson, 78y, Mass. Single William of Mass & Dorothy of R.I. Sailor Lobar Pneumonia, November 24, 1906
# James Rogers, abt 63y, Ireland, Single Unknown None Cerebral Hem., November 26, 1906, at hospital 11m, 21d
Charles E. Flanders, 58y, Boston, Married Frank & Ann (Kelley) both of Pa. Painter, contact wife 109 Tremont St. Boston Cancer of Face (2years), November 27, 1906, at hospital 9m, 17d
Bernard Oltmanns, 46y, Germany, Widow John & Mgt. (Holye) both of Germany Baker, contact Mrs. Bernard Oltmanns 113 West Lenox St. Boston Phthisis (21 months), November 27, 1906, at hospital 2m, 17d
Thomas Mullen, 34y, Roxbury, Mass, Single Andrew & Maria (Rourke) both of Ireland Waiter, contact Wm. Corrun? 17 Hudson St. Boston Gen'l. Tuberculosis, November 27, 1906
Hamp Dain, 39y, Georgia, Single Betty both of Virginia Laborer, contact James Burnette 52 Pleasant St. Boston, Mass. Phthisis, December 4, 1906, at hospital 2m, 20d 
Matthew Smith, 51y, England, Married John & Mary (Gray) both of England Painter, contact Fred Gleason, Wamjule? Mass Phthisis, December 5, 1906, at hospital 23d 
# William Hogan, 61y, Ireland, Single Daniel & Marg't. (Carroll) both of Ireland Laborer Mitral Insufficiency, December 6, 1906, at hospital 3d 
# Yanfala Boracion, 30y, Greece, Married (female) Unknown Operative Sopraernia, December 16, 1906, at hospital 16d 
Hugh McConnell, 48y, Ireland, Single Hugh & Mary A. (Mooney) both of Ireland Baker, contact James Spears Fed? St. So. Boston Phthisis, December 13, 1906, at hospital 1m, 14d 
# Louis Savel, 45y, Russia, Married Frank & Christia (Solvin) both of Russia Carpenter Phthisis, (1 1/2 years), December 16, 1906, at hospital 8m 4d 
# Ephraim Perron, 59y, Canada, Married Joseph & Mary both of Canada Shoemaker Mitral Insufficiency, December 17, 1906, at hospital 5m, 17d 
# Evariste Lacroix, 67y, Canada, Widow both of Canada Laborer Cerebral Hem., December 18, 1906, at hospital 9m, 7d 
William Bennett, 49y, Conn, Married Mitchell & Delia (Garten) both of Canada Laborer, contact Mrs. Hattie Bennett So. Gardner Phthisis, December 23, 1906, at hospital 1m, 1d 
John Clifford, 49y, England, Widow John & Mary (Tyler) both of England Cook, contact Wm. Carne? 56 Beech St. Boston, Mass General Paralysis of Insane, December 26, 1906, at hospital 3m, 20d 
Peter Kelley, 60y, Ireland, Single Patrick & Mary both of Ireland Laborer, contact Patrick Kelley No. Main St. Brooklyn, NY Myocarditis, contributory Bronchial Asthma, December 27, 1906, at hospital 20d 
John Clark, 29y, N. Carolina, Single George & Comfort (Smith) both of Florida Hotel Helper, contact Mr. Nelson Smith 12 Blossom St. Boston, Mass. Phthisis, December 28, 1906, at hospital 1m, 15d 
Daniel McCarthy, 55y, Maine, Married Henry & Elizabeth (Welch) both of Ireland Carpenter, contact Mrs. Annie McCarthy 297 Dutton St. Lowell Cancer of Neck, December 30, 1906, at hospital 2m, 9d 
# Richard Sherman, 64y, Virginia, Widow Samuel of N.Y. & Emily of Virginia Tinsmith Arterial Sclerosis, December 31, 906, at hospital 1m, 9d 
Peter Solimina, 22y, Boston, Mass, Single Charles & Mgt. Both of Russia Laborer, contact Adam Kachinski 25 Worton St. Boston Sarcoma of Lungs, January 2, 1907, at hospital 22d 
Sarah E. Gassaway, 43y, Washington D.C., Single Unknown Domestic, contact A.L. Gassaway 326 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. Chronic Myocarditis, January 2, 1907, at hospital 5y, 4m, 27d 
Kirkor Garabedian, 29y, Armenia, Single Carabee & Sarah both of Armenia Books?, contact Tatrose Manoguniors? 11 Coroll? St. Worcester, Mass Gen'l. Tuberculosis, January 3, 1907, at hospital 7d (
# Vito Sposto, 16y, Italy, Single Rocco both of Italy Laborer Aortic & Mitral Insufficiency, January 4, 1907, at hospital 5m, 29d 
Joseph Kwoecak, 49y, Austria, Married John & Agatha (Stauk) both of Austria Laborer, contact John Francis Hardwick, Mass. Phthisis, January 8, 1907, at hospital 1m, 30d 
Margaret O'Brien, 45y, Nova Scotia, Single Patrick & Winifred (Leonard) both of Ireland Housework, contact Mary Fenley #1 So. Anderson St. Boston Cancer of Breast (22 months), January 8, 1907, at hospital 6m 
# Marian Abdon, 27y, Syria, Married both of Syria none Phthisis, January 8, 1907, at hospital 1d 
Endora H. Hill, 56y, Fall River, Mass, Married Henry Holten of England & Sarah Ann (Perry) of Mass., Husband Jack Hill Housework, contact Frank Hill B&M Car Shops, Lawrence, Mass Cerebral Hem., January 10, 1907, at hospital 11m, 11d 
Jeremiah McCarthy, 48y, Somerville, Mass, Married John & Bridget (Griffin) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Russell McCarthy, Pout? St. Stoneham, Mass Phthisis, January 11, 1907, at hospital 4m, 5d 
Patrick Johnson, 36y, Ireland, Single James & Elizabeth (Doherty) both of Ireland Laborer, contact James Johnson Cor. Glue Hill Ave. & Lovern? St. Roxbury, Mass Phthisis, January 11, 1907, at hospital 1m, 27d 
# Nicholas Hubbard, 67y, Ireland, Widow Michael & Ellen (O'Donnell), both of Ireland Laborer Arterial Sclerosis, January 12, 1907, at hospital 1m, 24d 
# Concetta Vitalla or Metilla, 22y, Italy, Single Lourenzo Metilla both of Italy Housework Phthisis, January 13, 1907, at hospital 16d 
Ransom Kellogg, 51y, Vermont, Widow Ransom & Betsy (Sabire?) both of VT Dyer, contact Mrs. J.A. Brodie 451 Canal St. Lawrence Cancer of Liver, January 13, 1907, at hospital 6d 
Peter Johnson, 72y, Norway, Widow Ramus & Christina both of Norway Waiter, contact Charles Johnson 61 Kerson? St. Providence R.I. Mitral Insufficiency, January 13, 1907, at hospital 26d 
# Nicholas Kadogeros, 20y, Greece, Single Unknown Shoemaker Phthisis, January 15, 1907, at hospital 4d 
Jacob Nighswander, 62y, PA, married Daniel & Mary, both of PA Printer, wife lives at 206 Washington St. Dover, NH, no name January 16, 1907, Chronic Diffuse Nephritis, 4m, 24d
Robert Kenney, 40y, Ireland William & Rose (Boyd), both of Ireland Laborer, contact James Baxter, Haverhill St., Lawrence, MA January 16, 1907, Phthisis, at hosp 1y, 11m, 14d
Annie E. Nights, 48y, Nashua, NH, widow Jere. H. Day  of England & Mary (Finn) of Wales seamstress, contact Mrs. J. Day, 873rd St. S. Boston & C. W. Wells, 9 Herald Bld, Boston January 18, 1907, chronic diffuse nephritis, at hosp 11y, 10, 28d
Coleman Adley, 83y, Ireland, widow Robert & Nora Lee, both of Ireland laborer, James Adley, 84 Tudor, St., S. Boston January 18, 1907, arterial sclerosis, 23d
Ellen Payton, 42y, New York John Payton & Ellen (McGowan), both of Ireland operative, Mrs. Mgt Shanahan, 232 Elm St. Lawrence, MA January 19, 1907, chronic diffuse nephritis
John Burns, 50y, Ireland, married John & Julia (Hassion), both of Ireland laborer, contact Bernie Meehan, 171E Merrimac St., Lowell  January 20, 1907, chronic diffuse nephritis, 4m, 24d
Andrew Keating, 19y, Boston, MA, single all unknown farmer, contact Samuel Taylor, Buckland, MA January 21, 1907, Phthisis, 2m, 2d
Benjamin Roderick, 50y, Cape Verde, Islands, married Manuel, both parents of Cape Verde Islands fisherman, contact son, Joseph in East Boston, no further info January 22, 1907, TB laryngitis, at hosp 1 day only
Freeman Grace, 15y, MA, single Manuel & Annie (Gomes) both of Cape Verde Islands ?? This could be a transcription error on original record. Record above has some dup. info no occ. listed, Catherine Rose, Pleasant Lake, Cape Cod, MA January 22, 1907, phthisis, 4m, 30d
Michael Regan, 60y, England, married James & Bessie Smith, Both of Ireland plasterer, contact Mrs. Hannah Tillis, corner of Bolton & East Sts. South Boston January 24, 1907, phthisis, 2y, 11m, 8d, records indicate insanity
# Michael Welch, 70y, Ireland, single Daniel & Mary (Hennessey), both of Ireland laborer January 24, 1907, chronic cystitis, 12d
Nora O'Donnell, 43y, Ireland, married James & Bridget (O'Riley), both of Ireland housework, Minnie O'Donnell, Wilham St., New Bedford, MA January 24, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 6y, 1m, 11d, notation indicates insanity 
Katie M. Harrington, 29y, Ireland, single all unknown waitress, Michael Harrington, Tremont St., Marlboro, MA January 26, 1907, mitral insufficiency, at hosp 10y, 5m, 4d
Bridget Murray, 80y, Ireland Bridget (Murphy), both of Ireland no occupation, no contact January 28, 1907, arterial sclerosis, 1m, 15d
John McCarthy, 43y, Arlington, MA, single John & Ellen (O'Leary), both of Ireland farmer, Chas. L. Young, Railwood Ave. Cananadaiga (?), NY January 28, 1907, TB meningitis, at hosp 4d.
John Mealey, 50y, Ireland, widow James &  Bridget (Massoy ?), both of Ireland Picker (?), no contact January 29, 1907, phthisis, 12d
George C. Clark, 41y, W. Indies, married Abel , both of W. Indies laborer, Mrs. Geo. Clark, 25 Portland St. Cambridge, MA January 29, 1907, phthisis, 20d
Frank Ryan, 70y, Ireland Frank & Kate (Kelliher), both of Ireland laborer, no contact January 29, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 2m, 23d
# George Lee, 30y, VA, single Henry & Mary (Muff), both of VA laborer, no contact, prev res. Boston January 30, 1907, chronic myelitis, 2y, 6m
# Telesphone Morrisette, 56y, Canada, widow John of France & Caroline, of Canada clerk, no contact January 30, 1907, chronic enteritis
George  Stevens, 65y, N.S., widow Joshua & Sarah (Tuttle), both of N.S. cotton weaver, C.E. Stevens, Stanley House, Truro, N.S., prev. res. Boston February 1, 1907, lobar pneumonia, 3 days at hosp
Ernest Engberg, 49y, Sweden, widow Frederick & Laura (Hosken), both of Sweden brick layer, Mildred Engberg, 159 Broad St., Lynn, MA February 2, 1907, general TB, 2m, 27d
Louise Arnold, 41y, Rhoda Island, divorced Joseph Arnold, father, mother and locations unknown housework, Miss. M.J. Holstiad 76 Temple St. Hartford, CT February 3, 1907, diabetes mellitus, at hosp 1y, 2m, 23d
Alysandro Forte, 32y, Italy both of Italy, names unknown stone cutter, Salvatore Retano, 95 Oleance St., E. Boston February 4, 1907, phthisis
Patrick J. Hynes 32y,  Ireland, single Pat. & Penny (Connors), both of Ireland laborer, John M(?)aig, 120 Elliot St. Boston February 5, 1907, phthisis, at hosp 5m, 19d
Philip Mortimer 32y, England, single George & Mgt. (Ines), both Ireland laborer, Christopher Hackett, 10 Robinson St., Fall River, MA February 5, 1907, phthisis, 5m, 4d
# Peter Council, 50y, Ireland, widow Bartholomew & Catherine (Maley), both of Ireland laborer February 6, 1907, septicemia, 1m, 15
# Emma Burke, 48y, Canada, widow Louis Ciso & Sarah, both of Canada housework February 7, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, at hosp 1y, 3m, 20d
Marie Soumala, 24y, Finland, single John & Ann (Lerty), both of Finland mill hand, John Suomala, 6 Summer St., Fitchburg, MA February 7, 1907, phthisis, at hosp 1y, 2m
Georgie Howard, 32y, Nova Scotia, George Like & Maggie (Main), both of N.S., husband is Jonathan Howard housework, Jonathan Howard, 99 Suffolk St., Malden, MA February 7, 1907, phthisis, 2m, 12d
Olive A. Ryder, 66y, Chicopee Falls, MA, married all unknown housework, Mrs. Louis Aldrick, PO Box 180 Monson, MA February 9, 1907, pneumonia, 11m, 9d
# Augustus D. Weeks, 74y, CT, widow David, of VT  & Almira (Paris), of CT shoemaker February 9, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1 day
# Anna Back, 23y, Austria all blank none given February 9, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 8d
Winfield S. Bosworth, 45y, MA, single Clark (?) of ME & Mary (Sargent), of NH laborer, Mrs. Annie M. Howard, Brookville, MA February 11, 1907, chronic myocarditis, 6m 26d
# John Gould, 81y, Greenfield Elizah & Isabelle (Ames), both of MA laborer February 13, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 2m, 6d
James A. Wright, 73y, MA, widow Justus & Sarah (Prince), both of MA machinist, David W. Wright, Kidney Ave. Beverly, MA February 14, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 17d
# George Eroine (?), 72y, Canada Joseph, both of  Canada farmer February 14, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 30days
# Timothy Reynolds, 79y, Ireland, widow Michael & Mary (Fox), both of Ireland laborer February 15, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 9m, 15d
Elisha U. Peckham, 68y, R.I. Jeremiah & Mary A, both of R.I. laborer, Clarke Peckham, Orange St., Springfield February 15, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 10d
# Rebecca Ramsdell, 60y, MA, widow of George Ramsdell Thomas Martin & Mary A. (Robinson), both of Ireland housework February 15, 1907, phthisis, 18d
# John Miller, 66y, England John & Katherine (Maguire), both of England laborer February 17, 1907, arteriosclerosis
Frank G. Robinson, 58y, NH, single Nathaniel & Mary (Stackford), both of NH R.R. conductor, Chas. Robinson, 17 Waltham St., Lexington February 17, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 6m, 23d
Chester Callender, 80y, MA, widow Chester of MA & Priscilla (Fuller), of England mason, Emma Gibson, Stanford, CT February 19, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 10days
Agnes Welch, 6d, Tewksbury Hospital father unknown, mother Agnes Welch of Newfoundland mother at hospital February 20, 1907, hereditary syphilis,
# Hugh Grant, 44y, Scotland, single Thomas & Isabella (Ferguson), both of Scotland gardener February 21, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 2m, 15d
John J. Crowley, 29y, Ireland John & Ellen (White), both of Ireland laborer, Patrick Crowley, 121 Bolten St. S. Boston February 21, 1907, phthisis
Marcella Guitoney, 72y, Canada, widow of Francis Guitoney Francis Blais & Mary (Marcoe), both of Canada housework, contact Sister Sarafel, St. Josephs House, Lowell, MA February 21, 1907, pneumonia, 7m, 22d
Philip McGough, 2d, Tewksbury Hospital mother is Mary McGough, of Ireland mother at hospital February 21, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage
John Reeth, 55y, Finland, married John & Annie (Holts), both of Finland farmer, Miss Annie Reeth, Gardner, MA (can't tell if this is his wife) February 22, 1907, phthisis, 7m, 16d
# Albert W. Miller, 55y, MA, single Phillipe Miller & Mehitable (Salisbury), both of R.I. carpenter February 22, 1907, phthisis
Ephraim O'Loughlin, 33y, W. Indies, single Simon & Mary (James), both of W.I. car cleaner, Jos. Sodler, 29 Phillips St., Boston February 22, 1907, general TB, 1y, 4m, 24d
Catherine Clark, 46y, P.E.I., married to Thomas Clarke David McClellan & Mary (McDonald), both of unknown housework, Miss Mary McKinnon, 31 Paris St., E. Boston February 22, 1907, tertiary syphilis, 6 days
# John A. Colgan, 54y, Boston, single Andrew & Elizabeth (Hay), N.S. carpenter February 24, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 6d
Frank J. Coleman, 33y, Ireland Richard & Rose (Sullivan), both of Ireland waiter (?) John Coleman, 105 W. 17th St., New York City February 24, 1907, phthisis, 8m, 20d
Mary Williams, 55y, N.S., widow of Nathaniel Williams Dave Enous (?) & Mary, both of unknown laundress, Mrs. Murray, 23 Kerkland St., Boston February 25, 1907, cancer of liver, 30 days
# David Barry, 60y, ireland, single John & Catherine (Daley), both of Ireland laborer February 28, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 16d
James Gillis, 45y, P.E.I., single Angus & Kate (McDonald), both of Nova Scotia laborer, Maggie Gillis, cannot read St. Roxbury, MA February 28, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 1y, 2m, 28d
George Patrick, 23d, Tewksbury Hospital William J. Patrick, of New York & Alice, of Boston mother at hospital March 1, 1907, "Ac. Effecution"?
Julia Flaherty, 65y, Ireland, single all unknown domestic, Mrs. Curran, 18 Gold St., S. Boston March 1, 1907, chronic  nephritis, at hosp 15y, 6d
# Martin Reynolds, 45y, MA, single Martin & Mary, both of Ireland laborer March 1, 1907, chronic cystitis, 3m, 24d,
James Nimblett, 30y, Salem, MA, single Edward of Salem, MA & ___ McNeil, of Gloucester, MA shoemaker, Edward Nimblett, 25 Irving St., Salem, MA March 3, 1907, phthisis
# Antonio Promolo, 81y, Italy, widow Martin of Italy, mother of Italy shoemaker March 4, 1907, arteriosclerosis
Mary Robinson, 47y, R.I., widow George Shippery & Samantha Wilcox both of R.I. housework, Lillie Twist, Thornton, R.I. March 4, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 5 days
# Samuel J. Webber, 46y, England, single Samuel , of ME & Mary (Flemmings), of England stone cutter March 5, 1907, arthritis deformans, 1y, 10m, 20d
Louisa Stevens, 58y, CT, widow Stephen Turner & Mary (Brooks), both unknown housework, Harriet Tuo (?), 504 Maxfield St., New Bedford March 5, 1907, phthisis, 3m, 14d
Eva Van Buren, 26y, New York, married to Edward Van Buren John McComic (?) & Eva (Roach), both of Ireland housework, Miss. Walsh, 2 Lovening Pl., Boston March 5, 1907, phthisis, 7 days
# Hannah Creek, 82y, Ireland all unknown domestic March 6, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 7y, 6m, 24d
# Elizabeth Walsh, 1 month, b. MA all blank blank March 7, 1907, hereditary syphilis, at hosp 6 days
Ernest Benjamin DeLodge, 29d, Tewksbury Hospital Martha DeLodge, of Boston mother at hospital March 7, 1907, acute inouition (?)
Mary Ryan, 53y, Ireland, married to Charles Ryan James Connors & Mary (Clancy), both of Ireland laundress, contact Mrs.. Eagan, 298 Harrison Ave., Boston March 7, 1907, cancer of breast, at hosp 1y, 1m, 20d
Louisa Cariani, 29y, Italy Mary Autolini, both of Italy dress worker, contact Lena Albergianna (?) 444 Washington St. Boston March 7, 1907, phthisis, 4m, 5d
George Wallace Bingham, 54y, Everett, MA, married Elijah & Malvina (Burns), both of England carriage painter, May F. Bingham, Doherty Pl., Woburn, MA March 8, 1907, pernicious anemia
# Richard Bemis, 37y, Ireland Samuel & Dora, both of Ireland Ivory (?) maker March 8, 1907, Phthisis, 18d
Samuel A. Armstrong, 54y, Philadelphia, PA, single Andrew & Mary (Aide), both of England farmer, contact J. L. Kelsotleo, 48 Commercial St., Boston March 8, 1907, phthisis, 5m, 27d
Michael Mulligan, 47y, Ireland, single James & Mary (Farrell), both of Ireland laborer, Thomas Mulligan, Waban PL, Woburn, MA March 9, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 12d
# Michael McNally, 75y, Ireland, widow Patrick & Kate (Haggart), both of Ireland laborer March 13, 1907, mitral insufficiency, at hosp 1y, 9m, 3d
Louis Cardin, 48y, Canada, single Anthony & Amy (Letendre), both of Canada laborer, Peter Cardin, Taunton, MA March 16, 1907, mitral insufficiency
Mary Guy, 54y, New Brunswick, widow of William Michael Burk & Mary, both of N.B. housework, Annie McDonald, 2 Queen St., Lowell, MA March 17, 1907, lobar pneumonia, 3d
Julia Cryan, 49y, Ireland, widow Jere Crane & Julia (Cronan), both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Cashman, 87 Sheridan St., Lynn, MA March 17, 1907, cancer of intestines, at hosp 3y, 1m, 12d
Edward J. Woodley, 75y, N.B., widow John of England & Esther (DuBois) of New York sail maker, Mrs. Wm. Gibson, Dedham, MA March 20, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 6d
Mary Ryan, 84y, Ireland, married John Farrell & Catherine (Ryan), both of  Ireland no occupation, contact Mrs. Catherine Kerr, 4 Geusee St. Boston, no name of husband given March 21, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 2m, 22d
# Andrew Roskowski, 38y, Austria, married Peter & Mary (Super), both of Austria operative, no relatives March 22, 1907, phthisis, 1 day at hosp, no indication of residence
Budd Smithson, 44y, Kentucky, widow Carlisle & Enline (?) (Garrett), both of KY hostler, Moses Lord, 194 Cherry St. Chelsea, MA March 22, 1907, phthisis, 1y, 3m, 14d
Andrew J. Harper, 52y, Needham, MA, single Lucy (Draper), both of MA mill work, George Collier, E. Walpole March 22, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage
# John Delaneux, 66y, West Indies Cully, father, both of W. Indies laborer March 22, 1907, mitral insufficiency, at hosp 1y, 6m, 27d
William McLaughlin, 45y, Boston, MA, widowed John & Ann (McColgan), both of  Ireland painter, Daniel McLaughlin, West End Ponn (?) House, Albany St. Boston March 23, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 2d
Thomas Flaherty, 55y, Ireland, single Thomas &  Mary, both of Ireland laborer, Wm. Welch, "Wampole" March 24, 1907, acute enteritis, 5d
# Richard Patterson, 34y, Ireland Robert & Mary, both of Ireland laborer March 24, 1907, acute miliary TB, 2m, 9d
# Cristobel Joseph, 35y, Italy, married Joseph & Frances, both of Italy laborer March 25, 1907, phthisis, 7d
Perpethune Beland, 71y, Canada, widow all unknown housework, contact Victor Beland, Box 447, Franklin, MA March 26, 1907, acute enteritis, at hosp 14y, 11m, 26d
John P. Means, 31y, Louisiana, married Isaac of Mexico  & Lizzie (Collins), of LA longshoreman, contact wife: no name, 21 Bradford St., Boston March 29, 1907, general paralysis, at hosp 9d
# David G. Delille, 63y, France, widow David & Rachel, both of France teacher March 30, 1907, mitral insufficiency, at hosp 28d
Walter Swenson, 3days, born at hospital Nina Swenson of Sweden mother at hospital April 1, 1907, inanition ?
Mary E. Haskell, 37y, Ireland, widow of Nelson Haskell Patrick Collin & Mary (Boyle), both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Margaret Elliot, 34 Carroll St., Chelsea, MA April 2, 1907, cancer of uterus, 2m, 1d
Delia McKim, 54y, Boston, widow of Robert McKim John Kelly & Mary (Howard), both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Hogan Smith, 68 Tileson St., Everett, MA April 2, 1907, phthisis, 4d
# Thomas Baldwin, 61y, England, widow Henry , both of England laborer April 6, 1907, lobar pneumonia, 5d
# Thomas Hone, 63y, Ireland, single Thomas & Kitty (Devine), both of Ireland longshoreman April 7, 1907, chronic myocarditis, 10m
Joseph Jefferson, 60y, VA, married William & Frances, both of VA laborer, contact wife, no name, W. Peabody, MA April 9, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 4d
Rachel Carrerie, 26y, Italy, married to Joseph parents unknown, both of Italy housework, contact Joseph Coirien, 19 Patton St. Boston, (does not seem to be husband) April 9, 1907, cancer of cervix, 2m, 12d
Elizabeth Mahood, 3 days, born at hospital Isabella Mahood of MA mother at hospital April 10, 1907, inanition from birth
# George Poole, 64y, Boston, single Tyenas & Sybel (Ulson), both of ME painter April 11, 1907, carcinoma oesophagus, 13d
Michael Kilroy, 52y, Ireland, married John & Kate (Malloy), both of Ireland laborer, Miss Mary Kilroy, 78 Broadway, Chelsea, MA April 11, 1907, phthisis, at hosp 4y, 3m, 8d
# Dennis Sheehan, 60y, Ireland, widow Dennis & Ellen, both of Ireland laborer April 11, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 12d
John J. McGrath, 40y, Ireland, married James & Catherine (Feeney), both of Ireland laborer, wife at 5 Uoout St (??), Boston April 12, 1907, phthisis, 8m, 13d
Elias Christs, 16y, Greece, single names unknown, both of Greece mill work, contact Strabos Stephanos, 101st St., Biddeford, ME April 12, 1907, TB peritonitis, 3m, 9d
# Thomas O'Grady, 68y, Ireland, widow John, of St. Helena & Catherine (Chambers), of Ireland tailor April 12, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 2d
Francis Allaire, 72y, Canada, widow Francis, both of Canada fireman, Charles Allaire, Roxen Falls, Quebec April 14, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 9m, 4d
James Hutchings, 17y, Boston, single John of New Brunswick, & Elizabeth (Millo), of Somerville, MA teamster, H.E. Barnes, POB 94, Lincoln, MA April 15, 1907, phthisis, 4m, 22d
Annie Chamberlain, 48y, ME, married to Chip Chamberlain William Weeks & Elvira (Hines), both of ME housework, Mrs. Kate Bates, Gilford, ME April 15, 1907, progressive muscular atrophy, 23d
# Harvey Brown, 74y, Ohio, widow James & ___ (Shaw), both of OH cabinet maker April 16, 1907, myocarditis, 25d
John Baker, 81y, Boston, widow Joseph of Boston & Mary (Heckel) of Billerica carriage maker, Warren Gardner, 4 Main St., Charlestown April 17, 1907, lobar pneumonia, 1d
# John Murphy, 41y, Ireland, single John & Sarah (McDavitt), both of Ireland laborer April 17, 1907, aortic mitral insufficiency, 8d
William Norton, 51y, Ireland, single Timothy & Marie (Coucarmon), both of Ireland teamster, Mrs. Mary Healey, 34 Newcourt St., Quincy, MA April 18, 1907, TB laryngitis, 3m, 21d
# Mary B. Baker, 83y, Canada, widow John & Mary, both of unknown housework April 21, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 13d
Louis A. Durant, 74y, Vermont, widow all blank machinist, Mark White, Salisbury, VT April 24, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 5m, 18d
# Ellen Gillgun, 71y, Ireland, single Joseph of Ireland & Neller (Murdock) of Australia housework April 24, 1907, acute enteritis, 1y, 5m, 2d
# Frederick A. Stevens, 79y, ME, widow Waitt of NH & Mary (Pomroy) of ME mason April 26, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 2m, 10d
Stewart Turpin, 20y, PA, single all blank laborer, Albert Sears, Charlemont, MA April 29, 1907, general TB, 2m, 18d
Ellen Kelley, 61y, England, widow of James John Kelley & Bridget (Rhorix ?), both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Kelley, 80 Oak St. Lawrence, MA April 29, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 2m, 6d
Christopher Friedman, 47y, Germany, Married Godfrey & Anna (Vondser), both of Germany florist, Mr. Holmes, Montrore Greenhouse, Wakefield, MA April 29, 1907, cancer of stomach, 1m, 4d
# Andrew Baxter, 70y, England William & Hannah, both of England wool sorter April 29, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 11m, 4d
# James Blake, 42y, Scotland, single Charles & Mary (Wilson), both of Scotland farmer April 30, 1907, aortic mitral insufficiency, 13d
# Lewis Smith, 74y, MA, widow Hiram, both of MA peddler May 4, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, 22d
Joseph Kelley, 23y, Lewiston, ME, single Thomas Kelley & Mary, father of N.S. barber, Mrs. Susie Johnson, 24 High St. Pittsburgh, PA May 5, 1907, phthisis, 4m
# John J. Bowman, 81y, Prussia, widow both of Prussia sailor May 6, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 25d
Mary O'Brien, 59y, Quincy, MA, single John & Kate of unknown domestic, John O'Brien in MA May 7, 1907, mitral stenosis, at hosp 40y, 8m, 6d
Mary Fratus, 31y, Portugal, married to Manuel Fratus Antonio Sousa & Mary (Canden), both of Portugal mill operative, Manuel Frotus, Plymouth, MA May 8, 1907, acute dilation of heart, 7d
# Ellen Gibbons, 65y, Ireland William &  Mary (Gallager), both of Ireland housework May 8, 1907, acute enteritis, 3m, 29d
George Thomas Keyes, 1 hour Edward of NY  & Cora of MA mother at hospital May 9, 1907, congenital heart disease
# Patrick J. Flynn, 45y, Ireland, widow James & Bridget ( Murphy), both of Ireland rubber worker May 10, 1907, general TB, 1m, 27d
William E. Bond, 77y, MA, widow Samson & Clara, both of MA peddler, Wm. Wescott, Westbrook, ME May 10, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 13d
Patrick J. Lane, 35y, Boston, single Andrew & Sarah (Casman), both of Ireland teamster, E. Hacket, 261 Bolton St., S. Boston May 10, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 27d
# Louisa Cocco, 38y, S. Carolina, married Christopher Ranick & Elizabeth (Brady), both of Germany domestic May 12, 1907, lobar pneumonia, 6y, 6m, 13d
Charles L.. Parker, 34y, Charlestown, MA, single John of MA & Georgianne (Fadden) of ME teamster, Augustine Williams, 24 Mechanic St., Roxbury May 12, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 2d
# Peter Mooney, 54y, Ireland, single John & Mary (Carpenter), both of Italy hostler May 14, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 28d
Panagerta Constantopulas, 18y, Greece, single Nicholas & Mary (Chicopula), both of Greece housework, Andriana Anaquostopula, Lawrence, MA May 14, 1907, cerebro-spinal meningitis, 11d
Mary Collins, 79y, Ireland, widow Dunn Gallagher & J. (Harrington), both of Ireland domestic, Mary Swain, 135 Endicott St., Boston May 15, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 4m, 18d
Paul Bussiere, 6m, Manchester, NH Napoleon of Canada & Jenine of Canada mother at hospital May 15, 1907, malnutrition, 6d

All records transcribed by JAS & DL 2004-2009