Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records
for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better. 
Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)

* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list. 

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members. 

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record. 

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with. 

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down. 

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list. 

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page. 

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.

Name, Age, Birthplace Parents names & Origin Occupation & contact info Date & Cause of Death, length of stay
Patrick J. McCarty, 48y, Springfield, MA, single Patrick & Ann (Sheridan) both of Ireland horse trainer, Dan McCarthy, Westfield Rd. Springfield, MA May 16, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 1m, 3d
Margaret Drinan, 84y, Ireland, married unknown names, both of Ireland housewife, contact George (possible husband, does not indicate), Walnut Hill, MA May 16, 1907, chronic myocarditis, at hosp 13y, 6m
# Victor Jakinen, 54y, Finland, single Deitrich & Annie (?), both of Finland stone cutter May 17, 1907, phthisis, 8m, 5d
William Quirk, 59y, Ireland, widow Morris & Mary (Meeney) both of Ireland laborer, Mrs. Mary Whalen, Fall River, MA May 19, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 13d
Daniel Muise, 32y, Nova Scotia, single Raymond & Mary E. both of unknown shoe maker, resided in Beverly,  MA May 19, 1907, gastro enteritis, 3y, 1m, 18d
Elizabeth Hunt, 45y, Newfoundland, married to John Thomas Hunt Charles Craig of Scotland & Mary (Eddlen) of England housework, husband at 419 Franklin St., Cambridgeport, MA May 19, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 2m, 8d
# Thomas Fox, 60y, England, widow Thomas, both of England laborer May 21, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 6m, 28d
# Owen Flynn, 73y, Canada, single Edward & Catherine, both of Ireland no occupation May 22, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 19y, 16d
Florence Wetherell, 24y, MA, single Edward & Harriet (Stranger) both of MA waitress, contact mother, Marshfield Hills, MA May 23, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 2m, 4d
Susie Hall, 54y, MA Cordella Hall, rest blank housework, Mary Hall, Beverly (?) MA May 24, 1907, acute enteritis, 4y, 6m, 11d
James A. Sherman, 35y, Salem, MA, single William of  R.I. & Mary (Hallett) of NY shoe cutter, Mrs. William Sherman, Hotel Oxford, Lynn, MA May 26, 1907, phthisis, 12d
Ruth E. Delap, 3m 27d, Peabody Louis J. Delap & Maud (Lynch), both of Nova Scotia mother at hospital May 27, 1907, emphysema, 1m, 4d
Michael Comato, 48y, Italy, married Fillipe & Savorie (Rossi) both of Italy laborer, Yeta Comato, 22 Fleet St. Boston May 28, 1907, cancer of stomach, 4d
# Joseph Pokala, 34y, Austria, married Joseph - both of Austria none given May 31, 1907, phthisis, 17d
# William Hannon, 74y, Ireland Timothy & Minnie (Gilligan), both of Ireland laborer June 2, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 8m, 25d
Charles Thompson, 29y, Scotland, single Alexander & Anne (Hepburn) both of Scotland baker, John Thompson, C___park & Tremont St., Boston June 3, 1907, phthisis, 3d
# Trafimena D'arnico, 40y, Italy, married names unknown, both of Italy housework June 4, 1907, cancer of uterus, 4d
# Walter Brown, 78y, VA, widow Edmond & Eliza, both of VA gardener June 5, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 3m, 22d
# Elizabeth Smith, 55y, Boston, widow of Allen F. Smith Nathaniel Short of England & Julia (Rutledge) of Boston dress work June 6, 1907, locomotor ataxia, 9m, 22d
Isaac Whittemore, 85y, Hubbardson, MA, widow Isaac & Lucy (Moulton) both of MA carriage painter, Waldo Whittemore, Natick, MA June 6, 1907, aortic insufficiency, 1y, 9, 20d
# Alexander Caderette, 62y, Canada no names, both of Canada blank June 6, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 1d
Bridget Bryant, 57y, Ireland, married to Amos Bryant all blank domestic, husband; Gordon St., Cambridge, MA June 7, 1907, acute enteritis, 15y, 20m, 9d
# Richard Fitzgerald, 71y, VA, widow Charles & Lucy, both of VA upholsterer June 9, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 2d
# George Chiotis, 34y, Greece, single names unknown, both of Greece none June 9, 1907, pneumonia, 1d
Gustaf Carlson, 49y, Sweden, widow Audec (?) & Christina (Olsen) both of Sweden blacksmith, John Davidson, Albany St., Boston June 11, 1907, phthisis, 2m, 29d
# George Brothers, 47y, England Charles & Caroline (Bradford) both of England book keeper June 16, 1907, delirium tremens, 4d
Alex Jacob Kuja, 19y, Finland, single John & Lena, both of Finland stone cutter, Victor Kujan, Quincy, MA June 17, 1907, general TB, 12d
Louisa M. Griffin, 1m, 9d, Watertown Elizabeth Griffin of England mother at hospital June 19, 1907, marasumus, 26d
# Lawrence E. Demelle, 4m all blank none June 19, 1907, marasumus, 3m, 18d
Mary Mosher, 69y, Scotland, widow of Edward Mosher Alexander McDonald & Annie (McPherson) both of Scotland housework,  Mary McDonald, Portland, Oregon June 20, 1907, acute enteritis, 10m
# George Waite, 66y, MA, single Nelson & Caroline (Warren) both of MA farmer June 21, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 3d
# Elsie Davis, 60y, Boston, widow all blank housework June 24, 1907, hemiplegia, 3m, 13d
Mary E. Coughlin, 48y, Canton, MA, married to James Coughlin James Brady & Mary (Payton) both of Ireland housework, husband; 76 East Brookline St. Boston June 25, 1907, chronic enteritis, 2m, 3d
Norah Hurley, 20 minutes Daniel & Ellen both of Ireland mother at hospital June 28, 1907, inanition
# Catherine Keegan, 66y, Ireland John Keegan & Mary, both of Ireland housework June 29, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 10m, 18d
# Anna Spade, 22y, Greece all blank none June 29, 1907, phthisis, 9m, 5d
# Requetta Gonsalves, 30ish y, unknown all blank blank June 29, 1907, phthisis, 3m, 6d
# Charles F. McMann, 57y, New York, widow Philip & Rosanna (McGinley) both of Ireland laborer July 2, 1907, Cerebral hemorrhage, 1m, 1d
# Samuel Howard Rusen, 3d, born at hospital Beele Rusen of Russia mother at hospital July 5, 1907, congenital heart disease
# Stephen Gateman, 36y, Russia, single Frank, both of Russia laborer July 7, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 20d
Theresa Hart, 42y, Boston, married to Carl A. Hart Michael O'Toole & Barbara, both of Ireland housework, husband; 8 Avon Pl. Charlestown July 8, 1907, phthisis, 7m, 1d
# Joseph Scannell, 65y, unknown all unknown farmer July 10, 1907, TB, 5y, 19d
# Doris Beard, 7m, unknown all unknown none July 12, 1907, hereditary syphilis, 2m, 29d
Julia Kelley, 40y, Boston Michael & Margaret (Dunn) both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Mary Murphy, Cabot & Tremont St., Boston July 14, 1907, phthisis, 2d
Eliza Reed, 57y, Salem, MA Samuel Reed  of Salem & Eliza (Jefferson) of Roxbury none, Samuel Reed, 28 Ash St. Chelsea, MA July 15, 1907, mitral insufficiency
John Sudyka, 19y, Poland, single Isadore & Marie, both of Poland mill hand, Helena Dudeck, Chicopee, MA July 15, 1907, phthisis, 5m, 8d
# Man - no name, 50y, unknown unknown unknown July 15, 1907, gangrene of lung, 2 days at hospital
Ellen Noonan, 72y, Ireland, widow all blank housekeeper July 16, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 17d
Frank McNamee, 49y, Ireland, married Patrick & Bridget (Gallagher), both of Ireland barber, Lyman Maynard, 155 Pioitant (?) St. Boston July 18, 1907, phthisis, 9m, 9d
# Henry Downing, 62y, born at sea, widow all blank laborer July 20, 1907, acute enteritis, 8days
Carl Christenson, 32y, Norway, single Ole & Helen, both of Norway waiter, cannot read name, 15 Broadway Extension, Boston July 18, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 16d
Thomas W. Dwyer, 54y, Boston, widow Thomas & Annie (Vaughn) both of Ireland fish worker, Chas. Long W . Vernot St., Charlestown, MA July 20, 1907, phthisis, 3m, 25d
# Ellen Welch, 66y, Springfield Edward Welch & Mary (Barry) both of Ireland housework July 27, 1907, chronic nephritis, 2m, 5d
# Mary Nukanan, 22y, Finland no names, both of Finland housework July 28, 1907, septicemia, 1m 8d
Mary McLean, 35y, Ireland, married to Andrew McLean John Donnelly & Mary (Cunningham) both of Ireland housework, husband; 30 Ash St., Boston July 28, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 6d
# John J. Downing, 79y, Ireland, widow John of Ireland & Susan (Porter), of England Literateur (?) July 28, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 1m, 2d
Michael J. Cawley, 45y, Ireland, widow John & Catherine (Casey), both of Ireland clerk, Mrs. Mary Davenport, 2 Carver Pl, Boston July 29, 1907, phthisis, 2m, 14d
# Mary McBride, 73y, Ireland, widow Jeremiah Driscoll & Nora (O'Leary) both of Ireland housework July 30, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 5y, 10m, 13d
# Thomas Burns, 72y, Ireland Henry & Katherine (Carr) both of Ireland loom fixer July 31, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 5d
# Michael Rogers, 70y, Ireland, married James & Rose (Noren or Voren), both of Ireland laborer July 31, 1907, enterocolitis, 26d
Samuel Richardson, 27y, W. Indies, single Samuel & Elizabeth, both of W.I. laborer, Isaac  James, 8 Linden Pl, Boson July 31, 1907, phthisis, 29d
# Valdimir Landin, 30y, Sweden, single P. Landin & Joanna (Swenson), both of Sweden steel maker, no contact August 1, 1907, phthisis, 4m 20d
Thomas Hubbard, 35y, England, married Thomas & Matilda, both of England salesman, Robert Prentiss, 221 Cambridge St. Boston August 2, 1907, phthisis, 3m, 3d
# Diadoro Loro, 53y, Italy Angelo & Theresa, both of Italy laborer, no contact August 2, 1907, cancer of rectum, 6m, 7d
# John Connelly, 56y, England, single James & Ann, both of Ireland sparring teaching, no contact August 2, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 12y, 7m, 23d
Edward Miller, 70y, Ireland, single James & Sal (Slovin?), both of Ireland mill hand, Daniel Miller, 8 ___?  Court, Lowell, MA August 3, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 2y, 5m, 20d
Patrick O'Brien, 58y, Ireland, sing John & Catherine (O'Connell), both of Ireland laborer, Andrew McCormick, 108 Highland St., Roxbury August 4, 1907, enteritis, 5m, 13d
# James C. Stevens, 67y, Nova Scotia William & Rachel (Falkner), both of N.S. teamster, no contact August 4, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 18d
Marguerite Greylish, 2m, Boston Patrick Greylish & Hannah (McDonogh), both of Ireland mother at hospital August 4, 1907, miliary TB, 12 days
Thomas "Barron or Barns", 61y, Ireland, married James & Mary (Ryan), both of Ireland farmer, Patrick Daley, MA August 4, 1907, pulmonary abscess, 1m, 8 d
# Joseph Careis, 53y, Austria, married John & Marian, both of Austria miner, no contact August 5, 1907, pernicious anemia, 21d
# Alfred Johnson, 39y, Sweden, single Benjamin & Annie (Anderson), both of Sweden carpenter, no contact August 8, 1907, phthisis, 2m, 7d
# Maxine Goulet, 45y, Canada, single Amand & Eliza, both of Canada woodsman, no contact August 8, 1907, cirrhosis of liver, 10 days
Mary Harmen, 3m, Worcester Margaret Harmen, of Ireland mother at hospital August 10, 1907, marasumus, 2m, 27d
Jeanne Savoy, 24y, Canada all blank cook, W.J. Moynagh, 59 Hopesdale St. Boston August 11, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 24d
# James Corrigan, 53y, PEI, widow Bernard & Sarah (Gorman), both of Ireland laborer, no contact August 12, 1907, cancer of stomach, 1m 3d
Mary Eckland, 28y, New Brunswick, married to Frank Eckland Daniel McLoon of Ireland & Ellen (O'Connor), of New Brunswick housework, husband at 3 Irving Pl., Boston August 12, 1907, phthisis, 11d
# Anna Marsden, 58y, Boston, married James Miller of Scotland & Ann (Lynch), of Ireland housework, no contact August 12, 1907, aortic & mitral regurgitation, 14y, 1m, 18d
Peter Quins, 60y, Ireland, widow James & Ann (Connelly), both of Ireland laborer, Richard Owen, Bartin St ?, Olneyville, Providence, RI August 12, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 19d
Margaret Roma, 62y, Italy, married no names, both of Italy housework, Tony Roma, 135 Cambridge St., Boston August 15, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 14d
# Ernest L. McKanen, 1m, 11d, born at hospital Ernest McKanen of Finland, & Mary also of Finland none August 16, 1907, acute enteritis, malnutrition, 1m, 11d
# Anna M. Zahn, 70y, Germany Anna M. (John), father all unknown, mother of Germany seamstress, no contact August 17, 1907, acute enteritis, 22y, 6m
Frederick Waterman, 9m, North Andover Mary Waterman of Peru mother at hospital August 19, 1907, hereditary syphilis, 6m, 25d
# George Brown, 41y, Germany, married John & Mary, both of Germany laborer, no contact August 20, 1907, aortic & mitral insufficiency, 22d
# Frank Furlong, 75y, Ireland, single Patrick & Ann, both of Ireland laborer, no contact August 20, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 24y, 8m, contributory cause, paraplegia
# Mary McKay, 4m, Boston all unknown state ward August 20, 1907, hereditary syphilis, 26d
John Boginsky, 19y, Russia, single Nicholi & Takler, both of Russia laborer, Charles Hinlenick, 21 Lunde St. Gardener, MA August 21, 1907, sarcoma of thigh, 4m, 16d
Henry H. McCruden, 77y, Ireland, widow Henry & Ann, both of Ireland machinist, Wm Fay, 19 Temple St. Worcester August 23, 1907, acute enteritis, 3d
Soini Kesti, 21y, Finland, single Samuel Peter & Hannah (Assi), both of Finland laborer, Tiobo Kesti, 26 Glen St. Worcester August 23, 1907, phthisis, 3m 25d (note says was sick with phthisis in Finland, had it more than one yr)
# Thomas McCue, 45y, Portland, ME, single John & Kate (Connelly), both of Ireland farmer, no contact August 24, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 11m, 15d
# John Donnelly, 49y, Ireland, single all blank names, both of Ireland laborer, no contact August 24, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 1y, 3m
# Wilfred Carrington, 2 1/2 yrs, birthplace unknown all blank none August 25, 1907, acute ileocolitis, 1m 16d
Thomas Dolan, 41y, Lowell, single James of CT & Rose (Fields) of  Ireland machinist, contact City Marshall, Haverhill, MA August 26, 1907, acute gastroenteritis, 3y, 4m, 25d
Susan White, 66y, England, married to Charles White Terrance O'Conner of Ireland & Susan (Cory) of N.S. housework, contact Mary Bryan, Franklin, MA August 27, 1907, acute enteritis, 5m, 9d
# Evelina Girdler, 21m, birthplace unknown all blank none August 27, 1907, hereditary syphilis, 12d
# Ciekrdy Gniewel (?), 20y, Finland, single no names, both of Finland no occupation or contact August 27, 1907, phthisis, 1m 19d
# Johns Tiley (?), 50y, St. Johns, NB, single John & Mary both of Ireland painter, no contact August 28, 1907, acute entero colitis, phtisis, 1m 3d
George Plunkett, 1m, 8d, born at hospital Elizabeth Plunkett of England mother in hospital August 28, 1907, acute inanition, 1m 8d
Joseph Jibinian, 18y, Syria, single Alexander & Annie both o Syria mill hand, contact Brother Nicholas, 314 Olive St. Lawrence August 28, 1907, phthisis, 23d
# Elizabeth Carew, 67y, Newfoundland, single all unknown domestic, no contact August 28, 1907, septicemia, 2y, 2m, 13d
Harvey S. Scribner, 67y, VT, widow Ebenezer & Sophia (Davis) both of VT farmer, John L. Scribner, Lancaster, MA August 29, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 15d
# George J. Stiles, 50y, Chelsea, MA, ingle Daniel of London England, & Margaret (Hogg), of unknown carpenter, none August 30, 1907, phthisis
# Michael Lukachey, 25y, Russia, single Anthony & Polince, both of Russia laborer, none August 31, 1907, suicide, at hosp 29d
Augustine DiAlexander, 53y, italy, married Frank & Emma, both of Italy laborer, Mike DeRosa, 29 So. Margin St., Boston September 2, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 30d
# William Lively, 3y, Boston all blank state ward September 3, 1907, acute ileocolitis, 1m, 19d
Florinda Thomas, 6m, Bedford, MA Antonio Thomas & Mary Sylvia Thomas, both of Azores mother at hospital September 5, 1907, acute ileocolitis, 2m, 14d
# Louis Christo, 15y, unknown all unknown none September 7, 1907, general TB, 2m, 8d
# Leon Fobowicz (?), 42y, Austria, single no names, both of Austria none September 8, 1907, cerebral spinal meningitis, 4d
Robert Johnson, 58y, Boston, widow James & Susan (Taylor), both of VA paper hanger, Thomas Harris, Hastings St., Cambridge September 10, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 4m, 6d
Hannah Evans, 42y, Sweden, widow of Thomas Evans A. Johnson & Ellen (Bowson ?), both of Sweden housework, contact Mrs. Evelina Nelson, 19 Willow St., Malden, MA September 12, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 5m, 7d
# Ellen Carey, 61y, Ireland, single all unknown housekeeper, none September 13, 1907, phthisis, 1y, 7m, 14d
# William B. Miller, 58y, MA, widow William of Holland & Maria (Shea) or Ireland peddler September 14, 1907, multiple neuritis, 11m, 22d
James Stewart Shipley, 3m, 3d, born at hospital Mabel Shipley of Nashua, NH mother at hospital September 14, 1907, acute ileocolitis, 3m 3d
Amelia Stankewicz, 1m, Boston Madeline Stankevicz of Russia mother at hospital September 14, 1907, broncho- pneumonia, 1 day
# Thomas Wilkinson, 85y, England no names, both of England none September 15, 1907, acute ileocolitis, 1y, 17d
# James Daley, 62y, Ireland, widow James & Johanna (Ronner ?), both of Ireland laborer, none September 15, 1907, phthisis, 11d
# Mary A. Mouks, 44y, England, married to William Mouks Timothy Driscoll & Mary (Sullivan), both of England housework, none September 15, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 24d
Rene Berger, 1y, Fall River, MA Ameda Berger & Rose (Gay) both of Canada mother at hospital September 15, 1907, phthisis, 4m, 5d
Mary Gallagher, 40y, Ireland Thomas & Mary (Murphy), both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Gaffery, 36 Oswego St. Boston September 15, 1907, phthisis, 1y, 11m, 17d
# James Olds, 79y, NY, widow Stephen & Dorcas (Colger) both of NY teamster, none September 16, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 11d
# Andrew H. Robinson, 41y, Norway, single Thomas & Annie (Jones) both of Norway longshoreman September 17, 1907, phthisis, 13d
# Joel Bergeron, 60y, Canada, married Joel & Ada (Planiff) both of Canada mill operative September 17, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 20d
Patrick Coyle, 40y, Ireland, single Hugh & Ann (Durkin), both of Ireland laborer, Mrs. Mary Shanley 42 Millbury St., Worcester Sept 18, 1907, mitral insufficiency
# John Harding, 71, Ireland all blank laborer September 20, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1y, 3m, 23d
Isabella Cardie, 2 months, State Hosp., Single Robert Cardie & Elizabeth McBride both of Scotland contact Mother here Acute Ileocolitis, contributory Premature birth, September 22, 1907, at hospital 8 days
John O'Brien, 41y, Ireland, Single Martin & Mary both of Ireland Laborer, contact Mrs. O'Brien 44 Mechanic St. Worcester Internal Hem. September 22, 1907
# Joseph N. Warion, 72 y, NY, Widow Paul & Mary (Goven) both of N.Y. Piano polisher, contact none Mitral Insufficiency, September 23, 1907
Richard F. Dean, 44y, Ireland, Widow Richard & Cath. (Brody) both of Ireland Tailor, contact Cath. Dean 131 Bolton St. So. Boston Tuberculosis Laryngitis, contrib. Phthisis, September 23, 1907
# Margaret Hooton, 42y, England, Single John & (Knowles) both of England Weaver, contact none Brain Tumor, September 23, 1907
Katie Hibbs, 37y, Ireland, Married Matthew Mahoney & Jane (Carey) both of Ireland, Husband Fred Hibbs Laundress, contact John Mahoney 41 Hight St. Haverhill Phthisis, September 25, 1907
William A. Hayden, 21y, Worcester, Mass, Single George A. of Mass & Angeline (Silver) of Don't Know Teamster, contact Mrs. Mary Maple 150 Front St. Worcester, Mass Phthisis, September 26, 1907
Ellen Cranston, 73y, Ireland, Single Unknown contact John Croston 51 Harrison St. Haverhill, Mass Myocarditis, September 26, 1907, 1y,8m,26d
# Edward Hallissey, 38y, Ireland, Single John both of Ireland laborer, contact none Phthisis, September 27, 1907
Margaret Fowle, 83y, Haverhill, Married John & Kate both of Ireland Housework, contact John Fowle, no address Mitral Insufficiency, September 27, 1907, 1y,8m,28d
Albert Martell, 35y, New Hampshire, Single Gorden & Mary (DeRoutte) both of Canada Operative, contact Sadie Devcan 260 Methuen St. Lawrence Phthisis, September 28, 1907
# Joseph Bebeau, 84y, Canada, Widow both of Canada laborer, contact none Arterial Sclerosis, September 28, 1907
Marion Helen Corkum, 1m, 23days, Boston Unknown contact State Ward Hereditary Syphilis, October 1, 1907, 1month
Marie J. Willett, 39y, England, Married Joseph Fairgrins? & Mary Ann both of England, husband Wm. Willett Housework, contact Wm. Willett, Room 18, 215 Washington St. Boston General Tuberculosis, October 1, 1907
# Harry F. Anderson, 42y, Maine, Single Henry & Emily (Allen) both of Maine Lumberman, contact none Septicopyemia, contrib. Phthisis, October 5, 1907
# William H. Wills, 69y, England, Widow Wm. & Mary A. (Hancock) both of England Shoe worker, contact none Acute Gastro Enteritis, October 6, 1907
# Leroy Mackey, 78y, N.Y. Widow Bartley & Lorain both of N.Y. Farmer, contact none Myocarditis, October 6, 1907
# Charlotte Smith, 58y, Ireland, Widow Geo. E. Wheeler & Mary (Winslow) both of Ireland Housework, contact none Cancer of Uterus (2 years), October 8, 1907, 4y, 24d
# Domenico Saleppico, 39y, Italy, Married Vincenzo & Narvissa? Both of Ireland Wood worker, contact none Acute Meningitis, October 8, 1907
Alva H. Fall, 58y, Maine, Widow Isaac & Jane B. (Lovell) both of Maine Cook, contact Mrs. Mabel Langley, Beacon St. Natick Myocarditis, October 10, 1907
# Annie B. Carnes, 64y, Ireland, Widow Patrick Moran & Louisa (Milley?) both of Ireland, husband  Carnes Milliner?, contact none Mitral & Aortic Insufficiency, October 12, 1907, 1y, 10m, 16d
Annie Canale (or) Gragiderio, 66y, Italy, Widow Leorado & Fortemati? Both of Italy, husband Vincenzo Pouce Housework, contact Baptiste Calipti 38 Longest St. Boston Myocarditis, October 13, 1907
# Catherine Mahigan, 63y, Ireland, Married Unknown Housework, contact none Lobar Pneumonia, October 13, 1907, 1y, 9m, 13d
John Joseph Maloney, 1y,9m,19d, State Hospital Julia Maloney of Worcester contact Mother here Chronic Ileocolitis, October 13, 1907, 6days
# Arthur Norman Etchie, 3m,16d, Tewksbury State Hosp. Roce Etchie of Conn. contact none Hereditary Syphilis from birth, October 14, 1907, 3m,16d
Bernard McNally, 59y, Ireland, Single Hugh & Nancy (Storey) both of Ireland Coachman, contact Robert J. McNalley Boston Cab Co. Boston Mitral Insufficiency, contrib. Phthisis, October 14, 1907, 2y,6m,19d
John Bowe, 35y, Mass, Married Alexander & Elizabeth (Pope) both of Nova Scotia Wax-worker, contact Fred A. Bowe, Plimpton, Mass Phthisis, October 16, 1907
Herbert L. Goff, 57y, R.I. Widow Leonard & Lucinda (Wellson) both of Mass Lumberman, contact Jos. B. Goff E. Blackstone Cerebral Hem, October 17, 1907
Julia Bishop, 57y, Canada, Married Peter Binette & Audette (LeBlanc) both of Canada, husband Bishop Housework, contact Almshouse Lawrence Mass. Myocarditis, October 18, 1907, 4y, 29d
# Thomas F. Downey, 78y, Ireland, Widow Frank & Kate (Fitzgerald) both of Ireland Marble Polisher, contact none Arterial Sclerosis, October 21, 1907, 3y,1m,11d
????? James M. Nichols, 58y, Mass, Single Byron W. & Mary J. (Olds) both of Mass Machinist, contact Mrs. Martha H. Hull 15 Akron St. Meriden Conn. Cerebral Hem, October 22, 1907, 2y,6m,25d (burial listed as Meriden Ct.)
????? Ann McNeilly, 71y, Ireland, Widow James Morrison & Jane (Campbell) both of Ireland Cook, contact none Arterial sclerosis, October 22, 1907 (5m,22d (burial listed as Brookline, Mass)
Peter Delis, 20y, Greece, Single both of Greece Candy Maker, contact Nicholas Palms? 36 Market St. Lowell, Mass Phthisis, October 22, 1907
# Max Mandel, 39y, Russia, Single Unknown None Phthisis, October 24, 1907
# Benjamin Hankey, 6 years, Lawrence, Single Unknown None Phthisis, October 26, 1907, 9m, 12d
Varnus or Vranus Fifield, 40y, Ireland, Widow Summer of Ireland & Charlotte (Ramsdell) of Maine Blacksmith, contact Mr. Samuel Clark 52 Oak St. Boston, Mass Phthisis, October 27, 1907
Josie Lavoie, 33y, Canada, Married Victor McKee & Phlemen (Tebleou) both of Canada, husband Joseph Lavoie Operative, contact Joseph Lavoie Valley St. Lawrence Phthisis, November 1, 1907
# Benjamin Mortimer, 66y, England, Widow David & Mary (Young) both of England laborer, contact none Phthisis, November 2, 1907
# John Connolly, 80y, Ireland, Married Timothy & Mary both of Ireland laborer, contact none Arteriosclerosis, November 3, 1907
# Senia Maria Ranta, 5 months, Lowell Unknown None Chronic Ileocolitis, November 4, 1907, 2m 17d
# Harvey Scott, 6 months, Boston Mary Scott of No. Carolina None Lobar Pneumonia, November 5, 1907, 5m, 19d
# Rose Haraoja (or) Carrie Anderson, 30y, Finland, Married Jacop Horaoja & Adolphine both of Finland, husband Patsy Davis Housework, contact none Phthisis, November 6, 1907
# Sarito Rufino, 6 months, Boston Unknown None Marasumus, November 9, 1907, 28d
Safrino Coco, 32y, Italy, Single Pasquale & Domenica both of Italy Laborer, contact Marco Lumbardi 1 Rear Pl. Charter St. Boston Phthisis, November 9, 1907
# Thomas Vandoran (or) Vandover, 65?y, Boston, Married George Vandovor of Portsmouth, NH & Charlotte (Rowell) of Quincy Mass. Farmer, contact none Phthisis, November 11, 1907
# Matthew Cannon, 71y, Ireland, Widow Byron & Bridget (Casey) both of Ireland Tailor, contact none Arteriosclerosis, November 14, 1907
# George Arakealian, 25y, Turkey, Single Jacob & Mary both of Turkey Rubber Worker, contact none General Tuberculosis, November 15, 1907
Louis Genie Guy, 53y, Georgia, Widow Charles & Julia (Ceok?) both of Georgia Miner, contact Louisa William 208 Cotton Ave, Macon Ga. Lobar Pneumonia, November 17, 1907
# John Flynn, 73y, Ireland, Widow Michael & Ellen (Powers) both of Ireland Laborer, contact none Arteriosclerosis, November 17, 1907, 2y,5m,14d
# Stephen Grant, 48y, NY, married no names, unknown laborer November 19, 1907, cerebral hemorrhage, 6m, 2d
Matthew R. Gleason, 2nd, 63y, Ireland, Widow John & Helen (Mahoney) both of Ireland teamster, Richard Gallagher, 216 Commercial St., Boston November 19, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 11d
Margaret Saunders, 48y, MA, married to Solomon Saunders Patrick Loto or Ireland & Catherine, of Canada housework, Solomon Saunders, 195 Canal St., Neslong (?) R.I. November 19, 1907, phthisis, 10y, 6m, 30d
# Lena Bismark, 41y, Canada, widow of Augustus Douchette Andrew & Eloise (Lacross) both of Canada operative November 19, 1907, chronic nephritis, 11d
# John Hennessey, 57y, Ireland, single John & Hannah (Mahoney) both of Ireland laborer November 20, 1907, myocarditis, 7m, 21d
# John Tivnan, 52y, Boston, singe John & Annie (McDonough) both of Ireland teamster November 20, 1907, aortic insufficiency, 5m, 30d
# Ones Brockup, 25y, Russia, single both of Russia laborer November 20, 1907, cancer of stomach, 1m, 24d
Henry C. Scruton, 52t, NH, single Andrew of NH & Mary (Clay) of MA music teacher, Daniel McLaughlin, 480 Brookline Ave., Brookline November 21, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 5d
Josephine Vanderwilt, 42y, Belgium, single Philips & Isabelle (DeSmith), both of Belgium operative, Pierre Vingt, 96 Maple St., Lawrence November 23, 1907, aortic and mitral insufficiency, 1m, 26d
# Alexander Guthrie, 69y, Scotland, single James & Margaret (Ogelsby) both of Scotland blacksmith November 24, 1907, lobar pneumonia, 4d
# Thomas J. Donovan, 50y, Ireland, widow Edward & Elizabeth (Finnerty) both of Ireland baker November 25, 1907, aneurysm of aorta, 3y, 2m, 13d
Thomas Jones, 71y, England, single Thomas & Mary (Crossman), both of England machinist, Wm. Chas. Crossman, Main St., Cambridge November 26, 1907, pneumonia, 4y, 5d
# Harriet Fiske, 76y, Dorchester, widow of Henry Fiske William of Weston, MA & Fanny of  Sturbridge, MA no occupation November 26, 1907, cellulitis of arm, 3m, 21d
John Johnson, 66y, Sweden, widow John & Breta (Nelson) both of Sweden janitor, Miss M. Brown, 120 Mt Pleasant Ave., Roxbury November 26, 1907, phthisis, 5m, 25d
# Elvina Hall, 10 weeks, Boston unknown none November 26, 1907, hereditary syphilis, 1m, 8d
# Catherine Noonan, 76y, Ireland, widow Mary (Dungan) both of Ireland none November 27, 1907, phthisis
George Henry Marshall, 35y, Utah, married George of VA & Jennie (Freeman) of Mississippi laborer, Geo. Marshall, 33 Garden S. Boston November 29, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 8m, 22d
Walter Marsh, 24y, NH, married Winfield & Lizzie (Smith) both of NH farmer, Mrs. Emma Smith, 8 Dutton St. Lowell November 29, 1907, phthisis, 1m, 15d
Gustin Nern, 66y, Prussia, married to August Nern, maiden name Mitzner) unknown housewife, August Nern, Natick, MA November 29, 1907, phthisis, 25y, 8m, 15d
Patrick Knights, 58y, Ireland, single John & Mary (Murphy) both of Ireland laborer, Mary Johnson, Taunton, "Ins Hept??" November 30, 1907, myocarditis, 4d
Antonio Mangini, 47y, Italy, widow Paol & Angela (Iovana) both of Italy laborer, Marie Mengini Pontenza District, Castronome Italy December 1, 1907, septomeningitis, 8m, 25d
David E. Houghton, 44y, E. Boston, widow Philip & Sarah (Bradley) both of Ireland barber, Philip Houghton, 244 Congress Ave., Chelsea December 1, 1907, phthisis, intestinal TB, 3m, 25d
# George B. Emerson, 72y, VT, widow Charles & Lydia (Green) both of NH spiritualistic medicine December 1, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 4d
# Walter Martin, 62y, single, MA George & Mary, both of MA none December 3, 1907, chronic diffuse nephritis, 10d
# Frank Franfria, 24y, Spain, single both of Spain mill operative December 3, 1907, sarcoma of  Kidney, 4d
# Pauline Wilson, 23y, Riga, Germany William & Catherine, both of Germany housework December 3, 1907, phthisis, 14d
# Ellen Lee, 76y, Ireland, married unknown weaver December 3, 1907, cerebral softening, 1d
Patrick McNamara, 63y, Ireland, single Patrick & Bridget (Fitzgerald) both of Ireland blacksmith, Mary Shannesy, 46 Clayton St. Dorchester December 4, 1907, aortic mitral insufficiency, 1y, 2m, 2d
James Cotter, 5m,  born at hospital Ellen Cotter of Ireland mother at hospital December 5, 1907, bronchial pneumonia, 5m
Joseph Lewellen, 23y, Jamaica, married William & Rose (Kelley) both of Jamaica waiter, wife : 5 Fruit St. Boston December 6, 1907, phthisis, 7d
# Charles K. Robinson, 77y, VT, widow James & Mary ( Bicknell) both of VT farmer December 6, 1907, arteriosclerosis, 4m, 21d
# George H. Atkinson, 45y, NH, single Henry & Lydia ( Allen) both of NH peddler December 6, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 16d
Max Rudberg, 8y, Haverhill Samuel Rudberg & Sarah (Galinski) both of Russia mother at hospital December 7, 1907, acute Ileocolitis, 4m, 5d
Mary DeDilva, 20y, Provincetown, married to John DeSilva Frank Viera & Mary (Froteo) both of Azores housework, husband : 19 Tyler St., Boston December 8, 1907, phthisis, 2m, 4d
John Mystrom, 65y, Finland, widow Michael or Daniel & Bertha ( Ansmstours (?) both of Finland carpenter, John Magnuston, 15 Short St. Gloucester, MA December 13, 1907, phthisis, 3m, 3d
Julia McCay, 60y, married to Dennis McCoy, Ireland Robert Johnson & Linda (Lynch) both of Ireland housework, husband : Ross St., Salem, MA December 15, 1907, pyelo nephritis, 10d
John Clancy, 63y, Ireland, widow John & Ellen (Keanelley) both of Ireland market man, Thomas Cahill, 8th St., S. Boston December 16, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 6m, 12d
Agns Warren, 35 minutes, born at hospital John Anderson of Louisville NY & Louis Warren of Salem, MA mother at hospital December 16, 1907, congenital artelectosis
# Charels C. Mitchell, 41y, Georgia, single Allen & Amaline, both of GA laborer December 18, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 11m, 13d
Julia Chase, 68y, Hollis, ME, widow Simon Bragdon, of ME & Nancy (Young) housework, Fairfield Henderson, Hollis, ME December 19, 1907, strangulated femoral hernia, 2y, 15d
James Clark, 40y, ME, single James & Mary (McGee) both of ME laborer, Thomas Clark, C. St., Rockland, ME December 20, 1907, phthisis, 18d
# John Murray, 48y, Ireland, single Fannie (McLauglin) both of Ireland cooper December 22, 1907, mitral insufficiency, 22d
# Ellen Feeney, 64y, Ireland, single John of Ireland & Beasy (Rouse) of USA housework December 23, 1907, gangrene of leg, 10m, 9d
# Jason Whiting, 71y, Swansea, MA, single Charlotte (Luther) both of MA farmer December 26, 1907, phthisis, 1y, 7m, 23d
# Mary Louise Norman, 35d, born at hospital Mary Louise Norman, both of Canada none December 26, 1907, premature birth
James Kerns, 63y, MA, widow William & Ann (McDonald) both of Ireland paper maker, Samuel Myrick, Hampton House, Haymarket Sq., Boston December 26, 1907, phthisis, 2m, 3d
# Arthur N. Barsanis, 30y, Greece, single both of Greece laborer December 26, 1907, uremia, 4 hours, also chronic nephritis
Mary Sargent, 49y, MA Barney Farland & Bridget (Glennon) both of Ireland cook, Mrs. Emma Rafferty, Gardner, MA December 26, 1907, bronchial pneumonia, 1y, 15d
William Harris, 63y, England, single Daniel & Anna (Hughes) both of England stable hand, Wm. H. Winterson, 10 Cooper St., Boston December 28, 1907, phthisis, 12d
John Lawless, 55y, Ireland, single Matthew & Mary (Carle?) both of Ireland laborer, Peter Lawless, Kilkenny, Ireland December 28, 1907, pulmonary abscess, 1m, 29d
John A. Berry, 59y, Lynn, widow John, of Salem & Hannah of Lynn pilot, Georgia Boynton, 201 Franklin St., Lynn December 29, 1907, myocarditis, 4m, 15d
Theodore Swanson, 23y, Sweden, single August & Sophia (Anderson) both of Sweden farmer, Mrs. Oslteny, 19 W. Concord St., Boston January 1, 1908, phthisis, 22d
Dora Douglas, 70y, England, widow of William H. Douglas John T. Lawton & Mary E. (Armstrong) both of England housework, Mrs.. Julia Hayes, 15 Savoy Pl., Boston January 2, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 18d
# Bridget McAloon, 75y, Ireland, widow unknown housewife January 2, 1908, myocarditis, 14y, 1m, 15d
# Isaac W. Archibald, 66 or 67y, NS, widow Isaac, both of NS inventor January 2, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 6m, 7d
# Maria J. Walsh, 5y, 6m, Boston unknown none January 3, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 2m
# Cornelius Buckley, 66y, Ireland, widow Cornelius & Catherine     (Davey) both of Ireland laborer January 3, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 5d
Kosta Netska or Contantine Metzger, 23y, Greece, sing Thomas & Helena, both of Greece carpenter, Wm. Latsi, 133 Bridge St. Cambridge January 4, 1908, phthisis, 2m
# Margaret Grahak, 40y, Ireland, married to John Carlson Daniel Graham or Grahak & Mary (Gilmore) both of Ireland housework January 4, 1908, phthisis, 1m
William Evans, 37y, England, single William & Elizabeth (Sheppard) both of England stable maker, Mrs. Eliz. Moynihan, 357 Princeton St. E. Boston January 5, 1908, phthisis, 26d
John H. Johnson, 65y, Sweden, married John Peterson, both of Sweden carpenter, Mrs. JH Sullivan, Somerville January 5, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 2y, 9m, 16d
Catherine Waters, 60y, Ireland, widow Richard Waters & Mary (Coyle) both of Ireland dress maker, Samuel Young, Boston January 5, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 5y, 2m, 12d
# Frank Tracey, 67y, Ireland, widow Frank & Catherine (Clancy) both of Ireland cotton spinner January 5, 1908, myocarditis, 2d
# John Atwood, 28y, Maine, single George & Attie (Wentworth) both of unknown painter January 6, 1908, phthisis, 18d
Jennie Wilson, 38y, Halifax, NS, married to Angus W. Wilson N.P. Smith & Emily (Hooper) both of Halifax domestic, Wm. Wilson, E. Dedham St, Boston January 6, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 2m, 1d
David Hindle, 39y, England, married Edward & Sarah, both of England weaver, wife : 147 Rainbow Ave., Valley Falls, RI January 8, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 3m
Bridget Garvey, 36y, Ireland Patrick & Bridget (McKenney) both of Ireland housekeeper, Dennis McKenna, 116 Elm St. Lawrence January 9, 1908, phthisis
# Patrick McCarthy, 45y, Ireland, single Patrick & Margaret, both of Ireland laborer January 11, 1908, acute miliary TB, 14d
# Charles Blatman, 52y, Germany, widow Lawrence & Agnes, both of Germany baker January 12, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 25d
Alma Antilla, 26y, Finland, widow of Andrew both of Finland domestic, Ella Antilla, 163 South St, Fitchburg January 12, 1908, phthisis, 1d
# Daniel Nash, 21y, England, single Daniel & Mary (Birmingham) both of England laborer January 15, 1908, gumma of brain, 1m, 3d

All records transcribed by JAS & DL 2004-2009