Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records
for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better. 
Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)

* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list. 

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members. 

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record. 

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with. 

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down. 

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list. 

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page. 

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.


Name, Age, Birthplace Parents Names, Origin Occupation, Contact info Date/Cause of death, stay at hospital
Lora  Green, 2y, 7m, N.S. John Green, & Ethel (Mahar) both of NS mother at hospital January 16, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 1m2d
Albert Russick, 5y, 20d, Adams, MA Peter&Victoria , both of Austria mother at hospital January 16, 1908, marasumus, 1m, 28d
Annie Mullen, 25y, Nova Scotia, married to Thomas H. Mullen Nelson Jarvis & Martha (Beals) both of NS housework, Thomas H. Mullen, 6 Spear Pl, Boston January 18, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 8d
John Morris al Stevens, 67y, NB., widow Owen & Mary (Doherty) both of Ireland blacksmith, Henry Morse, Main St., Charlestown, MA January 21, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 4d
Josephine Anderson Bragg, 11d, born at hospital Mabel F. Bragg of Saugus, MA mother at hospital January 21, 1908, inanition, 11d
James R. McNeil, 72y, NS, widow John & Eliza (Neal) both of Ireland harness maker, Samuel Cunningham, Rantord St., Beverly, MA January 22, 1908, myocarditis, 1m, 12d 
# Alexander Alger or Helger, 55y, Boston, widow Alexander & Caroline (Plaff) both of Germany peddler January 23, 1908, phthisis, 6m, 15d
# Angelo Vecce, 71y, Italy both of Italy, no names rag picker January 24, 1908, cancer of face, 6m, 11d
# Mabel Childs, 15y, Maine William B. Childs & Ida, both of unknown school January 25, 1908, phthisis, 8m, 17d
Rose Mills, 38y, PEI Edward of England & Charlotte (Nutti) of PEI laundress, Mrs. Susan Whitney 13 Pleasant St., Watertown, MA January 25, 1908, phthisis, 17d
# William Reynolds, 67y, Ireland, widow Terrance & Mary (Fitzpatrick) both of Ireland boiler maker January 26, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 11m, 24d
George E. Goodwin, 51y, MA, widow George K. of NH & Sarah (Rand) of MA hotel clerk, Geo. K. Goodwin, 75 Harvard St., Everett, MA January 28, 1908, phthisis, 12d
# Mary McGuire, 86y, Ireland John & Margaret, both of Ireland domestic January 28, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 29y, 2m, 3d
# Arthur Johnson, 3y, birthplace unknown  all unknown blank January 31, 1908, membranous croup, 1m, 13d
# John Hunter, 48y, unknown all blank unknown January 31, 1908, cerebral spinal meningitis, 13d
# Nicholas Kavouras, 20y, Greece all blank none given January 31, 1908, general TB, 11 days
Lillian Wagner, 5m, Dorchester, MA Augusta Gleason Wagner of MA mother, no information on location January 31, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 1 day
# Martin Gregory, 81y, Ireland, widow Michael & Elizabeth (Maury), both of Ireland mill work, no contact January 31, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 22d
Augustus Barboza, 31y, Portugal, single Peter & Mary (Barsh), both of Portugal seaman, Mr. Anthony Britt (?) 73 Joy St., Boston February 1, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 15d
William J. McCready, 57y, St. John, widow John & Anna (Moore), both of Ireland boiler maker, Mrs. Anna McCready, 183 Washington St. Somerville February 3, 1908, general TB, 3m, 27d
# Abraham Johnson, 65y, Maryland, married Perry N. & Mary (Brown), both of Maryland carpenter, no contact February 5, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 9d
Theata Demopoulon, 16d, born at hospital Theata Demopoulon, of Greece mother at hospital February 5, 1908, marasumus, 16d
Vincent Moody, 65y, Sweden, single Sophia, both of Sweden cook, Julius Moody, W. Berkland St., Boston February 5, 1908, myocarditis, 21d
William Johnson, 56y, DC, single William & Maria, both of unknown laborer, Andrew Hamilton, 5 Milton St., Boston February 5, 1908, 28d, mitral insufficiency
Eric N. Bloom, 22y, Sweden, single Gustaf & Matilda (Ulagnuson), both of Sweden cabinet maker, August Magnuson, 6 Sea St., Everett, MA February 5, 1908, phthisis, 2 days
# James Pige, 48y, New Brunswick, married Anthony & Susan (Violet), both of Canada laborer, none given February 7, 1908, cancer of stomach, 2m, 15d
# Thomas Donnelly, 72y, Ireland, widow Michael & Rose (McNamara), both of Ireland laborer, none given February 7, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 1 day
Mary Francis, 55y, Ireland, widow of Patrick Francis Patrick Henry & Catherine (Lyne), both of Ireland domestic, Mrs. Remand, 105 Washington St., Boston February 8, 1908, cancer of uterus, 1m 11d
Frank Lamphire, 29y, VT, widow Norman & Mary (Lunis), both of VT gardener, contact father in Wilton, VT February 11, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 13d
John Levitsky, 46y, Russia, married John & Josephine, both of Russia laborer, Alex Peter, 4 Stillman St., Boston February 11, 1908, diffuse nephritis, 1m, 7d
Fred Thomas, 54y, NY, single Jacob & Elizabeth (Green) both of Germany blacksmith, Mrs. Ida Higgins, 1010 Mass Ave. Arlington, MA February 16, 1908, phthisis, 2m 4d
# Mary George, 62y, Syria, widow Abraham, both of Syria housework, no contact February 16, 1908, erysipelas, 47d
Frank Lubin, 47y, Poland, single Frank & Uobala (Rosenikin (?), both of Poland mill hand, Fils Galraviski, 5 Endicott St. Dorchester, MA February 16, 1908, chronic nephritis, 5d
# Lena Quinlan, 17d, born at hospital Frank Quinlan & Lena, both of Boston none February 17, 1908, periplugus neonatorum, 17d
Michel Flynn, 53y, Ireland, single Michael & Katherine (McManus) both of Ireland John King, 1 Lowell St., Boston February 17, 1908, phthisis, 8m, 28d
John J. Carter, 57y, Vermont, single Caesar & Mary A. (Johnson), both of unknown barber, Mrs. Mary L. Johnson, no address February 18, 1908, chronic myocarditis, 19d
James Roy, 14y, MA, single John & Flora, both of unknown state ward, attended school February 18, 1908, general Tb, 1m, 9d
Caroline Peterson, 41y, Sweden, single Daniel & Katherine (Olebach) both of Sweden laundress, Caroline Anderson, 35 Brookline St. Cambridge February 19, 1908, cancer of stomach, 14d
Ellen Wall, 70y, Ireland, single Michael Wall & Mary (Hannigan) both of Ireland domestic, Michael Wall, 6 Madison Ave, Charlestown, MA February 19, 1908, aortic & mitral insufficiency, 1m, 5d
# Marion Frances Sparrow, 12d, born at hospital Georgianna Sparrow, of Boston mother at hospital February 20, 1908, inanition, 12d
# Mary Betuska, 7m, MA Anthony & Elizabeth, both of Poland none February 20, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 12d
Frederick B. Ingham, 51y, USA, married Burouglio & Sarah (Butler) both of New York wood worker, father in Allegan Michigan February 21, 1908, phthisis, 7m, 15d
George Francis Crowell, 8d, born at hospital Lillian Crowell of MA mother at hospital February 21, 1908, hemorrhage of newborn
# Alfred Maronie, 20y, Italy all blank blank February 22, 1908, phthisis, 5d
# Hannah Greylish, 37y, Ireland, widow of Patrick Greylish Coleman McDonough & Catherine, both of Ireland housework February 22, 1908, phthisis, 7m
James Willey, 46y, Chicopee, MA, widow Manson Willey, of Ludlow, MA & Minerva (Hastings) of Southwick, MA laborer, Mrs. Alice Gibbs, Orleans St., Springfield, MA February 23, 1908, general paralysis of the insane, 6m ,26d
Paul Joshinskey, 23y, Italy, single George & Maggie, both of Italy farmer, Peter Joshinksey, 252nd St., S. Boston February 23, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 7m, 6d
James Davis, 52y, England, single George & Jane, both of England laborer, Mrs. Annie Mason, 7 Barrow St. Boston February 25, 1908, myocarditis, 6m, 15d
Annie McLean, 49y, Boston Benjamin McLean, of Scotland & Mary (Moore), of Maine housework, J.E. Darling, corner of Millin & So. Main, Hopedale, MA February 26, 1908, phthisis, 2y, 11m, 19d
# Henry Denton, 4y unknown none February 26, 1908, pneumonia, 5m, 9d
# Margaret Herley, 9m, 21d, birth unknown all unknown none February 27, 1908, marasumus, 5m, 4d, also congenital syphilis
# John Dacey, 27d, born at hospital Bridget Dacey of Boston mother February 28, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 27d
George Gibbon, 30 minutes old Edna Gibbon of CT mother at hospital March 2, 1908, inanition
# Helen G. Kimball, 1m, 19d, born at hospital William Kimball & Grace (Cohen) both of Boston parents, no data March 2, 1908, marasumus
# Thomas McAdams, 54y, Ireland, single John & Rose (Fitzpatrick), both of Ireland weaver March 3, 1908, cerebral peritonitis, 1y,9m,24d
Louis Tatro, 21y, MA, single Henry of VT & Lina (Fredett) of MA shoemaker, Henry Tatro (brother), Attleboro, MA March 3, 1908, general Tb, 2m, 14d
John Mealey, 65y, Ireland, single John, both of Ireland laborer, Frank Mealey, Brookline, MA March 4, 1908, myocarditis, 2y, 3m, 22d
Helen A. Durgin, 43y, Somerville, MA, married to Frank A. Durgin Jeremiah Chandler & Sarah P. (Shedd) both of New York housework, George F. Durgin, Fairmont, MA March 4, 1908, general paralysis of the insane, 1y, 7m, 24d
James F. Gifford, 70y, MA, widow David & Arnoh (Waggers ?), both of MA house man, Chas E. Gifford, 7 Hampshire Pl., Cambridge, MA March 5, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 7d
# William Wilson, 52y, England, single George & Sarah (Barker) both of England salesman March 8, 1908, general TB, 1m, 5d
Anna Larson, 23y, Norway, single Olda & ___ (Anderson), both of Norway housework, Andrew Anderson, 1228 Cambridge St., Cambridge March 9, 1908, acute military TB, 23d
# Edith May Codding, 4y, 6m, unknown unknown none March 9, 1908, lobar pneumonia, idiocy, 1y, 7m, 10d
# Fannie Kelley, 62y, Ireland, widow Joseph Maroney & Annie (Fitzgerald) both of Ireland housework March 9, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 1y, 5m, 8d
# Elizabeth H. Stevens, 76y, MA, widow Isaac Farrar & Mary (Leatherby) both of MA carpet weaver March 12, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 9y, 10d
# Jennie Fiumara, 7m, Boston unknown unknown March 12, 1908, phthisis, 16d
Nathan Robinson (al) McMarrow, 48y, Scotland, single Nathan & Anne, both of Scotland mill hand, Col. Chas E. Hapgood, 60 Pemberton Sq., Boston March 12, 1908, chronic nephritis, 4y, 7m, 19d
Cora Dobey, 44y, Florida, married to John Dobey Charles Miller of unknown & Josephine (Jackson) of S. Carolina laundress, John Dobey, 3 Garden St. Arch. Boston March 12, 1908, cancer of intestine, 23d
Merguer Berberian, 25y, Turkey, single Artin & Kadar (Yaglimourian) both of Turkey compositor, Krikor Sahagian, 40 Kneeland St., Boston March 14, 1908, pyrmia amyloid nephritis, 1y, 6d
# Grace Gardner, 35y, Boston unknown none March 15, 1908, alcoholism, 4d
# Fahar Mahamad, 30y, Syria, married unknown laborer, "none in this country" March 15, 1908, general TB, 1m, 4d
Antonio Sincase, 32y, Russia, single Joseph & Hannah (Lesnist) both of Russia farmer, Felix Adrognigk, 23 Morton St., Boston March 15, 1908, laryngeal TB, 2m
# Lydia Hantala, 3y, unknown all blank none March 16, 1908, gangrenous stomatitis, 1m, 25d
# Antonine Sfertek, 65y, Poland, married no names, both of Poland housework March 18, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 2m, 1d
# Victoria Francowki, 8y, Poland no names ,both of Poland no contact, attended school March 18, 1908, phthisis, 5 days
Lee Butler, 44y, Washington DC, single George of unknown & Harriet (Askins) of VA porter, Wm H. Hardy, 165 Pleasant St., Boston March 18, 1908, intestinal TB, 11d
John S. Griffin, 59y, Ireland, single Cornelius & Johanna (Frawley) both of Ireland teamster, John F. Rooney, 950 Saratoga St., East Boston March 19, 1908, cancer of stomach & liver, 1m, 19d
# Antonia Saratorie, 32y, Russia, single Joseph & Marzetta, both of Russia operative March 21, 1908, aortic insufficiency, 2m, 10d
Job Samuel Langston, 62y, England, single John & Eliza, both of England "jopauner", Thomas Langster, Liberty St., Meriden CT March 22, 1908, myocarditis, 7y, 4m
# Tekla Stanck, 36y, Poland no names, both of Poland housework March 23, 1908, phthisis, 14d
# Joseph King, 11m unknown none March 24, 1908, cellulitis of face, 24d
# Mary Rappoli, 3y, Boston both of Italy, no names none March 26, 1908, phthisis, 7d
John Madden, 74y, Ireland, single Patrick & Bridget (Heade) both of Ireland laborer, Andrew Madden, Eaton Court, Roxbury March 30, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 2d
Henry W. Deprez, 45y, NYC, married to Margaret J. (Casey) of Worcester. [married on 5-13-1897 ** there is a copy of the marriage certificate attached to this death record. marriage took place in Worcester, MA Peter of Paris, France & Annie (Wallace) of Ireland musician, Mrs. Henry Deprez (wife) 200 Eliott St., Boston ** There is also a corrected copy of this death record. Informant for it is daughter, Margaret B. Slaltry (?) 69 Chestnut Hill Ave., Boston. Only difference in records is his age. this record says age 32y. March 30, 1908, phthisis, 5d
Adam Trakin, 45y, Russia, married no names, both of Russia laborer, (sister) Catherine Trakin, 4 Biglow St., Worcester April 1, 1908, cancer of stomach, 1m, 28d
William J. Baker, 53y, Philadelphia, PA, married Samuel & Jemima (Carter) both of VA fireman, wife at 282 Lenox St., Boston April 2, 1908, general paralysis of the insane, 3y, 3m, 19d
# Mary Fennelly, 61y, Ireland, single Thomas & Catherine (Craney) both of Ireland housework April 6, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 2d
Victoria Mansour, 13y, Egypt Mansour Sahib & Helen , both of Egypt attends school, Mansour Sahib, 13 Albany St., Boston April 7, 1908, phthisis, 11m, 29d
# Michael Menasian, 45y, Armenia, single Menassus & Ormenhira (Kaucanian) both of Armenia laborer April 7, 1908, cancer of stomach, 11d
Gallo Luigi, 27y, Italy Guiseppe & Gursepprina LoGindui (?), both of Italy baker, Michele LaMarca, 96 Charter St., Boston April 8, 1908, general TB, 3m, 30d
# James Cassidy, 67y, New York, widow William of VT & Catherine (Townsend) of New York farmer April 8, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 6m, 23d
Charles E. Oliver, 25y, Hyannis, MA, single Charles of MA farmer, Herman H. Sparrow, Northboro, MA April 10, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 21d
Nellia Hafey, 30y, Ireland, single Michael & Margaret (Riorden) both of Ireland cook, Mrs. Delia Bowen, 200 Eliot St., Boston April 12, 1908, phthisis, 1m
# John Stanslow Borleski, 5m, 29d, MA Julia Borleski of Poland none April 12, 1908, marasumus, 3m, 20d
Fitzgerald Cummings, 22y, Barbados, West Indies, single John & Eliza (Addison) both of Barbados longshoreman, Lorenza Talor, 20 Church St. Boston April 14, 1908, general TB, 6m, 22d
Bartholomew Reagan, 45y, Ireland, single John & Kate (O'Brien) both of Ireland laborer, Mrs. McMahon, 52 Dale St. Boston April 14, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 19d
George Ryan (al) Martin Shea, 59y, Ireland, widow James & Catherine (Ryan) both of Ireland laborer April 14, 1908, myocarditis, 3d
Gayer A, Cochran, 38y, Canada, married to Albert E. Cochran Henry Revar & Louisa (Hills) both of Canada housework, husband, 184 Union St., Lynn April 15, 1908, phthisis, 22d
# Sylvanna Vincento, 1y, 3m, 20d, Fall River Joseph of Portugal & Jacinto of Portugal none April 17, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 3m, 21d
Concetta Cewa (?), 30y, Italy, married to Angelo Dominco Migulo & Mary (Spaillo) both of Italy housework, husband, Lowell St., Lawrence, MA April 17, 1908, phthisis, 7d
Richard Burson, 26y, Florida, single John & Betty (Cook) both of unknown laborer, Harry English, 165 Pleasant St. Boston April 17, 1908, 21d, phthisis
# Frederick James Lennox, 18d, Tewksbury William Lennox of Canada & Gertrude of MA none April 19, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 18d
Charlotte Anderson, 40y, Sweden, widow Andrew Christianson & Anna (Palmer) both of Sweden housework, Andrew Johnson of Hull, MA April 19, 1908, cancer of cervix, 1m, 19d
# Daniel Hoar, 60y, Ireland, widow Edmond & Mary (McInnis) both of Ireland stone mason April 19, 1908, myocarditis, 3m, 18d
Michael P. Sweeney, 57y, St. John N.B., widow Patrick & Mary A. (McCarty) both of Ireland blacksmith, Mrs. Ellen Cagan, 41 I. St., s. Boston April 21, 1908, phthisis, 1y, 5d
# Rose Dolan, 77y, Ireland, single James & Catherine (McGrath) both of Ireland cook April 21, 1908, 2y, 4m, 14d
Mary Hoylo, 7y, 27d, Boston John & Mary of Poland mother at hospital April 21, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 27d
# Setrac Bowosian, 22y, Armenia, single all unknown laborer April 22, 1908, chronic nephritis, 4d
# James Shaw, 53y, NY, married James & Margaret (Marr) both of Ireland "Canosser", no contact April 22, 1908, general paralysis of the insane, 1y, 1m, 26d
# Violet Holden, 2y, Boston all blank blank April 23, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 1m, 10d
# William Riley, 40y, Ireland, married John & Mary, both of Ireland freight handler April 23, 1908, phthisis, 7m, 12d
John Matthews, 55y, Ireland, married James & Annie (Harrigan) both of Ireland fireman, wife at 16 Buckman St., Woburn, MA April 23, 1908, myocarditis, 7d
Frederick G. Leavitt, 63y, MA Gardner & ___(Hollis) both of MA laborer, Mary A. Morse, North Andover, MA April 25, 1908, phthisis, 2d
# Catherine Rowley McBride, 28d, born at hospital Catherine McBride of Ireland none given April 25, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 27d
# Solomon Kuhma (?), 27y, S. Africa, single David & Emma, both of S. Africa waiter April 25, 1908, phthisis, 15d
# James F. Kane, 2y, 2m, 13d all blank blank April 26, 1908, chronic intestinal obstruction, 1y, 2m, 14d
Charles Perry, 6m, birthplace unknown all blank state ward April 26, 1908, marasumus, 8d
# Lalia C. Green, 49y, Nova Scotia, widow of Joseph Green Henry Ford of Maryland & Henrietta (Irving) of N.S. housework April 27, 1908, phthisis, 5d
# Roland Carlton George, 27d, born at hospital Calton Lucius (?) of MA & Alma (George) of Canada none April 29, 1908, marasumus, 27d
# Wilfred Joseph Dugrenier, 9d, born at hospital Alfred Burassa of Marlboro, MA & Anastine (Dugrenier) of Canada none April 30, 1908, cerebral hematoma, 9d
# Joseph Jones, 66y, NH, singe Joseph & Mehitabel (Young) both of NH restaurant work May 1, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 3m, 1d
# Eldora A. Anthony, 2y, NH all blank none May 1, 1908, TB meningitis, 14d
James F. Norton, 31y, Roxbury, MA Thomas & Bridget (Gaines) both of Ireland teamster, Thomas Norton, 291 Main St. Cambridge May 3, 1908, phthisis, 18d
Mary D. Doyle, 2y, MA Arthur Doyle & Mary (Mitchell) both of Ireland mother at hospital May 4, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 27d
# Joe Barbiez, 26y, Cape Verde Islands, single no names, both of Cape Verde Islands farmer May 5, 1908, general TB, 1m, 18d
Annie Marble, 19y, Nova Scotia, single Francis & Mary (Sylborg) both of N.S. housework May 6, 1908, 1m, 4d, mitral stenosis insufficiency
# Nuncio Marll, 5 weeks, 5 days, unknown all unknown none May 6, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 5d
Giovanni Pari, 17y, Italy, single Luigi Pari & Filomena (Cappiglio) both of Italy operative, Brother Dominic Rye, 316 Hainer St., Lawrence May 7, 1908, phthisis, 3m, 19d
# Frank Firoi, 33d, MA

Frank & Antoinette, both of Italy

none May 7, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 19d
# Lena Finney or Phinney, 65y, N.B., widow Edward S. Moody of Maine & Elizabeth (Studley) of MA dress worker May 7, 1908, myocarditis, 1m, 6d
Alden S. Harwood, 55y, ME, widow Abner & Nancy B. (Meservy ?) both of ME laborer, W.E. Gushie, Agawam MA May 7, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 10d
William C. Atwood, 49y, NH, widow Alva & Mary (Klisby) both of NH lather, Alva E. Atwood E. Concord, NH May 7, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 4m, 26d
Mary Gallagher, 31y, Ireland, married to George Gallagher Thomas Sullivan & Mary Ann (Mahoney) both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Young, 132 Cambridge St., Boston May 8, 1908, phthisis, 5m, 11d
# William Malone, 69y, PEI, married both of Ireland, no names engineer May 9, 1908, pneumonia, 3y, 1m, 21d
# James Kelley, 25y, unknown none given none given May 9, 1908, military TB, 7d
# Philander Dusenburg, 60y, unknown all blank none May 9, 1908, myocarditis, 10m, 1d
# August Geisler, 53y, Germany, single Charles & Mary, both of Germany weaver May 10, 1908, phthisis, 10y, 28d
Louisa Myers or Lahamyer, 51y, Cambridge, married Louis of Germany & Susan (Caer) of Ireland teamster, Mrs. Katherine Myers, 13 1/2 Hutchins Ave. Roxbury May 10, 1908, phthisis, 1m
Eugene Dean, 47y, St. Louis, single James & Mary both of Ireland shoemaker, Mrs. Mary O'Keefe, 6 Sagamore St., Cincinnati, OH May 11, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 1y, 1m, 3d
# Elizabeth Reidy, 37y, England, single Patrick & Mary (Hassogan ) both of Ireland housework May 12, 1908, brain tumor, 17d
Charles F. Nilson or Nelson, 65y, Boston, widow unknown steam engineer, G.W. Nelson, 27 Spencer Ave. Chelsea May 12, 1908, myocarditis, 12d
Jane Guilleo, 57y, unknown unknown cook, Daniel O'Neil, 97 Decatur St. Charlestown, MA (1889) May 12, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 14y, 10d
Robert J. Campbell, 48y, NS, widow Alexander, both of N.S. factory work, father - 73 Summer St., Salem, MA May 12, 1908, phthisis, 12d
Ernesto Ioannilli, 22y, Italy, single Guisippe & Guisippine (Littila) both of Italy laborer, father lives in North Adams, MA May 15, 1908, phthisis, 3 hours
# Edward J. May, 38y, new York, single Michael & Ellen, both of NY shoe factory May 15, 1908, phthisis, 3d
# Margaret Concannon, 74y, Ireland, widow Martin O'Hara & Annie (Ward) both of Ireland none May 16, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 2y
# Edward Peace (al) Prince, 30y, Wales, single Edward & Elizabeth (Tibbett) both of Wales laborer May 18, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 8d
# Argeris Chamis, 25y, Macedonia, single all unknown mill work May 19, 1908, phthisis, 13d
William H. Lynch, 53y, RI, widow Patrick & Lucy (Rotchman) both of Ireland machinist, Mr. Geo. Taylor, 32 Ellenwood Ave. Providence RI May 22, 1908, phthisis, 1m
# Emil Ryllonen, 21y, Finland, single all unknown laborer May 23, 1908, phthisis, 12d
# Charles Pouquet, 63y, Canada, single John & Margaret (O'Brien) both of Canada currier May 23, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 2m, 21d
# James B. Swan, 34y, West Indies, single Nester & Caroline , both of W.I. sailor May 23, 1908, phthisis, 3m, 23d
# John Burris, 58y, Nova Scotia, widow Richard of England & Mary A. (Frederick) of Boston carpenter May 24, 1908, phthisis, 5m, 12d
Alfred Dusoe, 40y, MA Joseph of MA & Christy (Cadue) of Canada weaver, Charles, 15 Spruce Worcester, MA May 24, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 24d
Julius Burneski, 32y, Russia, married Theodore & Catherine both of Russia laborer, John Lakowski, 125 Union St., Lawrence May 24, 1908, gumma of brain, 6m, 24d
# Mary Zajac, 45y, Poland no names, both of Poland housework May 25, 1908, cancer of intestines, 2m, 16d
# Archibald D. Connors, 35y, Cambridge Charles of Boston & Mary (Robinson) of Boston sea hand May 26, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 18d
Franeisick Lepski, 19y, Poland Adam & Josephine (Stenchick) both of Poland laborer, Alexander Wilmeski (?) 23 Common St., Lawrence May 26, 1908, general TB, 3m, 16d
John Hogan, 45y, Ireland Dennis & Catherine (Gleason), both of Ireland tailor, Mrs. J.C. Inadros, 252 Main St., Gloucester May 26, 1908, intestinal TB, 5m, 22d
Susan Howard, 73y, VA, widow of Robert Thomas Pressey & Sally, both of VA housework, Frank Howard Atlantic City, NJ May 27, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 3m, 9d
# Kate E. Murray, 52y, Andover, MA Patrick & Bridget (O'Connor) both of Ireland housework May 28, 1908, phthisis, 6m, 24d
Mabel Olin, 34y, NS, married to Theodore Olin Michael Timmons & Annie (McNeil) both of.Ireland housework, Theodore Olin, 32 Hudson St., Boston May 28, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 4d
Cornelius Hanley, 54y, Ireland, married Edward & Bridget (Fair) both of Ireland cooper, Mrs. Frank Watts, 3 Balement Pl., s. Boston May 29, 1908, acute dilation of heart, 1m, 13d
# Harley H. Streeter, 56y, Vermont, widow all blank watchman May 29, 1908, phthisis, 3 hours
# Thomas Flynn, 54y, Scotland, single no names, both of Scotland laborer May 30, 1908, hemiplegia, 1d
James H. Reid, 45y, Michigan Holden & Adelede (Tankery ?) both of Ireland teamster, wife, corner of Neponset Ave& Adams St., Dorchester May 31, 1908, phthisis, 5m, 18d
# Duncan Robertson, 58y, Scotland, married William & Mary (Hartley) both of Ireland cashier June 2, 1908, hemiplegia, 1y, 5m, 24d
# Hannah Harrington, 65y, Ireland, widow no names, both of Ireland no occupation or contact June 2, 1908, aortic Insufficiency, 1y, 5m, 13d
# Dorothy Lawrence, 2m, 17d, born at hospital Mary Lawrence of MA none June 3, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 2m, 16d
Louis Massey, 38y, VT Abraham & Delphin (Pigeon) both of Boston cook, Mrs. Josephine Massey, 22 LaFontaine St., Burlington June 4, 1908, phthisis, 3m, 11d
Charles H. Anty, 65y, Boston, widow Perry & Allen (Sharp) both of England carriage painter, Minnie Carleton, 317 Grove St., Melrose June 4, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 13d
Alexander Falconer, 43y, Scotland James & Mary, both of Scotland harness maker, Mrs. Balford, Main St., Marlboro, MA June 6, 1908, phthisis, 8m, 28d
# Joseph McCann, 29y, Boston Peter & Hannah (Kane) both of Ireland teamster June 6, 1908, phthisis, 11m, 22d
# Guiseppi Cuva (?), 6m, MA Angelo & Concetta, both of Italy none June 7, 1908, marasumus, 1m, 27d
Seth W. Bean, 49y, MA Edward & Eliza (Colby) both of MA teamster, E.W. Bean, 9 Evelyn Pl., Malden June 9, 1908, phthisis, 24d
# John Flannigan, 58y, Ireland, single John & Mary (Collins) both of Ireland laborer June 9, 1908, gangrene of leg, 3y, 4m, 22d
# William Keefe, 1m, 20d, MA Wm G. Chase & Grace Keefe, both of MA none June 12, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 7d
William P. Dickinson, 47y, Boston, widow Edward of Boston & Frances (Benton) of NH upholsterer, M.W. Berlin, Roxbury, MA June 13, 1908, general paralysis of the insane, 2m, 18d
#Jane Bruce (or) Charlesworth, 77y, Scotland, widow of David Charlesworth Robert Bruce & Elizabeth (Wallace) both of Scotland housework June 15, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 6m, 13d
Hannah Shaunessy, 62y, Ireland, married Dennis Griffin & Ellen (Daly) both of Ireland housewife, John Shaunnesy, 578 Sharon St. Springfield, MA June 17, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 9y, 8m, 1d
George Metcalf, 58y, Boston, widow George & Mary ( Horton) both of Boston engineer, Frank Metcalf 164 Saratoga St. E Boston June 17, 1908, cancer of penis, 7d
# Joseph Denis, 8days, born at hospital Joseph Dennis & Elizabeth, both of MA none listed June 17, 1908, Acute intestinal Obstruction, 8 days
Ellen Fitzpatrick, 55y, Ireland, widow Andrew Meary & Mary (Horan) housework,  Owen Mahoney, Goss Pl., Quincy, MA June 18, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 10m, 11d
# Charles Cail, 2m, 8d, not known unknown none listed June 18, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 6 days
Michael Leary, 41y, Ireland, single Don & Daniel O'Neil, both of Ireland laborer, Daniel Collins, W. Cambridge June 19, 1908, catarrhal Dysentery, 5m, 27d
Catherine Kay, 34y, Russia, widow both of Russia housework, Joe Mitchell, 115 Green St., Boston June 19, 1908, phthisis, 23d
Frederick Mott, 76y, MA, widow Joseph Lydia (Churchill), both of MA carpenter, Henry or Otis Mott, Situate, MA June 19, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 16d
George H. Atwood, 93y, MA, single Jeremiah & Mary, both of MA not obtained June 20, 1908, myocarditis, 5m, 20d
# Henry Cote, 3m, 28d, born hospital Joseph Cote & Emma (Baillon) both of Canada none June 21, 1908, marasumus, 3m, 28d
Mary E. Golden, 85y, Ireland, widow Mattlenus (?) Lynch, both of Ireland domestic, John Campbell Lowell Almshouse June 21, 1908, myocarditis, 2m, 24d
Samuel Jones, 25y, VA Moses & Margaret (Griffin) both of VA waiter, John H. Jones, 72 Mutrig St. Province RI June 23, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 11d
# Jeremiah or Joseph Fox, 55y,single Joseph & Mary (Haragrowes) both of England weaver June 23, 1908, catarrhal dysentery, 4m, 3d
# Robert Dunn, 57y, Ireland, widow John & Ellen (Silver) both of Ireland laborer June 23, 1908, acute enteritis, 6m, 13d
#  Annie Maneate, 25y, Greece, married both of Greece mill operative June 24, 1908, acute enteritis, 8days
Cyril Mennier (?), 75y, Canada, married Frank & Mary (Papin), both of Canada carpenter, contact Emilie Meusier, 14 Fontain St. Holyoke, MA June 25, 1908, tubercular arthritis, 22d
# Bertha Kondrosky, 10m not known none June 26, 1908, acute enteritis, 4m, 5d
Nichels Nicholopolos, 22y, Greece Petro & Anrgello, both of Greece glazier, Peter Frangous, Peabody, MA June 26, 1908, phthisis, 3m, 23d
Thomas Mitchell, 70y, Ireland, widow Patrick & Bridget (Mahar) both of Ireland laborer, Hugh.Mitchell, 114 Freeport St., Dorchester June 26, 1908, chronic nephritis, 21d
Josephine Randall, 33y, Ludlow, MA, married to Charles Randall not known none June 28, 1908, Mrs. Ed. Blake, Westfield, CT, 2y, 2m, 29d
# John Driscoll, 60y, Ireland, single Patrick & Frances (Young), both of Ireland sailor June 28, 1908, catarrhal dysentery, 3y, 11m, 29d
# Antonio Inanto, 19y, Italy, single not known laborer June 28, 1908, general TB, 2d
# Charles Blake, 42y, Ireland Daniel & Ellen (Hurley), both of Ireland laborer June 28, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 10d
# George McIntosh, 19y, Canada James & Laura (Kennedy) both of Canada laborer June 29, 1908, phthisis, 20d
Michael Jofhamian or Joseph, Turkey, 21y Joseph & Mary (Sherden ?), both of Turkey shoemaker, John Jophanian, Hudson, MA June 29, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 1d
# Andreas Drivas, 45y, Greece Theodras, both of Greece mill operative June 29, 1908, TB meningitis, 8m, 19d
# Mary Victoria Burke, 57y, Canada, widow of James Burke Peter Labia & Mary A. (Cote) both of Canada housework June 29, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 1y, 1m, 16d
# Ann Sheriff, 57y, MA, widow John McBean & Mary, both of unknown cook June 30, 1908, acute enteritis, 2d
Johan Olson, 32y, Sweden, married Olaf & Caroline (Chrisitian) both of Sweden carpenter, J. L. Olson, 227 Wespes (?) St. E. Boston July 1, 1908, acute enterocolitis, 24d
# Fannie Joseph, 38y, New Bedford Anthony & Maria wash woman July 2, 1908, acute enteritis, 6y, 3m
# Agneiszka Slikack, 20y, Austria Martin & Tackla (Podooka) both of Austria operative July 5, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 18d
Thomas Connelly, 51y, MA, single Daniel & Ann, both of Ireland soldier, John Oswell, Berlin Falls, NH July 6, 1908, chronic enteritis, 4y, 10m, 27d
# Dennis Devine, 63y, Ireland, single John & Mary (Hanley) both of Ireland laborer July 6, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 1m, 17d
Dwight Whitney, 50y, CT, single Sheldon & Mary A. (Carr) both of NY stone mason, Mary F. Strange, North Adams, MA July 7, 1908, catarrhal dysentery, 5m, 8d
John Clements, 50y, MA Oliver & Julia (Tibbos) both of NY teamster, Joseph Clemont, Baldwinville, MA July 7, 1908, sapraemina, 1m, 16d
Lizzie Leslie, 38y, widow of Chas W. Leslie John Dolzell & Martha (Dyaison) both of Ireland housework July 7, 1908, phthisis, 10m, 21d
Eben Nickerson, 60y, MA, widow Watson & Mary A. (Ellis) both of MA mariner, Mrs. Emma L. Lull, 32 Summit St., Central Fall, RI July 9, 1908, phthisis, 1y, 2m, 16d
Joseph Kovansic, 1y, 6m, born at Stockbridge, MA no known state ward July 9, 1908, bronco pneumonia, 2m, 15d
Finley R. McDonald, 57y, PEI Ronald & Annie (McKenzie) both of Scotland cabinet maker, Mr. Hoar, 168 Saratoga St., E. Boston July 9, 1908, phthisis, 9m, 8d
Moses Santos, 16w, MA Charles Santos & Mary (Carreya) both of Portugal mother at hospital July 10, 1908, bronchial pneumonia, 2m, 4d
# Grace Leonard, 12d, born at hospital Joseph W & Grace E., both of MA none July 10, 1908, congenital heart disease, 12d
# Patrick Lyons, 44y, Ireland, widow Patrick & Julia (Harris) both of Ireland blacksmith July 11, 1908, phthisis, 11m, 3d
Augusta C. Olsen, 61y, Sweden, married Lars & Sophia (Svenberg) both of Sweden housework, Miss Ida Nelson, Los Angeles, CA July 12, 1908, phthisis, 3y, 6m, 13d
George Pazerskis, 31y, Russia, married not known tailor, John Pazerskis,38 2nd St. S. Boston July 12, 1908, general TB, 12d
# Samuel Fernald, 76y, Boston, widow William of Maine & Mary (Bryant) of MA shoemaker July 13, 1908, uremia, 6d
# Thomas Harrington, 7m, 22d, born at hospital William & Annie (Quinn) both of Peru none July 14, 1908, acute Ileocolitis
John Colby, 44y, NH Owen & Jane (Beaty) both of England cook, wife: 13 Dover St., Boston July 14, 1908, phthisis, 12d
Matilda Niemi, 22y, Finland, married Herman & Hannah, both of Finland domestic, Mrs. Selma Murina, Hazel St., Fitchburg July 14, 1908, phthisis, 7d
Peter Paplorskis, 23y, Russia, single both of Russia laborer, Mary Ampstine, 1 Court St., Worcester, MA July 16, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 3d
# Charles Patterson, 24y, TN Isaac & Alice (Homer) both of TN waiter July 16, 1908, phthisis, 9m, 25d
# Margaret T. Hopkins, 2m, MA not known state ward July 16, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 10d
Annie Conroy, 33y, Ireland, single John & Ellen (Connolly) both of Ireland weaver, Annie M. Sheppard, 12 Eliot St. Lowell July 16, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 20d
John Anderson, 2y, Boston William & Mary (Hsramon) both of Ireland mother here July 18, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 20d
# Martha A. Solomon, 40y, NY Myron & Elizabeth, both of NY cook July 18, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 25d
James Snow, 36y, Ireland James & Henrietta (Hanlan) both of Ireland factory, Mrs. Martina Snow, (wife) 116 Bruser (?) St. E. Boston July 19, 1908, phthisis, 1y, 11d
# Mary Farrell, 68y, Ireland, single Edward & Mary (McManey) both of Ireland housework July 19, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 2y, 3m, 18d
Bartholomew Scott, 68y, Ireland Michael & Bridget, both of Ireland laborer July 19, 1908, chronic nephritis, 4y, 6m, 19d
Joseph Bendoraitiz, 26y, Russia John, both of Russia tailor July 20, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 7d
Sarah Johnson, 31y, Augusta, SC Frederick & Sarah (Sarontry)  both of unknown domestic, Frederick Johnson, Caterwood, SC July 20, 1908, phthisis, 3d
John J. McNamara, 42y, Brookline, MA Patrick& Bridget, both of Ireland shoemaker, Edw. McNamara, S. Framingham, MA July 20, 1908, acute enter colitis, 1m, 16d
Thomas Mullen, 48y, NY Thomas & Mary (Winter) both of Ireland laborer, Mary Vanty, Greenwich, NY July 21, 1908, phthisis, 29d
Cecelia (Teed) Abraham, 23y, Syria, married both of Syria housework July 21, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 20d
Edith Martin, 2m, unknown not known state ward July 22, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 18d
John Brennan, 51y, NH Dennis & Sarah ( Brennan) both of Ireland loom fixer, Mr Owen Brennan, Lowell, MA July 24, 1908, phthisis, 2m, 2d
# Doris Skidmore, 5m, MA not known none July 24, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 23d
# William Aho, 9m, MA Alex Aho & Amanta (Lector) both of Finland mother in hospital July 24, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 6m, 2d
# John Joyce, 57y, Ireland, widow William & Josephine ( Linnahan) both o Ireland carpenter July 24, 1908, phthisis, 25d
# Thomas Jameson, 56y, ME, widow Charles of NB, & Maria (Lund) of ME painter July 25, 1908, general TB, 21d
# Jeremiah Corcoran, 40y, Ireland Dennis & Hannah ( Crowley) both of Ireland laborer July 25, 1908, phthisis, 19d
William Anderson, 42y, Scotland not known waiter, Edward McCarthy, 13 Beech St. Boston July 25, 1908, phthisis, 4d
# Elizabeth Wier, 74y, Scotland, widow Archibald Hird & Elizabeth (Duncan) of Scotland housework July 26, 1908, cerebral hemorrhage, 9d
Patrick Casey, 40y, Ireland Patrick & Margaret (McNiff) both of Ireland laborer, Thomas Casey, 13 Albion st., Salem, MA July 26, 1908, phthisis, 6m, 26d
Charles Holm, 27y, Sweden Andrew & Mary, both of Sweden iron worker, Gust Holm, 6 Corta St. Worcester, MA July 26, 1908, phthisis, 2m
# Francis V. Sears, 65y, Spain, single both of Spain, no names cook July 26, 1908, carcinoma of liver, 17d
# Thomas McGovern Pickett, 7m, MA Johanna Pickett, of MA none July 27, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 7m, 6d
Starino Papadopoulos, 19y, Greece Demitrius & Kilopii, both of Greece mill operative, father: Luriz (?) st. Lowell July 27, 1908, TB periocarditis, 24d
James J. Farrell, 28d, NY, single Wm. Farrell & Bridget (Curran) both of NY plumber, Miss Julia C__?, 128 S. Bridge St., Worcester July 28, 1908, phthisis, 8y, 6m, 7d
William R. Turner, 38y, England, married James & Elizabeth (Greenwood) both of England cook, George turner, Providence RI July 29, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 13d
# Daniel Danron or Durham, 45y, Otis, MA, single John, both of Otis, MA farmer July 29, 1908, uraemia, 1y, 11m 22d
Francis Clough, 1y, Lowell not known state ward July 30, 1908, general TB, 5m, 19d
Elizabeth Maria Quinn, 3m, 23d, born at hospital Patrick & Clementine (Cameron) both of Scotland mother here August 1, 1908, marasumus, 3m, 23d
James McCarthy, 60y, Ireland Thomas & Ann (Boyle) both of Boston tinsmith, Mrs. Ann Lans (?) 45 2nd St. Chelsea, MA August 1, 1908, phthisis, 11m, 11d
# Ann Murphy, 70y, NJ, single Edward & Mary (Day) both of NJ housework August 1, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 1m, 19sd
Myrtie Smith, 3m, MA Mabel Smith of MA mother here August 2, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, 1m, 21d
Eleanor L. Foster, 6m, Boston not known state ward August 2, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 19d
Margaret Sharkey, 75y, Ireland Daniel McCann & Belle ( Algo) both of Ireland cook, Mrs. Ann Cook, 18 Oak St., Boston August 2, 1908, phthisis, 2y, 4m, 26d
# Stephen Witcus, 8m, Stoughton, MA, single not known none August 3, 1908, acute Ileocolitis, measles, diphtheria 3m, 17d,
Clementine Agnes Quinn, 3m, 27d, born at hospital (twin, see above) Patrick & Clementine (Camerson) both of Scotland mother at hospital August 6, 1908, marasumus, 3m, 27d
# Antonio Aldes, 28y, Azores not known laborer August 6, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 12d
# Patrick Barnet, 68y, Newfoundland, married John of England & Ann (Powers) of Ireland fisherman August 6, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 7y, 11m, 9d
# Manuel Coustighan, 57y, Italy Louis & Julia, both of Italy bartender August 9, 1908, phthisis, 2d
# Michael McCarville, 52y, Ireland, widow William & Nancy (Murphy) both of Ireland laborer August 10, 1908, myocarditis, 1y, 29d
Timothy Dwyer, 33y, Ireland Jeremiah, of Ireland & Bridget (Costello), of Italy laborer, Bridget Dwyer, 14 Harding St. E. Cambridge August 10, 1908, phthisis, 1y, 3m, 4d
Lawrence J. Hickey, 39y, Ireland, married Lawrence & Johanna (Hogan) both of Ireland physician, wife: 380 Main St. Springfield August 10, 1908, chronic intestinal nephritis, 24d
Charles Field, 62y, Finland, married Abraham & Beati, both of Finland stone cutter, wife :Pigeon Cove, MA August 12, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 2d
Edla Kowurian, 19y, Finland, single Isaac & Hecioik, both of Finland pupil, Mrs. Mary Linid, 2 Holmes St. Ullston August 13, 1908, phthisis, 4m, 29d
# Julia Gobma, 19y, Austria, single both of Austria housework August 14, 1908, chronic nephritis, 1m, 23d
Sufhernie Boisvert, 75y, Canada, widow G. Hamel & Delade (Houle) both of Canada housework, Ernest Boisvert, 35 Dwight St. Boston August 14, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 11d
Fanny Seymour, 68y, Ireland, widow of Louis Louis Farren & Hester (Bailey) , both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Edward Stebbins, Franklin, MA August 14, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 9m, 12d
Abby Lawrence, 81y, Ireland, widow Patrick Creeden & Elizabeth (Hortz) both of Ireland Housework, Daniel Creeden, Newburyport August 14, 1908, myocarditis, 2y, 8m, 15d
Coles Hendrickson, 76y, NY, widow George & Mary A. (Matthews) both of NY shoemaker, contact at 46 Chandler St. Boston August 14, 1908, chronic bronchitis, 3m, 1d
# William O'Connor, 56y, Ireland James & Kate (Murphy) both of Ireland stable man August 15, 1908, phthisis, 8m, 17d
Bessie Sawin, 19y, VT George, both of Sweden waitress, Mrs. Ellen Sawin, Gaysville (?) VT August 16, 1908, ulcer of stomach, 2m, 6d
# Joseph K. Thomas, 65y, NJ, single James & Emeline, both of unknown hotel keeper August 18, 1908, lobar pneumonia, 1y, 5m, 17d
# John Joseph Benedict, 3m, 30d, MA all blank none August 19, 1908, marasumus, 4d
Horace S. Mayo, 55y, MA, single Samuel & Martha (Hauseu) both of MA laborer, Chas. Derby, Lynnfield Center, MA August 20, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 1d
William Frank Conroy, 18d, Tewksbury William & Blanche, both of VT none, Blanche Conroy, at hospital August 20, 1908, hereditary syphilis, 18d
#William or Wallace M. Carroll, 48y, St Johns, NB, married Matthew Carroll & Ana (Kilcup) both of Ireland laborer August 20, 1908, phthisis, 9m, 20d
#Hagop Kandaian, 40y, Armenia, married Kazos & Mary (Diaropean) both of Armenia cook August 20, 1908, phthisis, 3m, 25d
Benjamin R. Kimball, 72y, MA Rufus of MA & Lucinda (Rogers) of NH laborer, Louis D. Savage, Haverhill, MA August 21, 1908, mitral insufficiency, 3y, 6m
Patrick H. Richards, 43y, ME, single Patrick & Emily (White) both of NS fisherman, Simon Richards, Allston Car Station, Allston, MA August 21, 1908, phthisis, 1m, 27d
Agnes Irvine, 42y, Scotland, widow of Wm C. Irvine Peter Reid & Anna (Carson) both of Scotland housework, Matthew McIntosh, Near City Point, S. Boston August 22, 1908, carcinoma of rectum, 9m, 9d
#Nicholas Karperides, 21y, Turkey, single Paolo & Sophie, both of Greece tailor August 22, 1908, phthisis, 3m, 20d
Patrick Harper, 51y, Newfoundland, single Patrick & Ellen (Coty) both of Newfoundland sailor, Michael Harper, Newton Upper Falls, MA August 23, 1908, cancer of face, 8m, 17d
Rose Sabeyh, 4y, unknown all blank state ward August 23, 1908, general TB, 2m, 1d
# John Fox, 84y, Germany, single Abraham & Mary (Fields) both of Germany tailor August 23, 1908, arteriosclerosis, 20d

All records transcribed by JAS & DL 2004-2009