Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records
for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better. 
Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)

* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list. 

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members. 

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record. 

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with. 

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down. 

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list. 

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page. 

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.


Name, Age, birthplace Parents name, origin occupation/contact info date / cause of death
Elizabeth M. Swanson, 56y, Newfoundland, Widow Wm Maxie & Margaret (Meads) both of Newfoundland Housework, contact none Myocarditis, contributory Phthisis, August 26, 1908, 2m, 3d
# August Goyer, 63y, Canada, Widow Peter & Mathilda both of Canada Wood Chopper, contact none Carcinoma of Stomach, Sclerosis of Coronaries, contributory Adema of Lungs, August 26, 1908 9d
Jean Bittermand, 26y, Germany, Single Claud of Germany & Mary (Gondod) of France Cook, contact Miss Mary Warmitz 66 Warrington St. Boston Phthisis, August 26, 1908, 3m,10d
Annie O'Neil, 38y, Ireland, Married John Callahan & Annie (Welch) both of Ireland, husband Patrick O'Neil Housework, contact Patrick O'Neil 12 Auburn Ct. Boston Lobar Pneumonia, August 26, 1908, 7m, 18d
Charles Jacobs, 37y, Turkey, Married Chas & Sarah both of Turkey Operative, contact Patrick O'Neil Corner Parker and Spencer Ave. Chelsea, Mass. Phthisis, August 27, 1908, 28d
John Klefbeck, 80y, Sweden, Widow John & Mary both of Sweden Coppersmith, contact  --- Friedstrom 13 Alfred St. Everett Arteriosclerosis, contributory Myocarditis, August 27, 1908, 4y,1m,28d
Asadour Vartaman, 24y, Armenia, Single Whartou & Lewar both of Armenia Operative, contact Dan Lageriou Market St, Lowell, Mass Phthisis, August 28, 1908, 28d
Annie Reddington, 55y, Ireland, Married Patrick Welsh & Ellen (Burke) both of Ireland, husband Reddington Cotton Cording, contact Jas. R. Stanley City Poor Farm, Lawrence, Mass Myocarditis, August 28, 1908, 2y,7m, 28d
Spurgion Nicholas, 35y, Greece, Married Unknown both of Greece Laborer, contact Metrias Stovod 60 Market St. Lowell Acute Phthisis, August 29, 1908, 5m,3d
William H. Green, 38y, Boston, Single William & Mary both of Boston Teamster, contact B.F. Griffin Lynnfield, Mass Phthisis, August 30, 1908, 1m,23d
# John Brunetski, 37y, Poland, Married Louis & Annie (Norcos) both of Poland laborer, contact none Gen'l Tuberculosis, September 1, 1908, 2m, 22d
# Amanda Rose, 48y, Syria, Widow Antone Sylva both of Syria, husband Daniel Rose Housework, contact none Mitral Insufficiency, September 2, 1908, 20d
# Thomas F. Pinkham, 62y, Nova Scotia, Single William of England & Mary (O'Brien) of Ireland Shoemaker, contact none Mitral Insufficiency, September 3, 1908, 1m,5d
Ellen Dorsey, 58y, Ireland, Married Parents unknown, husband Patrick Dorsey Domestic, contact Patrick Dorsey 125 Brickett St. Haverhill Bronchio Pneumonia, contributory Chronic nephritis & Myocarditis, September 4, 1908, 25y, 6m, 8d
Solomon Elliott, 64y, N. Carolina, Widow Solomon & Annie both of N. Carolina Longshoreman, contact C.J. Prince, 161 Mill St. Cambridge Arteriosclerosis, September 4, 1908, 3y,7m,30d
# Mary Shea, 73y, California, Single Unknown   Domestic, contact none Mitral Insufficiency, September 8, 1908, 17y, 11m,1d
Delia Flaherty, 38y, Ireland, Single John & Bridget (Crane) both of Ireland Housework, contact Hugh Flaherty 223 River St, Waterbury, Conn. Delirium Tremens, September 10, 1908, 7d
# John Lindahl, 25y, Sweden, Single John both of Sweden Woodsman, contact none General Tuberculosis, September 10, 1908, 1m,7d
Walter Alfred Rochon, 4months, 15days, unknown Lillian Walker of New York contact Mrs. Arnus Jelley 270 Main St. Nashua, NH Marasumus, September 11, 1908, 25days
John Maher, 59y, Ireland, Single Michael & Mary (Nolan) both of Ireland Weaver, contact Edward Maher 27 Curtin Ave. Pittsfield, Mass Phthisis, September 11, 1908, 14d
Mary Leahy, 64y, Mass. Widow Michael Fallon & Ann (Norton) both of Ireland, husband Timothy Leahy Domestic, contact Michael Fallon 39 Soley St. Charlestown Phthisis, September 12, 1908, 1y,7m,4d
# Oliver Lego, 57y, Canada, Widow Father: Bastian birth place unknown Laborer, contact none Cerebral Hem., September 13, 1908, 12d
Manoog Moorad, 33y, Turkey, Married Garalad & Mary (Garigian) both of Turkey Interpreter, contact James Mooradian 16 Thames St. Worcester, Mass Phthisis, September 14, 1908, 1m,4d
George A. Hill, 82y, Maine, Married Geo. Hill & Mary Cole of Maine Mason, contact Mrs. C.C. Partridge 4 Ashmont St. Dorchester, Mass Accident - Fall Fracture of Skull, contributory myocarditis, September 15, 1908, 10m, 29d
James Riley, 50y, Boston, Mass. Single James & Mary Looney both or Ireland Longshoreman, contact Mrs. Sarah McDonough 1 Phyliss Ct. Roxbury. Phthisis, September 17, 1908, 2m,2d
Eskel Selahn, 22y, Sweden, Single Johan & Brita both of Sweden Sailor, contact Father Johan Selahn, Lundswall, Sweden Phthisis, September 17, 1908, 8d
Mary Savage, 53y, Mass, Single Seth Savage & Mary both of Mass Housework, contact Mrs. Clay Savage Hubbardston, Mass. Phthisis, September 17, 1908, 6y,5m,17d
# Joseph McDonald, 81y, Canada, Married Hector & Annie (McAdam) both of Scotland Janitor, contact none Cancer of Stomach, September 17, 1908, 23
Thomas Linehan, 56y, Connecticut, Widow Patrick & Sarah (Phalen) both of Ireland Moulder, contact Sarah Salway 28 Center St. Northampton General Tuberculosis, September 20, 1908, 7m,8d
# Andrew McLean, 53y, Canada, Single Peter of Scotland & Annie (McIntosh) of Canada Restaurant, contact none Phthisis, September 21, 1908, 10d
Margaret Callahan, 22y, Nova Scotia, Single Robert of New Hampshire & Mary (Mutsu) of Nova Scotia Waitress, contact Mrs. Alex Murphy, Yarmouth, N.S. Postpartum hemorrhage Surgical Shock, September 21, 1908, 3m,8d
John Monaghan, 24y, England, Single Thomas & Bridget (Mullen) both of Ireland Comb Fixer, contact Mr. Patrick Monaghan  453 Broadway St. Lawrence, Mass Phthisis, September 23, 1908, 2m,15d
# Julius Braive, 67y, Belgium, Single not known both of Belgium Laborer, contact none Lobar Pneumonia, September 23, 1908 2d
Patrick J. Reagan, 51y, Ireland, Widow John & Mary Galvin both of Ireland Laborer, contact Mrs. Ellen Murphy Natick, Mass Chronic Nephritis, September 24, 1908, 4m,2d
Thomas E. Kelley. 63y, Ireland, Widow James & Bridget both of Ireland Shoemaker, contact Michael Kelly Quincy Mass Arterio Sclerosis, September 24, 1908, 4m,13d
John L. Steele, 27y, Ireland, Single John & Margaret (Carey) both of Ireland Laborer, contact William Higgins 35 Decatur St. Charlestown, Mass Phthisis, September 27, 1908, 4m
# Annie Brown, 42y, Boston, Widow James Hughes & Hannah (Kennedy) both or Ireland, husband Brown Domestic Phthisis, September 27, 1908, 1m,22d
Aratokis Nasham, 24y, Turkey, Single Nashan & Nartine both of Turkey Operative, contact Mushak Kasian 1385 Central St. Lowell, Mass Phthisis, September 30, 1908, 1y, 13d
Michael Reagan, 39y, Ireland, Married Matthew & Francis (Dean) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Wife: 44 Nashua St. Boston, Mass Phthisis, October 1, 1908, 1m,8d
# John Budzyna, 38y, Austria, Married Stephan & Titlar (Bonacso) both of Austria Laborer, contact no relatives Lobar Pneumonia, October 1, 1908
John Anderson, 43y, Norway, Single Christan & Grace (Midson) both or Norway Steam Fitter, contact Wm Boyce 61 Prospect St. Charlestown, Mass Phthisis, October 2, 1908, 4m,4d
# Ferdinand Ledesir, 72y, France, Widow Peter & Catherine both of France Book Agent, contact none Catarrhal Dysentery, October 3, 1908, 5d
Hanora Kelley, 25y, Ireland, Married Patrick Kelley & Marg't (Kenney) both of Ireland, Husband Nichoel Leonard Housework, contact Mrs. Kerlis Gorharn? 22 3rd St. So. Boston Phthisis, October 3,1 908, 24d
John R. Jones, 63y, New York, Widow Joshua of Vermont & Bridget (Ech) of England Hack Driver, contact Maria Johnson 684 Tremont St. Boston Pneumogastric Paralysis following Anesthesia, October 3, 1908, 1y,3m,28d
# Patrick Lyons, 1 month, 3 days, Tewksbury, Mass Mary Lyons of Brockton None Malnutrition, since birth, October 4, 1908, 1m,3d
Pietro Catanzariti, 18y, Italy, Single Frank & Flejer (Manyun?) both of Italy Shoemaker, contact Jos. Lorentien 4 Fountain Pl. Boston, Mass General Tuberculosis, October 4, 1908, 1m,5d
# Adolphus Buttles, 68y, Canada, Single John & Mary (LaClair) both of Canada Laborer, contact none Lobar Pneumonia, October 4, 1908, 9d
Charles E. Wise, 71y, Boston, Widow Isaac of Maine & Ann Walker of New Hampshire Railroad Clerk, contact R.L. Brownell 19 Gleason St. W. Medford Pulmonary Embolism, contributory Catarrhal Dysentery, Arterio Sclerosis, October 5, 1908, 3y,8m,28d
Mary Mannion, 72y, Ireland, Single Michael & Sally (Early) both of Ireland Domestic, contact Catherine Love? Spencer, Mass Mitral Insufficiency, October 5, 1908, 22y,11m,25d
Julia A. Olsen, 39y, Ireland, Married Darby Sullivan & Mary (Reagan) both of Ireland Housework, contact Jas. Dempsey 50 Huntington St. Cambridge Cerebral Syphilis, October 6, 1908, 1y,5m,14d
Moses Nye, 57y, Hyannis, Mass, Married James Nye of Hyannis Mass. Farmer, contact Jas. Nye, Sanborn, Mass Myocarditis, October 7, 1908, 1y,3m
Maternos Strink, 26y, Austria, Married Andrew & Mary both of Austria Laborer, contact Tekla Kosak Strink 8 Endicott St. Peabody, Mass Phthisis, October 8, 1908, 1m,29d
# William Falkenburg, 63y, New Jersey, Single Robert of New York & Nancy (Nail) of New Jersey Clerk, contact none Myocarditis, October 8, 1908, 2m
Augusta Wozinski, 52y, Poland, Widow Vincent Mengniski of Poland Housework, contact Alber Lozinski Box or Concord ??, S.H. Phthisis, October 8, 1908, 2y,2m,4d
Joseph Doyle, 44y, Ireland, Single John & Jane (Welch) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Mrs. Sam Jenks Central Falls R.I. Myocarditis, October 10, 1908, 3m,21d
Archibald McKenzie, 61y, Cape Breton, Widow Alexander of Cape Breton & Mary of Scotland Carpenter, contact Hector McKenzie (brother) 557 Medford St. Charlestown Phthisis, contributory Bronchial Asthma, October 12, 1908, 3y,4m,9d
# Genie Forte, 22y, Portugal, Married John Perry & Masma (Sopse?) both of Portugal Domestic, contact none Phthisis, October 14, 1908, 2m,24d
# Richard D. Goddard, 65y, England, Widow William & Martha (Green) both or England Weaver, contact none Auguia Pecton's, contributory Myocarditis, Hypostatic Pneumonia, October 16, 1908, 14d
Tilda Lute, 32y, Finland, Single Martin & Greta both or Finland Housework, contact Mrs. Fannie Shepolen 2 Hillrich St. N. Quincy Phthisis, October 17, 1908, 1y,3m,11d
# Charles F. Furber (or) Fowler, 50y, New Hampshire, Married Eugene of New Brunswick & Annie (McLeod) of Scotland Painter, contact No relatives Phthisis, October 22, 1908, 3m,2d
Matthew Burke, 43Y, England, Widow Matthew & Magorite (Barrett) both of Ireland Boatsman, contact Mrs. Chas. Gilson, Brooklyn, NH Phthisis, October 22, 1908, 5d
# Catherine Moriarty, 3 months 9 days, Tewksbury Unknown None Hereditary Syphilis, October 23, 1908, 29d
# Frances Mackay, 6 months, 20 days, Watertown, Mass. Harriet M. Mackay, Nova Scotia None Malnutrition since birth, October 23, 1908, 5m,11d
# Edward James Bourbon, 1 month 15 days, Tewksbury, Mass Ephraim Bourbon of Lowell, Mass & Mary of N.H. contact, Mother here Bronchio Pneumonia, contributory Pertussis October 23, 1908 1m, 15d
Bridget Feeley, 60y, Ireland, Widow Peter Connors & ?Viane (Hart) both of Ireland Domestic, contact Mrs. Ellen Feeley  Harre St. E. Boston Chr. Myocarditis, October 25, 1908, 1m,2d
# William White, 38y, England, Single James & Sarah (Cox) both of England Laborer, contact none General Peritonitis, contributory Typhoid Fever (over 20years), October 25, 1908, 26d
Andrew Smith, 33y, Poland, Single Roman & Mary (Anthony) both of Poland Laborer, contact Fred Koparunsky 20 Medford St. Chelsea Mass Chronic Nephritis, October 26, 1908, 1m,5d
# Margaret Mahoney, 5 months, 15 days, Tewksbury, Mass Elizabeth Mahoney of Ireland None Malnutrition, October 27, 1908, 5m,15d
Margaret Gilerum, 31?y, Nova Scotia, Married Fral? Jordon of England & Mary (McCabe) of Nova Scotia Housework, contact Sabboto Giralano 552 Commercial St. Boston Aortic Insufficiency, contributory General Paralysis (4 years), October 30, 1908, 1y,5m,19d
Antonio Millar, 68y, Russia, Single Benedict & Elizabeth both of Russia Laborer, contact John Millar 67 Salem St. Boston Myocarditis, contributory Catarrhal Dysentery, October 31, 1908, 1y,7m,1d
# John Fay, 78y, Ireland, Single Patrick Fahey & Mary Ryan both of Ireland Laborer, contact none Mitral Insufficiency, contributory Chronic Bronchitis (2yrs), October 31, 1908, 17y,3m,24d
# Domenico Lubilant (al) Alis Augustie, 43y, Italy Not known  Laborer, contact none Myocarditis, November 1, 1908, 1d
Thomas Irving, 45y, Ireland, Single Robert & Mary both of Ireland Press Man, contact Geo. McKenzie 325 Washington St. Boston General Septicaernia, November 2, 1908, 10d
Hannah Anderson, 45y, Sweden, Single Anderson Parson both of Sweden Housework, contact Mrs.. E.H. Proctor, Bolton, Mass Mitral Insufficiency, November 3, 1908, 5y,5m,22d
Peter Duffy, 70y, Ireland, Married William & Catherine (Larkin) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Mrs. Rose Barker Orient Heights, Mass Arterio Sclerosis Myocarditis, contributory Catarrhal dysentery, November 5, 1908, 4m,4d
# Boleski Coza, 4 months, 9 days, Mass State Hospital Mary Coza, Poland contact Hospital records Pertussis, contributory Malnutrition, November 6, 1908, 5m,9d
# Charles J. Allen, 60y, New York, Widow Matthew & Sarah both of New York Cook, contact none Uraemia, contributory Chronic Interstitial nephritis Arteriosclerosis, November 6, 1908, 6d
# Philip Carney, 77y, Ireland, Single Daniel & Mary (Kimball) both of Ireland Laborer, contact none Cerebral Thrombosis, contributory Arterio sclerosis, November 7, 1908, 9m,3d
# John Aho, 1 year, 1 month, Mass Alex Aho & Amanta Lector both of Finland None Acute Ileocolitis, November 9, 1908, 9m,18d
Leminita Magri (al) Leonida Fumeri, 16y, Italy, Married Mario Magri & Carmela (Stano) both of Italy Domestic, contact Miss Arnetta Magri 106 Corumou St. Lawrence Sarcoma of Buttock, November 10, 1908, 1m,18d
Rosina Tragola, 20y, Italy, Single Pasquale & Santu (Vinge) both of Italy Mill Work, contact Father 121 1/2 Common St. Lawrence Phthisis, November 11, 1908, 1m,19d
Raphael King, 1 1/2 hours, Tewksbury, Mass Joseph of Canada & Clara of Maine Clara King ; Maternity Ward Atelectasis, November 12, 1908
Sarah A. Hayes, 42y, Mass, Single Martin & Mary both of Ireland Domestic, contact Martin Hayes City Stable Quincy Mass Phthisis, November 14, 1908, 16y,5m,5d
Henry P. Bell, 51y, Cambridge, Mass, Married Henry A. of Philadelphia & Annie (Basset) of Nashua, NH Farmer, contact Mrs. Nettie Bell, 327 Dudley St. Boston Uremia, chronic nephritis,  November 17, 1908, 5d
# John D. Broderick, 51y, England, Single Unknown Laborer, contact none Myocarditis, November 20, 1908, 4y,5m,28d
Margaret Jaenicke, 3y, New Haven Conn, Single Wm. Jaenicke & Fanny (Fountain) of unknown State Ward Bronchio Pneumonia, contributory Pertussis, November 22, 1908, 11m,4d
Margaret Paton, 50y, England, Widow James O'Hara & Jarn (Smith) both of Ireland Cook, contact James O'Hara King Philips Mills, Fall River Ileocolitis, contributory Dermatitis Exfoliation, November 23, 1908, 6m,21d
Mary A. Kenyon, 65y, N.Y. Widow Cornelius L. Dunn of Ireland & Margt (Manahan) of Scotland, Husband Kenyon Domestic, contact Mr. Redmond Kentura Moxter St. Hingham, Mass Mitral Insufficiency, November 24, 1908, 3m,6d
Jennie Collins, 40y, Alabama, Married Edmund of Alabama & Maud (Nelson) of Tenn. Housework, contact Blanche Health 4 Acton St. Boston Phthisis, November 25, 1908, 1m,20d
# Julia Morrissey, 73y, Ireland, Widow Edward Dillon & Mgt. (Shea) both or Ireland Domestic, contact none Acute Ileocolitis, contributory Arteriosclerosis, November 26, 1908, 3m,28d
# Mary Soucy, 5 min. Tewksbury Mass (S.H.) Chas. LaPelle of Unknown & Mary Soucy of Salem, Mass None Premature birth, November 27, 1908
Luke Sanders, 27y, Alabama, Single William & Mary (Jones) both of Alabama Longshoreman, contact Fred Washington 18 Willowhark St. Boston, Mass Phthisis, November 28, 1908, 3m,29d
John A. Rogers, 62y, Massachusetts, Single Benjamin of New Hampshire & Elizabeth (Smith) of Massachusetts Laborer, contact G.W. Rogers 19 Blanchard St. Roxbury Uremia, contributory Arterial Sclerosis, November 29, 1908, 3m,23d
# Charles Young, 50y, Scotland, Married Charles of Virginia & Anna (Larvell) of Ireland Not given Uremia, contributory Arterial Sclerosis, November 29, 1908, 8m,27d
# Jacoma Maynard, 3 years, Williamstown, Mass Unknown None Septicemia, November 29, 1908, 28d
John Magnuson, 72y, Sweden, Widow Julius & Anna (Feugelen) both or Sweden Cabinet Maker, contact Harry Lerugren 713 Shawmut Ave, Roxbury Arterial Sclerosis, December 2, 1908, 16d
# John C. Campbell, 1 month, Unknown Unknown None Hereditary Syphilis, December 4, 1908, 13d
Michael O'Toole, 60y, Ireland, Married Michael & Mary (Nolan) both or Ireland Laborer, contact Lawrence Toomey 79 Main St. Cambridge, Mass Bronchia pneumonia,  December 4, 1908, 10m,8d
Hiland Howard, 75y, New York, Married Lloyd & Olivia (Hortuaw) both of New York Weaver, contact Ira Howard 123 Main St. Maynard, Mass Arterial sclerosis,  December 6, 1908
Michael Cunniff, 52y, Dorchester, Single Patrick & Mary (Blake) both of Ireland Laborer, contact none General Peritonitis, contributory Typhoid Fever, December 6, 1908, 3d
John Padden, 43y, Ireland, Widow Michael & Ellen (Mary) both of Ireland Longshoreman, contact Michael Burns 39 Fleet St. Boston Phthisis, December 7, 1908, 1y,7m,1s
Joseph H. Stevenson, 58y, Ireland, Single John & Elizabeth (Burgess) both or Ireland Shoemaker, contact Frank Stephenson Oakland, Cal. General Septicaernia, contributory Hemiplegia, December 7, 1908, 3m,13d
# Salvatore Nuccio, 40y, Italy, Married Giraldo & Maria both of Italy Painter, contact none Tabes ? Mesenteric, December 7, 1908, 1m,17d
# John McKinnon, 69y, Unknown Unknown None Arterio Sclerosis, contributory Alcoholic dementia, December 8, 1908, 10d
# Patrick Joseph Coyle, 48y, Ireland, Single William & Mary both of Ireland Hostler, contact none Uremia, December 8, 1908, 5d
# Isaac Forte, 2 years, Mass Peter & Jeannie (151763) both of Portugal None General Tuberculosis, contributory Pertussis, December 9, 1908, 4m, 18d
Elijah Farmer, 71y, Billerica, Mass, Married Not Known Laborer, contact Wife: Littleton, Mass. Chronic Nephritis, contrib. Arterial Sclerosis, December 11, 1908
Charles E. Jackson, 37y, England, Single George & Elizabeth (Reynolds) both of England Waiter, contact John F. Fitzgerald 10 Corning St. Boston Phthisis, December 13, 1908
# William Baker, 48y, Ireland, Widow Andrew & Elizabeth (Cunningham) both of Ireland Blacksmith, contact none Chronic Nephritis, contrib. Arterio Sclerosis, December 13, 1908
Minnie Barrett, 47y, Nova Scotia, Single John & Johanna (Sullivan) both of Ireland Housework, contact Annie Fay 46 Dover St. Boston Mitral Insufficiency, December 15, 1908, 1y,9m,11d
Peter Nakhurski (or) Nachwoski, 26y, Austria, Single Stanistari & Josie (Bailos) both of Austria Shoemaker, contact Mrs. Josie Nacluroski (mother) Harrison Ave, Boston Phthisis, December 16, 1908, 1m,7d
Charles Carson, 58y, New York, Single William & Margaret (Tull) both of Germany Machinist, contact John A. Weick Roxbury, Mass. Cerebral Hem, December 17, 1908, 6m,6d
William O'Brien, 24y, Ireland, Single John & Ellen (Riley) both of Ireland Sailor, contact Wm. McCarthy 222 Webster St. East Boston Phthisis, December 19, 1908, 7m,15d
Antti Mattson, 24y, Finland, Married Johan & Matti (Hyraoja) both of Finland Factory, contact Wife: 101 Mechanic St. Fitchburg, Mass. Phthisis, December 19, 1908, 5m,11d
# Rosanna Howard, 78y, Mass, Single Sarah of Maine None Cerebral Hem, contrib. Phthisis, December 20, 1908, 54y, 7m, 11d
# Elizabeth Luzzatto, 2 months 11 days, Tewksbury, Mass, S.H. Elizabeth Luzzatto of Chelsea, Mass none Hereditary Syphilis, contrib. Premature birth, December 21, 1908, 2m,11d
Donato Trivisano (or) Durante Travasino, 45, Italy, Married Achilli & Maria (Donata) both of Italy Macaroni Maker, contact Micola Palazzo 4 Winthrop Place, Boston Atrophic Cirrhosis of Liver, December 23, 1908, 1m, 20d
Mary Houghton, 51y, Ireland, Single Patrick & Rose (Flon?) both of Ireland Housework, contact Pat'k McLaughtin 4 No. Grove St. Boston Cancer of Breast, contrib. Cancer of Liver, December 24, 1908, 14d
# Patrick Crilly, 40y, Boston, Single Stephen & Catherine (Hogan) both of Ireland Laborer, contact none Phthisis, contrib. Epilepsy (35yrs), December 24, 1908, 2y,5m,12d
# Mary Turner, 61y, Ireland, Widow Timothy Holland & Mary (McDermott) both of Ireland Housework, contact none Phthisis, December 25, 1908, 25y,6m,7d
Viola Daisy Hull, 27 days, S.H. Tewksbury Thomas Ackert of ? & Mary Hull of Conn. Contact Mother here Congenital Heart Disease, December 27, 1908, 27d
Dennis D. McCarron, 64y, Ireland, Married Patrick & Fanny (Bradley) both of Ireland Roofer, contact Mrs. McCarron 9 New St. E. Boston Pelvic Peritonitis, December 29, 1908, 35d
# Rosa LaTorre, 32y, Italy, Married Archangelo Ricca & Domenica (LaRosa) both of Italy Housework, contact none Phthisis, January 2, 1909, 25d
# Samuel Proulx, 4 months, 12days, M.S.H. Tewksbury Eva Proulx of Canada none Pneumonia, contrib. Malnutrition, January 6, 1909, 4m,12d
Jack Krirvila?, 31y, Finland, Single John & Lizzie (Baker) both of Finland Wire Mill, contact Chas. Krivala? 8 Saxwell St. Worcester, Mass. Phthisis, January 7, 1909, 1m,26d
# Peter Hamilton, 64y, Ireland, Single Thomas & Mary (Doyle) both of Ireland Laborer, contact none Arteriosclerosis, January 7, 1909, 2m,18d
Thomas Madden, 50y, Ireland, Single John & Mary (Brennan) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Jim Mallory 32 Leon St. Roxbury, Mass Phthisis, January 9, 1909
# Daniel Mitson, 8 months, Unknown Fannie Mitson none Bronchio Pneumonia, contrib. Whooping cough, January 9, 1909, 2m, 4d
John Brunner, 54y, New York, Widow Gabriel of France & Catherine of Germany Lithographic Transferor, contact A. Pfefler Westfield, Mass Phthisis, January 11, 1909
Mary Lagrene (or) Legress, 72y, Cambridge, Mass, Single Peter Lagrene of West Indies & Abbie (Rangs) of Boston, Mass Dressmaker, contact Mrs. Miles Reuner Northport, Me Chr. Enteritis, contrib. Mitral Insuff., January 12, 1909, 1y,4m,5d
Jane H. Locke, 74y, Boston, Mass, Widow Unknown contact Thomas Main 95 Mill St. Boston, Mass. Lobar Pneumonia, January 16, 1909
Patrick McCarthy, 74y, Ireland, Widow James & Nora (Reardon) of Ireland Laborer, contact Dennis McCarthy 584 2d St. So. B. Lobar Pneumonia, January 16, 1909, 5y,3m,8d
Thomas Fleming, 44y, Scotland, Single William & Jeanie (Whiterman) both of Scotland Farmer, contact John Fleming Arlington St. Lawrence, Mass. Catarrhal Enteritis, contrib. Mitral Insuff. January 17, 1909, 4y,8m,17d
Thomas McCarthy, 5 months, 12 days, M.S.H. Tewksbury Coleman Foley of ? & Annie McCarthy of Ireland contact Mother Annie Lobar Pneumonia, contrib. Congenital heart, January 18, 1909, 5m,13d
# John W. Dorothy (or) Doherty, 58y, Vermont, Single Martin & Catherine (Dorothy) both of Ireland Brakerman, contact none Phthisis, January 18, 1909, 4m,20d
Joseph St. John, 81y, Canada, Widow Louis & Margaret both of Canada Laborer, contact Mrs. Jas. Clare? Leominster, Mass (daughter) Acute Ileocolitis, contrib. Phthisis, January 19, 1909, 4m, 7d
James Barry, 41y, Ireland, Single James & Bridget (Brown) both of Ireland Laborer, contact Mrs. J. Clark 15 Sigourney St. Worcester, Mass. Phthisis, contrib. Chronic Nephritis, January 19, 1909
# James Murphy, 1y, Lynn, Mass Unknown contact none Acute General Tuberculosis, contrib. Pertussis, January 21, 1909, 9m,28d
Salvatore Stella, 51y, Italy, Married Mariano & Angela (Azzare) both of Italy Laborer, contact Archangelo Savoia 38 Charter St. Boston Phthisis, January 23, 1909, 1m,6d
Patrick J. O'Neil, 36y, Ireland John & Mary (Moriarty) both of Ireland brakerman, Mrs. John O'Neil, 121 1/2 Water St., Springfield January 25, 1909, phthisis, 4d
Charles Albert Keach, 41y, CT, widow Joseph & Emma (Shade) both of CT jeweler, Mrs. Mary Ward, 14 Florence St., Attleboro January 28, 1909, phthisis, 2d
# Edward H. Wheeler, 41y, VT William & Susan (McCaffrey) both of Ireland lumberer January 29, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 6d
# Robert C. McDonald, 27d, Boston John McDonald & Mary, both of ME mother here January 30, 1909, marasumus, 10d
# Catherine Kelly, 69y, Ireland, single Thomas & Ellen (Brown) both of Ireland cook January 31, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 9y, 9m, 4d
# Orville Derosier, 42y, Webster, single not known stone cutter January 31, 1909, chronic nephritis, 52d
# Sarah A. Phans, 89y, Boston, single Edward & Mary, both of England housework January 31, 1909, embolism of right external iliac and left femoral arteries, 32y, 4m, 25d
# Matti Joensu, 53y, Finland, widow Jacob & Annie, both of Finland laborer February 1, 1909, phthisis, 28d
Eliza A. Bennett, 73y, Sharon, MA, single James of England & Ann, of Bristol, CT no occupation, Henry Bennett, Housatonic, MA February 1, 1909, bronchial pneumonia, 2y, 11m
Robert Stephenson or Stevenson, 47y, Ireland, widow John & Rose (Nixon) both of Ireland painter, Mrs. Rosina Pettington, Ward L., Lawrence February 1, 1909, phthisis, 1y, 8m, 24d
Thomas J. Huntington, 47y, RI, single Joseph & Elizabeth (Reed) both of Ireland machinist, Fred J. Sayles, Pascoag RI February 2, 1909, general paralysis, 1y, 1m, 28d
Edward Burns, 32y, England, single Thomas & Bridget (Galvin) both of England sign writer, Martin Hart, 630 Broadway, Lawrence February 5, 1909, cerebral hemorrhage, 2m, 12d
# Frederick A. Williams, 3m, unknown all unknown none February 7, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 2d
# Wong Gui High, 62y, China, married both of China, no names  farmer February 7, 1909, chronic nephritis, 16d
# Morris White, 60y, Michigan, single Maurice & Kate, both of Ireland laborer February 8, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 7m
# Arthur John McCarthy, 3d, born at hospital Mary McCarthy of Ireland mother here February 10, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 3d
# William Menard al Maynard, 70y, Canada, single Henry & Sophie (Lavalle), both of Canada  laborer February 10, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 26d
Benjamin W. Reed, 55y, Worcester, married Benjamin of Worcester & Eliza (Howe) of Southbridge actor, wife : Greendale, MA February 12, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 9m, 18d
# James Bain, 75y, NH, single Bagley Bain & ___(Shuer) both of NH grocer February 12, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 4m, 14d
Wadyslow Maruciak, 48y, Austria, widow Alec & Madeline, both of Austria harness maker February 13, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 1d
Eva J. Keen, 62y, Germany, widow Johann Scheilder & Karin, both of Germany domestic, Gus Keen, Plympton Book Bindery, Norwood, MA February 16, 1909, acute peritonitis, 2y, 2m, 3d
Harriet White, 48y, Easton, MA, single Josiah Hoyt & Sarah (Johnson) both of MA housework, Miss Fischer, Mansfield Center February 16, 1909, cancer of temple, 3y, 8m, 21d
# Louise Bosca or Bosquet, 45y, Canada, married both of Canada, no names domestic February 18, 1909, exhaustion in status epilefticus (?), 10m, 21d, also arteriosclerosis
William A. Brown, 52y, West Indies, widow William & Ann, both of West Indies Tailor, Geo. Ers, 71 Beach St., Boston February 18, 1909, phthisis, 10d
Richard B. Kelliher, 48y, Waltham, MA, single Dennis & Mary (O'Leary) both of Ireland marble worker, Mrs. Abbie Francis. Station A., "Gen. Del.", Boston February 21, 1909, general TB, 2m, 7d
# Donald S. Covell, 3m, unknown all blank none February 22, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 14d
# Clara Shyler al. Duderois al. Laroche, 38y, Manchester, NH, married Henry Shyler & Clemonce, both of Canada housework February 23, 1909, cancer of uterus, 18d
Dennis Crowley, 44y, Ireland, widow Dennis & Hanora (Keefe) both of Ireland dynamite handler, Daniel Crowley, Moulton St., Charlestown February 23, 1909, uremia, 4m, 24d
Solomon Richibany, 21y, Syria, single David & Julia (Simon) both of Syria peddler, Antonio Shaheen, 30 Oxford St., Boston February 23, 1909, general TB, 1y, 2m, 16d
William H. Smith, 78y, Southbridge, MA, widow Henry & Fidelia (Willard) both of MA shoe cutter, Sarah Burke, 1 Warren Ave.,, Boston February 24, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 3y, 10m, 16d
# Frank Goodwin, 61y, Boston, married James of ME & Susan (Fitzgerald) of Boston property manager February 25, 1909, cerebral hemorrhage, 5m, 4d
# Issac Ruska, 33y, Finland, single Cobrioska & Sophia (Kolposka) both of Finland iron foundry February 26, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 4d
# John Conlon, 63y, Ireland Michael & Mary (Corcoran) both of Ireland laborer March 2, 1909, chronic nephritis, 8m, 24d
Joseph Proulx, 45y, Canada, widow Mitchell, both of Canada  laborer, Edward Proulx, Lawrence, MA March 3, 1909, phthisis, 7d
Joseph Marchand, 65y, Canada, widow Gill & Corchie (Jurand) both of Canada laborer, contact in Springfield - 25 State Street March 4, 1909, bronchia pneumonia, 3m, 8d
# Robert Mesite, 5m, born at hospital Patsie Mesite & Marie, both of Italy none March 5, 1909, inanition, 5m, 11d
Phillips McGratti, 78y, Charlestown, married Philip & Mary (Dearborn) both of Ireland upholsterer, Wm. Nelson, Charlestown March 7, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 9m, 4d
# Mirean Paul, 11m, MA unknown state ward March 8, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 5m, 18d
John Sharkey, 38y, Ireland,  Bernard & Mary (McConnell) both of Ireland laborer, Wm. Carey, 8 Mullens Ct., Cambridge March 8, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 7d
Liborio Bonferraro, 26y, Italy, married Benedict & Emma (Josardia) both of Italy shoemaker, M. Salavado, 3 North Sq., Boston March 9, 1909, Tb of hip joint, 1y, 3d
John McMullen, 22y, Canada, single Harry & Elizabeth (Collins) both of England laborer, John Livingston, 204 Verseilles St., Montreal Canada March 10, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 14d
George Brown, 35y, NH Mary A. Fellows, both of unknown laborer, Lucy Brown (sister) Holliston, NH March 10, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 19d
Mary Corcoran, 76y, Ireland, widow James Ryan & Bridget (Carrol) both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Bridget Lowe, Brownsfield, MA March 10, 1909, bronchial pneumonia, 2y, 2m, 14d
Arthur Smart, 70y, MA, single Wm. & Mary, both of MA Stone mason, Wm. Smart, Leominster March 13, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 4d
# John Farming, 41y, NS., single James & Anasasia (Hunt) both of NS farmer March 13, 1909, TB meningitis, 1y, 4m, 2d
Sarah A. Stevens, 82y, NH, widow William Ford & Hannah (Kelly) both of NH housework, Annie Stetson, Danvers, MA March 13, 1909, cancer of face, 3m, 3d
# George F. Wilson, 43y, not known all blank laborer March 15, 1909, cerebral syphilis, 19d
# Emil Swartz, 70y, Switzerland, widow Frederick Gotoelle Swartz of Switzerland & Barbara of Germany cabinet maker March 16, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 2y, 19d
# John Murphy, 48y, England, single John & Mary Ann (Robinson) both of Ireland laborer March 18, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 3d
# William Fraser, 72y, Scotland, single Augus & Elizabeth (McKay) both of Scotland laborer March 20, 1909, chronic nephritis, 7m, 16d
Charles H. Stackpole, 58y, NH, married Paul H. & Caroline, both of NH bartender, Mrs. Chas. Stackpole, Stoneham, MA March 22, 1909, general paresis, 4y, 6m, 22d
Jacob Whalen, 22y, Newfoundland, single Patrick & Mary (Bradbury) both of Newfoundland fisherman, John Whalen, 104 Morrison St., E. Boston March 23, 1909, sarcoma of jaw, 2m, 15d
John Holland, 52y, Boston James J. & Honora (Berry) both of Ireland tailor, Bridget Holland, L. St., Boston March 23, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 21d
John Nelson, 40y, Sweden Hans & Christia (Olselen ?) both of Sweden blacksmith, Robert Svenson, 181 Washington St, Boston March 25, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 10d
Deborah Keirstead, 96y, "New Ireland", widow John & Margaret, both of NY housework, Michael Keirstead, Church St., Waltham March 24, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 6y, 7m, 17d
Elizabeth Cooney, 43y, Ireland, married to Michael Michael Welch & Mary, both of Ireland housework, husband : 18 Cardon St., Boston March 25, 1909, phthisis, 4m, 11d
# Ruth Marcotte, 1y, Hyde Park all unknown none March 25, 1909, bronchial pneumonia, diphtheria, 2m, 11d
Joseph Fenheart, 27y, Portugal, single Christian & Clementine (Fernald) both of Portugal laborer, Bro. Peter Fenheart, 48 Melrose St., Boston March 26, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 3d
Charles H. Barber, 60y, ME, widow Thomas & Mary J. (Randall) both of unknown printer, Lizzie White, 39 Court St., Boston march 27, 1909, phthisis, 23d
# Peter Tully, 34y, Ireland John & Ann (Connors) both of Ireland fireman March 27, 1909, cerebral hemorrhage, 2y, 13d
# Peter Bacoupulos, 20y, Greece Kostannitissos, both of Greece weaver March 28, 1909, phthisis, 27d
Ellen Fay, 67y, Ireland, married both of Ireland, no names housework, Mary Fay, S. Lancaster, MA March 28, 1909, broncho pneumonia, 2t, 10m, 12d
# Eva Briglia, 8m, born at hospital Loreng Boiglia & Clementina, both of Italy unknown March 29, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 8m, 11d
William E. Fletcher, 72y, MA, single Nathan & Mary (Watson), both of MA farmer, Mary Lang, 87 Elm St., Bradford, MA March 30, 1909, cancer of esophagus, 11d
# Caroline Brugnell, 49y, Belgium, single no names, both of Belgium mill hand March 30, 1909, intestinal cancer, 6d
# Charlmers McCullock, 3y, Malden, MA unknown state ward March 30, 1909, TB peritonitis, 7m, 24d
# George Miller, 4m, 24d, Tewksbury George Western, of MA & Eva (Miller) of Russia  mother here March 31, 1909, TB meningitis, 2m, 23d
Austin Carr, 26y, England, single Patrick & Ellen (Regan) both of England mill hand, Eliz. Carr, Maythorn April 2, 1909, peritonsillar abcess, 3d
Henry Thomas, 39y, Canada Maxine & Philmore Guerin, both of Canada machinist, Mrs. Francis Bushey, 47 Dwight St., Springfield, MA April 5, 1909, phthisis, 10m, 22d
# Clarence Pappa, 2m, Tewksbury Thomas Pappas & Lillian, of Norway none April 5, 1909, malnutrition, 2m, 11d
# William Shimher, 35y, Russia, single Adam & Annie ( Treano) both of Russia peddler April 8, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 1d
# Margaret Sheehan, 4d, born at hospital J.W. Sheehan of NY & Margaret Frances, of Boston mother here April 8, 1909, internal hemorrhage, 4d
#Maude Parker, 27d, Waverly, MA all blank none April 9, 1909, acute inanition, 27d
Stephen McCarthy, 45y, Ireland, widow Daniel & Mary (O'Brien) both of Ireland painter, Kate McCarthy, 2 Providence Ct., Boston April 11, 1909, delirium tremens, 4d
# Annie Joseph, 2y, 11m all blank none April 13, 1909, marasumus, 3m, 28d
Patrick McQueeney, 42y, Prividence RI Dennis & Rosie (Harn) both of Ireland laborer, Peter McQueeney, South Boston April 13, 1909, cerebral hemorrhage, 5m, 1d
Charles Miller, 46y, Boston, single Charles of Germany & Mary (Manning), of Boston teamster, Con Callahan, 20 Parker Dr., Charlestown April 13, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 15d
William Miller, 72y, MA, married Hanson B. of VT & Elmira of unknown not given, Mary E. Miller, 46 Salncouth (?) Ln., Boston April 13, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 15d
# Annie Burke, 66y, VA, widow Morrison McCoy & Emily (Gouiga) both of VA laundress April 13, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 11m, 11d
Issac Peters, 20y, Bermuda Margarite (Rollis) both of West Indies painter, Mr. Ernest Douglas, Boston April 13, 1909, phthisis, 6d
# Wilfred Joseph McCarthy, 2m, 7d, born at hospital Mary McCarthy, of Ireland mother here April 14, 1909, acute inanition, 2m, 7d
# Lenager Cote, 53y, not known all blank none April 14, 1909, pneumonia, 4 hours
Mary N. Riley, 41y, MA, married to John Riley John Ford & Mary (Keating) both of Ireland housework, John Riley, 1931 Washington St., Boston April 15, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 20d
# Mary Madeline Martin, 2m, 2d, botn at hospital Carrie Martin of Lynn, MA mother here April 15, 1909, acute inanition, 2m, 2d
John J. Daley or Daly, 52y, Ireland, widow  Jeremiah & Ellen (Bradley) both of Ireland laborer, John Daly, Oldtown, ME April 17, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 1d
# John Jedrusik, 3m, 17d, born at hospital father unknown, mother, Julia of Austria mother here April 18, 1909, marasumus, 3m, 17d
Tony Thompson, 27y, SC Tony, father, both of unknown coachman, Mrs. Tony Thompson, 149 Maple Rd., Brookline April 19, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 6d
# John Brown, 52y, MA, single Joseph & Alice (Mielson) both of MA electric lineman April 20, 1909, carcinoma of Liver, 12d
# Charles Dwyer, 40y, Sweden John & Mary (Oswall) both of Sweden laborer April 21, 1909, acute military TB, 6m, 26d
James F. Gorman, 53y, N.B. William & Mary (Fahey) both of Ireland painter, Mrs. George Emerson, 95 Canal St., Boston April 21, 1909, phthisis, 8m, 24d
# Richard Smith, Jr., 2m, born at hospital Catherine J. Smith of Ireland mother here April 26, 1909, acute inanition, 2m, 7d
Edward Gorman, 58y, Scotland, married William, both of Ireland longshoreman, Mrs. Ed. Gorman, 282 Summer St., E. Boston April 26, 1909, aortic insufficiency, 3d
# Michael Durkin, 58y, England, single James & Ellen ( Henry), father of England laborer April 26, 1909, acute enteritis, 3y, 4m, 19d
Ann Wilson, 78y, England, widow  James Crosby & Esta (Ducksworth) both of England housework, Mrs. Annie Lilley (?) Gardner, MA April 27, 1909, bronchial pneumonia, 6y, 5m, 27d
# Margaret Toland, 62y, Ireland, married to Jas. Toland Thomas McGee & Mary (McDonnell) both of Ireland housework April 29, 1909, chronic intestinal nephritis, 20y, 3m, 21d
Gustave Krauss, 23y, North Adams, MA Frederick, rest unknown farmer, Chas. Holmes, Ashby, MA R.F.D. May 1, 1909, phthisis, 7d
# Franklin Mahino, 65y, Italy, married Bassano & Maria, both of Italy laborer May 1, 1909, aortic insufficiency, 21d
Mary Anne Mullen, 43y, Ireland, married to John Mullen Owen Gailand & Mary Kate (Curan) both of Ireland housework, contact in Worcester, not family name, cannot read May 3, 1909, acute enteritis, 2m, 22d
# Frank Quinn, 38y, Ireland, single John & Esther (Kelley) both of Ireland laborer May 3, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 12d
Charles W. Kenney, 60y, Ireland William & Dorkus (Dickson) both of Ireland teamster May 5, 1909, phthisis, 2d
# Maurice Welch, 73y, Ireland, single Edmund & Margaret (Flynn) both of Ireland laborer May 6, 1909, cancer of Liver, 12y, 11m,
# Edward Cummings, 40y, MA, widow Edward & Mary (Smith), both of ME laborer May 6, 1909, phthisis, 14d
# Edward Anderson, 42y, Norway Anders & Annie, both of Norway tailor May 7, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 12d
# Abraham Moore, 2y, 2m, unknown all blank state ward May 9, 1909, malnutrition, 8m, 25d
Henry Morris, 49y, Jacksonville, FL, single Morris H. Morris of England & Mary (Jones) of West Indies teamster, B. Hall, 24 John St., Boston May 9, 1909, cancer of face, 5m, 7d
# William Moran, 51y, Ireland William & Mary (Gore) both of Ireland farmer May 10, 1909, phthisis, 1y, 3m
# Ruth Jameson, 1m, 6d Theresa Jameson, of Roxbury mother her May 12, 1909, acute inanition, 1m, 6d
# James H. Smith, 37y, Haverhill, single all unknown laborer May 15, 1909, TB meningitis
Flora Davis, 24y, MA, single Frederick Davis & Laura (Bernion ?) both of Canada mill operative, Aunt; Mrs. William Davis, 13 West School St., "Merrich", MA May 15, 1909, phthisis, 3y, 1m, 15d
Louise V. Wyman, 25y, MA, single Chas & Ellen (Wrigley) both of England mill hand, Chas Dumos, Axbridge, MA May 15, 1909, phthisis, 3m
# Bonoyodiz Arjaneu, 6m, born at hospital mother; Coztumeun, of Greece none May 16, 1909, chronic colitis, 6m, 6d
Michael T. Coveney, 38y, Ireland, widow John & Katherine, both of Ireland laborer, Mrs. Kate Crowley, 26 Linden St., Somerville May 19, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 19d
Dominick Marinelli, 22y, Italy, single Calamenti & Theresa, both of Italy laborer; brothers tel. # 572-1, West Newton May 20, 1909, phthisis, 13d
# Benjamin Baker, 82y, MA, widow Lessa & Mary, both of MA laborer May 21, 1909, arterial sclerosis, 2m, 20d
# Sarah Taves, 6m, unknown all blank none May 23, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 4m, 9d
Apostolos Samaras, 19y, Greece, single Stereos & Malamati, both of Greece shoemaker, Alex Coes, Lowell, MA May 24, 1909, phthisis, 10d
Frederick Biehrling, 30y, Germany Fred & Christina, both of Germany porter, Geo. Voss, Somerville May 27, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 11d
Ellen Reardon, 68y, Ireland, widow John Traff, both of Ireland no occupation, contact cousin; Daniel Shea, Haymarket Sq., Boston May 28, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 2y, 5m, 1d
William Howard Pinard, 8m, Holyoke, MA August Pinard & Mary (Douglas) both of Canada mother here, # 153363 May 28, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 6m, 15d
Daniel J. Slattery, 56y, Ireland, widow John & Margaret (Eden) both of Ireland slate roofer, John Maley, 1492 Columbra Rd., S. Boston May 29, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 3d
Patrick J. Keefe, 60y, Newfoundland, widow Thomas & Mary (Maloney) both of Ireland painter, contact Thomas Keefe, Rowes Wharf, Boston May 29, 1909, cancer of rectum, 7m, 8d
# Matti Korpi, 38y, Finland Jacob & Susan, both of Finland stone maker May 30, 1909, phthisis, 1d
Timothy McCarthy, 68y, Ireland, married Daniel & Catherine (Mahoney) both of Ireland iron maker, cont. Daniel McCarthy, 2147 Washington St., Boston May 30, 1909, cancer of face, 10m, 14d
Marie Beatrice Labonte, 4d, born at hospital Arthur Labonti of Halifax & Albertine (Carbine) of Canada mother at hospital May 31, 1909, hemorrhage of newborn, 4d
# Alexander Skillings, 44y, Scotland, married William & Agnes (Patterson) both of Scotland baker June 1, 1909, aortic insufficiency, 1m, 9d
# Bertha E. Delory, 2m, E. Braintree unknown state ward June 1, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 2m, 3d
Fred J. King, 50y, England Thomas & Ellen (Gillis) both of Ireland sailor, Ann King, Chelsea, MA June 2, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 4d
# Joseph Silva, 4m, 8d, born at hospital Rose Silva of Portugal mother here June 2, 1909, bronchi pneumonia, 4m 9d
# Ellen Finley, 65y, MA, married John Maygungo (?) of Scotland & Margaret, of Ireland operative June 2, 1909, aortic regurgitation, 11y, 5m, 2d
# Ethel L. Leurs, 6m, 23d, unknown all blank none June 3, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 6m, 5d
# Jose Sylvia, 6m, Bedford, MA Rose Sylvia, both of Portugal mother here June 4, 1909, acute ileo colitis, 3m, 2d
# Daniel McKay, 62y, Scotland, widow Hugh & Chesey, both of Scotland cook June 4, 1909, chronic Myocarditis, 6m, 11d
# Gabrielle Nardelli, 8m, born at hospital Philomena of Italy mother here June 8, 1909, acute ileo colitis, 1m, 15d
Isador Michoushouski, 26y, Poland, married Valentine & Tigua (?) both of Poland mill hand, wife; 33 Front St., Lowell June 8, 1909, phthisis, 4d
# John F. Gagnon, 10m, unknown all blank none June 8, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 4m, 18d
Mary Johnson, 47y, Nova Scotia, widow of James Johnson John Hunter & Annie (Darmody) both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Miller, 38 Harrison Ave., Boston June 9, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 20d
# Marie Drisdie 31y, Poland Martin & Katrina, both of Poland mill operative June 9, 1909, accident (fall) fracture of skull, (basal), 4y, 9m, 6d
# William Cool, 3m, Watertown William Rowlan & Lydia Cool, of Newfoundland mother here June 11, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 2m, 4d
# Stanislaus Wekuszuski, 7m, Chicopee, MA all unknown none June 11, 1909, acute inanition, 2m, 10d
# Helen H. Fitzgerald, 7m, France not known none June 12, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 30d
Louise Keisala, 7m, born at hospital Alvina Keisala of Finland mother at hospital June 12, 1909, bronchial pneumonia, 6m, 24d
Stillman Lee, 64y, Eastpoint, ME, widow Robert & Jeanette (Walton) both of ME carpenter, Walter Lee, Eastport, ME June 13, 1909, chronic diffuse Nephritis, 6m, 20d
Rose May Powers, 1y, 1m, Lawrence Edward  Moran, of Canada  & Rose (Powers) of Ireland mother at hospital June 16, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 1y, 14d, also malnutrition
# Daniel Leahy, 45y, Ireland, widow Michael & Margaret both of Ireland laborer June 16, 1909, phthisis, 9d
Frances Grish, 2m, Boston Harry Clark & Christina (Grish) both of MA mother at hospital June 17, 1909, pertussis, 2m, 5d
Joseph Rivers, 68y, Canada, widow John of Canada & Ester (Colt) of France laborer, Frank Rivers, New Bedford, MA June 17, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 1m, 21d
James Murray, 68y, Ireland, widow Matthew & Anne (Lynch) both of Ireland laborer, cannot read contact name or address June 18, 1909, cancer of stomach, 1y
John Mudge, 53y, Boston, single unknown laborer June 18, 1909, chronic diffuse nephritis, 2m, 17d
Joseph Robichaud, 3m, MA Lucia of New Brunswick mother here June 19, 1909, marasumus, 17d
Jozepha Nekuszuski, 7m, MA unknown none June 19, 1909, inanition since birth, 2m, 18d
Oja Tyyne, 1y, 9m, unknown unknown state ward June 19, 1909, phthisis, 26d
James Waldron, 88y, NH, widow Aaron C. Waldren & Nellie, both of NH wagon maker, Isaac Waldren (son) Boston June 20, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 11m, 12d
Michalina Sivlenkevircz (?) 70y, Poland, single unknown housework June 21, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 5y, 11m, 19d
Rita Quinn, 5m, 25d, born at hospital Bridget of Ireland mother at hospital June 25, 1909, Ileocolitis, 5m, 24d
William Johnson, 86y, Finland, widow Andrew & Eva, both of Finland sailor June 26, 1909, arterio sclerosis, 24d
Edward Monyoes, 5m, 13d, Tewksbury James Monyoes of Greece & Bessie of Nova Scotia mother here June 26, 1909, bronchio pneumonia, 5m, 13d
Charles H. Gardner, 56y, ME Albert & Elizabeth (Maddox) both of ME laborer June 26, 1909, phthisis, 8d
Florence I. Lank, 40y, ME, married to George W. Lank unknown housework, husband: Echo St, Malden, MA June 28, 1909, phthisis, 9m, 5d
Alexander Siklowski, 26y, Russia Frederick, both of Russia laborer June 28, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 12d
James A. Campbell, 39y, Boston James A, of Scotland, & Annie ( Blaels) of MA glass maker, E. R. Cantansil, 15 Gled Hill Ave. Everett, MA June 28, 1909, phthisis, 11m, 20d
John H. Kelley, 72y, Ireland, widow Michael & Mary (Welch) both of Ireland leather maker, H. M. Kelley, 27 Moody St., Waltham, MA June 30, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 2m, 21d
# Andrew Wilk, 56y, Austria, single Thomas & Kilianka, both of Austria laborer July 1, 1909, phthisis, 3d
Rosanna Doherty, 1y, 11m, Tewksbury Patrick Gallagher & Rosanna (Doherty) both of Ireland mother here July 1,1909, bronchial pneumonia, 8d
John Rogers, 43y, NJ, widow Thomas & Julia (Riley) both of Ireland shoe maker, Geo. S. Rogers, 19 Vinal (?) Ave., Somerville July 2, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 2d
Margaret Metcalf, 42y, MA, widow of John Metcalf Matthew McDonald & Bridget (Casey) both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Mary Welch, cor. Main & Hope St. Providence, RI July 3, 1909, phthisis, 4m, 7d
# Sokrates Dimos, 24y, Greece, single both of Greece, no names mill hand July 4, 1909, phthises, 26d
Jabez Best, 29y, Barbados, single Thomas & Mary (Bynoe) both of Barbados laborer, James W. Jones, 74 Harvard St., Cambridge July 4, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 8d
Joseph Cooper, 47y, Germany, single Bartholomew & Katie, both of Germany wood chipper, Joseph Lala, 75 Prospect St., Webster, MA July 6, 1909, sarcoma of Knee, 8m 1d
Barbara Hickey, 3m, 17d, born at hospital Catherine Hickey of Ireland mother in asylum # 8 July 7, 1909, Ileocolitis, 3m 17d
Elmer E. Trueman, 35y, Michigan, single Henry & Carolina, both of NY carpenter, Mr. I.H. Trueman, Baldwinville, MA July 9, 1909, phthisis, 4m, 15d
Ellen McLaughlin, 60y, Scotland, single Patrick & Mary , both of Scotland housework, Mrs. Anna Shoeman, 105 Porter St., E. Cambridge July 9, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 5m, 4d
John Felin (?), 25y, Austria, single Domian & Senka, both of Austria rubber factory, Michael Krooschensky, 5 Sullivan Ct., Lowell, MA July 10, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 5d
William McKay, 21y, Manchester, NH, single Patrick, of Scotland & Annie (McCormack) of Ireland driver, R. A. Rives, 576 Rutford Ave., Charlestown, MA July 13, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 21d
# Rosina J. Church, 41y, unknown all blank none July 14, 1909, phthisis, 1d
John Halloran, 66y, Quebec, widow Simon & Mary (Carmondy) both of Ireland Frank Hollerau, Providence RI July 14, 1909, locomotor alaxia, 2y, 4m, 21d
Robert Scanlon, 4m, born at hospital Mary Scanlon of Boston mother here July 15, 1909, Ileocolitis, 4m, 21d
# James Forest, 58y, Scotland, widow Robert & Catherine ( Lavis) both of Scotland baker July 16, 1909, phthisis, 22d
Marion Dillon, 1m, 3d, Tewksbury Mary Dillon of Boston mother here July 16, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 1m, 3d
John Betkridge, 5m, So. Boston John Betkridge & Annie, both of Russia mother here July 17, 1909, Ileocolitis, 19d
Mary L. Mosher al. Mary O'Brien, 58y, Ireland, widow of Samuel H. Mosher Bartholomew O'Brien & Nora (Dolore?) both of Ireland domestic, Herbert Penney, 26 River Pine ? Ave., Providence, RI July 18, 1909, phthisis, 11m, 8d
John Soulia, 24d, unknown Fannie, or Ireland mother here July 21, 1909, inanition, 11d
Henry Labour, 1m, 6d, MA Arthur Roose & Emma (Labour) both of MA mother here July 21, 1909, acute enteritis, 12d
# Katie Norwalk, 36y, Austria, married to Frank Norwalk John Lobafsti & Mary, both of Austria operative July 22, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 20d
# Joseph DeMorrin, 42y, Canada, married both of Canada weaver July 24, 1909, fracture of vertebrae, accident, 5 months ago. at hosp. 2m, 6d
Chester L. McCabe, 16d, Tewksbury John Mack & Anna (McCabe) both of MA mother here July 25, 1909, inanition, 16d
Anna Newman, 1y, unknown unknown state ward July 25, 1909, general TB, 2m, 13d
Patrick Sullivan, 54y, Ireland Patrick & Nellie, both of Ireland stone cutter, Cornelius Sullivan, Cambridge, MA July 27, 1909, phthisis, 4m, 18d
Electa Moody, 70y, MA, married Elcta Bordwell, both of unknown housekeeper, husband : Whealtey (?) MA July 27, 1909, cerebral hemorrhage, 1m, 9d
Mary Hess, 48y, Azores, widow unknown domestic, Mrs. Mary Murphy, 333 Charles St., Boston July 27, 1909, general paresis, 2y, 7m, 7d
# Patrick Comiors, 73y, Ireland, widow John & Kate (Scullery) both of Ireland laborer July 28, 1909, artio sclerosis, 3m, 2d
# Felix Busch, 39y, MA Henry & Ellen (Mellody) both of MA peddler July 27, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 17d
# Charles E. Turner, 41y, MA unknown laborer July 28, 1909, phthsis, 7 hrs
Annie W. Dailey, 53y, Ireland, single unknown domestic, Mr E. E. Gordon, Cambridge Supt. Cambridge City Farm July 30, 1909, artial sclerosis, 1y, 15d
# James Hacket, 72y, England, single Peter & Ann (Gallagher) both of Ireland laborer July 30, 1909, artio sclerosis, 4d
Robert Criltendon, 28y, VA, single Robert & Mary, both of VA waiter, Lizzie Lord, 12 Gime St., Boston July 30, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 8d
Antonia Triboli, 21y, Italy, single Nicholas & Magalina, both of Italy cook maker, Vita Rosa, Charles St., Boston July 31, 1909, pelvic peritonitis, 25d
# Alonzo Clark, 57y, ME, married William & Mary (French) both of ME jobber July 31, 1909, chronic myocarditis, 23d
Adeline Ghiva, 2m, 17d, Lowell unknown mother here August 1, 1909, Ileocolitis, 19d
David Goldberg, 7m, unknown unknown none August 1, 1909, malnutrition, 2m, 5d
# John Whitton, 54y, Ireland, widow Henry & Rose (Kelley) both of Ireland engineer August 5, 1909, chronic Nephritis, 3y, 4m, 16d
Cora Brothers, 24y, N.C., single Enoch Brothers, both of NC housework, father: Sudbury Co. N. Carolina August 5, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 12d
Buly (?) Wallace, 2m, 25d, MA William Wallace of MA & Jessie of NH none August 6, 1909, Ileocolitis, 25d
Clarence Simonds, 1y, 2m, Concord, NH unknown none August 9, 1909, general TB, 2m, 14d
Elizabeth Miller, 41y, MA, widow of George Miller Ephraim Perry & Eliza of USA operative, Mrs. Josie Brooks, Dobby St., Newton, MA August 11, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 14d
Edward Orfin, 1y, 5m, MA Geo. Southwick & Cora Orfin, of MA mother here August 11, 1909, chronic enteritis, 5m 16d
Annie Theresa Smith, 3m, 23d, Tewksbury Margaret Smith of Ireland mother here August 11, 1909, Tb meningitis, 3m, 23d
# Mohammed Husan, 28y, Turkey Allie & Citigi, both of Turkey farmer August 14, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 17d
# David Shanley, 80y, Ireland all unknown blacksmith August 15, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 4y, 1m, 12d
John Quinn, 58y, New Brunswick, Canada, single John & Jane (Lafferty) both of Ireland laborer, William Quinn, 37 Speedwell St., Meetinghouse Hill, Dorchester August 16, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 23d
# Ellen Buckley, 69y, Ireland Patrick & Mary (Kelly) both of Ireland domestic August 17, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 4m, 20d
# Carl Stetson, 10m, Watertown, MA unknown none August 27, 1909, malnutrition, 28d
# Beresford Stanley Evelyn, 1y, East Boston Daniel of PEI & Minnie Hughes, of PEI mother here August 29, 1909, broncho pneumonia, 2m, 11d
Dover Reamus, 40y, Russia, married John & Antonia, both of Russia farmer, Mr. Borison, 21 Cross St., Boston August 30, 1909, carcinoma of the Peritoneum, 2m
Antone Radziurte (?) 26y, Russia, single Peter & Cecelia, both of Russia lumberer, Alexander Kodzeski of Springfield, MA August 31, 1909, sarcoma of neck, 5m
John Dunn, 60y, Boston, widow John & Hannah of unknown steam fitter, contact Boarding House at 44 Cullen St., Boston September 3, 1909, carcinoma of Liver, 15d
# James Hector, 5m, S. Acton, MA Edith Hector of Lynn, MA mother here September 3, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 1m
# George O'Leary, 26d, Tewksbury Annie of Fall River, MA mother here September 4, 1909, acute inanition, 26d
John M. Nicholson, 53y, NC., single John & Clara (Parks) both of NC hotel clerk, A.E. Crane (?) of 427 Moody St. Watertown, MA September 5, 1909, carcinoma of Penis, 2m
Adam Sgymkiewiz, 33y, Austria, single both of Austria, no names mill hand, Stanislaus Sgymkiewiz, Cabot St. Chicopee, MA September 7, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 3d
Walter Hall, 1y, 2m, 7d, Newton, MA Pearl Hall record notes that contact info is in the file September 8, 1909, bronchial pneumonia, 6m, 29d
Edward Thompson, 48y, VA, married Jack & Lucy (Johnson) both of VA laborer, Jacob White, 28 Blanchard St. Cambridge, MA September 10, 1909, phthisis, 18hrs
Charles Melano, 20y, Italy, single Joseph & Nicholina (Forestera) both of Italy barber, Lulsa Muncia, 251 Watertown St. Newtonville, MA September 12, 1909, phthisis, 18d
Mary A. Cranshaw, 54y, England all blank weaver, Daniel F. Kiley, Lawrence, MA September 14, 1909, acute enteritis, 3y, 7m, 14d
# Jane Swede, 1m, 17d, Stoughton, MA Mike Hoyirick (?) & Jane, of Russia mother here September 14, 1909, acute enteritis, 1m, 2d
# Charles Smith, 48y, London England, single George & Sarah (Hartman) both of London kitchen work September 16, 1909, miliary TB, 2m
# Cost Powles, 18y, Greece, single Peter & Mary, both of Greece mill hand September 16, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 7d
# Bertha Long, 5m, Boston William Long, of MA & Mabel Smith al Hastings, of NH mother here September 20, 1909, inanition, 26d
Maud Marcangelo, 24y, Machester, NH, married to Nicholas Jeremiah Minard of Manchester NH & Sarah (Fisk) of VT housework, Mrs. Sarah Fisk, 34 Allen St., Boston September 21, 1909, phthisis, 6d
Ora Parker, 20y, MA, single Frank & Mary, of MA operative, Miss Delia Parker, 1052 S. Main St., Brockton, MA September 21, 1909, sopremia, contributory; death of fetus in utero & secondary syphilis, 3m, 4d
# Albert Prince, 2m, Tewksbury Hattie Prince, of Weymouth mother here September 22, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 2m
David Butlet, 55y, Ireland, widow Edmond & Bridget (Donovan) both of Ireland packer, James Butler (brother) 346 Summer St., Boston September 22, 1909, carcinoma of Larynx, 2m
# Mary Curtis, 59y, VT, married  Thomas Dimmer of Germany & Mary (LaPlant) of France dressmaker September 23, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 4y, 7m, 17d
Thomas H. Sheehan, 45y, MA, married John & Bridget (O'Brien) both of Ireland laborer, Mary A. Lee, Fountain St., Fall River, MA September 24, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 21d
Marie Gormia, 20y, Austria, single Michael & Henricki (Ceonski ?) both of Austria operative, Mrs. Nellie Sess, 57 Union St., Salem, MA September 25, 1909, erysipecas, 3y, 1m, 15d
George F. Marshall, 61y, ME, single Christopher C., of ME & Betsy, of VT no occupation, John Tein (?) 31 1/2 Fanueil Hall Sq., Boston September 25, 1909, uremia, 17d
# Vehura White, 7m, Watertown, MA Edward Manning & Cassandra White of SC mother here September 25, 1909, acute enteritis, 1m, 28d
Andrew Kiaron, 26y, Poland Julius & Frane (Romatosky) both of Poland iron maker, John Kiers, 114 River St., Lynn September 25, 1909, phthisis, 8m, 3d
Mary A. Cox, 61y, ME, single Samuel Cox & Lenora (Hamilton) both of NS no occupation, G.D. Cox, 16 Court St., Boston September 26, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 2m, 11d
John Montgomery, 20y, Alabama, single William & Dotsey (Crieff) both of Alabama laborer, Walter Caters, 16 Blossom Ct., Boston September 27, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 24d
John J. Murphy, 44y, Gloucester, single James & Margaret, both of Canada painter, S. Whitney, Allen Pl., Charlestown September 27, 1909, lobar pneumonia, alcoholism, 4d
# George Grant, 53y, Scotland, single Robert & Ellen (Flint) both of Scotland cooper September 29, 1909, phthisis, 1d
Frank Calliro, 25y, Italy, single Peter & Carolina, both of Italy leather worker, Charles Calliro, 477 Hanover St., Boston September 30, 1909, general TB, 6m, 14d
John Donahoe, 74y, Ireland, widow Peter & Alice (O'Neil) both of Ireland laborer, Bridget Donohue, 6 Billerica St., Boston October 2, 1909, carcinoma of the Larynx, 2y
John Paradis, 36y, Canada John & Mary (Dion), both of Canada "Hod carrier" John Paradise, 33 Ash St., Nashua NH October 5, 1909, phthisis, 6d
# Paul Corcoran, 3m, 14d, Boston John of Boston & Annie, of N.F. mother here October 5, 1909, Ileocolitis
# Encarnacas Mouteiro, 26y, unknown all blank none October 6, 1909, phthisis, 4m, 15d
Mary Singleton, 22y, W. VA, single Bushrad of WV & ___ (Jackson) also of WV domestic, Frank Thompson, 45 Luden St., Boston October 7, 1909, acute Ileocolitis, 2y, 2m, 2d
Margaret Limly, 70y, Ireland, widow Duncan & Ellen, both of Ireland housework, Michael Donohue, Webster, MA October 8, 1909, cancer of face, 4m, 21d
# Bernard Sharkey, 60y, Ireland James & Hannah, both of Ireland laborer October 8, 1909, phthisis, 3y, 10m, 6d
# John Kingsbury, 5m, 19d, Winchendon, MA all unknown state ward October 9, 1909, pertussis, 1m, 19d
Annie Maude, 38y, Canada, married to Frank L. Maude Michael Docan & Johanna, both of Ireland operative, husband at William Cocello's Boarding House, Off Bridge St., Lowell, MA October 11, 1909, 1m, 11d, phthisis
Patrick McGuire, 47y, Ireland, widow Patrick & Mary (McGuinness) both of Ireland roofer, Mrs. Bridget Winn, 3 Cunard St., Boston October 12, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 3d
# David R. Coss, 59y, Nova Scotia, married all blank laborer October 14, 1909, chronic Endocarditis, 1d
Julia J. Maloney, 36y, Boston, single Jeremiah & Margaret O'Neil, both of Ireland domestic, John Mahoney, 4th St., S. Boston October 14, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 11d
# William F. Hurley, 1m, Boston all unknown state ward October 16, 1909, hereditary syphilis, 17d
# Alfred W. Leighton, 10m, 17d, Fitchburg, MA all unknown state ward October 17, 1909, inanition, 1m, 2d
# Joseph McFeeley, 1m, born at hospital Delia McFeeley of Ireland mother here October 18, 1909, acute inanition since birth, 1m, 5d
# Michael Maloney, 78y, Ireland, widow Daniel & Bridget ( Kiley) both of Ireland carpenter October 20, 1909, chronic nephritis, 16d
# Herbert Fournier, 1m, Fall River Alex Fournier of MA & Lena (Christian) of Canada mother here October 20, 1909, acute inanition since birth, 7d
# Edward Corby, 10m, Boston Edw. Corby of MA & Mary (Jennison) of England mother here October 22, 1909, acute enteritis, 24d
# John Carney al Timothy Desmond, 68y, Ireland Timothy & Julia (Lynch) both of Ireland laborer October 22, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 8y, 6m, 22d
Phebe Tetreault, 70y, Canada, single Peter & Mary (Brunnell) both of Canada operative, Louis Tetreault, New Bedford, MA October 23, 1909, sarcoma of thigh, 15d
# Kate McDonald, 67y, NS, widow Duncan McDonald of NS & Christine (McLeod) of Scotland no occupation October 26, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 23d
Margaret Smith, 26y, Ireland, single John & Margaret, both of Ireland housework, Mrs. F. Miller, S. Franklin, MA October 26, 1909, phthisis, 7m, 1d
# Augusta Schneider, 69y, Germany unknown housework October 27, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 11y, 5m, 22d
Mary T or J. Murphy, 36y, Ireland, says widow of Lorenza Murphy, maiden name is listed as Mary Gardner Patrick Burke & Maria ( Gardner) both of Ireland housework, Mrs. Ida Musa, 255 Tremont St., Boston October 27, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 29d
# Maud Bell, 26y, ME, married to Tony Bell Arthur Spenser & Mary E. (Moody) of ME housework October 28, 1909, acute alcoholism, 2d

All records transcribed by JAS & DL 2004/2009