Tewksbury State Hospital Death Records
for those buried in State Hospital Grounds Cemeteries

The following information should answer any questions you have about the information contained in this database. There are only 2 "codes" you will need to understand, the * and the # sign. The rest of the data is pretty self explanatory, but a detailed account of how the information was gathered is here to help you understand better. 
Please note that you can contact the Tewksbury Town Hall to obtain a copy of these death records. There is a minimal fee of $8.00 for an official record. Not all of the information contained in this database will be included on an official death certificate (i.e. contact information, last residence and possibly place of birth for the parents)

* = record does not include any place of burial information. I do not, however, assume they are buried here. Many are wards of the State, and you can chose to make the assumption or not. There are individuals who originally were buried at the hospital, and there are little marks on the record showing they were later disinterred and moved to another cemetery. These names are NOT included in this list. 

# = death record does not list contact names of family or friends - note : I will not be recording all of the contact information, as it is simply not possible to sit and copy the entire death record by hand. I have been advised there are well over 10,000 people buried in these grounds. In some cases, I can tell you, the contact may be a priest, the employer, or family members. 

CAUSE OF DEATH :  Any cause of death in this database not actually listed, you MAY assume, died of natural causes/illness. I have copied all cases of TB and in some cases, TB is noted differently. I am copying it as it is written on each record. 

MARKER NUMBERS : As of completing book 6, there is only one record which included an actual grave marker number on it. The record was different from the rest, and it included the number - the rest do not. I do not have access to any listing to tell which marker number these people are buried with. 

SPELLING : Please understand I am copying from handwritten original death records, and some of the names are hard to read. I have done my very best to copy with accuracy. All depends on how neat the original recorder was. Any name I am unsure of, I will note with (?)

LAST RESIDENCE : As the years change, so do the death record forms. In 1903 for example, there is a spot for last residence. In 1904, there is not. If there is one noted, I have copied it down. 

CONTACT INFO : As noted with the #, there are many individuals who had or gave no family or friend contact name. In as many cases as possible, I am copying down the pertinent contact information. For example, if there was a spouse and it gives their address, or if there is a full street address of a contact, I try to include the whole thing. If there is no # sign, and yet there is no contact info provided in this database, you may assume there is information on the death record, but it is not included in this list. 

MISC. RECORDS : In some cases, I have access to a limited amount of records prior to the ones located at Town Hall, or out of order from where I am working. These will be included in a page for only those such records. As the database increases, I will include the names in the year span where they belong, but for now, you will find them separate from the rest. The information I have on these folks are limited to what you see on this page. 

FAMILY HISTORIES : If you have a relative who died and was buried at Tewksbury State Hospital, and you would like to see a short, personal bio or photograph of this person on this page, I would be very happy to add the information to this page. I hope to be able to honor these people and tell a small part of their stories, and if you have anything to add or share, please feel free to send it along and I will very pleased to add it to the page.


Name, Age, Birthplace Parents name and origin Occupation/contact Date/Cause of death/length of stay
Raffael Sgone, 23y, Italy Gaepargue & Veneran (Ring), both of Italy laborer, Louis Napelton, Arlington, MA October 29, 1909, phthisis, 4m, 13d
James McCarthy, 56y, Ireland Jeremiah & Hannah (Welch) both of Ireland occupation unknown, J.H. O'Connor, 126 Court St., Boston October 30, 1909, chronic nephritis. 11d
# Sophia Sak, 1m, Salem, MA all unknown none October 31, 1909, acute inanition, 27d
# Roderick McDonald, 65y, P.E.I., single Duncan & Florence, both of P.E.I. carpenter November 2, 1909, aortic sclerosis, 5d
Jeremiah Nagle, 36y, Ireland David & Nora (Corkery) both of Ireland iron worker, John Nagle, 46 Plymouth St., Cambridgeport November 3, 1909, phthisis, 19d
Joe Scotsless, 41y, Austria, married Barla & Agallia, both of Austria mill hand, wife, Ludlow, MA November 5, 1909, pneumonia, 15d
# Orrin T. Devine, 64y, MA Steven, of Ireland & Sarah, of MA carpenter November 5, 1909, chronic enteritis, 1m, 12d
George E. Allen, 47y, Newport, VT, married Joseph, of NEwport, VT  & Mary (Geer), of Scotland laborer, Mrs. Emma Ryan, Washington St. Haverhill November 7, 1909, bronchopneumonia, 2y, 7m, 4d
John Smith, 49y, Ireland William & Isabella (Dugan) both of Ireland laborer, James Smith (brother) 67 Chapel St., Hudson, NY November 8, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 10d
# Clara Dane, 6d, born at hospital Oscar Anderson, of Sweden  & Clara O. (Dane) of MA none November 10, 1909, malnutrition, 6d
Cassandra White, 22y, S.C., single James White & Sarah (Wallace) both of unknown domestic, Mrs Mary N. Duncan, 198 Dartmouth St., Boston November 14, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 17d
# Daniel Bresnahan, 32y, Ireland, married John & Hannah (Shugrue) both of Ireland laborer November 15, 1909, abscess of lung, 1m, 18d
# Edward Howard, 81y, Scotland, widow William & Mary (McCann) both of Scotland laborer November 15, 1909, bronco pneumonia, 5m, 5d
William Barron, 61y, Nova Scotia, married Robert of Ireland & Elizabeth of Nova Scotia upholsterer, Wm. Barron, 7 Groton Street., Boston November 16, 1909, carcinoma of the liver, 21d
# Susan Walker, 74y, CT, widow Hiram Smith & Catherine (Durell) both of CT housework November 19, 1909, chronic myocarditis, 1d
Edward Salmon, 37y, Rutland, VT, widow Patrick & Ellen (Carroll) both of Ireland marble polisher, John Salmon (Sammon) (brother) Rutland, VT November 20, 1909, phthisis, 7d
# Eunice Hardy, 75y, Sweden, widow both of Sweden, no names housework November 23, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 1d
Henry F. Harper, 28y, VA Henry H & Elizabeth (Lawrence) both of VA iron worker, Mrs. Mary Harper, Hebron Maine Sanatorium November 23, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 9d
Amalg Purkstark, 30y, Russia, widow Chocato Loteec (?) & Caroline (Watswan) both of Russia housework November 24, 1909, TB of spine, 2m, 24d
Andrew Hanson, 46y, Denmark, single Hans & Annie (Jenningsen) both of Denmark laborer, Wm. Hanson, South Sudbury November 24, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 1y, 5m, 9d
Charles Turnas, 37y, Russia, single Sylvester & Dominella, both of Russia painter, Tony Godones (?) of S. Boston November 24, 1909, chronic Endocarditis, 2m, 16d
# Esther M. Cusick, 61y, Ireland, widow Owen Keneran & Ann (Doyle) both of Ireland housework November 27, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 11m, 14d
# Bertha Dennison, 5y, unknown James Dennison & Mary, both of GA school November 28, 1909, general TB, 27D
# James F. Morrisey, 46y, Ireland John & Mary, both of Ireland laborer December 5, 1909, phthisis, 17d
Oscar H. Smith, 65y, Boston, widow Henry of MD & Percilli (Johnson) of Salem, MA waiter, Miss Julia Smith, 8 Salem St. Bunker Hill December 5, 1909, carcinoma of jaw, 3m, 25d
# Joseph Jeski, 1m, 27d, born at hospital Sophie Jeski, of Poland none December 9, 1909, acute inanition, 1m, 27d
# Patrick Carroll, 58y, Ireland, widow Michael & Mary (Ryan) both of Ireland laborer December 10, 1909, mitral insufficiency, 7m, 20d
Michael Kirivin, 61y, Ireland, widow James & Ellen (Curran) both of Ireland laborer, J.J. Kerivin, Stanley Mnfgt. Co. Watertown, MA December 10, 1909, chronic nephritis, 6m, 15d
Abner D. Forbes, 75y, Canada, widow Daniel & Rebecca, both of Canada peddler, Will H. Forbes, 8 Richmond St., Lowell December 14, 1909, arteriosclerosis, 1m, 15d
Henry E. Strout, 54y, ME, widow Leonard & Mary E. (Hibbard) both of ME carriage maker, Tyler D. Strout, Wilton, ME December 15, 1909, spastic paraplegia, 1m, 4d
John Conroy, 76y, Ireland, widow Thomas & Mary (Dunn) both of Ireland laborer, Mrs Ellen Leonard, 42 Rinpold St., Springfield December 17, 1909, enter-colitis, 6m
# Margaret Gallagher, 61y, P.E.I., widow of Thomas Christopher Cassidy & Bridget (Norton) both of Ireland cook December 17, 1909, acute peritonitis, 1y, 5m, 3d
# Irene Canto Silestri, 3d, born at hospital Maria, of unknown mother here December 18, 1909, premature birth, 3d
# Patrick Curry, 52y, Newfoundland, single James of Ireland & Alice of Newfoundland waiter December 19, 1909, chronic nephritis, 11d
William Hanson, 54y, Norway, single William & Christina (Andersen) both of Norway carriage painter, Ewan Erneson (?) Springfield December 20, 1909, chronic nephritis, 4m, 15d
Hannah Collum, 48y, widow of Henry, Ireland John Kenney & Hannah (Doherty) both of Ireland housework, John H. Collum, 512 Winslow St. Brockton December 22, 1909, lobar pneumonia, 6d
Narcissis Leclerc, 48y, Canada Samuel & Claris, both of Canada chopper, Bro. Archille Leclerc, 45 Hilldale Ave, Haverhill December 22, 1909, phthisis, 1y, 3m, 7d
# Hannah O'Flaherty, 53y, married to Martin O'Flaherty Thomas & Honora, both of Ireland housework December 24, 1909, acute cholecystitis, 19y, 5m, 9d
Giovanni Cormash, 70y, Italy, widow Dominique & Mary, both of Italy laborer, Giocaama Christian, 45th St., Beverly December 26, 1909, chronic Endocarditis, 11d
# Lillian Rose Lessard, 2y, born at Tewksbury Rose Lessard of Canada none December 26, 1909, phthisis, 7m, 7d
Timothy Donovan, 70y, USA, single Daniel & Bessie, both of Ireland laborer, J. J. Donovan D & 3rd Sts. Boston December 27, 1909, strangulated inguinal hernia, 3d
Frank Spear, 55y, ME Asa & Sarah (Fields) both of ME hostler, Wm. Spear, Rockland, ME December 27, 1909, phthisis, 2m, 2d
Samuel Howard, 66y, Rochester, NH Smith & Hannah E. (Allen) both of Rochester, NH stone mason, John F. Howard (bro.) 21 Kingsbury Ave. Haverhill December 29, 1909, phthisis, 1m, 2d
Lillian Sutton, 30y, Ireland, widow of John Sutton John O'Rourke & Mary (McCall) both of Ireland housework, Mrs Sarah Burgess, Boston December 30, 1909, cancer of uterus, 6m, 1d
# Robert McKenzie, 63y, NY, widow all unknown laborer December 31, 1909, cerebral hemorrhage, 13d
# Charles H. Avery, 45y, ME Benjamin & Mary (Whitney) both of ME wood worker December 31, 1909, phthisis, 3m, 15d
Henry Johnson, 45y, W.Va., single Albert & Eliza (Carr) both of WV jobber, James Parker, Court St., Boston January 1, 1910, bronchi pneumonia, 1 1/2 days
# Joseph Kuzana (?), 22y, Poland, single Michael & Francis, both of Poland laborer January 2, 1910, phthisis, 5d
James Ricker, 50y, Ireland, single Matthew & Annie, both of Ireland painter, Mrs. J. Ryan, Lincoln St. Worcester January 3, 1910, bronchopneumonia, 12y, 9m, 23d
Catherine A. Collard, 35y, Cape Breton, widow Neil McEachern & Annie (McNeil) both of Cape Breton housework, Mrs Duncan Gillis, Chelsea January 4, 1910, phthisis, 1y, 11m, 27d
Charles Drew, 21y, West Indies, single Jacob & Annie (Williams) both of West Indies laborer, Samuel Grant, Buckley's Village January 5, 1910, phthisis, 22d
George E. Best, 27y, ME William & Margaret (McCafferty) of New Brunswick cook, Mrs Frank Bruce, 178 Washington St. Cambridge January 6, 1910, phthisis, 3m, 1d
# Ethel May Preble, 6m, born at Concord, MA all unknown none January 7, 1910, mastoid abscess, 7d
Mary McHugh, 55y, Pittsfield Frank & Bridget (Hurst) both of Ireland housework, Mrs Bridget McHugh, Pittsfield, MA January 8, 1910, acute enteritis, 3y, 9m, 8d
# John Lynch, 44y, Ireland, widow Timothy & Nora (Shea) both of Ireland laborer January 9, 1910, erysipelas, 2d
# Patrick Sheridan, 52y, Ireland, widow Edmund & Bridget (Driscoll) both of Ireland tinsmith January 9, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 7d
William P. Collins, 49y, Ireland, single John P & May (Sullivan) both of Ireland teamster, John Collins, 22 Middlesex Ct., Malden January 10, 1910, chronic nephritis, 3m, 26d
# Mary Killelea, 37y, Lynn, single Martin & Kate (Grady) both of Ireland shoemaker January 10, 1910, phthisis, 4m, 7d
Abner Mattison, 56y, VT, married Francis of VT & Frances of CT Laborer, Silas Cummings, Lebanon, NY January 11, 1910, phthisis, 4d
# Frank Gideneau, 44y, Canada, single both of Canada, no names wood chopper January 12, 1910, tertiary syphilis, 2d
Mary Ann Porter, 80y, Ireland, widow of James Porter Hugh Hadden & Agnes (Potter) both of Ireland housework, John Hadden, Perkins St., Chicopee January 12, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 13d
# Joseph McGarrahan, 3m James & Jane, both of Ireland mother here January 13, 1910, acute inanition, 2m, 11d
# Catherine Ferguson, 70y, MA, widow of Chas Ferguson John Symonds, of unknown housework January 14, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 1m, 4d
John S. Powers, 40y, N.S., widow Morris of MA & Charlotte (Dugan) of Ireland barber, John Edmunds, West End, Boston January 14, 1910, phthisis, 3m, 3d
Henry Cohen, 60y, Germany, widow Frederick & Margaret, both of Germany florist, Mr. James Cohen, 166 9th St., S. Boston January 15, 1910, chronic myocarditis, 9m
# Andrew Robinson, 83y, Alabama, widow William & Sophia (Battis) both of unknown laborer January 19, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 1d
David W. Clement, 78y, NH, widow David & Abigail (Ayer) both of Haverhill peddler, S. Clement, Haverhill January 20, 1910, arterial sclerosis, 2y, 2m, 23d
# David W. Peters, 63y, RI, widow Paul of the West Indies & Searia (Mingo) of N.S. teamster January 21, 1910, acute enteritis, 2y, 1m
# Edna Lathrop, 48y, VT, single Uriah & Ellen, both of VT housework January 22, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 11d
Charles Bothelmae or Bartholmea, 34y, Germany Jacob & Barbara (Welch) both of Germany shoe cutter, Ernest E. Matthews 123 Boylston Ave. Jamaica Plain January 22, 1910, phthisis, 2m, 21d
Charles Vogal, 47y, Germany, single John & Rosie, both of Germany farm laborer, Justin Horton, Stephenstown, NY January 24, 1910, chronic myocarditis, 4m
# Cora E. Howard, 40y, NH, married to unknown all unknown unknown January 26, 1910, phthisis, 12y, 3m, 11d
# Thomas H. Brogna, 26y, Italy, single Michael & Anna, both of Italy waiter January 21, 1910, acute miliary TB, 1m, 24d
John Balters, 60y, Halifax, NS, married all unknown laborer, James Jackson, 3 Staniford PL., Boston January 26, 1910, mitral insufficiency, 1 hour
Mary Arnold, 82y, Canada, widow Edward Magher & Marie (Dalton) both of Canada housework, May Arnold, 78 Compton St. Boston January 30, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 2y, 2d
William Day, 40y, MA, single William of NS & Lucy of Ireland laborer, E. Wheeler, 4 Forest St. Worcester January 31, 1910, spastic paraplegia, 1m, 26d
Frank Smith, 55y, England Thomas & Fannie (Green) both of England glass cutter, Thomas Welch, 60 Beach St., Boston January 30, 1910, phthisis, 1y, 8m, 15d
# John Joseph Regan, 1m, 8d, born at hospital Catherine Reagan of ME mother here January 31, 1910, acute inanition, 1m, 8d
James O'Rourke, 51y, N.B., married Andrew & Bridget (Maloney) both of Ireland wife : 3 Alban Ave. Charlestown, MA February 1, 1910, lobar pneumonia, 2y, 12d
Thomas Dorsey, 46y, Ireland, single John & Bridget, both of Ireland waiter, Margaret Golden, Boston February 1, 1910, aortic insufficiency, 2m, 14d
James Aiken, 28y, Ireland James & ____ (Lindsey) both of Ireland laborer, Bob Steratt, Chicopee February 1, 1910, phthisis, 19d
Edward St Laurent, 35y, married, Canada no names, both of Canada wife : Valley St., Lawrence, MA February 4, 1910, sarcoma of neck, 2m, 12d
Mary Roach, 67y, MA, widow John McCrosson & Mary (McMann) both of Ireland housework , Elizabeth Powers, 166 Mt Vernon St, Malden February 7, 1910, chronic nephritis, 3m 20d
John M. Swain, 76y, VT, widow both of Vt, no names teamster, Eliza Swain, Reading, VT February 8, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 2m, 25d
Peter Briere, 75y, Canada, single Joseph & Mary (Baker) both of Canada laborer, L. Butler, 18 Portland St. Worcester February 10, 1910, chronic nephritis, 1y, 3m, 13d
John L. Moulton, 69y, NH, widow James & Sarah (Lampher) both of NH cook, Mary Crowe, Dorchester February 11, 1910, bronchopneumonia, 2y, 3m, 18d
Michael Shannon, 46y, ME, single Michael & Mary, both of Ireland barber, J. Shannon, Cambridgeport February 12, 1910, intestinal obstruction, 11d
Edwin Rogers, 72y, England, single George & Cicely, both of England painter, Capt. Fitzer (?) 288 Shawmut Ave. Boston February 14, 1910, arterial sclerosis, 1m, 4d
William L. Mixer, 42y, Chester, MA Albert E, of E. Range NH & Sarah J. (Hubbard) of Pittsfield, MA attendant, Fred H. Mixer, 70 M.S. Hanes Co. Buffalo, NY February 14, 1910, phthisis, 2m, 6d
# Francis Gaines, 4m, 26d, Tewksbury Ellen Gaines of MA mother here February 16, 1910, malnutrition, 4m, 27d
# Oscar Bergosia, 52y, Turkey, married Paul & Jennie, both of Turkey boarding house keeper February 16, 1910, phthisis, 12d
# John Cummings, 1m, 10d, Boston Honora, of Ireland, father unknown mother here February 17, 1910, acute inanition, 21d
# Emanuel Roussos, 38y, Greece John & Elena, both of Greece waiter February 18, 1910, phthisis, 28d
James Casey, 60y, Ireland, married Ira & Mary (Daley) both of Ireland laborer, M. Malley, Watertown February 18, 1910, chronic myocarditis, 4m, 20d
Angelina Laurie, 11m, 23d, Lawrence Santo (father) of Italy, mother unknown contact section says "see card" indicating there is something recorded February 19, 1910, acute meningitis, 23d
John Mavromates (?), 32y, Greece Costor & Para (Shivi) both of Greece leather worker, Leon Carminady, 162 Tyler St. Boston February 21, 1910, phthisis, 20d
James Edwards, 43y, VA, married Ollice (Topp) both of VA waiter, Martha Edwards, 127 S. Botolp (?), Boston February 22, 1910, chronic nephritis, 17d
Mary Souza C. Sylvia, 23y, Portugal, married to Frank Sylvia Manuel Tuiz (?) & Rita (Carolina) both of Portugal housework; husband Fairhaven, MA February 22, 1910, phthisis, 11m, 20d
# Lettie J. Reed, 59y, ME, widow all unknown housework February 23, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 17y, 10m, 14d; contributory cause, organic dementia
Georgia Lewis, 43y, MA, married to William Lewis Richard Robinson & Charlotte, both of N.S. housework, Mrs. Johnson, 36 Porter St., Boston February 26, 1910, gastric ulcer, 3y, 1m, 26d
Alice Sprague, 41y, N.S., marital status unk. John Murphy, of Ireland & Eunice, of N.S. housework, Mrs. Gately, Stanford St. Boston February 26, 1910, uremia, 9d
# John McMurray, 59y, Ireland Miles & Bridget (Galligher) both of Ireland laborer March 1, 1910, foreign body in trachea, 1y, 3m, 20d. Also phthisis
William Jones, 68y, Bristol, MA, widow Enoch & Abigail (Atwood) both of Bristol sailor, Allen Jones, W. Brookfield, MA March 3, 1910, chronic cystitis, 2y, 6m, 2d
# Thomas Cavanaugh, 59y, Ireland, single Michael & Rose, both of Ireland carpenter March 4, 1910, phthisis, 27d
Charles C. Spear, 54y, Ireland, widow Samuel & S (Griffin) both of Ireland hotel clerk, Perry Davis, Lafayette Lodge, Roxbury, MA March 4, 1910, septicemia, 3d
William Edwards, 69y, London, widow Steven & Susan (Stone) both of England plasterer, Mrs Mary Ro___?, 12 Pleasant St., Stoneham March 5, 1910, phthisis, 5y, 10m, 27d
Michael Lawler, 43y, Ireland Laughlin & Julia (Nolan) both of Ireland upholsterer, Frank Ecenina, 1025 Berrington St., E. Boston March 5, 1910, phthisis, 2m, 2d
# John Clair, 40y, Ireland, single John & Julia (Kehoe) both of Ireland teamster March 5, 1910, phthisis, 4y, 3m, 16d
Margaret Andrews, 27y, N.C., widow of Edward A. John Saulter & Levinna, both of N.C. cook March 6, 1910, phthisis, 4m
Edward Pittit, 46y, NY, single Edward & Lydia, both of NY farmer, Frank Pettit, Chatham Centre, NY March 6, 1910, chronic Endocarditis, 7y, 17d
Owen McNamara, 73y, Ireland, widow Thomas & Ellen (Sullivan) both of Ireland laborer, Jeremiah McNamara (bro) 159 Broadway, Lowell March 7, 1910, chronic myocarditis, 1y, 6m, 29d
Annie Regan, 44y, Ireland, widow of Michael Regan Dennis Regan & Ellen, both of Ireland housework, Mrs. O'Brien, 326 5th St. Cambridge March 9, 1910, phthisis, 5m, 27d
Romeo Lamaraeux, 43y, Canada Frank & Eliza, both of Canada laborer, John Girard, N. Tewksbury March 12, 1910, phthisis, 3d
Herbert Langdon, 50y, England, single Robert & Jane, both of England waiter, J. Manning, 143 Albany St. no city given on record March 13, 1910, aortic insufficiency, 1m, 4d
# Wilbur Howard Lofa, 3m, Baldwinville, MA none none March 14, 1910, malnutrition, 16d
# Charles Kent, 2m, Charlestown Charles McKinnon of Ireland & Mary (Kent) of Ireland mother here March 15, 1910, malnutrition, 1m, 4d
Michael Dwyer, 48y, Ireland, single Thomas & Ellen, both of Ireland shoemaker, John Keough, S. Boston March 15, 1910, purpura hemorragica/acute arthritis and alcoholism, 1m, 6d
Delia Lee, 55y, England, widow of Edward John Kelly & Mary (Graham) both of England cook, Thomas Kelley, 63 Central St. Manchester, NH March 16, 1910, phthisis, 10m, 18d
# Gertrude Sullivan, 2d, Tewksbury Gertrude Sullivan of Fall River, MA mother here March 17, 1910, premature birth
# Mary Corbela, 11m, 21d, MA Emile & Sophia, both of Finland mother here March 18, 1910, pertussis, 21d
John Creighton, 54y, N.B. single John & Jane, both of Ireland laborer, James Kendall, Watertown March 21, 1910, aortic insufficiency, 3m, 5d
# James Flaherty, 70y, Boston, widow James & Hannah, both of Ireland cook March 22, 1910, arterial sclerosis, 6y, 6m, 14d
Daniel Carr, 80y, Newburyport Daniel & Patrice (Noyce) both of Newburyport farmer, Thos. H. Richards, Ipswich, MA March 22, 1910, phthisis, 10d
Nellie Goon, 26y, S. Boston, married to Joseph Goon John Brady & Mary, both of Ireland housework, Mrs Brady, Roxbury March 22, 1910, phthisis, 9m, 22d
Laurence Gilhooley, 55y, Ireland, married Patrick & Ann (Gibling) both of Ireland mule spinner, Michael Curran, Fairhaven MA March 22, 1910, aortic and mitral insufficiency, 6m, 1d
Jeremiah Reardon, 36y, Ireland, single Michael & Ellen (Sullivan) both of Ireland farmer, Jeremiah Reardon, California St. Amesbury, MA March 28, 1910, lobar pneumonia, 1y, 10m
# Henry Wilson, 67y, MA, widow Almond Wilson & Johanna (Perrin) both of MA farmer March 30, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 26d
Dennis Hessians, 62y, Ireland, married Patrick & Catherine (McGrath) both of Ireland laborer, Mrs Catherine Campbell, Newton April 2, 1910, carcinoma of face, 2y, 1m, 4d
Walter R. Hines, 20y, Chelsea not known house painter, Mr John Roos, Springfield April 3, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 24d
John Oldham, 63y, England Hugh & Katherine (Keefe) both of England laborer, Edward Hunt, Newark, NJ April 5, 1910, phthisis, 4d
# John Belmont, 69y, France Anthony & Annetta (Longen) both of France penman April 5, 1910, phthisis, 5d
Owen Geary, 85y, Ireland, widow Michael & Katherine, both of Ireland laborer, Mary Geary, Brookline April 5, 1910, arterial sclerosis, 1m, 26d
John Bookin, 34y, Russia Martin & Anna, both of Russia laborer, Gabriel Gabriel (!!) Cambridge April 5, 1910, phthisis, 1d
# Maud McDonald, 4m, unknown none known state ward April 7, 1910, hereditary syphilis, 22d
Sophia Ansell, 32y, Austria, married to Joseph Peter Surerat & Mary, both of Austria mill hand, Joseph Russell, Pittsfield April 10, 1910, phthisis, 4m, 10d
# James Kathrinnanos, 3y, Lowell unknown none April 12, 1910, general TB, 11d
# Mary Hogan, 65y, Ireland, single both of Ireland, no names none April 13, 1910, phthisis, 27y, 9m, 16d
Apostolos Varas, 25y, Greece Anaganostis & Forter, both of Greece cotton mill, Costas Krekas, Lowell April 14, 1910, phthisis, 30d
Joseph Alexander, 29y, England Joseph & Agnes (Doley) both of England textile worker, Mrs Wm. Ashton, Laurel st. Lynn, MA April 15, 1910, phthisis, 10m, 6d
# Domenico Palmissano, 20y, Italy, Frank & Johan (Petit) both of Italy laborer April 16, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 9d
Martin Kontola, 33y, Finland James & Mary, both of Finland baker, Frank Laena, Water St. Quincy April 17, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 5d
George Arnold, 65y, MA, widow Markaun (?) & Rebecca, both of MA cook, Gilbert Arnold, Hopesdale, MA April 17, 1910, myocarditis, 4m, 20d
James Clark, 39y, N.S. Abraham & Mary (McClellan) both of N.S. driver, John McLellan, 141 Main, Charlestown April 18, 1910, phthisis, m, 29d
William Bell, 28y, England, married George & Helen (Clark) both of Ireland fireman, Mrs Elizabeth Bell, 39 Gladstone Rd. Liverpool, England April 21, 1910, general peritonitis, 14d
#Malvina J. Dairs, 66y, PA, widow names not given, father of Germany, mother of England housework April 23, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 7m, 20d
# Peter Dailey, 52y, Portland, ME all unknown laborer April 24, 1910, phthisis & alcoholism, 1d
# Catherine Rose, 83y, Germany, husband name; Frederick names unknown, both of Germany housework April 25, 1910, mitral insufficiency, 1y, 11m, 13d
Almira Lown, 85y, ME, widow Benjamin Chapin of MA & Jane (Walch) of N.B. housework, son; Benjamin Lown, S. Boston May 1, 1910, chronic nephritis, 3m, 8d
# Bruno Siorenti or Sunddi Bruin, 19y, Italy, single Torry and Rosue, both of Italy laborer May 2, 1910, phthisis, 10d
Selma Kaugas, 24y, Finland, single J. Kaugas & Marie, both of Finland Mill hand, Mr. Kaugas, Fitchburg, MA May 2, 1910, phthisis, 3m, 22d
Sarkis Shangoran, 22y, Armenia, single Jakar Shangoran & Mamas, both of Armenia no occ give, Marta Gardogsian, 11 Laurel St. Worcester May 2, 1910, chronic nephritis, 1m, 23d
Stephani Buzzi, 24y, Italy, single Flaviano & Maria (Briganti) both of Italy laborer, Michael Fresola, 23 State St., N. Adams May 3, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 8d
Wisnewski Stanislaw, 19y, Austria, single John & Rose (Mach) both of Austria farmer, Solomon Golbels, Boston May 3, 1910, Diabetes Mellitus, 5m, 28d
# Patrick Whelan or Whalen, 58y, Ireland, single Sylvester & May (Toole) both of Ireland laborer May 7, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 8m, 2d
Charles H. Crowley, 72y, NJ Derius & Mary (Leverett) both of Ireland unknown, contact Annie Crowley, Rover St. Boston May 7, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 26d
Patrick Callahan, 50y, Ireland, single Timothy & Margaret, both of Ireland labo28drer, au. Buckley, 514 South St. Quincy, MA May 8, 1910, emphema, 1m, 2d
Giacoma Mamano, 25y, Italy, single Antonio & Sauteu, both of Italy laborer, father and mother in Lawrence, MA May 8, 1910, phthisis, 2m
Annie Madden, 53y, Ireland Richard Kennedy and Mary (Flynn) both of Ireland, husband name was Dennis housework, Richard Driscoll, Medford, MA May 8, 1910, chronic mylitis, 6m, 10d
# Alice Lebane, 29y, Canada, single Mitchell Gossler & Geneva (Ravier) both of Canada none given May 8, 1910, phthisis, 6y, 6m, 23d
Rosa May James, 14y, Pittsfield, MA parents unknown school, contact Mrs Albert Pashau, 99 Jerome St., W. Medford May 9, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 11d
Thomas Wilson, 24y, CT, single Charles H of VT & Jennie, of CT shoe laster, Mrs M. Clark, 1158 Main St., Willimante, CT May 10, 1910, phthisis, 9m
# Andrew Olsen, 81y, Norway none coppersmith May 10, 1910, general septicemia, 31y, 2m, 20d
# William Wilson, 52y, England William & Elizabeth (Rolands) both of England ship builder May 11, 1910, phthisis, 6m, 7d
# Joseph Laurie, 5y, 9m, Italy Sante Laurie, both of Italy none May 11, 1910, scarlet fever, 3m, 14d
James McDonald, 59y, N.B. John & Annie (Carlon) both of Ireland laborer, Mrs M. Grady, 81 Carver St., Boston May 12, 1910, phthisis, 1y, 2m, 9d
# John Edward Chilsolm, 2m, Tewksbury Mary Chilsolm of Nova Scotia none May 12, 1910, hereditary syphilis, 16d
Daniel Richardson, 30y, ME Alonzo & Amelia (Lovett) both of ME laborer, C. K. Willey, N. Easton, MA May 13, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 16d
Henry Tyler or George Hardy Tyler, 64y, MI, married Harry & Mary (Gary) both of MI carpenter, Mrs Henry Tyler, 66 Dewey St., Worcester May 15, 1910, mitral insufficiency, 6m, 28d
Stanley D. Searing, 55y, NY, single Jordan Searing of Hampstead, Long Island & Lucy (Learing) of VT teamster, adjutant Hingham, 8 Brook Ave. Boston May 15, 1910, chronic Endocarditis, 5d
# Joseph F. Norton, 1y, 22d, Boston John Stacey of Boston & Catherine (Norton) of India mother here May 16, 1910, measles, 1y, 11d
Gabriel Leblanc, 1y, 7m, Canada Ernest Leblanc  & Antoinette, both of Canada mother here May 18, 1910, measles
Bill Macropoulos, 20y, Greece, single James & Athena, both of Greece shoe factory, Bro. Thos. Macropoulos, no addy given May 18, 1910, phthisis, 48d
Dennis O'Brien, 63y, Ireland Timothy & Catharine (Merrick) both of Ireland marble polisher, Catharine Healey, Stoughton, MA May 18, 1910, phthisis, 6m, 15d
Ella Brennan, 42y, NH, single Patrick J. Brennan, and Mary (Haley) both of Ireland dress maker, Miss Annie Brennan, 44 Cook St., Charlestown May 18, 1910, lymphatic leukemia, 2y, 24d
Bruno Giorelli, 2y, RI Ralph & Adelaide, both of Italy mother here May 20, 1910, measles, 1m, 25d
James Carroll, 34y, SC Thomas P & Jeanette, both of SC laborer, Mary Etta Johnson, Boston May 20, 1910, phthisis, 13d
William Leavitt, 1y, Boston James Murphy & Catherine (Leavitt) of MA mother here May 22, 1910, measles, 2m, 4d
Susan, Gillis, 23y, Cape Breton Angus & Florence (Nicholson) both of Cape Breton housework, Christina Cope, Dorchester May 24, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 3d
# John Erickson, 75y, Finland Erik & Eva, both of Finland seaman May 24, 1910, chronic nephritis, 3m, 6d
Lena Conrad, 8m, Nova Scotia, single Frank Conrad of NS & Katie (Lombard) of Ireland mother here May 24, 1910, measles, 1m, 24d
Albert Ford, 1y, Boston Edw & Emma, both of N.C. mother here May 25, 1910, general TB, 1d
# Emily Whiteside, 71y, N.B. widow George Sueider (??) of N.B. & Anna (Cody) of Halifax none given May 25, 1910, cancer of stomach, 5d
Zelie Laffely, 72y, France, husband was Louis Sebastian Ragod & Margaret (Andre) both of France housework, Mr Henry Ragod, Lawrence, MA May 25, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 10m, 6d
Nathan Sayles, 46y, Ireland, single Nathan & Kate (Bark) both of Ireland mill operative, Charles Sayles, Silver City, Idaho May 26, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 22d
Dominico Romano, 48y, Italy, married Puinyetio & Faunolia ? , both of Italy laborer, Guy Saute, W. Newton May 27, 1910, acute urethral fever, 11d
Rosalie McGoff, 30y, Scotland John McGoff of Scotland & Mary (McDermott) of Ireland housework, Katie McGoff, Dorchester May 27, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 7d
Clara Brandemonte, 20y, Italy, married to Frank maiden name is Cordula, both parents of Italy housework, husband; 47 Newman St., Boston May 30, 1910, phthisis, 4d



Name, age, birthdate/location, marital status Parents names and birth location Occupation and last known residence Date/Cause of death, length of time in hospital &  length of time in MA (if given)
Howard Gilmore, 2y, 4m, 24d, born  Jan 7, 1908, in MA no parents names given none June 1, 1910, measles, 10m, 21d
Henry Howe, 40y, single, born 1870 in Ireland Terrance Howe & Nora (McCarthy) both of Ireland wood worker June 1, 1910, Abcess of liver, 21d
Ella Martin, 53y, England, single all unknown none June 2, 1910, acute enteritis, 4y, 17d
Ronald Williams, 46y, S.C., single William & Amelia (Salernes) both of S.C. machinist June 5, 1910, aneurysm of Innominate artery, 25d
Harry L. Gray, 52y, Boston, b. 1858 Adam of NH & Philippine (Waltis) of France decorator June 7, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 20d
Henry Machler, 56y, Switzerland, b. 1854 George & Katrina, both of Switzerland janitor June 7, 1910, sarcoma of sacro-iliac joint, 2m, 16d
Robert Campbell, 80y, Ireland, b. 1830 John & Ann, both of Ireland umbrella repairing June 8, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 1y, 1m, 25d
Michael Connors, 39y, Ireland, b. 1871, married Thomas & Julia (Brennan) both of Ireland laborer June 9, 1910, phthisis, 4m, 15d
Jane Moutier, 70y, Scotland, b. 1850 Alden MacInnis & Christina, both of Scotland cook June 9, 1910, chronic nephritis, 3m, 6d
Roger Ryan, 36y, Ireland, b. 1874, single Roger & Katherine (Riley) both of Ireland pressman June 10, 1910, phthisis, 3m 8d
John Barron or Yakin Barr, 35y, Cape De Verde Isles, b. 1875, widow Joseph & Angelina, both of Cape De Verde isles laborer June 11, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 9d
James J. Gaffey, 57y, Cambridge, b. 1863, single Patrick & Margaret (Kane) both of Ireland mattress maker June 12, 1910, phthisis, 3m, 5d
Rinaldo Shilalto, 51y, Italy, b. 1859, married Patrick Spillaro & Marie    (Pann) both of Italy laborer June 12, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 1y, 2m, 21d
Tony Gongoly, 24y, Russia, b. 1886, single Elias & Auella, both of Russia shoe maker June 13, 1910, general TB, 1m, 8d; been in state 12m
Axel Hagerblosm ?, 34y, Finland, b. 1876, single John & Helen (Peterson) both of Finland harness maker June 13, 1910, phthisis, 2m, 1d
John Strosser, 5m, MA not known none June 15, 1910, acute arteritis (?), 27d
Cornelius Lehan, 60y, Ireland, b. 1850, single Thomas & Mary (Carter) both of Ireland laborer June 18, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 2m, 21d
Edward Burns, 34y, N.B. b. 1877, widow Thomas & Mary (Duffy) both of N.B. baker June 20, 1910, phthisis, 3m 10d, in the state 12y
Michael McGuire, 64y, Ireland, b. 1846, single John & Katherine, both of Ireland laborer June 20, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, no length given
Guiseppa Cavalaro, 50y, Italy, b. 1860, widow both of Italy, no names seamstress June 21, 1910, cancer of stomach, 1m, 8d
Thomas Donovan, 35y, Boston, b. 1874, single Michael & Mary, both of Ireland shoemaker, finisher; residence: 234 Commercial St. Boston June 21, 1910, phthisis, 1d
Hannah Mullen, 50y, Ireland, b. 1860, widow William Bruten ? & Mary (Conway), both of Ireland weaver in mill June 22, 1910, lobar pneumonia, 1/2 day
Albert King, 72y, ME, b. 1838, single Rastus & Harriet, both of ME laborer June 23, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 9m, 2d
John Hadik, 42y, Austria, b. 12-28-1868, married Antone & Mary, both of Austria ill dye worker June 25, 1910, chronic nephritis, 1d, in state 15y
Bertha Gray al Joyal, 5d, born at hospital John Smith, bp unk; Emelia Gray, of Tewksbury none June 27, 1910, acute inanition, 5d
Clara E. Clapp, 55y, MA, single Berrez & Sarah (Ingraham) both of England none June 27, 1910, phthisis, 3y, 6m
Tony Yaszanska, 2m, 20d; b. 4-10-1910 in Peabody father unknown, mother Leahphena (?) of Russia none June 30, 1910, inanition, 1m, 20d
Salvatore Genoese, 1y, born in Italy none given, mother of Italy none June 30, 1910, acute miliary TB, 2d, in state for 8 months
Pavol Chervenski, 28y, Russia, b. 1882, single Stanislow & Agnes, both of Russia stable man June 2, 1910, mitral regurgitation, 21d
Antonina Rosa, 1y, 4m, 4d, Boston not known former residence Boston July 2, 1910, acute enteritis, 9d
Joseph Lucas, 40y, Quebec, b. 1870, married Thomas & Mary, both of Quebec steam fitter July 2, 1910, chronic intestinal nephritis, 4m, 8d
Emma E. Sharkey, 1y, 5m, born 1909 in MA Alice Sharkey of unknown none, resided in Milford July 5, 1910, miliary TB, 2m, 12s
Charles M. Elms, 56y, MA, single William of ME & Jane M. (Hurd) shoemaker July 7, 1910, mitral insufficiency, 9y, 5m, 16d
Patrick Swift, 61y, Ireland, b. 1849, widow Thomas & Mary, both of Ireland laborer July 8, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 2y, 9m, 2d
Thomas Roach, 65y, Ireland, b. 1845, single both of Ireland, no names laborer July 9, 1910, chronic intestinal nephritis, 11d
Ludwick Spic, 25y, Austria, b. 1885, single Daniel & Katrina, both of Austria cotton mill, resided at Blackstone July 10, 1910, phthisis, 3m, 14d
Thomas A. Egan, 65y, Ireland, b. 12-23-1846, widow James & Bridget (Ward) both of Ireland marble worker July 11, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 6d
Adam Limond, 50y, N.B., b 10-18-1860, widow William of Scotland & Jane (Baxter) of N.B. lather July 12, 1910, chronic parenchymatone nephritis, 21d
Charles Balch, 75y, MA, b. 1834, married Benjamin & Miranda, both of OH painter July 14, 1910, arterial sclerosis, 8m, 8d
Mary J. Clements, 50y, Ireland, b. 1860, widow Edward White & Bridget (Murphy) both of Ireland housework, res. Boston July 15, 1910, cerebral hemorrhage, 5m, 21d,
Julia Downey, 36y, NYC, b. 1874, single James Downey & Mary, both of Ireland housework, res. NYC July 15, 1910, TB enteritis, 16y, 12d
John Lasota, 47y, Russia, b. 1863, married Story & Bolida, both of Russia weaver July 21, 1910, carcinoma of  splenic flexure, 2m, 24d
Henry Bowers, 29y, NH, b. 5-2-1873, single Frederick of ME & Sarah of NH clerk July 21, 1910, phthisis, 2m, 18d, in state 1y, 3m
William Benoit, 39y, Holyoke, b. 6-29-1871, married Clemence & Lizzie, both of Canada waiter July 21, 1910, phthisis, 5m, 6d
Edward Nils Peter Nelson, 26y, Denmark, b 2-25-1884, single Andre & Anna, both of Denmark longshoreman July 22, 1910, sarcoma of liver, 9d, in state 2y, 10m
George Robinson, 41y, b. 5-24-1869 in CT, single Edward, both of England teamster July 23, 1910, phthisis, 1y, 1m, 8d, in state 30 y
Lawrence Dacey, 1y, 7d, b 7-16-1909 in Tewksbury Bridget none July 23, 1910, gastro enteritis, 1y, 7m
Thomas M. Sullivan, 34y, b. 1-19-1874 in CT, single Timothy J. & Mary Jane, both of Ireland iron shipper July 26, 1910, phthisis, 25d
Thomas H. Moore, 62y, MA, single Thomas & Margaret (Matthews) both of Ireland paper hanger July 26, 1910, phthisis, 24y, 4m, 1d
Thomas J. Powers, 54y, b. 7-31-1859 in Boston Thomas & Anna (McDermit) both of Ireland junk dealer July 27, 1910, mitral insufficiency, 31d
John William Dow, 62y, b. 8-18-1847 in Salisbury, MA William & Mary A. (Merrill) both of Salisbury shoe cutter July 28, 1910, chronic intestinal nephritis, 9d
Victor Hanson, 45y, b. 3-1-1865 in Denmark, single Peter & Willemenia, both of Denmark blacksmith, res: 137 Spark St. Montello, MA July 28, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 1d, in state 13y
John Kotilainen, 1y, 4m, MA William & Ethel both of Finland none July 29, 1910, general TB, 5m
Jane Kennedy, 66y, b. 1844 in England, widow Abraham Cooper & Sarah (Young) both of England housework, res: Lowell, MA August 1, 1910, cancer of neck, 1y, 8m
Emma Ford, 34y, b. 1876 in S.C., married March Washington & Betsey, both of S.C. housework, res: Boston August 1, 1910, phthisis, 2m, 8d
Luke Fanning, 58y, b. 5-24-1852 in Canada, single Henry & Margaret, both of Ireland miller, res: Boston August 3, 1910, phthisis, 6m, 8d, in state 40 years
Mary A. Restarrick, 73y, b. 1837 in Ireland, married Edward Doherty & Sarah, both of Ireland housework, res: Boston August 3, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 3y, 8m, 25d
Angelo Gianinni, 77y, b. 1833 in Italy, married Marchiana & Eton ?, both of Italy laborer, res: Boston August 3, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 5m, 8d
William Oldfield, 67y, b. 1843 in England, widow Abraham & Mary (Sliders) both of England weaver, res: Fall River August 5, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 8m, 20d
Pasquale Conenua (?), 45y, b. 1-2- 1865 in Italy, married Andre & Catherine (Copotelina) both of Italy carpenter, res: Worcester August 7, 1910, phthisis, 2d, in state 4 years
Jeremiah Sughrue, 67y, b. 1843 in Ireland, single both of Ireland laborer, res: Natick August 7, 1910, acute dysentery, 3y, 1m, 14d
James McGuigan, 55y, b. 6-14-1856 in P.E.I., married Edward & Mary, both of Ireland fireman/marine, res: Boston August 7, 1910, phthisis, 1m, 9d, in state 38 years
Jane Gaillard, 71y, Ireland, born 1839, widow not known laundress, res. Boston August 7, 1910, arteriosclerosis, 16y, 7m, 23d
George Wright, 55y, b. 4-15-1855 in England, single John & Mary, both of England laborer, res: Lowell August 9, 1910, chronic intestinal nephritis, 8d, in state 40 yrs
Charles J. Jones, 55y, b 1855 in Boston, single Chas. of NH & Geogianna (Speed) of Boston painter, res: Boston August 9, 1910, pernicious anemia, 7m, 14d
Ludjar Houle, 39y, b. 9-7-1870 in Canada, widow Isaac Houle & Marielina (Coutie) both of Canada canvasser, res. Boston August 10, 1910, phthisis, 3m, 13d, in state 15y
Herbert Jackson, 37y, b. 12-2-1873 in Boston, single Frederick of Boston & Sarah of VA barber, res. Boston August 10, 1910, phthisis, 12d
Mary Higgins, 1y, 2m, 8d, born at hospital Kate Higgins none August 10, 1910, hereditary syphilis
Etta Ingalls, 1m, 12d, b. 6-30-1910 in MA Etta Ingalls of MA none August 10, 1910, hereditary syphilis, 1y, 1m
Rosa Bichakjian or Rosie Pichaca, 27y, b. 1883 in Armenia, married both of Armenia, no names housework, res. Chelsea August 10, 1910, general TB, 27d
John Dennis, 11m, MA Joseph & Annie, both of Austria none, res; Pittsfield August 11, 1910, acute enteritis, 5m, 26d

All records transcribed by JAS & DL 2005-2009