Deaths Reported to the State of Massachusetts by the Tewksbury Almshouse

The following records were transcribed from vital records reporting deaths at the hospital to the state. The vital records will only report patients who died at the hospital, and do not always record where the patients are buried. The content of the death records vary each year.

You may contact Mass Archives in Boston to obtain copies of all death records in this database.

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Date of Death Name Sex Condition Age Disease or Cause of Death Occupation Place of Birth Names of Parents Place of Birth of Parents Comments
6/19/1899 Babbitt, Henry H Male Single 66 y.  Pneumonia Iron Worker MA Seth & Deborah MA Buried Tewksbury
11/24/1902 Babbitt, Phoebe  Female Widow 79 y.  Senility None MA Baddock & Elmira MA Buried Falmouth
4/9/1879 Babcock, Pamelia W Female Single 50 y.  Phthisis Nurse VT Augustus & Maria "Chelmsford, MA"  
5/14/1903 Babino, Albert  Male Single 23 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Julia Babino Poland Buried Tewksbury
5/29/1858 Bachelder, Mary  Female   5 m.  Infant Debility   Unknown      
5/7/1858 Backhus, Samuel  Male   9 m.  Cholera Infantum   Unknown      
6/13/1886 Bacon, Edward  Male Single 64 y.  Heart Disease Operative Ireland Daniel & Julia Ireland  
3/20/1876 Bacon, Kitta  Female Single 14 d. Imperfect development   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/20/1884 Bacon, Thomas  Male Widower 66 y.  Diarrhoea & Debility Laborer England Enoch & Esther England  
3/23/1864 Badger, Michael  Male Married 70 y.  Softening of Brain   Ireland      
12/26/1899 Baellaysan, Thomas  Male Single 33 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada Joseph & Sarah Canada Buried Tewksbury
2/26/1904 Bagdasarian, Ignasius  Male Married 48 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Coppersmith Turkey Jacob & Sen? ? Turkey Buried Cambridge
7/13/1901 Bagdigian, George  Male Married 40 y.  Phthisis Laundry MA Henry & Mary Italy Buried Worcester
12/19/1866 Bagley, James  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
2/23/1870 Bagley, Kate  Female   11 m.  Pneumonia   "Chicopee, MA" Mary & John Ireland  
2/14/1871 Bagley, Mans  Female Married 30 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Unknown  
11/17/1897 Bagnall, Francis  Female Widow 72 y.  Pneumonia Housework England Unknown England Buried Boston
3/28/1876 Bagot, Arnold  Male Single 3 m. 14 d. Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/30/1867 Bagwell, Augusta  Female Single 21 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/16/1901 Bailey, Annie R Female Married 31 y.  Delirium Tremens Housework MA Joseph & Arah NH & MA "Alias Belle, Buried Tewksbury"
2/18/1883 Bailey, Daniel  Male Single 38 y.  Phthisis Currier Ireland Dennis & Johanna Ireland  
11/18/1869 Bailey, Elizabeth  Female Married 72 y.  Old Age   MD Unknown MD  
4/26/1888 Bailey, Fanny D Female Unknown Unknown y.  Syphilis   ME Unknown Unknown Colored
2/1/1895 Bailey, Fred  Male Widower 60 y.  Pneumonia Farmer "Sullivan, NH" John & Hulda NH Buried Tewksbury
8/5/1899 Bailey, George  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Laborer AL William & Sophia AL "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/7/1867 Bailey, James  Male Single 5 m.  Diarrhoea   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/30/1881 Bailey, James  Male   50 y.  Apoplexy   "Philadelphia, PA" Unknown Unknown Colored
1/16/1859 Bailey, John  Male   30 y.  Pnuemonia Laborer Ireland      
12/8/1884 Bailey, Kate  Female Single 42 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Jno. & Mary Ireland  
10/21/1898 Baker, Alton  Male Single 8 m.  Diphtheria   "Boston, MA" Alton & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/18/1866 Baker, Eugenie  Female Widow 45 y.  Phthisis MD Colored      
9/5/1876 Baker, Frederick C Male Single 53 y.  Phthisis Seaman England Benjamin & Francis England  
12/10/1868 Baker, George  Male   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown    
7/15/1894 Baker, George W Male Widower 85 y.  Cardiac & Apoplexy Longshoreman Ireland Richard & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/25/1889 Baker, James  Male Widower 65 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Laborer Ireland William & Jane Ireland  
7/27/1867 Baker, John  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis   Newfoundland John & Margret Newfoundland  
3/8/1877 Baker, Mary  Female Married 48 y.  Fatty Heart Domestic Ireland Patrick & Bridget Ireland  
5/3/1901 Baker, Nellie  Female Widow 53 y.  Acute Enteritis Canvasser Ireland John & Catherine Ireland Buried Lowell
7/26/1878 Baker, Richard A Male Married 48 y.  Phthisis Stone Mason NY Otis & Elmira Unknown  
6/18/1882 Baker, Thomas  Male Married 83 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland James & Margaret Ireland  
4/4/1889 Baker, Willie  Male Single 2 m.  Congenital Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Charlotte Baker & Thomas Dickinson England  
5/26/1872 Balcomb, Jane A Female Married 37 y.  Phthisis Housekeeper "Winchendon, MA" Unknown Unknown  
6/13/1869 Baldwin, Elizabeth  Female   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/22/1902 Baldwin, John H Male Single 20 y.  Potts Disease Laborer AL John & Lizzie AL "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
8/10/1887 Baldwin, John  Male Single 60 y.  Diarrhoea & Chronic Mania   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/24/1885 Baldwin, John  Male Married 70 y.  Paralysis Carpenter Ireland William & Bridget Ireland  
8/28/1905 Ball, Imogene  Female Single 1 y. 9 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/27/1879 Ball, Jane  Female Unknown 76 y.  Senile Dementia VA Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/22/1871 Ball, Peter  Male Unknown 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer NY Unknown Unknown  
3/22/1877 Ball, William C Male Single 4 m.  Acute Bronchitis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/17/1902 Ballantine, Daniel  Male Married 67 y.  Hemiplegia Laborer Ireland Robert & Bessie Ireland Buried Everett
10/1/1871 Ballard, Ann  Female Widow 60 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper England Ralph & Mary England  
11/2/1897 Ballou, James  Male Single 50 y.  General Paralysis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Malden
8/25/1903 Balmforth, Christopher  Male Unknown 66 y.  Acute Enteritis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown not listed
1/10/1904 Balmforth, Levi  Male Married 30 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Metal Polisher England Eri & Mary (Wood) Balmforth England Buried Boston
7/27/1877 Bamford, Richard  Male Married 46 y.  Phthisis Cabinet Maker Canada Richard & Alice Ireland  
12/11/1903 Bancroft, Elizabeth  Female Single 2 m. 16 d. Hereditary Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown not listed
12/2/1867 Bancroft, Harriet  Female Married 47 y.  Cancer   England Unknown Unknown  
11/1/1859 Bandini, Mary E Female   42 d. Infant Debility   Unknown      
8/16/1879 Bane, Henry  Male Single 21 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/28/1883 Bane, Mark  Male   25 y.  Malignant Tumor Operative Ireland Mark & Ellen Ireland  
3/2/1905 Baney, Peter  Male Widower 51 y.  Phthisis Laborer Germany Simon & Elizabeth (Tanehill) Baney Germany Buried W. Roxbury
2/27/1883 Banfield, George W Male Married 39 y.  Sclerosis Barber "Charleston, SC" George & Eliza SC Colored
4/17/1878 Banks, James R Male Single 5 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/4/1873 Banks, Josephine  Female   1 m. 21 d. Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/27/1887 Banks, Martha  Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
11/3/1900 Banks, Michael  Male Widower 70 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland Tony & Winnie Ireland Buried Boston
7/23/1871 Bannin, Annie  Female Unknown 80 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/5/1904 Bannister, Anthony  Male Married 40 y.  Acute Cholecystitis Morocco Dresser Poland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/14/1879 Barbary, Frank  Male Unknown 60 y.  Aneurism   Italy John & Unknown Italy  
7/24/1877 Barber, Leonard H Male   49 y.  General Paralysis Unknown VT Unknown Unknown  
5/26/1882 Barber, Lois  Male Single 51 y.  Hemiplegia Laborer Canada Peter & Lavina Canada  
3/5/1881 Barboza, Louis  Male Single 31 y.  Phthisis Laborer Western Islands Frank & Ann Western Islands  
1/2/1902 Barbulies, Constantio  Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Peddler Greece Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/28/1903 Barcha, Romanna  Male Single 7 m.  Phthisis   "Lawrence, MA" Unknown & Maria Syria Buried Tewksbury
3/5/1855 Barcly, Daniel  Boy   7 y.  Scarlet Fever          
3/1/1855 Barcly, Ellen  Girl   5 y.  Scarlet Fever          
6/21/1879 Bard, Lucy M Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/7/1871 Bareaus, Abbie  Female Unknown Unknown y.  Debility Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/18/1864 Barker, Catherine  Female   75 y.  Senile Debility   New Hampshire      
7/16/1875 Barker, Emma  Female Single 45 y.  Apoplexy Housekeeper "Providence, RI" Unknown Unknown  
6/3/1893 Barker, Joshua E Male Single 46 y.  Cerebral Tumor Inside Man WI Philip & Julia WI "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
10/19/1861 Barker, Levi  Male   14 d. Infant Debility   Unknown      
4/16/1893 Barkhouse, Ethel  Female Single 7 m.  Congenital Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Emroe Oswold & Minnie Barkhouse New Brunswick & Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
10/20/1859 Barnacle, Mary A Female   3 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
12/20/1859 Barnadi, Bridget  Female   30 y.  Phthisis   Rhode Island      
12/14/1894 Barnard, Emeline E Female Widow 49 y.  Peritonitis Domestic "Malden, MA" Sylvanus & Mary A. Rogers MA & ? Buried Reading
11/24/1901 Barnard, John  Male Widower 49 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Plumber MA John & Johanna LA & MA Buried Arlington
7/17/1875 Barnard, John  Male   2 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/2/1872 Barnes, Abigail  Female Widow 95 y.  Debility Housekeeper ME Unknown Unknown  
3/20/1877 Barnes, Anna  Female Single 14 d. Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/8/1903 Barnes, George  Male Single 69 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer MA Samuel & Caroline (Haven) Barnes MA not listed
1/15/1872 Barnes, Mary  Female Widow 73 y.  Dropsy Housekeeper Ireland Richard & Elizabeth Littlejohn Ireland  
5/7/1902 Barnett, Charles  Male Unknown 46 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/11/1897 Barney, David  Male Married 33 y.  Pulmonary Tuberculosis Laborer MD Unknown & Annie Hartz MD "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
3/19/1902 Barnfather, William  Male Married 32 y.  Phthisis Weaver England Thomas & Hannah England Buried Lowell
7/31/1876 Barnsfield, John  Male Single 40 y.  Syphilis Laborer Ireland Timothy & Margaret Ireland  
8/17/1871 Barnum, Susan  Female Widow 77 y.  Anasarca Housekeeper ME Unknown Unknown  
2/15/1870 Baronet, William L Male Widower 68 y.  Gangrene Laborer "Providence, RI" John & Pleasant NY Colored
12/1/1871 Barr, James  Male Single 46 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Scotland Thomas & Unknown Scotland  
2/25/1902 Barr, Rebecca  Female Single 21 d. Hereditary Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/10/1905 Barrett, Ann  Female Widow 61 y.  Acute Enteritis Mill Operative Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/22/1888 Barrett, Cornelius  Male Single 43 y.  G? of Brain Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/12/1871 Barrett, Eliza  Female Married 35 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Liverpool, NS" James & Ann Ireland  
8/6/1899 Barrett, Emma A Female Married 33 y.  Carcinoma Housework MA Donis & Adeline Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/28/1882 Barrett, James  Male Widower 75 y.  Heart Disease Hostler Ireland James & Ellen Ireland  
5/23/1868 Barrett, James  Male Single 21 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/5/1872 Barrett, Jane  Female Unknown 61 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/28/1893 Barrett, Joanna  Female Widow 47 y.  Diarrhoea Housewife Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/13/1872 Barrett, John  Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Upholsterer "Boston, MA" Richard & Elizabeth Ireland  
11/9/1892 Barrett, Joseph  Male Single 68 y.  Cerebral Embolus Baker MA John & Sophia Canada  
3/26/1873 Barrett, Joseph  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Laborer NY Joseph & Mary Ireland  
6/13/1874 Barrett, Mary  Female Widow 50 y.  Pyaemia Domestic Ireland Anthony & Sarah Connelly Ireland  
7/14/1868 Barrett, Mary  Female Unknown 40 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/3/1871 Barrett, Mary  Female Unknown 35 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/12/1863 Barrett, Mary A Female   4 m.  Cong. Syph.   "Tewksbury, MA" Thos. Murphy & Margt. Barrett Ireland  
3/7/1876 Barrett, Matthew  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Catherine Ireland  
5/22/1872 Barrett, Moody M Male Single 58 y.  Phthisis Laborer NH William & Ann Ireland  
10/29/1905 Barrett, Redmond  Male Single 29 y.  Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Laborer Ireland Richard & Mary (Keefe) Barrett Ireland "Alias Edward, Buried Malden"
6/3/1901 Barrett, Stephen  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer RI John & Mary Ireland "Buried Providence, RI"
6/24/1862 Barrey, James  Male   15 d. Infantile Debility          
5/3/1887 Barron, James  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Bookbinder MA James & Ellen Ireland  
4/8/1892 Barron, William  Male Single 25 y.  Caries of Ilium Book Keeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/28/1898 Barrow, John  Male Single 55 y.  Meningitis Laborer Canada John & Virginia Canada Buried Tewksbury
9/10/1893 Barrows, Rebecca  Female Widow 85 y.  Cardiac & Acute Diarrhoea Housewife MD Isaac Asher & Betsey MD Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1901 Barrows, Sabin L Male Married 61 y.  General Tuberculosis Shoemaker MA Sabin & Harriet MA Buried Tewksbury
6/3/1854 Barry, Bridget  Female   1 y. 2 m.  Dropsy of Brain   Boston      
11/10/1875 Barry, Catherine  Female Widow 61 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/23/1878 Barry, Catherine  Female Single 41 y.  Epilepsy Domestic Ireland Laurence & Mary Ireland  
1/8/1894 Barry, Daniel  Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis None "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/18/1879 Barry, Daniel  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis   Nova Scotia Patrick & Nancy Ireland  
3/10/1903 Barry, Edward  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Baker Ireland Robert & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/15/1887 Barry, Edward  Male Single 25 d. Pulmonary Congestion   "Lynn, MA" Rosa Barry & Edward Farrell Ireland  
8/11/1873 Barry, Elizabeth  Female Unknown 70 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/16/1885 Barry, Frank  Male Single 4 m.  Congenital Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Oliver & Maggie CT & RI  
6/19/1872 Barry, George F Male   1 m.  Cholera Infantum   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/1/1869 Barry, Hannah  Female Married 45 y.  General Debility   Ireland Jeremiah & Mary Donald Ireland  
3/16/1858 Barry, Henry  Male   2 y.  Marasmus   Almshouse      
11/30/1903 Barry, James  Male Widower 55 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Boston
3/22/1868 Barry, James  Male Single 39 y.  Phthisis   England Unknown England  
8/15/1874 Barry, James  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
9/16/1881 Barry, James  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis Upholsterer "Boston, MA" John & Ellen Ireland  
8/18/1890 Barry, Joanna  Female Single 36 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
2/9/1855 Barry, John  Boy   4 m. 10 d. Infantile Debility          
3/15/1882 Barry, John  Male Unknown 75 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/19/1897 Barry, John J Male Single 35 y.  Pneumonia Waiter Ireland Michael & Johanna Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/18/1873 Barry, John  Male Single 52 y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/8/1862 Barry, John  Male   6 y.  Phthisis          
8/6/1876 Barry, John  Male Widower 71 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/9/1866 Barry, Mary  Female Single 40 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
10/8/1871 Barry, Mary  Female Single 22 y.  Phthisis Domestic "S. Boston, MA" Richard & Margaret Ireland  
4/21/1863 Barry, Mary E Female   11 y.  Dropsy   "Lowell, MA"      
6/29/1872 Barry, Mary  Female   6 m.  Cancrum oris   "Tewksbury, MA" Johanna Barry & Martin Mohamed? Ireland  
7/15/1873 Barry, Mary  Female Unknown Unknown y.  Debility   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/9/1874 Barry, Mary  Female Widow 84 y.  Paralysis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/18/1899 Barry, Nellie  Female Married 45 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Housework MA Unknown Ireland Buried Pembroke
3/9/1897 Barry, Owen  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis & Spinal Sclerosis Laborer Ireland David & Johanna Ireland Buried Malden
4/13/1858 Barry, Patrick  Male   74 y.  Rupture of Heart   Ireland      
5/6/1875 Barry, Patrick  Male Single 54 y.  Pyaemia Peddler Ireland John & Ann Ireland  
1/28/1875 Barry, Richard  Male Widower 50 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Lawrence & Honora Ireland  
7/10/1867 Barry, Richard  Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland  
9/11/1880 Barry, Richard  Male Single 3 m.  Marasmus   "Boston, MA" Jeremiah & Catherine Ireland  
10/3/1871 Barry, Thomas  Male Widower 60 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Richard & Bridget Ireland  
11/19/1869 Barry, Thomas  Male Married 40 y.  Pleuritis   NH Unknown NH  
7/25/1868 Barry, Thomas C Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Mary Ireland  
2/9/1904 Barsell, Frank  Male Married 34 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Laborer Armenia Unknown Armenia Buried Boston
1/21/1871 Barsley, Mary  Female Widow 38 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
7/30/1892 Bartifasky, Youvon  Male Married 30 y.  Cardiac Aortic Mitral Laborer Russia Constantine & Kaleena Russia  
9/28/1874 Bartlett, Arthur  Male   2 m.  Debility   "Lowell, MA" Unknown Unknown  
10/13/1900 Bartlett, Dennis S Male Married 73 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Dentist Canada Nathan & Martha Canada Buried Boston
3/16/1859 Bartlett, Edward W Male   1 m.  Infant Debility   Unknown      
7/2/1901 Bartlett, Frank  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Peddler VT Peter & Mary Canada Buried Tewksbury
8/22/1905 Bartlett, George  Male Single 39 y.  General Miliary Tuberculosis Unknown Sandwich Islands Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/26/1875 Bartlett, Joanna  Female Married 56 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Daniel & Mary Ryan Ireland  
11/27/1901 Bartlett, Mary V Female Single 60 y.  Senility Housework "Plymouth, MA" John & Jane "Plymouth, MA & Providence, RI" Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1866 Bartlett, Nathaniel  Male Widower 72 y.  Senile Debility NH        
12/7/1897 Bassett, William  Male Married 63 y.  Cystitis & Cardiac Farmer On Ship Nelson & Laura Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/24/1875 Batchelder, Charles W Male Single 61 y.  Peritonitis Cooper "Portsmouth, NH" Samuel & Abigail "Portsmouth, NH"  
10/18/1901 Batchelder, Sarah  Female Single 63 y.  Chronic Enteritis none "Wakefield, MA" William & Nancy MA & NH Buried Tewksbury
7/7/1874 Bateman, Emily  Female   1 y. 1 m. 21 d. Debility   "Boston, MA" Catherine & James "Manchester, NH"  
10/14/1868 Bateman, Thomas  Male Widower 50 y.  Phthisis Tailor Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/2/1874 Bates, Fred  Male   1 m.  Diarrhoea   "S? Falls, NH" Lilly & Unknown PA  
7/30/1864 Bates, Hugh  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA"      
8/27/1872 Bates, Jane  Female Widow 64 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic NY William & Mary Unknown  
8/27/1864 Bates, John  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA"      
1/12/1899 Bates, Thomas  Male Single 61 y.  Myocarditis Laborer Ireland William & Mary Ireland Buried Salem
5/2/1889 Bates, Thomas G Male Single 39 y.  Phthisis Cooper MA Henry & Mary MA & NH  
3/27/1868 Battellias, Alidia  Female Widow 79 y.  Senile Debility   Holland Unknown Holland  
3/23/1876 Batug, Bertie  Female Single 7 m.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
2/13/1905 Bauer, Carl  Male Single 76 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Cabinet Maker Germany Thomas & Caroline Germany Buried Tewksbury
6/6/1903 Bauer, Henry  Male Married 49 y.  Phthisis Waiter Switzerland Francis & Mary Switzerland & Germany not listed
11/21/1901 Baugh, Daniel R Male Widower 61 y.  Acute Croupous Pneumonia Book Keeper England Daniel & Sarah England Buried Boston
7/20/1900 Baushay, Sarah  Female Married 36 y.  Phthisis Cook Ireland Peter & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/30/1870 Baxter, Alexander  Male Unknown 35 y.  Epilepsy Seaman Scotland Unknown Unknown  
6/15/1876 Baxter, John  Male Single 28 y.  Heart Disease Laborer England Unknown Unknown  
4/21/1858 Bayley, James  Male   18 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
10/11/1882 Beach, Mary  Female Single 47 y.  Chronic Nephritis Seamstress Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/18/1894 Beagley, Joseph  Male Married 75 y.  Cardiac Laborer England Eli & Fanny England Buried Tewksbury
5/26/1874 Beal, George  Male Single 20 y.  Pneumonia Seaman "Elizabeth, NJ" Unknown Unknown Colored
4/12/1865 Beal, Margaret  Female Single 53 y.  Heart Disease   VT      
4/28/1905 Beals, Jerome  Male Unknown 73 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Carpenter ME John & Almira (Coye) Beals ME Buried Weston
4/3/1861 Beals, William  Male   1 y. 6 m.  Gangrene Oris   Newburyport      
7/3/1900 Bean, Flossie  Female Single 3 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/18/1866 Bean, Mary A Female Married 45 y.  Paralysis NY        
4/11/1903 Beard, Thomas  Male Widower 83 y.  Senility Silk Weaver England Thomas & Maria England "Buried Thompsonville, CT"
5/11/1902 Beard, William  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada William & Pervis Ireland & Canada Buried Tewksbury
8/14/1872 Bearse, Solomon  Male Single 25 y.  Atrophy Laborer NC Caroline & Jacob NC Colored
5/27/1897 Beasley, John H Male Widower 57 y.  Phthisis Laborer VA Stephen & Martha VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
2/2/1866 Beasly, Thomas  Male Widower 70 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
9/6/1903 Beaton, Grace  Female Married 33 y.  Croupous Pneumonia Housework MA James & Laura Nova Scotia & MA "Alias Lyons, Buried So. Braintree"
10/23/1905 Beattie, James  Male Single 34 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Teamster Scotland James & Mary (Montgomery) Beattie Scotland Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1878 Beatty, Annie  Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Domestic NY William & Mary NY  
7/1/1902 Beatty, Coleman  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Machinist Ireland John & Bridget Ireland Buried Brookline
1/29/1905 Beaudoin, Aldea  Female Single 3 m. 7 d. Bronco Pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Medora Beaudoin RI Buried Tewksbury
7/4/1891 Beausage, Ludovic  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA Ludovic & Mary (?) Russia  
2/7/1900 Beazear, William H Male Single 68 y.  Stricture of Esophagus Cook CT William & Unknown England Buried Tewksbury
10/12/1901 Beckton, Joseph  Male Married 49 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Spinner England James & Costello Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/1/1902 Beckwith, Addison  Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Machinist VT Unknown & Eliza NH "Buried Nashua, NH"
4/25/1882 Bedell, Edmund  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Weaver Canada Felix & Frances Canada & Ireland  
5/18/1895 Bedingfield, Alice  Female Single 25 y.  Endo-carditis Domestic England Robert & Mary England & Wales Buried Tewksbury
4/20/1887 Bedon, Louis  Male Single Unknown y.  Cyanosis   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine & Louis Scotland  
5/16/1889 Beebe, Charles  Male Single 35 y.  Pneumonia Shoemaker New Brunswick Valentin & Charlotte New Brunswick  
12/23/1886 Beebe, Cornelius  Male Single 20 y.  Epilepsy   MA Joseph & Blank Unknown  
5/30/1884 Beebe, Joseph  Male Widower 77 y.  Pulmonary Oedema Laborer CT David & Eunice CT  
11/30/1860 Beecher, Mary  Female   40 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea   Ireland      
2/24/1890 Beecroft, Jenny  Female Married 42 y.  Carcinoma of Uterus Domestic England Abram & Mary Guita? England  
11/6/1900 Beegan, Joseph  Male Married 30 y.  Phthisis Janitor Ireland Patrick & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/14/1884 Beekman, Charles  Male Single 55 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Seaman Germany Olof & Maria Germany  
7/23/1900 Begnotti, Pietro  Male Single 45 y.  Acute Oedema of Larnyx Laborer Italy John & Paueo Italy Buried Tewksbury
5/1/1905 Behagen, James L Male Married 39 y.  Phthisis Porter West Indies Charles & Unknown West Indies Buried Tewksbury
10/29/1887 Belden, James E Male Widower 76 y.  Senile Gangrene Laborer MA James & Abigail Unknown Colored
7/19/1871 Belhew, Moses  Male   21 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
6/16/1901 Belines, Peter  Male Single 20 y.  Intestinal Tuberculosis Fruit Dealer Greece James & Annie Greece Buried Brookline
1/7/1866 Bell, Ada  Female   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility Unknown        
4/7/1879 Bell, George  Male Single 4 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/25/1905 Bell, Henry Everett  Male Single 11 m. 22 d. Phthisis   NY Annie M. Bell Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/14/1901 Bell, John  Male Single 37 y.  General Tuberculosis Housework ME John & Elizabeth VA & NC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
3/28/1901 Bell, Joseph S Male Married 65 y.  Acute Croupous Pneumonia Laborer Scotland Hugh & Elizabeth Scotland Buried Lowell
3/1/1897 Bell, Richard  Male Widower 82 y.  Multiple Sclerosis Carpenter TX George & Mary Scotland Buried Tewksbury
10/18/1899 Bell, Sarah  Female Single 34 y.  Pneumonia Cook NC Nore & Maritia NC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
4/22/1876 Bell, Una  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/1/1868 Bell, George  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   "Charlestown, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/4/1876 Belle, Sarah  Female Married 61 y.  Hemiplegia Spinner Ireland John & Catherine Conley Ireland  
4/17/1904 Bellow, Henry  Male Widower 44 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Barber Canada Joseph & Rose Canada Buried Tewksbury
12/15/1898 Bellows, Daniel B Male Single 60 y.  Mitral Regurgitation Farmer VT George & Mary MA & VT Buried Tewksbury
12/13/1867 Bellows, Napoleon B Male Single 2 d. Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA" Mother Mary A. Unknown  
7/23/1855 Belmont, George L Boy   3 m.  Cholera Infantum          
6/23/1868 Belmont, Henry  Male   2 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/17/1904 Belyea, Robert J Male Widower 56 y.  Ataxic Paraplegia Carpenter "St. John, New Brunswick" William & Rebecca "St. John, New Brunswick " Buried Winthrop
9/5/1858 Bemis, Ellen  Female   3 d. Congenital Syphilis Foundling Almshouse      
3/5/1873 Ben Aineer, Eakla  Male Single 38 y.  Gastritis Laborer Algeria Unknown Unknown  
2/20/1874 Ben Courdara, Nemiah  Male Unknown 42 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Africa Unknown Africa  
7/10/1875 Ben Derowich, El Raclin  Male   30 y.  Suicide Laborer Africa Unknown Africa  
3/16/1874 Ben Dervadje, Sliman  Male Single 36 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia Laborer Africa Unknown Africa  
3/30/1874 Ben el hady Aissa, Duril  Male Unknown 36 y.  Phthisis Laborer Algeria Unknown Unknown  
1/13/1874 Ben Haissa, Ahmed  Male Married 37 y.  Phthisis Laborer Africa Unknown Africa  
3/23/1873 Ben Malick, Mansouroula H Male Single 34 y.  Typhoid Fever Domestic Oran Unknown Unknown  
3/11/1873 Ben Musared, Ahmed  Male Unknown 37 y.  Small Pox Laborer Constantinople Unknown Unknown  
3/27/1873 Ben Tabbel, Amar  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer Constantinople Unknown Unknown  
8/22/1873 Ben Tobel, Mahomet  Male Single 31 y.  Phthisis Mason Africa Mahomet & Zora Africa  
1/27/1896 Bencordo, Leo  Male Widower 67 y.  Aneurism Baker Italy Norfero & Suta Italy Buried Malden
4/26/1874 Bend, Viola  Female   1 m. 21 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
11/18/1905 Bender, Maggie  Female Married 18 y.  Phthisis Housework Poland (Russia) Anton & Argot (Sacarmtch?) Dogan? Poland Buried W. Roxbury
8/17/1870 Benison, Henry  Male   2 m. 17 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/3/1900 Benn, Thomas  Male Single 18 y.  Decubitis following Fract. Spine Woolen Mill Italy Andrew & Rosa Italy Buried Lawrence
6/24/1868 Benn, John  Male Widower 69 y.  Debility   PA Unknown Unknown Colored
9/30/1901 Bennett, Charles  Male Unknown 75 y.  Senility Sailor Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Worcester
10/21/1904 Bennett, Edna E Female Single 15 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Housework NY William & Eliza Bennett NY Buried Tewksbury
8/12/1859 Bennett, Frank S Male   2 m. 17 d. Infant Debility   Mass      
8/14/1901 Bennett, Harry  Male Widower 57 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Clerk NY William & Judith Unknown Buried Marblehead
5/13/1877 Bennett, James G Male Single 2 m. 7 d. Syphilis   "Warwick, RI" Unknown Unknown  
10/12/1890 Bennett, Julia  Female Married 58 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Daniel & Honora O'Connor Ireland  
12/20/1878 Bennett, Lewis  Male Single 1 m. 7 d. Neglect before admission   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/23/1905 Bennett, Mary  Female Widow 65 y.  Phthisis Housework Nova Scotia John & Mary (Smith) Pettipan Nova Scotia "Husband Gust., Buried Malden"
6/1/1890 Bennett, Mary E Female Single 43 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/23/1895 Bennett, Michael  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Boot Black Italy Frank & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/21/1868 Bennett, Sarah  Female Single 25 y.  Miscarriage   NY Unknown Unknown  
8/6/1855 Bennigan, Mary  Girl   2 y.  Diarrhoea          
9/7/1858 Bennis, Bridget  Female   23 y.  Puerperal Insanity   Ireland      
7/10/1861 Bennis, John  Male   60 y.  Aneurism of Aorta   Ireland      
5/8/1874 Bennour, Salah On  Male Single 48 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Africa Unknown Unknown  
4/15/1884 Benson, Ida May  Female Single 1 hour d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Henry & Minnie MA  
11/23/1863 Benson, John H Male Married 50 y.  Phthisis & Disease of Liver   Maryland     Colored
10/6/1878 Benson, Joseph C Male Married 80 y.  Old Age Carpenter PA Joseph & Betsey PA  
1/15/1887 Bently, Charles  Male Single 17 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Mamie? Bentley & Bill? West MA & US  
12/3/1872 Benton, John  Male Single 54 y.  Phthisis Laborer MD Aaron & Mahalia MD Colored
7/20/1879 Benton, Rosa  Female Single 6 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/20/1876 Berg, Jalmar  Male Single Unknown y.  Phthisis Gunsmith Norway Unknown Norway  
10/16/1885 Bergen, James  Male Single 46 y.  Septicaemia Laborer Ireland Thomas & Catherine Ireland  
5/10/1891 Bergeron, Joseph  Male Widower 34 y.  Phthisis Barber Canada Francois & Delema Canada  
11/1/1900 Bergman, William  Male Single 21 y.  Empyaemia Operative Finland August & Mary Finland Buried Tewksbury
8/1/1877 Beringer, Philip  Male Unknown 82 y.  Paraplegia Unknown Germany Unknown Germany  
8/14/1899 Berjargeon, Mary  Female Single 1 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Mary Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/15/1861 Berkley, Hannah  Female   79 y.  Typhoid Pnuemonia   Ireland      
6/5/1894 Bermingham, William  Male Single 50 y.  Cerebral & Paralysis Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/16/1878 Bernard, Cornelius  Male Married 41 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Margaret Ireland  
9/27/1900 Bernard, John  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Teamster MA James & Kate Ireland Buried Malden
12/27/1900 Bernier, Samuel  Male Widower 83 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer Canada Samuel & Henrietta Canada Buried Tewksbury
12/8/1905 Bernstein, Lewis  Male Married 52 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Peddler Russia Machel & Unknown Russia Buried Woburn
3/30/1896 Berquist, Wilfred  Male Single 10 m. 20 d. Meningitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Henry Deer & Amanda Berquist US & Sweden Buried Tewksbury
3/28/1861 Berrian, Ellen  Female   3 y.  Marasmus   Lowell IP      
2/21/1860 Berrian, Margaret  Female   4 m.  Infant Debility   Almshouse      
12/7/1874 Berry, Bertie  Male   6 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/30/1881 Berry, Carrie  Female Single 1 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Cambridge, MA" Thomas & Emma NH & NY Colored
12/20/1898 Berry, Charles  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Grocer "Boston, MA" Charles & Nettie NH Buried Maynard
8/21/1893 Berry, Joseph C Male Married 63 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Cardiac Barber ME Cyrus & Viana NH Buried Tewksbury
8/4/1887 Berthiaume, Mathilde  Female Single 20 y.  Phthisis Domestic Canada Moses & Blank Canada  
1/1/1904 Bertram, Valentine  Male Single 48 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Machinist Ireland James & Julia (McDowell) Bertram England & Scotland Buried Tewksbury
11/5/1869 Bess, Bristo  Male Single 22 y.  Scrofula   SC Unknown SC Colored
8/1/1902 Besse, Lucy M Female Single 58 y.  Hemiplegia Housework MA Benjamin & Abby MA Buried Tewksbury
10/17/1878 Best, John  Male Single 21 d. Spina Bifida   "Tewksbury, MA" Charlotte Best & ? Brooke Nova Scotia  
9/26/1878 Betts, Emma  Female Single 1 m.  Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/12/1887 Betts, George  Male Widower 49 y.  Carcinoma of Stomach Laborer New Brunswick John & Rebecca New Brunswick  
4/20/1879 Beven, John  Male Single 44 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Seaman England Phillip & Johanna England  
7/19/1900 Bewsy, Louise J Female Single 1 y. 8 m.  Acute Ilio Colitis   MA Charles & Louise England & India Buried Tewksbury
9/1/1900 Bibeault, Edesse  Female Single 74 y.  Phthisis none Canada Francis & Marie Canada Buried Tewksbury
7/12/1871 Bickford, Charles  Male   11 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/20/1865 Bickford, Mary  Female Widow 49 y.  Dropsy   "Palmer, MA"      
10/12/1900 Bickford, Samuel  Male Married 52 y.  Chronic Enteritis Farm Laborer NH Unknown Unknown Buried Waltham
11/19/1890 Bicknell, Bessie  Female Single 40 y.  Hemiplegia & Debility Domestic Wales John & Mary Wales  
8/25/1864 Bigar, Joseph  Male   40 y.  Heart Disease   Canada      
8/4/1876 Bigelow, Ann  Female Married 76 y.  Senility Housewife Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/27/1878 Bigelow, William H Male Single 1 m.  Pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" Charles & Addie "Boston, MA & ME"  
1/21/1895 Billings, Catherine  Female Married 68 y.  Cancer of Jaw and Cheek Domestic RI James Emery & Mary Ann RI Buried Tewksbury
4/22/1879 Billings, Pamelia  Female Single 70 y.  Phthisis & General Weakness Domestic CT Gaious? & Agnes CT & MA  
7/15/1882 Binks, John B Male Widower 57 y.  Old Age Mason Ireland Benjamin & Susanna Ireland  
9/19/1897 Birch, Annie  Female Single 36 y.  Locomotor Ataxia Domestic Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/5/1876 Birch, John S Male Single 7 m. 15 d. Phthisis   "Boston, MA" John & Unknown Unknown  
1/21/1890 Bird, Elijah  Male Widower 74 y.  Heart Disease   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/20/1878 Bird, Martha  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Martha Unknown  
7/24/1892 Bird, Richard  Male Single 15 y.  Epilepsy Bootblack MA Dudley & Jennie VA Colored
11/28/1905 Birge, Edward  Male Single 47 y.  Phthisis Harness Maker MA Joseph & Unknown MA & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/31/1901 Birkenfield, Helena  Female Single 8 m.  Marasmus   "Lynn, MA" John & Mary Germany & CT Buried Tewksbury
4/22/1890 Birmingham, Ann  Female Single 20 y.  Heart Disease Operative Ireland Martin & Mary Ireland  
3/16/1890 Birmingham, Mary A Female Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Ann Birmingham & James Cunningham Ireland  
4/5/1893 Birmingham, Thomas  Male Widower 56 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Thomas & Elizabeth Ireland Buried Medford
3/4/1873 Biscoe, Job  Male Single 45 y.  Heart Disease Laborer MD Thomas & Chloe MD Colored
9/12/1867 Bishop, Caroline  Female Married 40 y.  Paralysis   England Unknown Unknown  
7/4/1879 Bishop, Catherine  Female Single 2 m.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/1/1899 Bishop, Charles  Male Widower 89 y.  Senility Laborer VT Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/3/1872 Bishop, James  Male Married 46 y.  Debility Laborer "Belfast, ME" Unknown Unknown  
9/13/1900 Bishop, John C Male Married 42 y.  Ataxia Paraplegia Sailor Nova Scotia Henry & Mary Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
5/5/1866 Bishop, Margaret  Female Single 20 y.  Diarrhoea "Taunton, MA"        
7/1/1878 Bishop, Mary  Female Single 16 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/10/1866 Bishop, Nellie  Female   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
10/6/1879 Bishop, Oliver  Male Single 1 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/23/1871 Bishop, William W Male Unknown 4 m.  Debility   "Great Barrington, MA" Unknown Unknown  
9/19/1873 Bitner, George  Male Married 53 y.  Diarrhoea Blacksmith Germany John & Margaret Germany  
10/4/1879 Bixby, Theodosia  Female Married 88 y.  Old Age Domestic "Springfield, MA" Earl & Orphia "Springfield, MA"  
1/11/1885 Black, Alfred E Male Single 2 m. 23 d. C? Pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" William O'Shaughnessy & Edith Black Ireland  
12/14/1868 Black, Church  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/10/1903 Black, Edwin M Male Widower 66 y.  Acute Enteritis Baker Scotland David & Jane Scotland Buried Boston
12/5/1867 Black, James  Male Single 2 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown Alexander & Elizabeth Ireland  
6/29/1901 Black, John M Male Married 63 y.  Phthisis Teamster Ireland Robert & Julia Ireland Buried Cambridge
11/3/1896 Black, John  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Laborer VA Andrew & Mary VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/10/1897 Black, Mary A Female Single 34 y.  Hemiplegia & Cardiac Domestic NH John & Mary IL & New Brunswick Buried Tewksbury
12/15/1896 Black, Mary A Female Married 44 y.  Catarrhal Pneumonia Housewife New Brunswick Unknown Unknown Buried Weston
3/31/1890 Black, Robert  Male Married 69 y.  Acute Bronchitis Clerk Ireland Robert & Christina Ireland  
5/7/1892 Blackard, James  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Weaver CT John & Mary Ireland  
3/24/1881 Blackaway, William  Male Widower 66 y.  Cancer Shoemaker PA Robert & Julia Ireland  
2/7/1883 Blackboy, Charles  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Seaman Africa Stephen & Mary Africa Colored
9/18/1899 Blackburn, Margaret  Female Married 34 y.  Exhaustion following mania Weaver England Unknown England Buried Fall River
1/7/1897 Blacker, Francis E Male Single 45 y.  Apoplexy Harness Maker "Troy, NY" Edward & Maria Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/17/1893 Blackler, Lizzie  Female Widow 57 y.  Debility Domestic England John & Eliza Dean Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/12/1874 Blackwell, James  Male Single 24 y.  Mortification Spinner England David & Francis England  
3/2/1868 Blacshaw, Miles  Male Single 35 y.  Pneumonia Accountant Georgia Unknown Unknown  
2/28/1900 Blades, Augustus  Male Married 65 y.  Carcinoma of Penis Quarryman Nova Scotia Howard & Catherine Nova Scotia Buried Malden
9/17/1898 Blair, Alexander  Male Married 73 y.  Sclerosis of Cord Carpenter Nova Scotia John & Harriet Nova Scotia Buried Boston
9/17/1872 Blair, George  Male Married 31 y.  Softening of Brain Housekeeper ME Unknown ME  
4/19/1875 Blake, Addie M Female Single 46 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Wakefield, NH" Unknown Unknown  
2/15/1903 Blake, Andrew H Male Single 60 y.  Stricture of Urethra Seaman ME Isaiah & Statia ME Buried E. Boston
5/27/1876 Blake, Henry  Male Married 51 y.  Paralysis Laborer Prussia Unknown Unknown  
12/24/1904 Blake, Hiram M Male Widower 63 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Salesman NH Benjamin & Sal (Maynard) Blake NH Buried Tewksbury
8/22/1895 Blake, John  Male Single 61 y.  Chronic Meningitis Laborer Ireland William & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/19/1905 Blake, Levi W Male Widower 57 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer NH Daniel & Sarah (Bickford) Blake NH Buried Tewksbury
6/6/1897 Blake, Lewis  Male Married 38 y.  Phthisis Painter Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/3/1899 Blake, Maria A Female Single 66 y.  Chronic Nephritis Unknown MA George & Amanda MA Buried Gardner
10/30/1881 Blake, Munroe  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Laborer NH Francis & Unknown NH  
10/7/1901 Blake, Thomas  Male Unknown 62 y.  Senile Dementia Unknown England Unknown England Buried Tewksbury
11/13/1900 Blanch, Fredrico W Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Halifax John & Ellen Halifax Buried Tewksbury
5/18/1899 Blanchard, Amasa  Male Single 86 y.  Pneumonia Farmer MA John & Patience MA Buried Tewksbury
4/30/1872 Blanchard, Hannah  Female Married 36 y.  Parturition Housekeeper Ireland Bernard & Bridget Sharkey Ireland  
6/11/1870 Blanchard, Joseph  Male Married 86 y.  Debility Shoemaker "Milton, MA" Francis & Thankful MA  
7/27/1879 Bland, Arthur  Male Single 1 m.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/23/1861 Blaney, George E Male   2 y.  Diphtheria   Salem IP      
9/12/1904 Blastram, Edward  Male Single 34 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Cook Sweden Lars & Louisa Sweden Buried Tewksbury
12/18/1881 Bleeker, Henry  Male Unknown 50 y.  Ulceration of Stomach Carpenter Germany Unknown Unknown  
7/27/1879 Bliss, Catherine  Female Single 4 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/1/1878 Bliss, Mary  Female Single 3 m.  Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/2/1903 Blodgett, Charlotte A Female Widow 45 y.  Transverse Myelitis Housework MA Bishop & Charlotte MA Buried Townsend
6/23/1866 Blood, Gertrude E Female   14 d. Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
1/2/1878 Blood, Hannah  Female Widow 83 y.  Senile Dementia Domestic "Cornish, VT" Thomas & Ann "Cornish, VT"  
8/24/1880 Bloom, John  Male   63 y.  Heart Disease Operative Sweden John & Mary Sweden  
8/13/1899 Bloom, Wolf  Male Unknown 90 y.  Myocarditis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried West Roxbury
6/3/1865 Bloomingdale, Mary  Female   4 m.  Infantile   Unknown      
7/9/1874 Blum, Henrietta  Female   1 y. 2 m.  Cholera Infantum   "So. Boston, MA" Roman & Louisa Germany  
12/2/1901 Blumenthal, John  Male Married 49 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Russia Fred & Louise Russia Buried Tewksbury
2/11/1879 Blunt, Edward  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/28/1858 Blurfray, William H. Male   2 y. 6 m.  Marasmus   Quebec     ? Last Name
6/16/1900 Blute, John  Male Single 42 y.  Nephritis Cook Ireland David & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/19/1884 Blute, Margaret  Female Widow 23 y.  Phthisis Washerwoman MA Bart & Margaret Ireland  
8/31/1899 Bochart, Lizzie  Female Single 50 y.  Phthisis Housework Canada Francis & Amelie Canada Buried Tewksbury
6/14/1854 Bockering, Sarah  Female   11 m.  Infantile          
1/18/1894 Bodel, Alfred  Male Widower 60 y.  Cardiac - Aortic & Diarrhoea Laborer England William & Frances England Buried Merrimack
10/2/1872 Bodwick, Fanny  Female Married 27 y.  Lumbar Abscess Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/14/1893 Bogan, John  Male Single 26 y.  Cardiac Mill Hand "Lawrence, MA" Frank & Kate Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/4/1883 Bogan, Thomas  Male Single 54 y.  Paraplegia Stevadore Ireland John & Margaret Ireland  
12/20/1875 Bogart, Archibald  Male Single 11 m.  Syphilis   "Lynn, MA" Alice & Unknown Unknown  
5/4/1882 Boggs, Alexander  Male Widower 100 y.  Old Age Waiter MD Unknown Unknown Colored
4/28/1872 Bohen, John  Male Married 80 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Cornelius & Johanna Ireland  
5/3/1874 Bohler, Joseph  Male Unknown 77 y.  Debility   Switzerland Unknown Switzerland  
7/29/1862 Boil, John  Male   13 y.  Epilepsy          
6/28/1879 Boker, Constance  Female Single 1 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/19/1900 Boleuth, George  Male Single 36 y.  Pernicious Anaemia Farmer Poland Joseph & Mary Poland Buried Tewksbury
5/21/1879 Bolton, John E Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Bootmaker "Lowell, MA" Michah & Hannah NH  
8/13/1901 Bond, Artemas  Male Single 74 y.  Enteritis Laborer MA Artemas & Emily MA Buried Wayland
12/18/1876 Bond, Jackson  Male Single 22 y.  Heart Disease Seaman VA Reuben & Pauphine VA  
12/9/1873 Bond, Laura  Female Single 70 y.  Debility Domestic "Charlestown, NH" Unknown Unknown  
3/25/1896 Bone, Catherine  Female Widow 57 y.  Pneumonia Cook Ireland James & Cicely Boyd Ireland Buried Malden
2/10/1883 Boner, Ellen  Female Widow 80 y.  Senile Debility Domestic Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
1/31/1855 Boner, Rebecca  Woman   80 y.  Old Age          
5/17/1898 Bonnalie, Frank  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Carpet Layer England Hugh & Fannie England Buried Boston
3/23/1888 Bonnell, John E Male Single 49 y.  Shock Printer PA John & Anna PA  
3/25/1903 Bonner, Daniel  Male Widower 42 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA William & Bridget Ireland Buried Malden
2/28/1859 Bonner, James  Male   3 y.  Marasmus   Mass      
6/6/1873 Bonner, James H Male   1 y. 3 m.  Cancrum oris   "Northboro, MA" George & Rhoda NY  
3/16/1905 Bonner, John  Male Single 58 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer Ireland William & Mary (Dobbins?) Bonner Ireland Buried Malden
4/27/1903 Boo Vazen, Mattamne  Female Widow 36 y.  Phthisis Peddler Syria John & Mary Syria Buried Tewksbury
9/11/1895 Boodry, Edward  Male Single 14 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Lewis & Mary Boodry Canada & ? Buried Tewksbury
9/23/1895 Boodry, George  Male Single 1 m.  Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Lewis & Mary Boodry Canada & ? Buried Tewksbury
6/3/1905 Boon, Frank  Male Married 32 y.  Fracture of Spine Brakeman England Charles & Caroline (Keen) Boon England "Alias Frederick J., Buried Tewksbury"
2/2/1857 Boon, Thomas  Male   38 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia   England      
2/8/1887 Boone, James  Male Single 3 m.  Capillary Bronchitis   MA John & Eva OH & NY  
12/27/1886 Boone, John W Male Married 27 y.  Phthisis Bartender OH Napoleon & Martha Unknown  
8/9/1877 Boone, Sylvester  Male Single 14 d. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/30/1904 Booth, James  Male Single 27 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Farmer Ireland James & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/30/1896 Booth, John  Male Widower 41 y.  Cancer of Liver Laborer England John & Sarah England Buried Tewksbury
4/12/1905 Booth, William  Male Single 38 y.  Phthisis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Alias Alfonso Fiske, Buried Holliston"
7/2/1873 Boranren, Baruk  Male   33 y.  Scrofula   Constantine Unknown Unknown  
7/20/1887 Bordali, Pietro  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Giacomo & Catherine Italy  
3/19/1898 Borde, George J Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Pawn Broker NY Aurill & Maria France & NY Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1857 Bordum, Frederick  Male   31 y.  Consumption   Ireland     ? Last name
3/23/1897 Boris, Eugene  Male Widower 50 y.  Chronic Nephritis Blacksmith Montreal Peter & Louise Canada Buried Tewksbury
7/18/1898 Bornstein, Philip  Male Single 38 y.  Pneumonia & Hemiplegia Peddler NY Joseph & Katie Russia Buried West Roxbury
8/15/1898 Borra, Dominick  Male Single 46 y.  Cardiac Teamster Italy Louis & Bertina Italy Buried Tewksbury
7/3/1899 Borts, Johanna  Female Married 59 y.  Carcinoma of Gall Bladder & Intest. Housework Germany John & Henriette Germany Buried Tewksbury
1/6/1897 Bosley, Joseph E Male Single 37 y.  Cerebral Syphilis Waiter NYC Joseph & Allie MD & NY "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
7/2/1905 Boso, Alice  Female Single 9 m.  Hereditary Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/15/1855 Boston, James  Boy   1 y.  Diarrhoea          
10/21/1903 Bostonella, Amelia  Female Unknown 59 y.  Cancer of Rectum Unknown Italy Luigi & Theresa Italy Buried Malden
8/25/1870 Boswell, Arthur  Male Unknown 71 y.  Debility Tailor England Unknown England  
11/17/1903 Botulinsky, Josephine  Female Single 48 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Michael & Francis Austria not listed
9/20/1904 Botulinsky, Michael  Male Married 37 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Blacksmith Austria Unknown & Rose Austria Buried Cambridge
12/18/1874 Boudrout, Anselin  Male   1 m. 7 d. Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Elizabeth & Unknown Nova Scotia  
6/6/1902 Boughton, James  Male Widower 61 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Carpenter NY John & Mary Canada Buried Tewksbury
2/19/1872 Bouleger, Jenny  Female   2 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/25/1865 Bouler, George  Male   14 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown      
5/11/1905 Bouletes, Edwige  Female Married 83 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Mill Operative Canada James & Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/22/1901 Bouley, Francois  Male Unknown 73 y.  Acute Enteritis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/28/1879 Boulton, Guy  Male Single 5 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/21/1860 Bourne, Millard H Male   3 y.  Marasmus Laborer "Pera, N.Y."      
11/2/1904 Boutrow, John  Male Single 32 y.  Tuberculosis of Kidney Laborer Canada Luke & Annie (Donohue) Boutrow Canada "Buried Biddeford, ME"
3/11/1895 Boutwell, Elsie  Female Single 33 y.  Phthisis Seamstress At Sea Abram & Sophia Scotland Buried Tewksbury
10/20/1889 Bowditch, Mary  Female Unknown 69 y.  Debility Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/16/1876 Bowdrin, Thomas  Male Unknown 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/19/1873 Bowen, Catherine  Female Unknown 80 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/1/1896 Bowen, Daniel J Male Single 38 y.  General Tuberculosis Engineer MA Daniel & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/13/1878 Bowen, Dennis  Male Married 52 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Mary Ireland  
11/10/1872 Bowen, Ellen  Female Widow 50 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/9/1872 Bowen, Ellen  Female Unknown 50 y.  Diarrhoea Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown  
10/18/1875 Bowen, Freddie  Male   5 m.  Cong. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Eva & Unknown Quincy & Unknown  
2/27/1889 Bowen, John  Male Single 39 y.  Phthisis Blacksmith Ireland John & Honora * Ireland  
8/20/1868 Bowen, Margaret  Female Unknown 45 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/1/1905 Bowen, Patrick  Male Single 48 y.  Tuberculosis of Intestines Laborer Ireland Daniel & Mary (Sweeney) Bowen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/23/1892 Bowen, Peter  Male Single 55 y.  General Paralysis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/22/1905 Bowers, Charles D Male Married 49 y.  Acute Enteritis Machinist NYC Charles & Katherine (Delaney) Bowers NY Buried Lowell
4/21/1870 Bowers, Lottie  Female   5 y.  Cong. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/14/1894 Bowie, James  Male Single 52 y.  Cancer of Lip Carpenter Nova Scotia James & Elizabeth Nova Scotia & Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/25/1882 Bowler, Michael  Male Widower 76 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Helen Ireland  
7/25/1868 Bowles, Mary  Female Unknown 56 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/2/1873 Bowman, Alexander  Male Widower 31 y.  Phthisis Laborer NC Unknown NC Colored
7/16/1882 Bowman, Henry  Male Single 42 y.  Aortic Disease of Heart Sailor Germany Unknown Germany  
2/22/1893 Bowman, Susan  Female Widow 80 y.  Erysipilas Housewife Nova Scotia Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/17/1879 Boxter, Benjamin  Male Single 1 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/8/1898 Boyd, Hiram C Male Married 58 y.  Cerebral Haemorrhage Carpenter "Worcester, MA" Samuel & Unknown Unknown Buried Malden
6/10/1896 Boyd, John  Male Married 53 y.  Phthisis & Nephritis Plasterer Ireland John & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/12/1882 Boyd, Peter  Male Widower 74 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland William & Bridget Ireland  
9/23/1904 Boyd, Robert A Male Single 30 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Painter Ireland Lemble & May E. Boyd Ireland Buried Everett
8/20/1861 Boyd, Robert  Male   70 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland      
8/7/1872 Boyle, Alice  Female Single 18 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/21/1868 Boyle, Ann  Female Widow 70 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/27/1880 Boyle, Catherine  Female Unknown 75 y.  Old Age   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/1/1855 Boyle, Hugh  Man   76 y.  Old Age          
6/3/1897 Boyle, James  Male Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Hattie Boyle & John Bowles MA Buried Tewksbury
5/30/1863 Boyle, John  Male   1 y. 6 m.  Marasmus   "Bridgewater, MA"      
8/19/1867 Boyle, John  Male Unknown 19 y.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Barney & Ann Ireland  
5/30/1868 Boyle, Leticia  Female Widow 55 y.  Comp. Fracture & Delirium Tremens   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/25/1871 Boyle, Mary  Female Married 62 y.  Paralysis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/26/1861 Boyle, Mary E Female   8 y.  Gangrene Oris   Haverhill      
9/25/1873 Boyle, Mary  Female Married 42 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/26/1893 Boyle, Michael  Male Single 56 y.  Pneumonia Weaver Ireland Patrick & Nancy Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1859 Boyle, Patrick  Male   55 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland      
4/28/1870 Boyle, Robert  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Hackman "Randolph, MA" James & Mary Ann Ireland  
10/23/1863 Boyle, Susan  Female   8 m.  Cong. Syph.   "Tewksbury, MA" George Nichols & Julia Boyle US & England  
2/28/1886 Boyle, Thomas  Male Single 44 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Owen & Unknown Ireland  
4/6/1857 Boyle, Thomas  Male   3 y.  Marasmus   Massachusetts      
8/9/1864 Boylston, Susan  Female   7 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown     Foundling
2/4/1888 Bracken, James  Male Single 47 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Thomas & Catherine Ireland  
8/29/1884 Brackett, Edwin C Male Widower 58 y.  Paralysis Shoemaker ME Joseph & Catherine ME  
9/2/1901 Brackett, Fred  Male Single 5 m.  Marasmus   "Boston, MA" Frederick & Elizabeth "Boston, MA & Ireland" Buried Tewksbury
9/22/1888 Brackett, James  Male Married 58 y.  Bright's Disease Nailer? NY James & Margaret Ireland  
8/24/1897 Brackett, Samuel A Male Single 64 y.  Cardiac & Intestinal Clerk MA Charles & Unknown Unknown "Alias Sherman, Buried Tewksbury"
4/11/1869 Bracly, Bernard  Male   3 y.  Congenital Syphilis   MA Unknown Unknown  
3/11/1885 Braden, Christopher  Male Married 60 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Robert & Bridget Ireland  
7/7/1899 Bradlee, Frances  Male Single 12 d. Congenital Heart Disease   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Theresa "E. Boston, MA" Buried Tewksbury
2/8/1881 Bradley, Charles  Male Single 5 m.  Meningitis   "Boston, MA" Charles & Julia Ireland  
4/5/1886 Bradley, Daniel  Male Widower 40 y.  Phthisis Waiter Ireland Benjamin & Hepsabeth England & Nova Scotia  
11/28/1873 Bradley, Ellen  Female Single 30 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/25/1865 Bradley, Henry  Male Single 68 y.  Congestion of Lungs   NH      
3/28/1871 Bradley, Jason C Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Seaman NY Jeremiah & Sarah NY  
12/22/1899 Bradley, John  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Edmund & Nora Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/22/1893 Bradley, John  Male Single 47 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/12/1861 Bradley, John  Male   3 y.  Marasmus   Lowell IP      
8/27/1867 Bradley, John  Male Unknown 67 y.  Fall on Head   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
4/8/1904 Bradley, Joseph H Male Widower 57 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Coal Heaver MA Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Roxbury"
7/17/1866 Bradley, Joseph  Male Unknown 30 y.  Diarrhoea MD        
2/17/1871 Bradley, Margaret E Female Unknown 5 m.  Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen & Unknown Unknown  
8/25/1869 Bradley, Margaret  Female Single 63 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Hugh & Margaret Ireland  
6/12/1862 Bradley, Mary  Female   28 y.  Metritis          
3/16/1901 Bradley, Michael  Male Single 65 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/1/1875 Bradley, Patrick  Male Single 38 y.  Neurosis Laborer Ireland Cornelius & Ann Ireland  
7/25/1861 Bradley, Thomas  Male   42 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia   Ireland      
8/6/1871 Bradley, William  Male Unknown 60 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/27/1904 Bradshaw, Hannah  Female Widow 69 y.  Myocarditis Domestic Ireland Thomas & Mary Flaherty Ireland "Alias Flaherty, Buried Tewksbury"
8/9/1856 Brady, Ann  Female   45 y.  Epilepsy   Unknown      
7/13/1903 Brady, Bridget  Female Widow 60 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laundress Ireland Michael & Bridget Ireland not listed
11/5/1860 Brady, Bridget  Female   34 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/29/1868 Brady, Charlotte  Female Single 60 y.  Ulcer   Nova Scotia Unknown Nova Scotia  
5/30/1875 Brady, Cornelius  Male Widower 62 y.  Epilepsy Farmer Ireland Charles & Margaret Ireland  
8/5/1879 Brady, Cornelius  Male Single 4 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/1/1876 Brady, Eunice  Female Single 1 m. 7 d. Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/14/1883 Brady, Frank  Male Single 4 m.  Dentition   "Boston, MA" Frand & Maggie "Boston, MA & Ireland"  
1/27/1891 Brady, George  Male   42 y.  Phthisis Rope Maker Ireland David & Mary (?) Ireland & New Brunswick  
6/5/1887 Brady, Hugh  Male Single 27 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Scotland Patrick & Margaret Scotland  
6/2/1904 Brady, James  Male Single 38 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Ellen Ireland Buried Boston
3/10/1905 Brady, John H Male Married 43 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Laborer NY John & Kate Brady Canada Buried Tewksbury
11/29/1856 Brady, John  Male   1 m.  Convulsions   Tewksbury      
1/10/1902 Brady, Lizzie  Female Single 45 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Weaver Ireland James & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/20/1869 Brady, Patrick R Male Single 15 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Henry & Rose Ireland  
10/7/1891 Brady, Sarah  Female   Unknown y.  Appendicitis Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/15/1879 Brady, Solomon  Male Single 1 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/11/1904 Brady, William  Male Single 56 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Baker "Roxbury, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/8/1890 Brady, William J Male Single 51 y.  Tuberculosis Salesman NY John & Catherine NY & ?  
4/30/1904 Brainard, Sarah A Female Widow 77 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Hairdresser "Boston, MA" Jonathan & Abigail (Howe) Stuart? NH & MA Buried Tewksbury
5/10/1885 Braithwaite, James  Male Married 44 y.  Poison Laborer England James & Alice England  
5/7/1863 Brakley, Thomas  Male Single 32 y.  Dropsy   Ireland      
6/2/1900 Braley, Arthur  Male Widower 58 y.  Cancer of Lip Carpenter England Unknown Scotland Buried Tewksbury
6/15/1861 Bramon, Margaret  Female   75 y.  Old Age   Ireland      
9/8/1877 Brampton, Richard  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Acute Bright's   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/14/1882 Brand, Frank  Male Single 50 y.  Heart Disease Seaman Cape Verde Islands Frank & Rosa Unknown  
4/16/1902 Brandon, Robert  Male Widower 56 y.  Phthisis Carpet Layer ME Robert & Eliza Scotland & Nova Scotia Buried Dorchester
1/1/1883 Brandy, James  Male Widower 67 y.  Senile Debility Seaman Denmark Unknown & Mary Denmark  
2/12/1898 Brannaman, Archile  Male Married 37 y.  Phthisis Painter Canada Peter & Merceline Canada Buried Chelmsford
4/17/1869 Brannan, Bridget  Female Single 48 y.  Dropsy   Ireland Francis & Catherine Ireland  
12/2/1859 Brannigan, Francis  Male   3 m.  Infant Debility   Unknown      
9/9/1864 Brannon, Charles  Male   4 m.  Infantile Debility   "Bridgewater, MA"      
10/14/1862 Brannon, Margaret  Female   22 y.  Killed by Boiler Explosion          
8/4/1871 Brannon, Mary  Female Unknown Unknown y.  Debility Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/19/1875 Branson, Weare  Male Married 79 y.  Debility Sail Maker NY Mary Unknown  
7/12/1880 Brashan, Mary A Female Married 24 y.  Heart Disease Operative England Patrick & Margaret Ireland  
10/23/1877 Brave, Edward  Male Single 7 d. Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/1/1866 Bray, Joseph  Male Married 63 y.  Fracture of Ribs Ireland        
2/22/1879 Bray, Samuel  Male Single 2 m.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/15/1905 Brazell, John J Male Single 31 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker NY John J. & Mary Ireland & NY Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1900 Brazzell, Eliza R Female Widow 70 y.  Acute Enteritis Housework Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/26/1900 Breen, Martin  Male Single 41 y.  Sarcoma Tibia Laborer VT Dan & Omey? Ireland Buried W. Roxbury
6/25/1877 Breen, Peter  Male   3 m.  Capillary Bronchitis   "Boston, MA" Anna & Owen "Boston, MA"  
7/16/1900 Brehm, Michael  Male Unknown 53 y.  General Paralysis of Insane   Germany Frank & Catherine Germany Buried Tewksbury
3/5/1855 Breman, Thomas  Man   74 y.  Old Age          
12/13/1887 Bremmer, Annie  Female Married 36 y.  Acute Laryngitis Dressmaker New Brunswick Alex & Charlotte Miller Nova Scotia & New Brunswick  
11/24/1904 Bren, Maurice  Male Single 40 y.  Brain Tumor Tailor Russia Abraham & ? (Green) Bren Russia Buried Tewksbury
11/28/1900 Brenan, Timothy  Male Married 60 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Blacksmith Ireland Edward & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/14/1904 Brener, Jacob  Male Married 36 y.  Sarcoma of Jaw Gardener Russia Unknown Russia Buried Malden
10/13/1887 Brennan, Ann  Female Widow 78 y.  Apoplexy Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/31/1904 Brennan, Christopher  Male Married 59 y.  Chronic Influenza Paper Maker Ireland Patrick & Ellen (O'Regan) Brennan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/12/1892 Brennan, Daniel J Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Plumber MA James & Ann Ireland  
8/5/1883 Brennan, Dennis  Male Single 23 y.  Tumor Alba & Debility Paper Maker Ireland John & Bridget Ireland  
6/23/1880 Brennan, Edward  Male   70 y.  Apoplexy Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/2/1877 Brennan, Ellen  Female   37 y.  Apoplexy Domestic Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
12/20/1885 Brennan, Ellen  Female Widow 55 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Ireland Tim & Mariette O'Sullivan Ireland  
9/29/1884 Brennan, Eva  Female Single 3 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary & William Ireland & D.C.  
8/13/1879 Brennan, Henry  Male Single 5 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/4/1858 Brennan, John  Male   70 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland      
6/5/1904 Brennan, Mary  Female Single 61 y.  Acute Enteritis Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/10/1883 Brennan, Mary  Female Married 25 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand RI Michael & Margaret Ireland  
12/19/1894 Brennan, Mary  Female Married 50 y.  Valvular Heart Disease Housewife Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/23/1878 Brennan, Mary  Female Unknown 69 y.  Capillary Bronchitis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
3/4/1868 Brennan, Mary E Female   2 y.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Patrick & Abigail Ireland  
4/21/1903 Brennan, Michael  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Daniel & Ellen Ireland Buried Malden
10/21/1874 Brennan, Patrick  Male Widower 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Owen & Catherine Ireland  
11/24/1888 Brennan, Patrick  Male Married 51 y.  Addison's Disease Laborer Ireland Hugh & Mary Ireland  
11/25/1874 Brennan, Patrick  Male   2 m.  Debility   Unknown Uknown Unknown  
1/10/1899 Brennan, Robert H Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA Richard & Margaret Ireland Buried Cambridge
5/24/1889 Brennan, Timothy  Male Single 45 y.  Heart Disease Harness Maker Ireland John & Margaret Ireland  
3/15/1891 Brenniff, James  Male Widower 75 y.  Pneumonia Carpenter Ireland ? Ireland  
2/8/1884 Brenton, John  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Edward & Bridget Ireland  
11/3/1888 Bresnihan, Daniel  Male Single 88 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Tim & Mary Ireland  
12/8/1859 Bresnihan, Margaret  Female   2 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
2/15/1879 Brett, William  Male Married 37 y.  General Paralysis   "Augusta, ME" Unknown Unknown  
9/27/1876 Brias, Sarah  Female Widow 69 y.  Senile Dementia Domestic "Halifax, NS" Esther & Joseph Unknown  
4/22/1877 Brick, Elijah F Male Married 44 y.  Chronic Bright's Clerk NY Elijah & Lucy MA  
1/2/1893 Brickley, James  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Expressman MA Thomas & Bridget Ireland Buried Boston
10/30/1882 Brickston, Nicholas A Male Single 30 y.  Acute Tuberbulosis Seaman West Indies Nicholas & Hester Unknown  
10/25/1860 Bride, John C Male   2 m. 11 d. Infant Debility   Lawrence      
5/4/1883 Briden, Mary  Female   1 y.  Convulsions   Newfoundland William & Nellie Ireland & Canada  
6/26/1860 Bridge, John  Male   2 m.  Infant Debility   Boston      
7/26/1878 Bridge, John  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   "Lowell, MA" Unknown Unknown  
10/3/1902 Bridges, Mary E Female Widow 73 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Unknown "Salem, MA" Antonio & Betsy "Italy & Salem, MA" Buried Amesbury
8/15/1879 Bridges, Ralph  Male Single 21 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/23/1899 Brien, Bridget  Female Single 63 y.  Myocarditis Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/20/1876 Brien, Herbert  Male Single 5 m.  Neglect before admission   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/28/1902 Briere, John B Male Widower 62 y.  Cancer of Penis Mill Canada John & Catherine Canada Buried Lowell
5/30/1870 Brierly, David  Male Unknown 49 y.  Paralysis Laborer England Unknown Unknown  
2/25/1886 Briggs, Alfred  Male Married 37 y.  Phthisis Machinist England Henry & Anne England  
7/9/1877 Briggs, Arthur  Male Single 4 m.  Acute Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/3/1878 Briggs, James  Male Single 1 y.  Phthisis   "E. Cambridge, MA" Edward & Emma Canada  
9/25/1900 Briggs, Mary  Female Single 58 y.  Acute Enteritis none "Salem, MA" Charles & Lydia Wales & MA Buried Tewksbury
10/8/1896 Briggs, Rebecca  Female Widow 85 y.  Aucte Diarrhoea Domestic VT Unknown Unknown Buried Berlin
10/22/1901 Brigham, Hattie O Female Single 79 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Mill Hand ME Samuel & Hannah ME "Alias Harriet, Buried Tewksbury"
6/24/1901 Brigham, Henry A Male Single 64 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laborer MA Martin & Mary MA Buried Tewksbury
4/3/1880 Brigham, Polly  Female Unknown 90 y.  Old Age Domestic "Westboro, MA" Samuel & Lydia Unknown  
8/4/1873 Bright, Jerome  Male Single 55 y.  Phthisis Farmer "Watertown, MA" Joseph & Hannah MA  
8/11/1899 Bright, Joseph H Male Married 46 y.  Phthisis Machinist NJ Joseph & Caroline NJ Buried Everett
5/30/1870 Brighton, Mary  Female Unknown 37 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/14/1875 Brignarchelle, Edward  Male   1 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/25/1903 Brimguer, Jose J Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Unknown Portugal Manuel & Frances Portugal Buried Tewksbury
9/23/1858 Briminer, Elizabeth  Female   64 y.  Scrofula   Nova Scotia      
1/18/1879 Brinda, Towle  Female Single 1 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/24/1883 Brine, Nora  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Patrick & Elizabeth Ireland  
7/19/1905 Briney, Hannah  Female Married 68 y.  Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Weaver England Laurence & Jane (Cassidy) Dunn Ireland & England Buried Fall River
12/31/1881 Brinkau, Louise  Female Unknown 48 y.  Phthisis   Germany Unknown Unknown  
3/2/1855 Brinkman, Sarah  Woman   41 y.  Cancer of Womb          
9/13/1866 Brinlow, Charles  Male   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility Unknown        
6/3/1882 Brisbane, William  Male Single 47 y.  Phthisis Operative Scotland John & Mary Scotland  
7/25/1896 Brison, John  Male Widower 76 y.  Interstitial Nephritis Carpenter Nova Scotia William & Mary Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
11/18/1869 Britt, Mary  Female Married 74 y.  Old Age   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/28/1878 Britt, Mary  Female Widow 53 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Garret & Sarah Ireland  
5/3/1866 Britt, William  Male Married 54 y.  Paralysis Ireland        
5/20/1872 Britton, John  Male Widower 46 y.  Dropsy Laborer Ireland Michael & Catherine Ireland  
8/7/1871 Britton, Mary  Female Married 35 y.  Cancer Domestic NH Unknown Unknown  
8/3/1878 Broadbent, Mary  Female Single 9 m.  Syphilis   "Fall River, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/24/1879 Brock, Clarissa  Female Single 1 m.  Imperfect development   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/24/1904 Broderick, John  Male Married 68 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer Ireland Timothy & Johanna (Cantion) Broderick Ireland Buried Boston
7/26/1880 Broderick, John N Male Single 6 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Hyde Park, MA" John & Maggie Ireland  
7/4/1871 Broderick, Manuel  Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Seaman Cape de Verde Island Josselyn & Isabella Cape de Verde Island  
12/30/1864 Broderick, Margaret  Female   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility   "Concord, MA"      
8/30/1900 Broderick, Martin  Male Single 88 y.  Senility Laborer Ireland James & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/29/1878 Broderick, Mary  Female Single 60 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
12/8/1874 Broderick, Michael  Male Unknown 50 y.  Softening of Brain Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/19/1885 Broe, George  Male Married 40 y.  Cancer Baker Ireland Andrew & Mary Ireland  
8/6/1858 Brogan, Edward  Male   2 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
4/8/1905 Brolin, Richard  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Cooper Sweden K. V. & Johanna (Karlson) Brolin Sweden Buried Tewksbury
3/18/1869 Bromfield, Susan  Female Unknown 71 y.  General Debility   VA Unknown Unknown  
9/15/1865 Bronson, John  Male   1 m. 14 d. Cong. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA"      
11/14/1867 Bronson, Louisa  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" Mother Lizzie SC Colored
8/12/1872 Bronson, Martha  Female Married 42 y.  Atrophy Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/9/1856 Brooks, Beal C Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   Tewksbury      
1/19/1881 Brooks, Dennis  Male   88 y.  Old Age Laborer Madagascar James & Lucy MD Colored
6/30/1859 Brooks, Elizabeth  Female   1 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
10/12/1887 Brooks, George  Male Single 65 y.  Heart Disease Sailor England William & Mary England  
1/11/1899 Brooks, Miner  Male Single 65 y.  Cardiac Porter VA Gilbert & Martha VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
1/2/1863 Brooks, Samuel  Male Single 7 y.  Inanition   England James & Mary    
3/1/1866 Brooks, Thomas F Male Widower 66 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
5/29/1876 Brooks, Virginia  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Cholera Infantum   "Worcester, MA" Lilly & Unknown Unknown  
5/13/1888 Brophy, Christopher  Male Married 51 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Garrett & Elizabeth Ireland  
12/31/1889 Brophy, Edward I Male Single 34 y.  Pneumonia Shoemaker Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
10/20/1898 Brophy, James  Male Single 68 y.  Cancer of Stomach Cooper Nova Scotia John & Johanna Ireland Buried Cambridge
12/13/1886 Brophy, James  Male Widower 46 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
11/12/1900 Brophy, Jane  Female Married 56 y.  Chronic Enteritis Housework Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/19/1858 Brophy, Michael  Male   1 m. 18 d. Infant Debility   Mass      
8/23/1875 Brosnihan, Joanna  Female Unknown 34 y.  Cancerous Ovis Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/18/1905 Brosnihan, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland Matthew & Kate (Sweeney) Brosnihan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/4/1884 Brosnihan, Timothy  Male Single 49 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Timothy & Joanna Ireland  
7/7/1883 Brothers, Henry  Male   70 y.  Bright's Disease Farmer       Colored
3/10/1892 Brothers, Isaac  Male Single 60 y.  Septicaemia Laborer Nova Scotia Henry & Caroline Nova Scotia Colored
10/6/1900 Brothers, Lucinda  Female Single 60 y.  Myocarditis none "Richmond, VT" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/6/1905 Broughton, Victor  Male Widower 80 y.  Acute Enteritis Fisherman France Francois & Unknown France Buried Tewksbury
11/8/1874 Brown, Agnes  Female Unknown 54 y.  Epilepsy Domestic Scotland Unknown Scotland  
11/25/1904 Brown, Albert  Male Married 36 y.  Tubercular Laryngitis Laborer England Charles & Ann (Smith) Brown England Buried Tewksbury
3/9/1877 Brown, Alexander  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Hostler "Boston, MA" Joseph & Lydia Ireland  
7/12/1883 Brown, Alexander  Female Single 6 m.  Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" Alfred & Maggie NY  
5/19/1879 Brown, Alonzo  Male Married 43 y.  Heart Disease Seaman NY Daniel & Huldah NY  
9/15/1878 Brown, Amelia  Female Single 1 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
1/31/1864 Brown, Ann  Female   47 y.  Typhoid Fever   Ireland      
10/17/1899 Brown, Ann  Female Widow 67 y.  Cardiac (Mitral Regurgitation) Domestic Ireland Barney & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
10/4/1872 Brown, Anna  Female   3 y.  Diarrhoea   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/6/1864 Brown, Annie  Female   18 y.  Typhoid Fever   Canada      
7/26/1872 Brown, B. Grantz  Male   9 d. Cholera Infantum   "New Bedford, MA" Unknown Unknown  
2/13/1884 Brown, Bridget L Female Married 30 y.  Phthisis Domestic Unknown Thomas & Rosanna England  
12/30/1875 Brown, Charles  Male Single 45 y.  Heart Disease & Pleurisy Seaman "Bucksport, ME" William & Salome ME  
6/3/1893 Brown, Charles H Male Married 50 y.  Phthisis Butcher VA Edward & Violet VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
6/30/1874 Brown, Daniel  Male Widower 82 y.  Debility Farmer CT Gerald & Susan CT  
11/6/1895 Brown, David  Male Single 68 y.  General Tuberculosis Moulder Scotland David & Jane Brown Scotland Buried Tewksbury
10/13/1905 Brown, David  Male Widower 64 y.  Myocarditis Cooper Ireland Henry & Laura (Broderick) Brown Ireland Buried Boston
10/17/1861 Brown, Eliza  Female   5 y.  Croup   Haverhill      
5/5/1899 Brown, Ella  Female Widow 45 y.  Phthisis Domestic Unknown Frank & Mary Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1892 Brown, Ellen  Female Widow 58 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Ireland Frank & Mary Johnston Ireland  
9/26/1859 Brown, Ellen A Female   2 y.  Cong. Syphilis   Mass      
5/7/1897 Brown, Elmer E Male Widower 34 y.  Pneumonia Upholsterer VT James & Augusta VT "Buried Felchville, VT"
7/31/1877 Brown, Enoch  Male Widower 84 y.  Old Age Carpenter Nova Scotia Amasa & Mary Nova Scotia & NY  
11/26/1871 Brown, Erastus  Male Widower 62 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer CT Amasa & Lucy CT  
5/15/1881 Brown, Etta  Female Widow 25 y.  Puerperal Metritis Domestic Nova Scotia John & Elizabeth Nova Scotia  
6/9/1874 Brown, Eunice  Female Widow 72 y.  Epilepsy Domestic "Portsmouth, NH"   Unknown  
8/9/1886 Brown, Fanny  Female Single 4 m. 14 d. Diarrhoea   "Tewksbury, MA" Fanny Brown & Blank MA  
6/25/1904 Brown, Florence A Female Single 36 y.  Phthisis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/2/1891 Brown, Frank  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Fisherman Western Islands Joseph ? & Blank Western Islands  
12/22/1875 Brown, Freddie  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Phthisis   "UxBridge, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/22/1905 Brown, George  Male Widower 62 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer Unknown George & Ann Brown Ireland Buried Waltham
4/30/1872 Brown, George  Male   2 m.  Cholera Infantum   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/6/1889 Brown, George  Male Widower 40 y.  Pneumonia Moulder MA Joseph & Margaret Ireland  
7/5/1884 Brown, George E Male Single 38 y.  Syphilis & Fatty Liver Carpenter ME William & Jane England & US  
7/17/1883 Brown, Gilford  Male Single 1 hour d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Gilford & Maretta US  
10/27/1879 Brown, Hartford  Male Single 2 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/2/1890 Brown, Henry  Male Married 73 y.  Debility Sailor PA Unknown Unknown Colored
2/25/1891 Brown, Henry  Male Married 71 y.  Chronic Malaria Sailor England Unknown Unknown  
6/10/1869 Brown, Henry  Male   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/7/1885 Brown, Henry  Male Single 67 y.  Heart Disease Laborer "Boston, MA" Adam & Mary US  
6/4/1879 Brown, Isaac  Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/23/1895 Brown, Isabella J Female Single 23 y.  ? Domestic "E. Cambridge, MA" James & Margaret Brown Prince Edward Island & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/5/1901 Brown, James H Male Single 62 y.  Cancer of Tongue Farmer Prince Edward Island Samuel & Elizabeth Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Buried Boston
3/10/1905 Brown, James H Male Widower 60 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Lather IA George & Ann (Elliott) Brown MA Buried Tewksbury
1/19/1877 Brown, James  Male Single 2 m.  Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/10/1858 Brown, James F Male   3 m.  Infant Debility   Almshouse      
3/10/1855 Brown, James C Boy   1 y. 5 m.  Debility          
3/8/1885 Brown, James  Male Widower 68 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland John & Rebecca Ireland  
8/11/1899 Brown, James  Male Widower 49 y.  Cancer of Liver Engraver MA John & Sarah Scotland Buried Quincy
8/20/1866 Brown, James  Male Married 56 y.  Inanition "Boston, MA" Colored      
7/31/1856 Brown, Jane  Female   64 y.  Palsy (& Senile Debility)   NH      
4/20/1884 Brown, Jennie  Female Single Unknown y.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Nellie & Charles    
6/27/1898 Brown, Jesse  Male Single 48 y.  Cardiac Hostler VA Phil & Liza VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
7/17/1900 Brown, John  Male Widower 52 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Boot Black TN Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/29/1904 Brown, John  Male Married 53 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Farmer Nova Scotia William & Mary A. (Burns) Brown Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
12/21/1904 Brown, John  Male Single 38 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Teamster Ireland John & Bridget (Anley?) Brown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/8/1905 Brown, John E Male Widower 80 y.  Cancer of Face Laborer Ireland James & Fanny (Bailey) Brown Unknown & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/16/1905 Brown, John  Male Widower 59 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/29/1870 Brown, John  Male   2 m. 10 d. Cong. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Mary & Unknown Unknown  
11/6/1884 Brown, John L Male Widower 75 y.  Debility Laborer VA Lucy & Unknown VA Colored
12/13/1869 Brown, John  Male Unknown 3 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/23/1883 Brown, John  Male Single 22 y.    Sailor Algiers Meslnal Mabara Unknown Colored
3/1/1897 Brown, John  Male Widower 33 y.  Paraplegia - Empyaemia Hostler "Washington, DC" Thomas & Maria Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/26/1884 Brown, John C Male Widower 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer England William & Bridget England  
4/2/1864 Brown, John  Male   1 m.  Erysipelas   "Tewksbury, MA"      
5/26/1899 Brown, John  Male Single 52 y.  Phthisis Miner Finland John & Kiser Finland Buried Tewksbury
11/9/1878 Brown, Joseph  Male Single 14 d. Capillary Bronchitis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/21/1893 Brown, Joseph J Male Married 60 y.  Diarrhoea & Cardiac Cook England Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/25/1899 Brown, Josie  Female Widow 66 y.  Cerebral Haemorrhage Housewife ME Unknown ME & Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
7/15/1863 Brown, Laura  Female   5 m.  Infantile Debility   "Brighton, MA"      
5/31/1881 Brown, Lena  Female Single 21 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Charles & Etta Nova Scotia  
10/14/1884 Brown, Lizzie  Female Single 21 y.  Typhoid Fever Domestic Ireland John & Johanna Ireland  
2/6/1903 Brown, Louisa  Female Single 1 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Isaac & Mary Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/11/1885 Brown, Lucy  Female Single 7 m.  Meningitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Lizzie Brown & Charles Hamilton Nova Scotia  
10/21/1875 Brown, Maria A Female Married 36 y.  Phthisis Housewife Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/15/1870 Brown, Mark F Male Married 77 y.  Debility Farmer "Mason, NH" Stephen & Hannah MA  
10/12/1879 Brown, Mary  Female Single 31 y.  Embolism Cerebral Domestic Scotland Robert & Agnes Scotland  
10/7/1893 Brown, Mary  Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis Cook So. America Henry & Sarah Brown So. America Buried Tewksbury
11/12/1874 Brown, Mary  Female   34 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Boston, MA" Dennis & Margaret Cronin Ireland  
2/7/1856 Brown, Mary A Female   3 m.  Secondary Syphalis   Tewksbury      
7/7/1855 Brown, Mary A Woman   25 y.  Consumption          
2/21/1869 Brown, Mary A Female Unknown 78 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
3/3/1862 Brown, Matilda  Female   4 m.  Infantile Debility          
5/15/1868 Brown, Michael  Male Single 76 y.  Gangrene Soldier Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/9/1901 Brown, Minerva  Female Single 14 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Abigail GA Buried Tewksbury
5/29/1884 Brown, Minnie  Female Single 18 d. Tuberculosis   "E. Cambridge, MA" Sarah Brown & Jno. Smith England  
5/28/1866 Brown, Patrick  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
6/12/1892 Brown, Patrick  Male Single 54 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Peter & Sarah Ireland  
7/28/1863 Brown, Ralph E Male Single 53 y.  Intemperance & Softening of Brain   New York      
1/21/1899 Brown, Robert F Male   4 m. 9 d. Abscess Lung   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Florence NH Buried Tewksbury
4/9/1879 Brown, Robert B Male Single 37 y.  Pneumonia Seaman ME James & Elizabeth ME  
3/14/1866 Brown, Sarah A Female   7 d. Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
10/9/1905 Brown, Susan  Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis Housework MA John & Nellie (Melvin) Brown MA "Alias Nichols, Buried Tewksbury"
8/6/1858 Brown, Theresa A Female   19 y.  Cong. of Lungs   Scotland      
11/23/1867 Brown, Thomas  Male Widower 81 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
6/1/1898 Brown, Thomas  Male Single 22 y.  Cerebral (?) Laborer VA George & Anna VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
8/16/1897 Brown, Walter  Male Single 4 m. 2 d. Malnutrition & Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Florence & Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
10/21/1887 Brown, William  Male Single 44 y.  Uraemic Coma Canvasser ME George & Mary ME  
6/16/1870 Brown, William  Male Single 25 y.  Paralysis Cook VA Jacob & Louisa VA Colored
8/14/1899 Brown, William  Male Married 68 y.  Senile Gangrene Laborer Ireland William & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/10/1878 Bruce, Bridget  Female Married 33 y.    Seamstress VT Alexander & Catherine Ireland  
6/3/1882 Bruce, Kenneth M Male Widower 41 y.  Phthisis Carpenter ME Unknown Unknown  
7/9/1876 Bruce, Maud  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/25/1876 Bruce, Rosamond  Female Single 9 d. Exposure before admission   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/14/1890 Bruno, Alice  Female Single 24 y.  Phthisis & Syphilis Domestic Canada John Bruno & Mary Terier? Canada  
1/29/1901 Bruno, Lorenzo  Male Married 48 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Inatra & Rose Italy Buried Tewksbury
8/31/1901 Bruno, Teresa  Female Married 25 y.  Phthisis Housework Italy John & Unknown Italy "Alias Corbu, Buried Tewksbury"
8/3/1892 Bruseau, Mary J Female Single 20 y.  Dysentery Domestic MA Joseph B. & Mary J. Canada  
5/25/1892 Brussard, Akin  Male Married 46 y.  Paralysis Laborer Canada Akin & Unknown Canada  
5/5/1905 Bryan, Annie  Female Single 19 y.  General Tuberculosis Housework SC Peter & Margaret (McLeod) Bryan SC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/25/1880 Bryan, Kate  Female Single 60 y.  Dementia Operative England Edward & Ann England  
5/26/1905 Bryan, Minnie  Female Single 38 y.  Cancer of Breast Housework "Haverhill, MA" James & Annie Bryan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/29/1900 Bryant, Alden  Male Single 67 y.  Acute Enteritis   MA Martin & Unknown MA Buried Tewksbury
6/19/1866 Bryant, Anna  Female   9 m.  Measles Unknown        
8/27/1873 Bryant, Bosanna  Female Unknown 65 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/14/1865 Bryant, Ellen  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/13/1882 Bryant, Gilman  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Upholsterer VT James & Lucinda Unknown  
7/30/1876 Bryant, Hannah  Female Single 31 y.  Phthisis Domestic England Hannah & Henry England & France  
7/14/1876 Bryant, Maria P Female Single 2 m. 7 d. Tuberculosis   "Manchester, NH" Unknown Unknown  
1/12/1901 Bryant, Thomas  Male Widower 71 y.  Enlarged Prostate Iron Work "Wakefield, MA" Thomas & Unknown "Wakefield, MA" Buried Wakefield
2/21/1899 Bryson, James  Male Widower 71 y.  Pneumonia Carpenter Ireland John & Margaret Ireland Buried Malden
6/2/1875 Bryson, Jane  Female Married 70 y.  Burns Housekeeper Ireland William & Sarah Ireland  
5/2/1905 Bucek, Annie E Female Single 35 y.  Phthisis None "Boston, MA" Unknown & Mary Bucek Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/21/1879 Buchan, John  Male Single 58 y.  Amyloid Nephritis Seaman Scotland Andrew & Elizabeth Scotland  
4/28/1857 Buchanan, James  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   Massachusetts      
9/3/1858 Buchanan, James  Male   6 m.  Infant Debility Foundling Unknown      
6/15/1903 Buchanan, John  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Coachman Prince Edward Island John & Catherine Prince Edward Island Buried Boston
7/7/1883 Buchannon, George H Male Single 1 y.  Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" John & Annie "Boston, MA & US"  
9/23/1903 Buchino, Veto  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Nathale & Maria Umbra Italy not listed
2/3/1901 Buck, Isaac H Male Married 69 y.  Chronic Cystitis Laborer MA Isaac & Unknown MA & CT Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1892 Buck, Martha  Female Single 57 y.  Cancer Domestic Germany Unknown Unknown  
10/8/1876 Buckley, Adolphus  Male Single 3 m.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/6/1860 Buckley, Ann  Female   38 y.  Cancer of Encephalus   Ireland      
5/8/1876 Buckley, Anne  Female Single 9 m.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/19/1869 Buckley, Betsey  Female Married 69 y.  Old Age   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
3/17/1855 Buckley, Bridget  Girl   1 y. 6 m.  Scrofula          
5/14/1878 Buckley, Catherine  Female Married 43 y.  Phthisis Operative Ireland Edward & Mary Ireland  
4/2/1901 Buckley, George  Male Single 3 m. 15 d. Hereditary Syphilis   MA George & Nora MA & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/14/1868 Buckley, Honora  Female Widow 25 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/4/1901 Buckley, James F Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA Patrick & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/16/1895 Buckley, John T Male Single 46 y.  Tumor of Mediastinum Weaver England James & Sarah England Buried Tewksbury
4/24/1882 Buckley, John  Male Single 70 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland Thomas & Catherine Ireland  
7/25/1872 Buckley, John  Male Single 45 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/18/1856 Buckley, Joseph  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   Tewksbury      
2/10/1898 Buckley, Margaret  Female Widow 60 y.  Perinephritic Abscess Housework Ireland James & Catherine Ireland Buried Lynn
3/8/1900 Buckley, Mary  Female Single 28 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland James & Elizabeth Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/26/1877 Buckley, Mary  Female Widow 28 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Ann & John Ireland  
6/22/1889 Buckley, Mary  Female Single 2 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Hannah Buckley & Patrick Weldon Ireland  
11/13/1897 Buckley, Michael  Male Married 74 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Ireland Jerry & Hannah Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/21/1888 Buckley, Michael  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Marasmus   MA Hannah Buckley & Patrick Weldon Ireland  
9/15/1904 Buckley, Patrick  Male Single 48 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland Daniel & Mary (Lynch) Buckley Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/2/1892 Buckley, Patrick  Male Married 45 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Michael & Nora Ireland  
8/9/1892 Buckley, Timothy  Male Single 48 y.  Chronic Nephritis Teamster Ireland James & Ellen Ireland  
10/25/1900 Buckley, William  Male Single 46 y.  Myocarditis Laborer Ireland Jeremiah & Julia Ireland Buried Malden
8/20/1881 Buckley, William  Male Widower 80 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland Bartholomew & Ellen Ireland  
5/21/1903 Budd, Ora Belle  Female Married 31 y.  Phthisis Housework MA Charles & Abbie NH & ME Buried Stoneham
2/19/1897 Budor, Francis  Male Widower 30 y.  Pneumonia Laborer San Salvadore Francis & Mary San Salvadore Buried Tewksbury
12/13/1902 Budreau, Albina  Female Widow 36 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Michael & Nora Ireland "Alias Porter, Buried Boston"
3/13/1903 Budro, Emma  Female Single 22 d. Broncho-pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Rose RI Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1876 Buela, Antonio  Male Single 20 y.  Heart Disease Cigar Maker Spain Unknown Spain  
4/10/1905 Buffington, Sarah  Female Single 55 y.  Gastro Enteritis None "Swansea, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Somerset
3/5/1899 Buffum, Mary A Female Single 68 y.  Pneumonia Housework MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/5/1897 Bugadis, Speros  Male Married 25 y.  Typhoid Unknown Greece Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/2/1905 Buker, Caleb Keith  Male Single 56 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Shoecutter "Holbrook, MA" Elijah & Lucinda (Stetson) Buker "NH & Weymouth, MA" Buried Holbrook
12/5/1874 Buker, John  Male Widower 42 y.  Scrofula Painter "Biddeford, ME" Carver & Irene ME  
6/7/1858 Bulger, Alice  Female   6 m.  Infant Debility   Almshouse      
3/21/1858 Bulger, Mary A Female   1 y. 1 m.  Marasmus   Boston      
7/24/1872 Bulger, Patrick  Male Married 41 y.  Softening of Brain Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
2/21/1869 Bullard, Daniel G Male Married 57 y.  Phthisis   ME Jeremiah & Lucy Ireland  
12/30/1902 Bullard, Sarah  Female Widow 66 y.  Chronic Enteritis None NY John & Harriet NY Buried Lowell
8/16/1887 Buller, Ellen  Female Unknown 40 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/11/1904 Bullis, Howard  Male Married 43 y.  Gumma of Brain Leather Worker NY Joseph & Sophia France & VA "Mulatto, Buried Tewksbury"
7/13/1902 Bullock, Charles  Male Married 39 y.  Fracture of Spine Janitor England John & Elizabeth England Buried Mansfield
6/26/1877 Bump, Richard  Male Single 3 m.  Enteritis   "Worcester, MA" Unknown Unknown  
5/13/1898 Bun, Hong  Male Single 40 y.  Sarcoma of Neck Unknown China Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
9/30/1904 Bunshaft, Morris  Male Single 17 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Shoe Factory Russia Max & Annie Russia Buried Lawrence
2/26/1900 Buono, Joseph  Male Single 6 m. 4 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Camillo Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/15/1896 Burbank, Charles E Male Single 41 y.  Syphilis Unknown "Amesbury, MA" Nathan & Mary "Newburyport, MA & Amesbury, MA" Buried Tewksbury
5/29/1904 Burbridge, Annie  Female Married 27 y.  Phthisis Housework NY John & Elizabeth (Ryan) Turner NY Buried Norfolk
2/24/1883 Burch, Thomas  Male Widower 65 y.  Senile Debility & Chronic Bronchitis Laborer Ireland Samuel & Ellen Ireland  
1/4/1905 Burden, Robert  Male Single 37 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer NJ William & Mary A. (Reily) Burden NYC Buried Tewksbury
6/21/1867 Burdett, Ann M Female Widow 72 y.  Phthisis   England Unknown Unknown  
8/23/1871 Burdick, Susan  Female Unknown 77 y.  Debility Housekeeper RI Unknown Unknown  
9/4/1871 Burger, James  Male Unknown 63 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Patrick & Hannah Ireland  
1/27/1860 Burgess, Lewis P Male   59 y.  Phthisis Laborer France      
10/1/1870 Burk, John  Male Unknown 90 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/22/1881 Burk, Robert  Male Single 6 y.  Phthisis   "Lawrence, MA" Aaron & Mabel England  
8/8/1905 Burke, Agnes  Female Widow 25 y.  Cancer of Uterus Spinner England James & Mary (Kilroy) Furey Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/21/1900 Burke, Bridget  Female Single 63 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Housework Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Chicopee
3/15/1868 Burke, Bridget  Female Widow 50 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/11/1875 Burke, Bridget  Female Unknown 63 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Patrick & Johanna Ireland  
10/29/1863 Burke, Catharine  Female Single 29 y.  Inanition   Ireland      
5/21/1871 Burke, Catharine  Female Widow 38 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
11/24/1886 Burke, Catherine  Female Married 34 y.  Heart Disease Weaver Ireland Daniel & Margaret Devlin Ireland  
3/4/1896 Burke, Edward  Male Single 52 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Richard & Bridget Ireland Buried Malden
9/29/1879 Burke, Edward  Male Married 85 y.  Old Age Farmer Ireland James & Unknown Ireland  
4/16/1893 Burke, Ellen  Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Thomas Burke & Nora Moren Ireland Buried Boston
7/12/1880 Burke, Henry  Male Widower 68 y.  Phthisis Baker Ireland Thomas & Unknown Ireland  
12/27/1858 Burke, James  Male   62 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/6/1881 Burke, James H Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis   "New Bedford, MA" Unknown Unknown Colored
5/20/1877 Burke, James  Male Single 2 m. 14 d. Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/27/1900 Burke, John  Male Single 33 y.  Acute Hypertrophic Erysipelas Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/16/1901 Burke, John  Male Married 70 y.  Arterial Sclerosis Laborer Ireland John & Julia Ireland Buried Boston
10/8/1903 Burke, John  Male Single 53 y.  Acute Enteritis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Lowell
8/28/1904 Burke, John  Male Married 59 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland John & Mary (Harrison) Burke Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/2/1893 Burke, John  Male Single 10 m.  "Tuberculosis, General"   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen Burke & Tim Coffee MA & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/26/1893 Burke, John  Male Single 44 y.  Cardiac Pneumonia Weaver Ireland Patrick & Honora Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/12/1899 Burke, John  Male Single 4 m.  Enteritis   MA Unknown & Annie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/31/1862 Burke, John  Male   26 d. Infantile Debility          
8/2/1872 Burke, Joseph  Male   5 y.  Paralysis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Ireland  
8/6/1888 Burke, Lawrence  Male Married 42 y.  Gangrene of Lung Blacksmith Ireland Michael & Margaret Ireland  
1/14/1870 Burke, Margaret  Female Single 30 y.  Congestion of Lungs Domestic Servt. Ireland James & Margaret Ireland  
4/7/1883 Burke, Margaret  Female Unknown Unknown y.  Heart Disease & Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/7/1883 Burke, Margaret  Female   Unknown y.  Heart Disease & Phthisis          
5/3/1878 Burke, Margaret  Female Unknown 75 y.  Senile Dementia   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/13/1875 Burke, Margaret  Female Single 58 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland James & Ellen Ireland  
7/25/1863 Burke, Margaret  Female   2 d. Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Dennis Powers & Margt. Burke Ireland  
7/16/1885 Burke, Martin  Male Single 7 m.  Pneumonia   "Boston, MA" Bridget Burke & Martin Fallon Ireland  
5/23/1892 Burke, Mary  Female Widow 70 y.  Paralysis Housewife Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/5/1875 Burke, Mary E Female   4 m.  Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary Burke & John ? Ireland & NY  
5/5/1883 Burke, Mary  Female   2 m.  Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Frank & Kate MA & Ireland  
7/24/1896 Burke, Mary E Female Single 34 y.  Phthisis Seamstress MA Unknown Unknown Buried Malden
7/6/1868 Burke, Mary  Female Widow 80 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/30/1900 Burke, Michael  Male Single 23 y.  General Tuberculosis Laborer Ireland John & Kate Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/5/1900 Burke, Michael W Male Widower 54 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
7/29/1879 Burke, Michael  Male Married 82 y.  Dysentery Laborer Ireland Daniel & Ellen Ireland  
8/19/1905 Burke, Patrick  Male Widower 62 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Laborer England Richard & Mary (Horgan) Burke Ireland Buried Amesbury
11/23/1905 Burke, Patrick W Male Married 64 y.  Acute Enteritis Laborer Ireland Walter & Ellen (Murphy) Burke Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/18/1891 Burke, Patrick  Male Married 44 y.  Paralysis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
2/23/1874 Burke, Patrick  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland  
2/5/1890 Burke, Patrick  Male Married 79 y.  Heart Disease Junkman Ireland Peter & Elizabeth Ireland  
8/6/1879 Burke, Peter  Male Single 21 d. Imperfect development   "Auburndale, MA" Peter & Mary Ireland  
5/21/1867 Burke, Richard  Male Single 55 y.  Typhoid Fever   Ireland Richard & Bridget Ireland  
2/17/1873 Burke, Sarah  Female   7 m.  Debility   "Tewksbury, MA"      
3/24/1876 Burke, Thomas  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/4/1894 Burke, Thomas  Male Widower 51 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Canada George & Maggie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/31/1858 Burke, Thomas  Male   32 y.  Emphyema   Ireland      
12/8/1855 Burke, William  Boy   6 m.  Marasmus          
4/18/1882 Burke, William  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Julia Ireland  
11/25/1897 Burke, Winifred  Female Widow 65 y.  Cancer of Liver Housework Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried New Bedford
5/10/1891 Burkett, Mary  Female Single 32 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Nova Scotia Alex & ? Nova Scotia  
4/12/1893 Burkhardt, John  Male Single 82 y.  Debility Farm Hand Germany Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/25/1867 Burnes, John G Male Single 1 y. 2 m.  Cholera   "Boston, MA" Mother Ann Canada  
12/10/1874 Burnes, Julia  Female   2 d. Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Julia & Peter Ireland  
2/12/1868 Burnett, Elizabeth  Female Widow 78 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/26/1873 Burnett, Mary A Female Married 26 y.  Phthisis Domestic "St. John, NB" William & Mary Ireland  
9/2/1864 Burnett, Rose A Female   2 y.  Scrofula   "Boston, MA"      
5/14/1862 Burney, Ida  Female   10 m.  Cong. Syph.          
1/28/1884 Burnham, Adelbert  Male Single 4 m.  Marasmus & Bronchitis   "Fall River, MA" Charles & Alice VT  
7/25/1883 Burnham, Joseph  Male   23 y.  Phthisis Farmer "Boston, MA" John & Mary Unknown  
4/21/1876 Burnham, Nancy B Female Single 60 y.  Spinal Irritation Unknown "Blue Hills, ME" Andrew & Mary ME  
9/24/1873 Burns, Ann  Female Married 40 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/26/1896 Burns, Annie  Female Single 7 y.  Pneumonia   "Chelsea, MA" Unknown & Elizabeth Burns Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/18/1874 Burns, Betsey  Female Widow 75 y.  Debility Domestic VA Unknown Unknown Colored
12/27/1894 Burns, Blanche  Female Single 1 y. 6 m.  Nephritis & Diphtheria   "Lawrence, MA" Harry Reilly & Nellie Burns Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/16/1875 Burns, Bridget  Female Single 60 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/20/1878 Burns, Bridget  Female Widow 71 y.  Hemoptysis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/10/1879 Burns, Capitola  Female Single 3 m.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/24/1869 Burns, Catherine  Female Married 65 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Edward & Bridget O'Neil Ireland  
3/11/1860 Burns, Catherine  Female   39 y.  Delirium Tremens   Ireland      
3/21/1870 Burns, Catherine  Female Single 30 y.  Phthisis Domestic Servt. Ireland Anna & William Ireland  
11/29/1864 Burns, David  Male   46 y.  General Debility   Ireland      
3/2/1895 Burns, Edward  Male Single 4 m.  Bronchitis Acute   "Tewksbury, MA" George Smith & Lizzie Burns England Buried Tewksbury
8/23/1856 Burns, Edward  Male   86 y.  Old Age   Ireland      
5/11/1875 Burns, Ellen  Female Unknown 73 y.  Debility Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/9/1874 Burns, Ellen  Female Married 45 y.  Epilepsy Housekeeper England Unknown Unknown  
3/4/1895 Burns, Frank T Male Single 26 y.  Acute Nephritis Laborer England John & Ann England Buried Lynn
11/17/1900 Burns, George  Male Single 67 y.  Phthisis Kitchen Work Bermuda George & Sarah Bermuda & Scotland Buried Dorchester
11/23/1865 Burns, George  Male Widower 60 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
4/3/1882 Burns, Hannah  Female Widow 83 y.  Lung Congestion Domestic Ireland James & Elizabeth Ireland  
11/16/1900 Burns, James  Male Single 56 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laborer Ireland Unknown & Daphne Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/14/1893 Burns, James  Male Single 1 m.  Spasm of Glottis   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary & Frank Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/21/1865 Burns, James  Male Single 22 y.  Typhoid Fever   NH      
1/10/1903 Burns, John  Male Single 38 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Shoemaker New Brunswick Patrick & Rose Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/29/1873 Burns, John  Male Married 47 y.  Phthisis Operative Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
4/2/1878 Burns, John  Male Single 5 y.  Inanition   "Fall River, MA" Delia & Charles Ireland  
7/29/1883 Burns, John  Male   37 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Bridget Ireland  
4/21/1897 Burns, Lawrence B Male Single 8 d. Nephritis   "Tewksbury, MA" Marcello & Unknown England Buried Tewksbury
5/21/1881 Burns, Margaret  Female Married 55 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Ireland Thomas & Margaret Ireland  
1/18/1904 Burns, Mary  Female Married 39 y.  Phthisis Operative NY Coilon? & Leonora (Rivers) Panneton Canada Buried Tewksbury
11/10/1888 Burns, Mary J Female Widow 45 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/18/1897 Burns, Mary  Female Unknown 68 y.  Apoplexy Unknown Unknown Unkown Unknown Buried Boston
11/26/1862 Burns, Mary  Female   25 y.  Softening of Brain          
4/3/1875 Burns, Mary A Female   1 y. 8 m.  Debility   CT Julia & Peter Ireland  
7/25/1896 Burns, Mary  Female Widower 70 y.  Acute Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Lon Gaffney & Anne Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/19/1864 Burns, Michael  Male   83 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland      
4/5/1868 Burns, Michael  Male Single 21 y.  Gastritis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/3/1889 Burns, Michael  Male Widower 54 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Anthony & Bridget Ireland  
6/13/1884 Burns, Patrick  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Cooper Ireland Patrick & Unknown Ireland  
6/18/1878 Burns, Patrick  Male Married 39 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
1/17/1877 Burns, Peter  Male Widower 60 y.  Phthisis Mason Ireland Bernard & Ann Ireland  
6/16/1883 Burns, Richard  Male Single 43 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Ireland John & Julia Ireland  
3/28/1864 Burns, Solomon  Male   14 y.  Disease of Heart   "Nashua, NH"      
3/16/1897 Burns, Thomas  Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA Patrick & Jane Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/4/1870 Burns, Thomas  Male   1 m. 21 d. Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine Burns & Thomas Welch Ireland  
7/27/1883 Burns, William  Male   24 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Charlestown, MA" Michael & Margaret Unknown  
8/4/1875 Burr, Edward  Male Married 50 y.  Diarrhoea Slater Ireland Edward & Mary Ireland alias Burns
6/30/1898 Burr, Henry M.P. Male Widower 58 y.  Cancer of Stomach Sailor North Sea Peter & Unknown Norway Buried Tewksbury
5/11/1903 Burras, Ruth  Female Widow 68 y.  Aortic Insufficiency Housework "No. Brookfield, MA" Welcome & Harriett MA Buried Spencer
6/23/1900 Burrell, George W Male Married 42 y.  Phthisis Butcher VA William & Lucy VA Buried Dorchester
8/3/1903 Burrell, William  Male Single 5 m. 15 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Blanche Burrell Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/9/1867 Burres, Robert  Male Unknown 59 y.  Debility   Nova Scotia Unknown Unknown  
10/9/1858 Burrows, Elizabeth  Female   23 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea   Ireland      
9/14/1858 Burrows, Thomas  Male   1 m. 10 d. Infant Debility   Almshouse      
5/3/1880 Burry, Lizzie  Female Single 4 m.  Chronic Bronchitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Charles & Honora Ireland  
10/17/1900 Burt, Tony  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Waiter Italy John & Mary Italy Buried Tewksbury
1/25/1905 Burtchell, John T Male Widower 39 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Stableman "Boston, MA" Michael & Mary (Fitzgerald) Burtchell Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/23/1879 Burton, Charles  Male Single 3 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/16/1897 Burton, Edward  Male Widower 85 y.  Cerebral Farmhand NC Ned & Mary Africa "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
8/13/1858 Burton, Elizabeth  Female   54 y.  Debility   Ireland      
1/19/1879 Burton, Horatio  Male Single 1 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/11/1859 Burton, Joseph  Male   52 y.  Delirium Tremens Sailor England      
11/2/1878 Burton, Robert  Male Married 45 y.  Phthisis   England Unknown Unknown  
7/12/1898 Burton, Thomas  Male Single 30 y.  Tuberculosis of Omentum Unknown MS Joseph & Dinah Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/12/1903 Burtt, Samuel  Male Married 56 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer NC Samuel & Unknown NC "Colored, not listed"
12/27/1891 Burwell, Edward  Male Single 71 y.  Heart Disease & ? Sailor England Unknown England  
12/31/1891 Busby, Richard  Male Married 77 y.  Debility & Heart Disease Painter England Thomas & Ann England  
9/15/1870 Busch, Anna M Female Unknown 84 y.  Debility Domestic Germany Unknown Unknown  
4/21/1901 Bush, Thomas  Male Single 22 y.  Mitral Regurgitation Laborer Poland Unknown Poland Buried Lawrence
4/18/1895 Bush, William  Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand ME William & Sophia ME Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1878 Bushy, Sophia  Female Unknown 35 y.  Phthisis Domestic Canada Moses Zuba & Unknown Unknown  
5/24/1880 Butcher, Daniel  Male Married 50 y.  Heart Disease Laborer VA Unknown Unknown Colored
5/28/1897 Butcher, William G Male Widower 63 y.  Diarrhoea Wool Sorter "Pawtucket, RI" Richard & Margaret CT Buried Tewksbury
11/23/1886 Butell, Richard  Male Widower 56 y.  Pneumonia Carpenter NJ Richard & Hannah France  
4/14/1893 Butler, Annie  Female Single 86 y.  Pneumonia Cook Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/9/1885 Butler, Charles  Male Married 45 y.  Phthisis Butcher District of Columbia Charles & Mary DC & VA Colored
1/11/1878 Butler, Dominick  Male Married 47 y.  Chronic Rheum. Laborer Ireland James & Bridget Ireland  
7/28/1867 Butler, James  Male Married 30 y.  Dropsy   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
1/14/1888 Butler, John  Male Single 8 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Bridget Butler & Daniel Keenan? Ireland  
5/22/1893 Butler, John  Male Single 75 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Thomas & Kate Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/4/1865 Butler, John  Male Widower 60 y.  Pneumonia   Ireland      
5/31/1878 Butler, Nellie  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" Edward & Nellie NH  
2/27/1899 Butler, Patrick  Male Single 33 y.  Acute Peruphigus Laborer Ireland Richard & Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/12/1856 Butler, Richard  Male   30 y.  Disease of Liver (Dropsy)   Ireland     ? Last Name - Butter or Butler
6/10/1899 Butler, Thomas  Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Stone Mason Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/28/1874 Butler, Thomas  Male   78 y.  Heart Disease Gardener Nova Scotia Unknown Unknown Colored
6/27/1863 Butler, William  Male Married 32 y.  Psoas Abscess   Ireland      
7/10/1871 Butler, William O Male Unknown 36 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer New Brunswick Unknown Unknown  
2/28/1902 Butter, Elisha Y Male Single 67 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Lawyer ME Elisha & Mary ME Buried Tewksbury
6/10/1881 Butters, Robert  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Laborer Scotland John & Unknown Scotland  
5/27/1882 Butterworth, Robert  Male Married 71 y.  Pulmonary Edema Operative England James & Bertha England  
8/8/1881 Byers, Adam  Male Single 52 y.  Syphilis Mechanic "Boston, MA" Adam & Jane Ireland  
4/22/1902 Byrne, Charles E Male Married 51 y.  Variola (Confluent) Box Maker NH John & Nora Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/4/1899 Byrne, Charles  Male Unknown 62 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/23/1875 Byrne, Sophia  Female   14 d. Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine Byrne & Thomas Callahan Ireland & Scotland  
8/2/1867 Byrnes, Bridget  Female Unknown 38 y.  Atrophy   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
9/26/1875 Byrnes, Patrick  Male Widower 36 y.  Phthisis Currier Ireland Patrick & Winifred Ireland  
5/29/1863 Byrnes, Thomas  Male   1 y. 9 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Thos. Byrnes & Hannah Donovan Ireland  
7/6/1879 Byron, Annie  Female Single 5 m.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Annie & Unknown Ireland  
7/17/1870 Byron, Bridget  Female Widow 48 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  

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