Deaths Reported to the State of Massachusetts by the Tewksbury Almshouse

The following records were transcribed from vital records reporting deaths at the hospital to the state. The vital records will only report patients who died at the hospital, and do not always record where the patients are buried. The content of the death records vary each year.

You may contact Mass Archives in Boston to obtain copies of all death records in this database.

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Date of Death Name Sex Condition Age Disease or Cause of Death Occupation Place of Birth Names of Parents Place of Birth of Parents Comments
12/3/1905 Kaanlund, Anton P Male Single 61 y.  Acute Enteritis Cabinet Maker Denmark Hans & Mary (Tandar) Kaanlund Denmark Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1905 Kaapaakoski, Olias  Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand Finland Andrew & Anakisi Finland Buried Tewksbury
7/4/1873 Kader, Abdel  Male Single 40 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Algeria Unknown Unknown  
5/10/1861 Kaffer, John  Male   65 y.  Disease of Heart   Ireland      
1/27/1865 Kain, Ann  Female Single 19 y.  Peritonitis   Ireland      
10/7/1864 Kains, Michael  Male   70 y.  Intemperance   Ireland      
10/3/1866 Kalaher, Catherine  Female Married 90 y.  Senile Debility Ireland        
9/6/1862 Kalaher, James  Male   3 m.  Infantile Debility          
5/22/1868 Kallahan, James  Male Widower 88 y.  Senile Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/3/1888 Kane, Bridget  Female Single 46 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/21/1855 Kane, Catharine  Girl   3 y.  Congestion of Lungs          
4/4/1889 Kane, Catherine  Female Single 24 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Daniel & Catherine Ireland  
12/29/1868 Kane, Elizabeth  Female   8 m.  Infantile Debility   "Lowell, MA" John & Ann England  
7/5/1873 Kane, Frank  Male Single 1 m. 15 d. Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary & John "Lowell, MA"  
12/4/1866 Kane, Henry  Male   1 y.  Infantile Debility "Boston, MA"        
11/12/1873 Kane, James  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland  
4/29/1884 Kane, John  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Teamster Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
2/24/1873 Kane, Mary  Female   1 m. 7 d. Debility   "Boston, MA"      
4/10/1859 Kane, Mary A Female   3 y.  Convulsions   Mass      
4/21/1882 Kane, Mary  Female Widow 74 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland James & Lizzie Ireland  
6/27/1873 Kane, Mary  Female Widow 45 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland   Ireland  
3/14/1893 Kane, Rosanna  Female Widow 67 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
11/15/1873 Kane, Samuel  Male Unknown 74 y.  Cancer Mason Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/23/1864 Kane, Thomas  Male   12 y.  Disease of Heart   "Boston, MA"      
6/17/1900 Kania, Julia  Female Single 3 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Julia Russia Buried Tewksbury
12/12/1893 Kankas, Harmon  Male Unknown 28 y.  Miliary Tuberculosis Cabinet Worker Finland Martin & Agnes Finland Buried Tewksbury
8/16/1872 Karcher, Jane  Female Single 85 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic NH Unknown Ireland  
1/15/1905 Kate, Carey  Female Single 67 y.  Chronic Enteritis Housework Ireland Morris & Julia (Downy) Carey Ireland "Alias Elizabeth, Buried Tewksbury"
5/6/1902 Kaugas, Wilbur  Male Single 1 m. 19 d. Inanition   MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/26/1902 Kavanagh, Mary  Female Married 76 y.  Senility Housekeeper Ireland James & Bessie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/5/1901 Kavanaugh, Daniel  Male Widower 61 y.  Senility Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried Lynn
6/8/1874 Kavanaugh, Jane  Female Widow 55 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Ireland   Ireland  
5/4/1905 Kavanaugh, Thomas J Male Married 47 y.  Tubercular Laryngitis Cook England John & Hannah (Murphy) Kavanaugh Ireland Buried Roxbury
9/24/1890 Kaveney, Catherine  Female Married 55 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/15/1871 Kaveney, Frank  Male   2 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" Mary & Unknown Unknown  
1/23/1868 Kavunaugh, Thomas  Male Single 31 y.  Debility Laborer ME Unknown ME  
1/16/1900 Kawalski, Mary  Female Single 2 y.  Lobar Pneumonia   "Lynn, MA" Joseph & Mary Poland Buried Tewksbury
9/11/1890 Kayson, William  Male Single 32 y.  Typhoid Laborer Russia Unknown Russia  
5/25/1900 Kazzazian, Leon  Male Single 26 y.  General Tuberculosis Operative Turkey Aggop & Kadjug Turkey Buried Boston
4/25/1896 Keach, Jeremiah S Male Widower 82 y.  Pneumonia Mill Hand "Gloucester, RI" Jeremiah & Mary "Gloucester, RI" Buried Norton
3/11/1897 Kean, Minnie  Female Single 23 y.  "Epilepsy & Cardiac, Mitral" Housework Germany William & Eva Germany Buried Tewksbury
3/14/1865 Keane, Effie  Female   2 m.  Infantile   "Tewksbury, MA"      
5/31/1887 Keaney, Coleman 2nd  Male Single ? y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer Ireland Bartley & Bridget Ireland  
4/5/1887 Kearin, Francis  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Diarrhoea   "Tewksbury, MA" Bridget Kearin & Michael Foley Ireland  
9/15/1898 Kearney, Arthur  Male Single 1 y. 5 m.  Congenital Hydrocepalus   MA Delia & Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/29/1872 Kearney, James  Male Unknown 30 y.  Apoplexy Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/11/1878 Kearney, Joseph H Male Single 5 m.  Malnutrition   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Mary ?  
3/24/1893 Kearns, John  Male Widower 57 y.  Operation for Stones in Bladder Laborer MA Patrick & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/10/1888 Kearns, Mary  Female Single 27 y.  Septicaemia Domestic Ireland Michael & Hannah Ireland  
9/22/1867 Keating, Francis W Male Single 33 y.  Debility   "Marblehead, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/9/1859 Keating, John  Male   5 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
12/24/1886 Keating, Kate  Female Single 30 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
2/11/1898 Keating, Laura  Female Single 5 m.  Convulsions   MA Laura & Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/24/1859 Keating, Michael  Male   36 y.  Cancer   Ireland      
12/10/1859 Keating, Richard  Male   58 y.  Phthisis Laborer Mass      
12/26/1858 Keating, Robert  Male   9 m.  Hydrocephalus   Boston      
4/2/1875 Keating, Thomas  Male Widower 60 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
7/7/1896 Keating, Thomas  Male Widower 84 y.  Phlegminous Erysipilas Laborer Ireland Larry & Nancy Ireland Buried Lowell
3/5/1859 Keaton, Hannah  Female   19 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/29/1859 Keaton, Mary E Female   1 y. 6 m.  Marasmus   Mass      
5/2/1902 Keef, Margaret J Female Single 21 y.  Tuberculous Meningitis Operative Prince Edward Island Andrew & Amelia Ireland & Prince Edward Island "Buried Manchester, NH"
9/17/1870 Keefe, Catherine  Female Unknown 26 y.  Epilepsy Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
12/25/1893 Keefe, Daniel  Male Married 61 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/16/1879 Keefe, James  Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Seaman ME Andrew & Elizabeth Ireland & CT  
10/28/1902 Keefe, John  Male Single 62 y.  Phthisis Gardener Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/26/1868 Keefe, John  Male   6 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/16/1883 Keefe, John  Male Married 63 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Mary Ireland  
9/4/1875 Keefe, John  Male Widower 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Unknown Ireland  
10/7/1900 Keefe, Joseph  Male Married 47 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Seaman On Sea James & Susan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/1/1868 Keefe, Mary  Female Unknown 48 y.  Debility   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/2/1856 Keefe, Michael  Male   68 y.  Senile Debility   Newburyport      
3/19/1881 Keefe, Patrick  Male Single 46 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland John & Eliza Ireland  
11/10/1884 Keefe, Thomas  Male Unknown 45 y.  Peritonitis Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
5/15/1883 Keefe, Thomas  Male   32 y.  Alcoholism          
10/5/1865 Keefe, William  Male   3 m.  Infantile   "Lawrence, MA"      
11/21/1897 Keefe, William  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Cook RI James & Catherine MA "Buried Pawtucket, RI"
6/23/1861 Keegan, Ellen  Female   1 m. 7 d. Infant Debility   Boston IP      
2/1/1870 Keegan, James  Male Single 3 m.  Debility   "Lawrence, MA" James Kilbride & Hannah Keegan Ireland  
5/27/1884 Keegan, Mary  Female Single 24 y.  Peritonitis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/21/1902 Keegan, Richard  Male Single 38 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Carpenter New Brunswick Richard & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/8/1878 Keegan, William  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Catherine Ireland  
2/19/1874 Keeler, William R Male Widower 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer CT William R. & Lucinda NY & CT  
3/26/1903 Keeley, Matilda  Female Married 49 y.  Cancer of Stomach Housework NY John & Frances NY Buried Tewksbury
5/5/1888 Keeley, Timothy  Male Widower 39 y.  Pneumonia Plasterer Ireland Timothy & Catherine Ireland  
5/7/1897 Keenan, Catherine  Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Laundress MA Patrick & Catherine NY Buried Tewksbury
8/25/1867 Keenan, Ellen  Female Single 27 y.  Atrophy   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
5/17/1871 Keenan, Mary  Female Unknown 50 y.  Diarrhoea Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/24/1878 Keenan, Patrick  Male Single 44 y.  Pulmonary Gangrene Trunk Maker Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland  
2/9/1865 Keenan, Patrick  Male Widower 40 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
9/24/1890 Keenan, Sarah  Female Single 35 y.  Malignant Tumor Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/7/1863 Keenan, Thomas F Male   1 y.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Peter Kendrick & Mary A. Keenan England & Ireland  
3/26/1872 Keenney, Timothy  Male Unknown 62 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/7/1883 Keep, William  Male Married 72 y.  Senile Debility Shoemaker NH Noble & Ann MA  
6/26/1880 Keepe, Mary  Female   30 y.  Paraplegia Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
2/14/1867 Keer, Daniel  Male Widower 65 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Alexander & Catherine Scotland  
12/18/1898 Keevan, Harold F Male Single 3 y.  Diphtheria   MA Agnes & Frank ME & MA Buried Tewksbury
10/7/1898 Kehoe, James  Male Single 3 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Mary & Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
11/23/1878 Kehoe, Michael  Male Married 82 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland Thomas & Catherine Ireland  
12/19/1895 Kehoe, Michael  Male Single 52 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Mason Ireland John & Julia Kehoe Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/14/1898 Kehoe, Michael  Male Widower 67 y.  Cystitis Laborer Newfoundland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
4/21/1902 Kehoe, William  Male Single 61 y.  Acute Enteritis Mason Ireland John & Julia Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/15/1891 Keil, David  Male Married 83 y.  Heart Disease Tinsmith Germany ? Germany  
8/28/1902 Keiley, John  Male Single 52 y.  Cardiac Hypertrophy & Dilatation Stonecutter Canada James & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/29/1898 Keiley, Patrick  Male Single 48 y.  Chronic Dysentery Canvasser Ireland Patrick & Mary Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/16/1873 Keinast, Anna  Female Widow 60 y.  Paralysis Domestic Germany Unknown Unknown  
4/8/1904 Keith, Catherine B Female Widow 42 y.  Empyema Housework MA Thomas & Anne (Nugent) Call Ireland Buried Malden
11/21/1893 Keive, Emma  Female Single 28 y.  Phthisis Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/16/1872 Kelaher, Laura  Female Single 40 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/25/1901 Keleher, Jeremiah  Male Single 3 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Kate Unknown Buried Tewksbury
11/4/1891 Kelleher, John  Male Single 55 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Jno.? & Biddy (Keefe) Ireland  
7/4/1899 Kelleher, Michael  Male Single 83 y.  Senility Laborer Ireland Hugh & Margaret Ireland Buried Boston
5/20/1875 Keller, Joshua  Male Married 71 y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer Germany Peter & Margaret Germany  
3/26/1862 Kelley, Ann  Female   49 y.  Phthisis          
11/16/1872 Kelley, Bridget  Female Widow Unknown y.  Debility Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/2/1903 Kelley, Catherine  Female Single 48 y.  Acute Enteritis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Boston
5/16/1898 Kelley, Catherine  Female Married 33 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Owen & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/22/1901 Kelley, Charles  Male Single 28 y.  Malaria Steam Driller Ireland John & Delia Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/19/1894 Kelley, Daniel  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/21/1905 Kelley, Edward L Male Single 39 y.  Fracture of Spine Brakeman MA Thomas & Catherine (Noonan) Kelley Ireland Buried Waltham
1/26/1897 Kelley, Elsie  Female Single 5 m. 20 d. Tuberculosis   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Ellen Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/26/1904 Kelley, Frank M Male Unknown 48 y.  Alcoholism Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
5/25/1903 Kelley, George W Male Married ? y.  Aortic Aneurism Fireman ME James & Susan Ireland & ME Buried Tewksbury
12/27/1882 Kelley, George  Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Cook "Boston, MA" James & Bridget Ireland  
8/21/1894 Kelley, George W Male Married 68 y.  Cystitis & Apoplexy Cook CT William & Eunice CT Buried Boston
8/26/1893 Kelley, Hannah  Female Unknown 49 y.  Dysentery Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/20/1879 Kelley, Hugh  Male Married 70 y.  Old Age Mason Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
9/29/1902 Kelley, James  Male Single 55 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA John & Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/14/1894 Kelley, James  Male Unknown 66 y.  Apoplexy Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/16/1871 Kelley, James  Male Single 71 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/7/1868 Kelley, James  Male Single 18 y.  Phthisis Laborer "West Roxbury, MA" Unknown Ireland  
8/11/1900 Kelley, John  Male Married 81 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/29/1900 Kelley, John  Male Married 53 y.  Sarcoma Arm Stonecutter Ireland John & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/7/1904 Kelley, John  Male Widower 34 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Malden
9/1/1890 Kelley, John  Male Single 48 y.  Heart Failure Laborer England Michael & Mary Ireland  
9/4/1894 Kelley, Loie  Female Married 38 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Housewife England Philip & Sarah Ireland Buried Boston
4/19/1905 Kelley, Luke A Male Single 36 y.  General Tuberculosis Waiter RI Luke & Julia (Donnelly) Kelley NY & RI Buried Tewksbury
7/12/1873 Kelley, Margaret  Female Married 60 y.  Phthisis Housekeeper Ireland   Ireland  
6/19/1904 Kelley, Maria  Female Widow 75 y.  Cancer of Stomach Housework England Bartholomew & Catherine (Gray) Burns England Buried Tewksbury
4/3/1882 Kelley, Maria  Female Single 38 y.  Syphilis Domestic Ireland Connors & Bridget Ireland  
4/19/1900 Kelley, Mary A Female Widow 37 y.  Aneurism of Aorta Housework NC Lemuel & Jarry NC Buried Tewksbury
3/11/1872 Kelley, Mary J Female Married 57 y.  Paralysis Housekeeper NH Unknown NH  
5/10/1899 Kelley, Mary E Female Single 5 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Annie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/17/1882 Kelley, Mary  Female Single 3 m.  Chronic Bronchitis   "So. Boston, MA" William & Elizabeth Ireland  
7/3/1898 Kelley, Mary E Female Single 24 y.  General Peritonitis Domestic MA James & Mary Canada & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/5/1870 Kelley, Michael  Male Single 50 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Margaret Ireland  
8/16/1870 Kelley, Michael  Male Single 60 y.  Epilepsy Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown  
4/17/1882 Kelley, Murtagh  Male Single 60 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Patrick & Sarah Ireland  
9/23/1880 Kelley, Patrick  Male   61 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Edward & Mary Ireland  
7/28/1893 Kelley, Pierce  Male Married 60 y.  Diarrhoea & Cardiac Laborer Ireland Pierce & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/30/1900 Kelley, Thomas  Male Married 51 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/30/1897 Kelley, Thomas  Male Married 38 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Ireland James & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/7/1880 Kelley, Thomas  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis Waiter NY James & Jane Ireland  
9/19/1870 Kelley, Timothy  Male Unknown 75 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown  
12/7/1898 Kelley, Walter  Male Single 1 y.  Gastro-enteritis   MA Unknown & Julia Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/17/1881 Kelley, William  Male Married 74 y.  Phthisis Morocco Worker Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
6/19/1867 Kellham, John  Male Unknown 33 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/6/1903 Kelliher, John  Male Single 45 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Farmer Ireland Thomas & Nora Ireland not listed
9/6/1899 Kelliher, John  Male Widower 56 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/9/1884 Kelliher, Mary  Female Single 3 d. Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Timothy & Kate Unknown  
10/20/1886 Kelly, Albert  Male Single 53 y.  Alcoholism Machinist VT Michael & Mary Ireland  
10/21/1867 Kelly, Anna  Female Unknown 11 y.  Phthisis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/24/1889 Kelly, Annie  Female Single 32 y.  Phthisis Weaver England James & Elizabeth * Ireland alias Kate
8/30/1873 Kelly, Bridget  Female Unknown 30 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/22/1868 Kelly, Catharine  Female   7 d. Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine & Dennis H ? Ireland  
10/2/1858 Kelly, Catherine  Female   1 y. 4 m.  Marasmus   Mass      
9/1/1875 Kelly, Catherine  Female Unknown 70 y.  Phthisis Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/19/1883 Kelly, Charles  Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Charles & Annie "Boston, MA"  
8/23/1872 Kelly, Charles A Male Single 29 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Nova Scotia Mary & Unknown Ireland  
8/5/1878 Kelly, Clara  Female Single 7 m.  Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Bridget & Unknown Unknown  
6/18/1861 Kelly, Cornelius  Male   3 y.  Marasmus   Unknown      
12/14/1858 Kelly, Daniel  Male   66 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
10/18/1876 Kelly, Edward  Male Single 50 y.  Cancer of Lower Jaw Laborer "St. John, NB" Catherine & Dennis Ireland  
4/6/1893 Kelly, Edward  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Elizabeth Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/24/1896 Kelly, Ellen  Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/26/1859 Kelly, Ellen  Female   60 y.  Inanition   Ireland      
9/26/1867 Kelly, Ellen  Female Married 60 y.  Atrophy   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
1/13/1855 Kelly, Freeman  Man   26 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia          
8/22/1878 Kelly, George  Male Single 3 y.  Membraneous Croup   "Boston, MA" William & Ellen Ireland  
9/14/1885 Kelly, Hannah  Female Unknown 50 y.  Diarrhoea   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/18/1905 Kelly, Harriet M Female Single 4 m.  Hereditary Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/21/1877 Kelly, Henry E Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Springfield, MA" unknown Unknown  
7/1/1874 Kelly, Henry R Male   2 m.  Syphilis   "Springfield, MA" Mary Kelly & Allen Griswold Ireland  
10/20/1870 Kelly, James  Male Unknown 62 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown  
11/30/1866 Kelly, James  Male Single 50 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
2/1/1865 Kelly, James  Male   3 m.  Infantile   Unknown      
4/13/1891 Kelly, James  Male Widower 37 y.  Pneumonia Mason Ireland Roderick & Sarah (Keefe) Ireland  
5/16/1883 Kelly, James  Male   60 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
2/22/1885 Kelly, Jane  Female Single 22 y.  Peritonitis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/5/1877 Kelly, John  Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
11/4/1891 Kelly, John  Male Widower 25 y.  Abscess & Pneumonia Teamster "Providence, RI" Joseph? & Mary? (Miller) Ireland  
2/7/1886 Kelly, John  Male Single 10 m.  Acute Bronchitis   "Lee, MA" Maggie Kelly & Jno. A? Ireland  
3/14/1867 Kelly, John  Male Unknown 52 y.  Dropsy   Ireland Cornelius & Ann Ireland  
4/19/1859 Kelly, John  Male   43 y.  Phthisis Hostler Ireland      
5/10/1867 Kelly, John  Male Married 33 y.  Phthisis   Newfoundland Unknown Unknown  
8/14/1861 Kelly, John  Male   76 y.  Heart Disease   Ireland      
8/18/1877 Kelly, John  Male Single 14 d. ???   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary Kelly and John Gibson Nova Scotia & NY  
9/8/1885 Kelly, John  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Kate Ireland  
2/16/1892 Kelly, Joseph  Male Single 24 y.  Typhoid Fever Mason Ireland James & Hannah Ireland  
5/4/1898 Kelly, Joseph H Male Single 9 m.  Pulmonary Tuberculosis   "Cambridge, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/17/1885 Kelly, Katie  Female Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Sandy & Jane Unknown & Ireland  
10/2/1863 Kelly, Luke  Male   1 y. 6 m.  Cong. Syph.   "Roxbury, MA" James Taylor & Annie Kelly Ireland  
4/27/1888 Kelly, Maggie  Female Single 17 y.  Phthisis Domestic MA Unknown Unknown  
7/12/1887 Kelly, Maggie  Female Married 42 y.  Epilepsy Housewife Ireland Unknown Unknown  
11/24/1884 Kelly, Malachi  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Waiter MA Malachi & Bridget Ireland  
5/11/1854 Kelly, Margarett  Female   1 y.  Diarrhoea   Lowell      
10/29/1865 Kelly, Mary J Female   6 y.  Congestion of Lungs   "Fall River, MA"      
12/22/1897 Kelly, Mary E Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Operative NH Patrick & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/4/1860 Kelly, Mary  Female   2 y.  Marasmus   Ireland      
9/11/1856 Kelly, Mary A Female   16 y. 2 m.  Cholera   Lowell      
3/23/1893 Kelly, Matthew  Male Married 44 y.  Debility Miner Ireland William & Anna Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/6/1889 Kelly, Michael  Male Married 37 y.  Phthisis Printer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/17/1885 Kelly, Michael  Male Widower 50 y.  Acute Endocarditis Laborer Ireland Thomas & Bridget Ireland  
5/29/1878 Kelly, Michael  Male Widower 78 y.  Old Age & Fatty Heart Farmer Ireland Thomas & Sarah Ireland  
9/17/1868 Kelly, Michael  Male   2 d. Infantile Debility   "Braintree, MA" Mother Bridget Ireland  
6/25/1871 Kelly, Morgan  Male Unknown 42 y.  Gangrene Laborer Ireland Dennis & Mary Ireland  
12/22/1874 Kelly, Patrick  Male Married 40 y.  Dropsy Peddler Ireland Michael & Ann Ireland  
6/29/1863 Kelly, Patrick  Male Single 16 y.  Scrofula   Ireland      
12/2/1898 Kelly, Rosa  Female Single 1 y.  Gastro-enteritis   "Boston, MA" Unknown & Julia Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/6/1896 Kelly, Rosanna  Female Single 25 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Ireland John & Margaret Smith Ireland & England "Alias Annie Smith, Buried Lawrence"
4/17/1874 Kelly, Susan  Female Widow 60 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/19/1861 Kelly, Susan  Female   35 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
2/9/1905 Kelly, Thomas  Male Single 75 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Teamster MA Thomas & Mary Ireland Unknown
11/7/1876 Kelly, Thomas  Male Single 53 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Brian & Ann Ireland  
2/12/1863 Kelly, Willie  Male   3 m.  Infantile Cholera   "Boston, MA" William & Catherine Ireland  
11/12/1877 Kelsey, William  Male Single 57 y.  Old Age & Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Robert & Mary Ireland  
4/3/1903 Kelter, Patrick A Male Single 44 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Teamster Scotland Patrick & Susan Ireland & Scotland Buried Tewksbury
12/6/1874 Kelty, Ellen  Female Widow 48 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Michael & Ann Dolen Ireland  
3/30/1892 Kelty, Joseph  Male Single 34 y.  Debility & Ter. Syphilis Laborer MA Unknown Unknown  
4/10/1871 Kemp, Charles  Male Unknown 75 y.  Debility Farmer NH Abel & Rebecca NH  
5/29/1885 Kenackd, Joseph  Male Unknown 20 y.  Phthisis Sailor Savage Islands Unknown Unknown Colored
8/29/1904 Kendall, George  Male Widower 79 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Painter VT Daniel & Molly (Whitman) Kendall VT Buried Tewksbury
12/8/1865 Kendrick, Margaret A Female   9 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA"      
9/20/1901 Kendrick, Mary  Female Married 66 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Tailoress Ireland John & Honora Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/24/1885 Kenealey, Dennis  Male Single 41 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Daniel & Ann Ireland  
2/5/1898 Kennard, Edward  Male Single 54 y.  Chronic Cystitis & Senility Laborer MA Edmond & Ellen Ireland Buried Framingham
1/10/1903 Kennedy, Alexander  Male Married 50 y.  General Tuberculosis Cook West Indies Alexander & Laudrina Ireland & West Indies Buried Tewksbury
5/6/1874 Kennedy, Alexander  Male Widower 55 y.  Pneumonia Seaman Scotland John & Elizabeth Scotland  
2/12/1895 Kennedy, Annie  Female Single 37 y.  Gangrene Domestic NY Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/26/1866 Kennedy, Catherine  Female Widow 40 y.  Diarrhoea Ireland        
7/22/1865 Kennedy, Charles  Male   1 m. 7 d. Cholera Infantum   "Tewksbury, MA"      
3/9/1901 Kennedy, Daniel  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/4/1878 Kennedy, Delia  Female Widow 40 y.  Alcoholism Domestic Ireland Patrick & Marion Ireland  
7/18/1901 Kennedy, Edward  Male Married 39 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Joseph & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/28/1902 Kennedy, James  Male Widower 80 y.  Senility Laborer Ireland Michael & Elizabeth Ireland "Alias Lyons, Buried Springfield"
1/5/1898 Kennedy, James  Male Widower 58 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/12/1876 Kennedy, James  Male Single 71 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/13/1889 Kennedy, James  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Baker Ireland James & Ellen Ireland  
4/29/1900 Kennedy, John  Male Married 40 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland John & Julia Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/10/1882 Kennedy, John  Male Widow 48 y.  Phthisis Miner Ireland John & Catherine Ireland  
10/3/1888 Kennedy, John  Male Single 41 y.  General Paralysis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/5/1874 Kennedy, John  Male Single 61 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unkown Ireland  
3/21/1898 Kennedy, John  Male Single 48 y.  "Pleurisy, Tubercular Peritonitis" Collier Ireland John & Kate Ireland Buried Boston
3/31/1860 Kennedy, John  Male   31 y.  Phthisis Laborer P. Edward I'd      
4/8/1901 Kennedy, Mary  Female Single 40 y.  Cardiac (Mitral) Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/14/1894 Kennedy, Mary  Female Widow 62 y.  Heart Disease & Bronchitis Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/20/1870 Kennedy, Mary  Female Unknown 30 y.  Epilepsy Domestic Ireland Patrick & Unknown Ireland  
9/4/1876 Kennedy, Mary  Female Single 5 y.  Croup   "Salisbury, MA" Martin & Bridget Ireland  
12/10/1894 Kennedy, Michael H Male Single 44 y.  Phthisis & Hemorrhage Laborer "Wareham, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/17/1873 Kennedy, Michael  Male Widower 70 y.  Paralysis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/17/1898 Kennedy, Michael  Male Single 50 y.  Extravasation of Urine Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1889 Kennedy, Michael  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Teamster Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
7/7/1886 Kennedy, Nellie  Female Unknown 35 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/9/1864 Kennedy, Patrick  Male   58 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
11/9/1869 Kennedy, Rachel  Female Unknown 80 y.  Debility   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
2/16/1893 Kennedy, Roger  Male Married 85 y.  Debility Rag Man Ireland John & Sarah Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/28/1903 Kennedy, Thomas A Male Married 40 y.  Tertiary Syphilis Machinist England William & Catherine Ireland Buried Lowell
7/22/1904 Kennedy, Thomas  Male Single 74 y.  Acute Enteritis Morocco Dresser Ireland William & Margaret (Fodden) Kennedy Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/16/1905 Kennedy, Thomas  Male Married 62 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer MA Patrick & Margaret Ireland & Unknown Buried Boston
10/8/1883 Kennedy, Thomas  Male Single 59 y.  Phthisis Sailor "St. John, NB" Isaac & Margaret New Brunswick  
2/22/1903 Kennedy, William  Male Single 60 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/30/1892 Kennedy, William  Male Married 48 y.  Cardiac & Phthisis Spinner England James & Jane Ireland  
12/21/1884 Kennedy, William  Male Widower 50 y.  Pneumonia Laborer England John & Unknown Ireland & Scotland  
1/21/1903 Kennelly, Simon  Male Widower 59 y.  Cancer of Stomach Brickmaker Ireland Thomas & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/7/1900 Kennerley, John  Male Widower 44 y.  Phthisis Machinist England John & Mary England Buried Boston
1/17/1892 Kenney, Agnes  Female Single 2 m.  Inanition   MA Maggie & Michael Ireland  
6/11/1891 Kenney, Annie  Female Single 29 y.  Phthisis Domestic MA Matthew & Margaret Ireland  
9/5/1870 Kenney, Bridget  Female   46 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
9/27/1901 Kenney, Catherine  Female Widow 83 y.  Senility Housework Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
6/20/1862 Kenney, Catherine  Female   24 y.  Anaemia          
4/11/1885 Kenney, Delia  Female Single 4 m.  Abscess of Lung   "Tewksbury, MA" Sarah Kenney & James McMahon Ireland & MA  
5/21/1881 Kenney, James  Male Widower 85 y.  Old Age   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/15/1890 Kenney, John  Male Single 65 y.  Cancer of Stomach Farmer Ireland John & Annie Ireland  
9/11/1898 Kenney, John  Male Single 36 y.  Aortic Stenosis Laborer "Salem, MA" James & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/2/1885 Kenney, Margaret  Female Married 45 y.  Paralysis & Paraplegia Domestic Ireland Mark & Margaret Sullivan Ireland  
1/6/1905 Kenney, Thomas  Male Widower 78 y.  Cancer of Tongue Farmer Ireland Cornelius & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/15/1864 Kenney, William  Male   45 y.  Heart Disease   Scotland      
1/22/1871 Kenney, Willie  Male   5 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Tewksbury, MA" James & Eliza "Ireland & Newburyport, MA"  
8/16/1862 Kennifix Jr., Margaret  Female   8 y.  Cholera Infantum          
9/17/1856 Kennison, Elizabeth  Female   14 d. Spina Bifida   Dracut      
12/29/1868 Kennison, Lucy  Female Single 70 y.  General Debility   NH Unknown NH  
8/1/1866 Kenniston, William  Male   7 m.  Infantile Debility Unknown        
6/12/1873 Kenny, Bridget  Female Single 35 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Margaret & Unknown Ireland  
5/5/1905 Kenny, Ellen  Female Widow 71 y.  Chronic Myocarditis None Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1862 Kenny, John  Male   21 d. Anaemia          
8/21/1867 Kenny, Patrick  Male Unknown 78 y.  Debility   Ireland Michael & Elizabeth Ireland  
3/11/1862 Kenny, Thomas  Male   31 y.  Inanition          
2/27/1868 Kensman, John  Male Married 40 y.  Atrophy Laborer Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/6/1894 Kent, Michael  Male Widower 75 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Cardiac Laborer Ireland Philip & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/9/1869 Kenworthy, James  Male Unknown 68 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/26/1883 Kenyon, Edward  Male Single 14 m.  Entero Colitis   "Bridgewater, MA" Abbie & Edward At Sea & Unknown  
8/8/1879 Kenyon, Eliza  Female Married 19 y.  Heart Clot   "Palmer, MA" J. H. Jackson & Unknown Unknown  
10/10/1879 Kenyon, George  Male Single 2 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Walter & Eliza "Unknown & Palmer, MA"  
7/6/1868 Keogh, James  Male Widower 77 y.  Senile Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/24/1879 Keough, Mary A Female Single 1 m.  Syphilis   "Gloucester, MA" Oliver Anderson & Lizzie Keough Sweden & Newfoundland  
6/9/1871 Kerby, Mary  Female   4 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen Kerby & Charles Yager Ireland  
1/13/1884 Kerin, Edward  Male Married 33 y.  Phthisis Spinner Ireland Michael & Ellen Ireland  
8/13/1867 Kerr, George  Male Married 47 y.  Paralysis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/11/1898 Kerr, Walter  Male Single 17 d. Ichterus   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
5/18/1874 Kerrigan, Ann  Female Widow 80 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Ireland Owen & Margaret Harkins Ireland  
9/18/1868 Kerrigan, Ann  Female Married 22 y.  Delirium Tremens   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/9/1901 Kerrigan, Edward  Male Single 75 y.  Myocarditis Laborer Ireland Martin & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/23/1905 Kerrigan, Mary Ann  Female Widow 71 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Housework Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/11/1902 Kerrigan, Thomas  Male Married 61 y.  Senility Laborer Ireland Thomas & Bridget Ireland Buried Lowell
2/4/1856 Kerry, John S Male   6 m.  Malignant Snuffles   Tewksbury      
2/20/1899 Keson, Sarah A Female Widow 71 y.  Pneumonia Housewife Ireland John & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/24/1880 Ketchum, William  Male Single 67 y.  Phthisis Cigar Maker NY Singleton & Lydia NY  
1/11/1893 Kettendorf, John B Male Widower 70 y.  Debility Laborer Germany Unknown Germany Buried Tewksbury
10/26/1903 Keyes, Pauline B Female Widow 33 y.  Phthisis Teacher MI David M. & Mary (Parks) Bregg NY Buried Tewksbury
2/13/1901 Keyes, Samuel F Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Fisherman ME Samuel & Harriet ME Buried Tewksbury
5/10/1890 Keylor, Norris  Male Widower 69 y.  Pneumonia Turner Ireland Morris & Mary Ireland  
11/15/1894 Kidney, Bartholomew  Male Single 66 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Cardiac Laborer Ireland Michael & Ellen Ireland Buried Watertown
4/28/1882 Kidney, William  Male Married 48 y.  Phthisis Gardener Ireland John & Kate Ireland  
8/8/1869 Kiernan, Ann  Female Unknown 50 y.  Paralysis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
5/5/1897 Kiernan, Cornelius  Male Single 43 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/1/1901 Kiesle, Henry  Male Single 61 y.  Mitral Regurgitation Cooper Germany Unknown Germany Buried Boston
8/13/1888 Kilcoin, Walter  Male Single 1 y. 1 m.  Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Henry Aldrick & Delia Kilcoin US & Ireland  
5/27/1905 Kilday, Agnes  Female Single 35 y.  Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Unknown MA Unknown Unknown Buried Lawrence
1/3/1905 Kilday, Catherine  Female Widow 70 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Domestic Ireland William & Winifred (Flynn) Kirk Ireland "Husband Otis?, Buried Boston"
5/21/1891 Kilday, Catherine  Female Widow 71 y.  Haemplegia Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/17/1877 Kiley, David  Male Widower 75 y.  Cancer of Breast Laborer Ireland Thomas & Margaret Ireland  
9/3/1904 Kiley, John  Male Widower 44 y.  Phthisis Hostler Ireland William & Margaret (Meegan) Kiley Ireland Buried Boston
1/29/1875 Kiley, John  Male Widower 75 y.  Dropsy Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
10/3/1878 Kiley, John  Male Married 72 y.  Heart Disease Hostler Ireland John & Kate Ireland  
7/19/1878 Kiley, Maggie  Female Single 11 m.  Cholera Infantum   Ireland Anna & Joseph Ireland  
3/4/1900 Kiley, Mary A Female Single 19 y.  Acute Enteritis Housework Ireland Cornelius & Nora Ireland Buried Waltham
2/20/1879 Kiley, Michael  Male Married 62 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland John & Ellen Ireland  
4/22/1890 Kiley, Michael  Male Single 42 y.  Paralysis Shoemaker Ireland Daniel & Mary Ireland  
8/14/1877 Kiley, Thomas  Male Widower 65 y.  Phthisis Carpenter Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
3/18/1861 Killard, Mary A Female   1 y.  Marasmus   Tewksbury      
4/18/1857 Killcrain, Bridget  Female   3 y.  Marasmus   Massachusetts     ? Last Name
2/6/1867 Killcrain, Mary  Female Unknown 33 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
3/8/1877 Killen, Peter  Male Widower 48 y.  Pneumonia Stone Mason Ireland Luke & Agnes Ireland  
4/15/1871 Killion, Augustus  Male Unknown 50 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Ireland Mary & William Ireland  
11/19/1899 Killion, Michael  Male Single 44 y.  Phthisis Currier Ireland Peter & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/8/1872 Killom, James  Male Married 42 y.  Marasmus Operative Ireland Mark & Margaret Ireland  
6/28/1863 Killpatrick, Robt. J Male   7 m.  Marasmus   "Boston, MA" Robt. & Hannah England  
9/4/1872 Killy, John  Male Single 27 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/27/1899 Kilroy, John  Male Single 36 y.  Pernicious Anaemia Operative MA John & Mary Ireland Buried Maynard
9/24/1884 Kimball, Annis  Male Single 55 y.  Chronic Nephritis Seaman ME Abram & Theo. ME  
10/13/1878 Kimball, Charles  Male Single 21 d.     "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
11/2/1881 Kimball, Edward D Male Single 10 d. Erysipilas   "Tewksbury, MA" Edward & Jennie VT & Nova Scotia  
3/3/1904 Kimball, Eliza J Female Married 33 y.  Cancer of Broad Ligament Housework Nova Scotia William H. & Nancy (Gibson) Wood Nova Scotia "Colored, Buried Boston"
10/7/1901 Kimball, Helen G Female Single 1 y. 9 m.  Acute Meningitis   Unknown Unknown & Alice Unknown Buried Tewksbury
11/10/1881 Kimball, Margaret  Female Single 48 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Daniel & Margaret Ireland  
6/7/1900 Kimball, Theresa  Female Married 31 y.  Acute Hypertrophic Cirrhosis of Liver Housework ME Thomas & Lottie New Brunswick "Buried Eastport, ME"
5/28/1858 Kimmoth, Harriet  Female   1 y.  Inflamation of Stomach   So. Danvers     ? Last Name
7/24/1872 Kinckler, Thomas  Male Married 56 y.  Epilepsy Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/21/1881 Kinder, Ellen  Female Married 20 y.  Chronic Nephritis Operative England George & Jane England  
8/24/1867 King, Abby  Female Unknown 59 y.  Atrophy   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/12/1882 King, Alice  Female Widow 70 y.  Chronic Hepatitis Domestic Newfoundland Michael & Mary Ireland  
10/19/1875 King, Antoine  Male Unknown 80 y.    Seaman Western Islands Unknown Western Islands  
1/29/1893 King, Charles  Male Single 11 m.  Measles & Hydrophobia   MA Annie King & Charles Gray MA & Newfoundland Buried Tewksbury
8/6/1862 King, Daniel  Male   2 d. Infantile Debility          
7/28/1874 King, David  Male Married 68 y.  Diarrhoea Currier Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland  
4/24/1890 King, Elizabeth B Female Widow 53 y.  Carcinoma of Uterus Housekeeper US Caleb & Olive Smith MA & ME  
7/6/1862 King, Emanuel  Male   41 y.  Bright's Disease          
7/25/1899 King, Ferdinand  Male Single 3 m.  Cholera Infantum   MA Unknown & Delia Scotland Buried Tewksbury
7/12/1881 King, George  Male Unknown 79 y.  Old Age   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/13/1901 King, Hong  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laundryman China Ung Kee & Hop Ki China "Alias Teung Loy, Buried Boston"
11/6/1876 King, James  Male Single 26 y.  Nephritis Laborer Ireland Michael & Bridget Ireland  
3/11/1856 King, Jane  Female   35 y.  Anaemia   England      
2/12/1897 King, Jennie  Female Widow 43 y.  Diphtheria Domestic ME Nathaniel & Lizzie ME Buried Tewksbury
12/9/1872 King, John  Male Widower 62 y.  Cancer Operative Canada Anthony & Rosa Canada  
8/10/1892 King, John  Male Widower 38 y.  Phthisis Laborer SC John & Harriet SC Colored
3/3/1896 King, Joseph  Male Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Josephine & Unknown "Middletown, MA" Buried Tewksbury
1/1/1875 King, Lewis  Male Married 60 y.  Debility Laborer Unknown Unkown Unknown  
3/24/1896 King, Martin H Male Single 47 y.  Pneumonia Box Maker Ireland Michael & Bridget Ireland Buried Dorchester
10/30/1898 King, Mary M Female Single 40 y.  Gangrene of Lungs Domestic Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/28/1882 King, Mary  Female Widow 90 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Domestic Ireland John & Dinah Ireland  
8/24/1892 King, Mary A Female Single 3 m.  Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Elizabeth Canada & US  
7/31/1873 King, Mary A Female   4 m.  Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen & Michael Connelly Ireland alias Connelly
7/12/1882 King, Patrick  Male Widower 70 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland John & Catherine Ireland  
7/16/1899 King, Rosella  Female Single 11 m.  Entero Colitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Patrick & Annie Newfoundland Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1877 King, Sarah  Female Single 50 y.  Hemiplegia Domestic Ireland Julia & Michael Ireland  
5/23/1860 King, Stephen  Male   39 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland      
6/9/1900 King, Thomas F Male Widower 51 y.  Phthisis Stonecutter Ireland Martin & Margaret Ireland Buried Dorchester
1/29/1905 King, Thomas J Male Single 45 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Painter England John & Mary (Travers) King Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/9/1856 King, Thomas  Male   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Ireland      
11/21/1883 King, John  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis & Alcoholism Machinist England John & Bridget England  
8/29/1888 Kingman, Mason A Male Married 70 y.  Heart Disease Painter MA Eben & Sophia MA  
11/4/1883 Kingman, Sarah  Female Single 26 y.  Dementia   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/29/1901 Kingsbury, Elbert C Male Single 41 y.  Chronic Nephritis Jeweller MA Edgar & Maria MA Buried Dedham
4/13/1866 Kingston, Mary  Female   8 m.  Infantile Debility Unknown        
6/1/1860 Kinley, Mary E Female   3 y.  Scarlatina   Unknown      
9/15/1905 Kinlock, John  Male Widower 72 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Machinist England Thomas & Elizabeth (Mittan) Kinlock Scotland & Ireland Buried Lowell
1/21/1872 Kinnegan, Ellen  Female Married 40 y.  Epilepsy Housekeeper Ireland Patrick & Hannah Fox Ireland  
11/2/1896 Kinney, Daniel H Male Married 43 y.  Lateral Sclerosis Expressman NY Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/26/1872 Kinney, John  Male Single 18 y.  Atrophy Laborer "Dighton, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/29/1880 Kipp, Philip F Male Single 63 y.  Urinary Fistula Clerk Germany Philip & Phillipino Germany  
8/30/1897 Kiran, James  Male Married 48 y.  Lateral Sclerosis Wool Sorter Ireland John & Mary Ireland "Buried Manchester, NH"
6/20/1874 Kirby, Delia  Female Single 24 y.  Epilepsy Domestic "Taunton, MA" Unknown Unknown  
5/7/1859 Kirby, Margaret  Female   10 m.  Hydrocephalus   Mass      
10/30/1890 Kirby, Mary  Female Single 26 y.  Phthisis Operative Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
7/13/1900 Kirk, James H Male Widower 56 y.  Chronic Nephritis Printer MA John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/30/1902 Kirk, James  Male Single 38 y.  Phthisis Carpenter Ireland John & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/9/1874 Kirk, John  Male Single 56 y.  Diarrhoea Morocco Dresser Smithfield Unknown Unknown  
11/30/1875 Kirk, William  Male Married 56 y.  Diarrhoea Operative Scotland Unknown Scotland  
6/10/1873 Kirkham, John  Male Married 63 y.  Debility Operative England John & Unknown England  
6/9/1905 Kirshaw, John  Male Widower 61 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Iron Moulder England Joseph & Ann (Matthews) Kirshaw England Buried Tewksbury
4/1/1899 Kirvern, Edward  Male Single 50 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Anna Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/23/1866 Kirwin, Martin  Male Widower 55 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
3/11/1902 Kittredge, Jonathan H Male Widower 63 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Brass Polisher "Beverly, MA" James & Nancy "Tewksbury, MA & Beverly, MA" Buried Tewksbury
12/13/1905 Klesak, Sophie  Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Operative Austria Stanislaw & Carolina Klesak Austria "Alias Kleshic, Buried Tewksbury"
11/18/1898 Klienhams, Charles  Male Single 36 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Germany Henry & Dora Germany Buried Tewksbury
12/7/1905 Kline, Lewis A Male Single 54 y.  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Janitor "New York, NY" Jacob & Catherine (Conroy) Kline NJ "Buried Plainfield, NJ"
7/29/1903 Klotz, Isaac  Male Married 26 y.  Phthisis Tailor Russia Stecken & Unknown Russia Buried Montvale
8/2/1881 Kluss, Lena  Female Married 30 y.  Cancer of Uterus Domestic Germany Unknown Germany  
1/15/1878 Knapp, Rebecca A Female Married 80 y.  Senility Housewife NY Unknown Unknown  
11/16/1881 Knealley, Lizzie  Female Single 30 y.    Domestic Ireland John & Hannah Ireland  
2/21/1883 Kneeland, Margaret  Female Widow 52 y.  Pneumonia Domestic "Westboro, MA" John & Kate "England & New Bedford, MA"  
10/28/1905 Kneeland, Margaret  Female Single 21 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland James & Margaret (Hefferin) Hogan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/9/1898 Knight, Henry C Male Single 59 y.  Kl. Poisoning Printer VA John & Elizabeth VA Buried Tewksbury
6/15/1872 Knight, John  Male Married 43 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Unknown Unknown Ireland  
5/5/1902 Knight, Joseph F Male Single 59 y.  Senility Laborer MA Abel & Sarah MA Buried Tewksbury
2/10/1903 Knight, Roland  Male Single 7 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/12/1871 Knight, Thomas May  Male   1 m. 21 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
11/17/1905 Knight, Joseph  Male Married 57 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Florist England Edward & Elizabeth (Walsh) Knight England Buried Tewksbury
4/24/1905 Knights, Agnes  Female Single 58 y.  Phthisis Tailoress England Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/7/1890 Knights, Esther L. Female Married 25 y.  Carcinoma Housewife Nova Scotia James & Ann Young Nova Scotia  
5/8/1897 Knoud, Rose  Female Single 40 y.  Pneumonia after operation Domestic Ireland Robert & Rose Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/22/1868 Knowles, Fanny  Female Widow 37 y.  Heamoptisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/12/1884 Knowles, Hugh  Male Widower 50 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand England Thomas & Ann England  
12/31/1895 Knowles, James  Male Single 57 y.  P? Spinal Laborer ME James & Sarah MA Buried Tewksbury
2/2/1881 Knowles, Richard  Male Single 1 y.  Membraneous Croup   "Lawrence, MA" John & Harriet England  
4/29/1857 Knowles, William  Male   30 y.  Consumption   Rhode Island      
8/19/1862 Knowlton, Elizabeth  Female   19 y.  Phthisis          
8/16/1862 Knowlton, Francis  Male   5 m.  Anaemia          
9/12/1898 Knowlton, Freeman P Male Single 43 y.  Syphilis Granite Maker ME Charles & Delinda ME "Buried Rockland, ME"
8/28/1905 Knowlton, Mary  Female Married 62 y.  Acute Enteritis Housewife "Franklin, NH" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/25/1871 Knowlton, William A Male Unknown 1 m. 14 d. Cong. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Sada Knowlton & James McNamara Nova Scotia & Ireland  
1/11/1856 Knox, Charles  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility   R. Island      
7/24/1903 Knox, Daniel Amos  Male Widower 66 y.  Acute Nephritis Laborer Nova Scotia John & Louisa Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
7/23/1888 Knox, Ella  Female Single 38 y.  Paralysis Domestic NH Unknown Unknown  
6/12/1904 Knox, Francis  Male Single 36 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Waiter Ireland William & Mary (Gallagher) Knox Ireland Buried Quincy
11/18/1881 Knox, James  Male Single 34 y.  Traumatic Tetanus Laborer MD Michael & Kate MD  
1/10/1865 Knox, John  Male Widower 76 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland      
2/10/1903 Knox, Sylvester F Male Married 67 y.  Acute Enteritis Unknown ME Unknown MA Buried Boston
12/30/1905 Kob, Mary  Female Single 32 y.  Phthisis Spinner Austria Mike & Katie Kob Austria Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1896 Kohner, Katie L Female Married 24 y.  Acute General Miliary Tuberculosis Sewing "Boston, MA" Frank Devereaux & Augusta Canada Buried Tewksbury
6/9/1898 Kokinies, George  Male Single 22 y.  Tuberculosis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Alias Coklinian, Buried Lowell"
4/3/1905 Kokki, Mary  Female Married 33 y.  Phthisis Waitress Finland Martin & Elisa (Levanter) Passany Finland Buried Tewksbury
11/27/1901 Kon, Chin  Male Unknown 51 y.  Phthisis Unknown China Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
1/19/1905 Konikowsky, Mary  Female Single 5 m.  Bronco Pneumonia   "Chelsea, MA" Unknown & Julia Konikowski Austria & Russia Buried Tewksbury
5/21/1905 Kordzikowska, Cora  Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Operative Austria Joseph & Mary (Zmouznia) Kordzikowska Austria Buried Tewksbury
6/28/1901 Korookian, Jacob  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Rubber Factory Armenia Barlick & Unknown Armenia Buried Boston
2/16/1897 Koskela, Jacob  Male Married 32 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand Finland Henry & Eva Finland Buried Tewksbury
8/17/1902 Kowalska, Antony  Male Single 2 m. 3 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Mary Russia Buried Tewksbury
7/6/1900 Koziot, Andrew  Male Unknown 49 y.  Spinal Paraplegia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/24/1904 Krause, August  Male Married 72 y.  Mitral Insufficiency None Germany Unknown Germany Buried Lawrence
10/21/1904 Krehl, Robert  Male Single 45 y.  Aortic Insufficiency Cabinet Maker Germany Ludwig & Josephine (Keselinger) Krehl Germany Buried Tewksbury
6/28/1877 Kreis, John A Male Married 56 y.  Chronic Bright's Druggist France Young & Dorothea France  
3/31/1896 Kreser, Catherine M Female Single 67 y.  Dementia Domestic Nova Scotia Henry & Regina Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
10/11/1905 Kress, Frank  Male Widower 84 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Weaver Germany Frank & Christina (Miller) Kress Germany Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1901 Krister, Theresa  Female Single 16 d. Inanition   "Salem, MA" Wazhan & Helena Poland Buried Tewksbury
6/22/1900 Kromberg, Margaret E Female Single 24 d. Malnutrition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Kate NY Buried Tewksbury
9/9/1869 Kruigman, Sofrina  Female Married 84 y.  Old Age   Germany Unknown Germany  
10/3/1879 Krupp, Conrad  Male Married 45 y.  Phthisis Operative Germany Anthony & Christina Germany  
8/4/1885 Krutocek, Henry  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Wireworker Austria Henry & Ann Austria  
9/2/1901 Krygowski, Peter  Male Married 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer Poland Frank & Mary Poland Buried Tewksbury
8/3/1880 Kue, Henry  Male Single 11 m.  Spinal Congestion   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Fannie "Boston, MA"  
3/19/1877 Kuhn, Herman  Male Single 4 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
1/28/1905 Kurtz, John  Male Single 33 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Stableman PA Unknown & Lena Germany Buried Tewksbury
11/21/1872 Kyle, William  Male Unknown 42 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Thomas & Jane Ireland  

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