Deaths Reported to the State of Massachusetts by the Tewksbury Almshouse

The following records were transcribed from vital records reporting deaths at the hospital to the state. The vital records will only report patients who died at the hospital, and do not always record where the patients are buried. The content of the death records vary each year.

You may contact Mass Archives in Boston to obtain copies of all death records in this database.

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Date of Death Name Sex Condition Age Disease or Cause of Death Occupation Place of Birth Names of Parents Place of Birth of Parents Comments
1/28/1867 La Malade, Pierre  Male Single 39 y.  Phthisis   France Unknown Unknown  
9/6/1905 LaBelle, Ellen May  Female Single 3 m. 15 d. Marasmus   "Marlboro, MA" Unknown & Pearl LaBelle "Rutland, MA" Buried Tewksbury
12/10/1895 LaBrie, Annie  Female Widow 47 y.  Phthisis Housewife NY Unknown Unknown Buried Malden
10/23/1856 Lacey, James  Male   45 y.  Chronic Pneumonia   Ireland      
3/27/1895 Lachance, Joseph  Male Married 44 y.  "Cardiac, Phthisis & Syphilis" Currier Canada Joseph & Josephine Canada Buried Danvers
11/23/1877 Lackie, Ellen  Female Single 26 y.  Phthisis Operative England David & Ellen Unknown  
3/30/1901 Laconia, Josie  Female   1 d. Accidental Asphyxiation   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Josie Italy Buried Tewksbury
1/27/1873 Ladd, Eliza E Female Married 38 y.  Heart Disease Domestic NH      
12/10/1899 Ladonier, Anthony  Male Married 30 y.  Sarcoma of Abdomen Laborer Poland Maites & Edgoegoc? Poland Buried Tewksbury
6/5/1899 LaFayette, Edward  Male Widower 83 y.  Senility Laborer Canada Francis & Unknown Unknown Buried West Quincy
3/25/1866 Lafayette, Marie  Female   3 m.  Infantile Debility Unknown        
12/13/1882 Lafferty, Catherine  Female Widow 76 y.  Femoral Hernia Housewife Ireland   Ireland  
5/17/1904 Lafferty, Patrick  Male Widower 55 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland John & Susan (McLaughlin) Lafferty Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/17/1888 Lafleur, Edward  Male Single 43 y.  Phthisis Carpenter Canada Peter & Margaret Canada  
4/15/1903 Lafoe, Lizzie  Female Widow 29 y.  Phthisis Cook MA Marshall & Mary MA Buried Tewksbury
8/3/1899 LaForce, Alice  Female Single 3 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Goldie England Buried Tewksbury
2/22/1903 LaForce, George H Male Married 43 y.  Phthisis Shoe Salesman NY Damien & Thase NY Buried Tewksbury
1/10/1901 LaForest, Clarice  Female Married 44 y.  Chronic Gastritis Housework Canada Unknown Canada Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1874 LaForrest, Eugene  Male   2 m. 11 d. Phthisis   "Salem, MA" Unknown Unknown  
6/3/1902 LaFortune, George  Male Single 45 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Unknown Canada Xavin & Margaret Canada Buried Winchenden
6/19/1887 LaFournais, Rosa  Female Single 86 y.  Debility Domestic Canada Unknown Unknown  
8/8/1870 LaFrance, Elizabeth  Female   6 m.  Cong. Syphilis   "Lawrence, MA" William LaFrance & Hannah Shea France & ?  
12/18/1875 Laft, Owen  Male Single 3 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/16/1902 Lagerquist, Gustaf  Male Single 44 y.  Phthisis Cabinet Maker Sweden Gustafson & Tilly Sweden Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1872 Laggon, Charlotte  Female Married 44 y.  Scrofula Domestic Unknown James & Eliza Taylor Boston & Germany  
10/18/1862 Lahee, Si  Male   1 y. 3 m.  Convulsions          
9/25/1861 Laheigh, James  Male   24 y.  Hernia   Ireland      
11/22/1860 Laher, Mary  Female   22 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
11/16/1874 Lahey, Hannah  Female Single 15 y.  Pneumonia   "Boston, MA" James Ireland  
2/24/1898 Lahmeyer, Mary  Female Single 47 y.  Carcinoma of Neck Housework MA Lewis & Susan Unknown Buried Malden
11/16/1856 Lahy, Dennis  Male   84 y.  Old Age   Ireland      
2/2/1894 Laing, James  Male Single 22 y.  Cancer of Rectum Stone Cutter Scotland James & Mary Scotland Buried Quincy
11/8/1882 Laird, Lora J Female Single 24 y.  Purperal Septicaemia Domestic VT Albert & Julia Unknown  
11/12/1882 Laird, Mabel  Female Single 12 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Lora Laird & Frank Whittier Canada & Unknown  
4/19/1871 Lakin, Joseph P Male Married 60 y.  Paralysis Laborer "Baldwin, ME" Joseph & Dorcas MA & ME  
9/19/1861 Lamb, David  Male   61 y.  Phthisis   England      
6/10/1882 Lamb, William  Male Widower 72 y.  Heart Disease Mechanic England Unknown Unknown  
5/24/1902 Lambert, George R Male Unknown 68 y.  Senility Peddler NY Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/29/1874 Lambert, Richard  Male Single 63 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/14/1905 Lambert, William E Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Laundryman VA Edward & Roseline (Buck) Lambert VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
4/30/1900 Lambi, Amy  Female Married 23 y.  Phthisis Housework Finland Listo & Christina Finland Buried Tewksbury
4/7/1900 Lambi, Tyyni  Female Single 6 m.  Miliary Tuberculosis   "Marlboro, MA" Unknown & Amy Finland Buried Tewksbury
6/5/1894 Lambrot, Alfred  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Stone Cutter Finland John & Sharlotte Finland Buried Tewksbury
10/9/1901 Lamkin, John  Male Married 49 y.  Phthisis Steamfitter ME William & Mary ME & Prince Edward Island Buried Boston
9/21/1873 Lamont, James L. Male   1 m. 1 d. Debility   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
2/10/1905 Lamont, John B Male Single 42 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Salesman Scotland John & Margaret (McDonald) Lamont Scotland Buried Tewksbury
2/5/1900 Lamont, Richard H Male Widower 40 y.  Phthisis Stonecutter ME Frederick & Matilda ME Buried Tewksbury
4/5/1898 Lamontagne, Louis  Male Widower 66 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Canada Alphonse & Louise Canada Buried Lawrence
5/15/1902 Lamoreux, George  Male Widower 42 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Salesman PA Robert & Mary NY Buried Boston
5/20/1872 Lamphere, Russell  Male Unknown 31 y.  Epilepsy Laborer NH Unknown Unknown  
8/9/1873 Lampman, Charles  Male   72 y.  Diarrhoea Mason NY James & Mary Unknown Colored
5/16/1896 Lamson, Alexander  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Machinist Sweden Lars & Christie Sweden Buried Tewksbury
12/22/1874 Lanagan, James  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Edward & Ellen Ireland  
9/6/1877 Lanagan, Joseph  Male Single 3 m.  Chronic Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/26/1896 Lancaster, Ellen  Female Single 75 y.  Pneumonia Domestic England Unknown Unknown Buried Worcester
2/14/1855 Lance, John  Man   79 y.  Old Age         ? Last Name
8/16/1882 Landers, Bridget  Female Unknown 50 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/18/1872 Landers, Ellen  Female Widow 71 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/4/1890 Landry, Charles  Male Single 38 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada Joseph & Mary Canada  
4/15/1858 Landry, Ellen  Female   35 y.  Anaemia   Ireland      
9/11/1904 Landry, John  Male Single 3 m. 14 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Mary Landry Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1873 Landy, John  Male   19 y.  Diarrhoea   "Salem, MA" James & Unknown Ireland  
12/28/1873 Lane, Alice  Female   1 m. 14 d. Convulsions   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/6/1867 Lane, Barry  Male Single 4 m.  Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
1/13/1862 Lane, Bradford  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility          
9/5/1858 Lane, Emily  Female   3 m. 5 d. Infant Debility Foundling Unknown      
5/18/1902 Lane, Frank  Male Single 18 y.  Phthisis Clerk "Lowell, MA" George & Edna MA & ME Buried Lowell
7/18/1878 Lane, Jeremiah  Male Single 20 y.  "Inter Spinal Hemorrhage, Traum."   OH Unknown Unknown  
12/6/1900 Lane, John B Male Widower 69 y.  Paralysis Agitans Painter Halifax George & Mary England & CT Buried Malden
3/15/1905 Lane, John  Male Single 32 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Grocer Scotland Richard & Esther (Burns) Lane Scotland Buried Tewksbury
3/7/1860 Lane, John  Male   1 y. 1 m.  Hydrocephalus   Charlestown      
9/29/1868 Lane, Joseph  Male Widower 78 y.  Old Age   NH Unknown NH  
1/11/1867 Lane, Margret  Female Single 21 d. Infantile Debility   "Lynn, MA" "Mother Hannah, Father Unknown" Ireland  
9/23/1860 Lane, Martin  Male   33 y.  Empyema Pleursy Laborer Ireland      
9/7/1886 Lane, Michael  Male Widower 68 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland John & Julia Ireland  
7/14/1897 Lane, Peter  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Granite Cutter MA Michael & Marcella Ireland Buried Rockland
10/4/1869 Lane, Thomas  Male Single 20 y.  Inanition   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/16/1894 Lanfair, Elena I Female Single 6 m.  Hereditary Syphilis None "Boston, MA" Ebenezer Dyer & Cora Lanfair MA Buried Tewksbury
6/23/1880 Lang, John  Male   7 d. Apoplexy   "Tewksbury, MA" Matthew & Mary Ireland  
2/3/1879 Lang, Lizzie  Female Single 4 m.  Acute Bronchitis   "Boston, MA" Mary St. John  
4/4/1888 Lang, Mary  Female Single 35 y.  Syphilis Domestic ME Robert & Julia ME  
4/12/1904 Lang, Matthew  Male Widower 65 y.  Myocarditis Cutter Canada Matthew & Margret (Miller) Lang Ireland & Canada "Buried Montpelier, VT"
5/26/1904 Langan, John  Male Single 40 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary (Lynn) Langan Ireland Buried Waltham
9/17/1903 Langerfeldt, Catherine  Female Single 42 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Unknown Germany George Unknown Buried Boston
3/15/1876 Langford, Eddie  Male Single 14 d. Neglect before admission   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/28/1876 Langley, John  Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Laborer NJ James & Mary Ireland  
1/24/1895 Langoen, Theodore  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Canada Joseph & Eliza Canada Buried Tewksbury
2/28/1881 Langsley, Augustus  Male Single 2 m.  Enteritis   "Gloucester, MA" Edward & Charlotte Nova Scotia  
6/16/1879 Lanigan, John  Male Married 66 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland James & Ellen Ireland  
5/10/1875 Lannagan, Michael  Male Single 47 y.  Debility Harness Maker Ireland Charlie & Susan Ireland  
12/16/1860 Lannigton, Mary  Female   3 m.  Meningitis   Almshouse      
9/16/1875 Lanning, James  Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/19/1872 Lanttum, Ellen  Female Widow 27 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/20/1872 Lantz, Adoniram  Male Single 21 y.  Delirium Tremens Blacksmith Nova Scotia David & Elizabeth Nova Scotia  
3/15/1904 Lantz, Benjamin V Male Married 47 y.  Chronic Intestinal Obstruction Upholsterer Nova Scotia Jeremiah & Lucy Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
9/21/1896 Lanza, Grazia  Female Married 19 y.  Phthisis & Diarrhoea Unknown Italy Unknown Italy Buried Tewksbury
2/27/1899 Laozenzani, Delia  Female Married 27 y.  General Tuberculosis Housework Ireland John & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/19/1881 Lapaneria, Mary  Female Unknown 27 y.  Phthisis   Western Islands Unknown Unknown  
4/6/1870 Larabee, Mitchell  Male Unknown 85 y.  Debility Unknown Canada Unknown Unknown  
5/6/1904 Larauch, Oliver  Male Married 79 y.  Cancer of Jaw Laborer Canada Oliver & Marie Canada "Alias Gothier, Buried Lawrence"
1/7/1888 Larcum, Thomas  Male Married 75 y.  Debility Tanner England Thomas & Mary Ireland & England  
8/30/1871 Larey, Richard  Male Unknown 75 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Thomas & Eunice Ireland  
5/8/1895 Laria, Angelo  Male Married 38 y.  ? Of Brain Laborer Italy Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/13/1871 Lark, Christiana  Female Single 48 y.  Dysentery Housekeeper Scotland Unknown Scotland  
11/24/1867 Larkin, Bridget  Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Patrick & Bridget Ireland  
9/6/1904 Larkin, Honora  Female Single 57 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Mansfield
7/24/1901 Larkin, John E Male Widower 48 y.  Phthisis Laborer ME Philip & Bridget Ireland Buried Roxbury
6/6/1904 Larkin, Joseph  Male Married 58 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Clerk "Boston, MA" Charles & Ellen (Gray) Larkin MA Buried Boston
8/22/1885 Larkin, Mary  Female Unknown 70 y.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/3/1884 Larkin, Mary  Female Single 58 y.  Arthritis Deformans Domestic Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland  
3/22/1896 Larned, Margaret  Female Single 61 y.  Pneumonia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/16/1902 Laroche, Oliverra  Female Single 3 m. 20 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Oliverra VT & Canada Buried Tewksbury
11/21/1904 Larsen, Christian  Male Single 66 y.  Myocarditis Carpenter Denmark Larz & Karen Denmark Buried Mansfield
8/9/1905 Larson, Christian F Male Widower 73 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Painter Denmark Peter & Eliza (Malls) Larson Denmark Buried Tewksbury
7/4/1897 Lartino, Tony  Male Single 24 y.  Pyohydrothorax & Phthisis Operative Italy Julian & Billet Italy Buried Tewksbury
5/25/1905 Laruche, Persis Violetta  Female Single 1 m. 7 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Joseph & Louise Laruche Canada Buried Tewksbury
5/24/1869 Lary, Betsey  Female Married 72 y.  Gangrene & Senile   ME Andrew & Hannah Monarch Scotland & ME  
7/27/1872 Lary, James  Male Married 70 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Jeremiah & Margaret Ireland  
9/8/1903 Lascelles, Alfred J Male Married 32 y.  General Tuberculosis Printer "Halifax, NS" Edmund & Katherine England & Nova Scotia Buried Malden
4/22/1885 Lasch, Anna  Female Widow 72 y.  Capillary Bronchitis   Germany Christian & Salome Weiser Germany  
1/23/1856 Lasher, John  Male   31 y.  Delirium Tremens   New York      
12/1/1879 Latham, James  Male Married 38 y.  Pulmonary Edema Machinist England William & Elizabeth England  
11/3/1874 Latham, James Jr.  Male   3 m.  Pneumonia   "Lowell, MA" James & Elizabeth England  
9/25/1896 Laubner, Theodore  Male Single 2 m. 3 d. Acute Diarrhoea   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Mary Laubner Unknown Buried Malden
6/30/1873 Laughlin, Catherine  Female Married 50 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Michael & Nancy Ireland  
4/2/1856 Laughlin, James M Male   30 y.  Consumption   Ireland      
5/14/1876 Laughlin, Stephen  Male Single 1 y.  Cholera Infantum   "Worcester, MA" Johanna & Unknown Ireland  
9/22/1905 Laughman, Frank  Male Married 29 y.  Tubercular Meningitis Stableman RI Richard & Catherine (Cassella) Laughman Ireland Buried Lowell
5/15/1872 Lauglin, John  Male Single 50 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Ann Ireland  
12/27/1864 Laun, Mary E Female   10 m.  Hydrocephalus   "Tewksbury, MA"      
4/5/1871 Laurie, Bridget  Female Unknown 48 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
10/11/1901 Lavalley, Alice  Female Single 6 m.  Tubercular Meningitis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/25/1891 Lavelle, Alice  Female Single 5 y.  Diphtheria   MA Peter & Mary (?) Canada  
6/10/1871 Lavelle, Martin  Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Nancy Ireland  
10/21/1891 Lavelle, Peter  Male Single 4 y.  Diphtheria   MA Peter & Mary (?) Canada  
11/19/1871 Lavely, Elizabeth  Female Married 36 y.  Debility Domestic New Brunswick Unknown Unknown  
3/8/1891 Laventure, Louis  Male Widower 81 y.  Chronic Nephritis Currier Canada Alexis & Blank Canada  
4/7/1902 Laverty, Joseph  Male Married 40 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer MA William & Julia England Buried Malden
3/25/1873 Laverty, Robert  Male Married 84 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/30/1886 Lavery, John  Male Married 42 y.  Intestinal Obstruction Laborer Ireland Felix & Maria Ireland  
1/31/1872 Lavezola, Nicholas  Male Single 28 y.  Variola Laborer Italy Catherine & Unknown Italy  
9/3/1900 Lavigne, Nepoleon  Male Married 62 y.  Chronic Nephritis Mill Hand Canada Oliver & Margaret Canada Buried Lowell
5/22/1865 Lavin, Henry  Male   2 m.  Infantile   "Tewksbury, MA"      
4/21/1865 Lavin, Sarah  Female Single 17 y.  Pneumonia   "Chelsea, MA"      
6/21/1900 Laviolette, Edward  Male Single 54 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Shoemaker Canada Unknown & Epilatti Canada Buried Tewksbury
1/23/1879 Lavoy, Melvina  Female Single 21 y.  Congestion of Lungs   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/22/1900 Lavroch, Anthony  Male Unknown 57 y.  Aortic Insufficiency & Stenosis Unknown Poland Unknown Poland Buried Tewksbury
12/28/1889 Law, William  Male Single 54 y.  Paraplegia Shoe Cutter Scotland William & Ellen Scotland  
8/31/1866 Lawdon, Mary  Female Unknown 21 y.  Meningitis Ireland        
3/11/1873 Lawler, Catherine  Female Unknown 30 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
2/14/1859 Lawler, James  Male   58 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland      
4/29/1868 Lawler, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/21/1867 Lawler, Michael  Male Single 15 y.  Typhoid Fever   NH Michael & Ann Ireland  
5/3/1867 Lawler, Michael  Male Unknown 50 y.  Paralysis   Ireland John & Hannah Ireland  
5/8/1882 Lawler, Patrick  Male Married 56 y.  Chronic Nephritis Gardener Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
9/25/1882 Lawlor, Mary  Female Married 36 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/15/1870 Lawman, Mary  Female   1 m. 14 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/20/1887 Lawn, John  Male Widower 53 y.  Phthisis Hostler Ireland William & Mary Ireland  
5/24/1872 Lawrence, Henry  Male   3 m.  Cholera Infantum   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/9/1866 Lawrence, Joseph  Male   4 m.  Infantile Debility "Lawrence, MA"        
10/26/1866 Lawrence, Lowell  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility Unknown        
7/23/1899 Lawrenson, Michael  Male Married 75 y.  Senility Shoemaker Ireland Karon & Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/27/1885 Lawson, Alexander  Male Single 37 y.  Heart Disease Sailor Norway Unknown Norway  
7/14/1887 Lawson, Anna  Female Married 35 y.  Phthisis   Brit. Provinces Unknown Unknown Colored
5/10/1881 Lawson, Charles  Male Single 51 y.  Pneumonia Seaman Norway Jacob & Mary Norway  
6/24/1896 Lawson, John J Male Single 35 y.  Paralysis & Acute Diarrhoea Seaman Nova Scotia William & Mary Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/26/1878 Lawson, John  Male Single 2 y.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/22/1902 Lawson, Mary F Female Widow 60 y.  Diabetes Mellitus Housework ME Waldron & Mary ME Buried Lynnfield Ctr.
1/23/1883 Lawson, Nelse  Male Single 45 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Fisherman Sweden Nelson & Helena Sweden  
10/11/1894 Lawton, Edward  Male Single 5 m. 6 d. Hereditary Syphilis None "Boston, MA" Thomas & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/6/1856 Lawton, Henry  Male   1 y. 3 m.  Scarlet Fever   S. Danvers      
7/26/1874 Layden, Charles  Male Married 32 y.  Phthisis Housekeeper Unknown Charles & Ellen Ireland  
11/25/1866 Layman, Wallace  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility Unknown        
3/11/1904 Le Dome, Pasquale  Male Married 30 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Italy Unknown Italy Buried Tewksbury
12/10/1903 Lea, Rosalie  Male Single 26 y.  Aortic Regurgitation Laborer Italy Domingo & Vincience Italy Buried Tewksbury
8/15/1904 Leach, Albert S Male Widower 63 y.  Cancer of Oesophegus Teamster ME Wilbert & Dorbert (Russell) Leach ME Buried Tewksbury
5/10/1905 Leager, Peter  Male Widower 62 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Machinist Sweden Yoe? Arie & Grata Leager Sweden Buried Tewksbury
11/11/1873 Leahan, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Kate Ireland  
2/17/1893 Leahey, Mary  Female Widow 70 y.  Pneumonia Laundress Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/8/1863 Leahey, Mary  Female Single 40 y.  Cancer of Stomach   Ireland      
9/8/1903 Leahy, James  Male Widower 72 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Laborer Ireland Daniel & Mary Ireland Buried Malden
5/6/1902 Leahy, Jeremiah  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Blacksmith Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/4/1870 Leakey, John  Male Single 35 y.  Diarrhoea Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown  
1/4/1890 Leary, Andrew  Male Single 70 y.  Epilepsy Laborer Ireland Daniel & Mary Ireland  
7/18/1856 Leary, Ann  Female   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Tewksbury     ? Age
12/16/1861 Leary, Catharine  Female   1 y. 8 m.  Marasmus   Lawrence IP      
3/29/1883 Leary, Catherine  Female Single 52 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Dennis & Johanna Ireland  
6/28/1877 Leary, Catherine  Female Married 53 y.  Syphilis & Fatty Heart Housewife Ireland Jeremiah & Bridget Ireland  
7/6/1860 Leary, Catherine  Female   40 y.  Dropsy   Ireland      
9/8/1864 Leary, Catherine  Female   35 y.  Syphilis   Ireland      
10/14/1897 Leary, Edmond  Male Married 52 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried Lawrence
3/20/1904 Leary, Eliza  Female Single 50 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland James & Mary (Murphy) Leary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/23/1855 Leary, Hannah  Girl   8 y.  Consumption          
8/13/1864 Leary, Honora  Female   10 m.  Hydrocephalus   "Tewksbury, MA"      
9/7/1878 Leary, James  Male   59 y.  ? Mason Ireland Lewis & Johana Ireland  
7/15/1902 Leary, Jeremiah  Male Unknown 45 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
2/12/1865 Leary, Jeremiah  Male Widower 40 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
2/13/1863 Leary, Joanna  Female Married 40 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
10/15/1888 Leary, John  Male Single 68 y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer Ireland Jeremiah & Mary Ireland  
2/5/1884 Leary, Margaret  Female Widow 56 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Ireland Michael & Nora Ireland  
1/26/1869 Leary, Mary  Female Single 50 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Martin & Mary Ireland  
1/30/1863 Leary, Mary  Female   49 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/18/1878 Leary, Mary E Female Single 1 m.  Marasmus   "Hyde Park, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/22/1855 Leary, Mary  Girl   1 y. 3 m.  Scarlet Fever          
6/7/1871 Leary, Mary  Female Widow 52 y.  Paralysis Housekeeper Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
7/10/1876 Leary, Mary E Female Single 3 m.  Diarrhoea   "Fall River, MA" Johanna & Unknown MI  
6/2/1905 Leary, Mary Jane  Female Married 59 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Patrick & Mary (Kennedy) Scanlon Ireland Buried Quincy
12/29/1858 Leary, Patrick  Male   8 y.  Typhoid Fever   Ireland      
2/28/1878 Leary, Thomas  Male Married 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Timothy & Catherine Ireland  
4/10/1897 Leary, Timothy  Male Widower 73 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/26/1903 Leash, William H Male Widower 62 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Laborer NH Robert & Lavinia MA & ME Buried Boxford
8/8/1863 Leathead, James  Male Single 39 y.  Syphilis   England      
11/17/1856 Leavens, Margaret  Female   81 y.  Consumption   England      
11/3/1877 Leavett, John C Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Tinsmith "Lowell, MA" George & Elizabeth MA  
3/14/1893 Leavitt, Benjamin F Male Married 41 y.  General Tuberculosis Carriage Trimmer CA James & Mary A. NH Buried Tewksbury
4/21/1896 Leavitt, Stillman  Male Single 15 y.  Cardiac Dilatation Farm Work "Quincy Point, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/24/1900 Leavitt, William  Male Widower 67 y.  Cardiac Teamster ME Joseph & Susan ME "Buried West Hampton, ME"
8/10/1873 Lebarge, Emily  Female Married 38 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Canada Lewis & Maria Faland Canada  
12/5/1901 LeBlond, Frances  Female Widow 77 y.  Croupous Pneumonia Housework France Francis & Catherine France Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1871 LeBock, Josephene  Female   2 y.  Tonsillitis   "Grafton, ME" Frank & Rosa VT  
9/17/1898 LeChaire, Edward  Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada Oliver & Unknown Canada Buried Tewksbury
1/20/1905 Lechance, Joseph  Male Single 34 y.  Cancer of Stomach Engineer Canada Joseph & Sophia Canada Buried E. Chelmsford
2/20/1905 Lecour, Mary  Female Widow 48 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Mill Operative "Boston, MA" John & Johanna (McDonald) Mullen Ireland Buried Lowell
6/27/1879 LeCroc, Eugene  Male Married 38 y.  Syphilis Glovemaker France Unknown Unknown  
9/5/1878 Leddy, James  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Gunmaker "Taunton, MA" O'Brien & Elizabeth Ireland  
7/29/1856 Ledmand, Mary  Female   56 y.  Disease of Heart   Ireland      
3/28/1869 Ledwith, John  Male Unknown 42 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
10/22/1892 Lee, Ann  Female Single 52 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Operative Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/9/1893 Lee, Annie  Female Married 36 y.  Cerebral Domestic England Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/10/1871 Lee, Annie  Female   2 y.  Small Pox   Unknown John & Ann Ireland  
7/19/1869 Lee, Annie  Female   14 d. ? Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Bridget Ireland  
7/16/1879 Lee, Barney  Male Married 69 y.  Mitral Regurgitation Laborer Ireland John & Catherine Ireland  
5/20/1873 Lee, Catherine  Female Widow 35 y.  Bright's Disease Domestic "Boston, MA" John & Catherine Burke Ireland  
4/15/1895 Lee, Edna  Female   5 m.  Hereditary Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/12/1863 Lee, Ellen J. Female   8 m.  Pertussis   "Tewksbury, MA" John Sullivan & Mary A. Lee Ireland  
4/8/1890 Lee, Frances E Female Single 57 y.  Heart Disease Domestic MA James & Mary Unknown  
4/5/1868 Lee, George  Male   4 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/26/1897 Lee, George  Male Widower 60 y.  Cardiac Failure Printer England William & Rebecca England Buried Tewksbury
4/13/1876 Lee, Gertrude  Female Single 1 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/31/1897 Lee, Hong  Male Single 38 y.  Abdominal Sinuses Laundry China Ching Mong & Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
8/3/1872 Lee, Ida  Female   21 d. Cholera Infantum   "So. Boston, MA" Mary & Unknown Nova Scotia  
8/1/1890 Lee, James  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Annie Ireland  
11/20/1900 Lee, John J Male Single 33 y.  General Tuberculosis Coachman Ireland Daniel & Ellen Ireland Buried Milton
2/5/1863 Lee, John  Male Single 75 y.  Inanition   "Newbury, MA"     Colored
7/30/1879 Lee, Joseph  Male Single 1 m.  Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" James & Mary Ireland  
7/19/1896 Lee, Letitia  Female Married 47 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Lowell
6/23/1890 Lee, Margaret  Female Widow 39 y.  Phthisis Domestic RI Michael & Ann Duggan Ireland  
12/13/1866 Lee, Mary F Female Widow 57 y.  Senile Debility "Rye, NH"        
3/21/1898 Lee, Mary  Female Widow 60 y.  Pneumonia Housework Ireland James & Eliza Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/1/1882 Lee, Peter  Male Married 73 y.  Old Age Laborer Ireland      
11/27/1879 Lee, Sarah  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Matthew & Elizabeth Ireland  
9/22/1866 Lee, Simon  Male Unknown 27 y.  Killed on the R. R. Ireland        
12/26/1903 Lee, Wong Yee  Male Single 57 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laundry China Wong & Wee China Buried Boston
7/5/1879 Lee, William  Male Single 50 y.  Paraplegia Seaman Ireland Jeremiah & Johanna Ireland  
4/14/1874 Leeds, Elizabeth  Female   1 y.  Cholera Infantum   NY Ann & James MA  
8/24/1874 Leehan, Michael  Male Widower 78 y.  Debility Bricklayer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/18/1888 Leehan, Thomas  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Sailor MA Michael & Bridget Ireland  
6/4/1905 Leen, James  Male Widower 77 y.  Mitral Stenosis & Insufficiency Cooper Newfoundland Michael & Hannah (Welsh) Leen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/26/1879 Leet, Samuel H Male Married 98 y.  Old Age Laborer "Williamstown, MA" William & Mary CT & RI  
2/9/1877 Leger, Peter  Male Married 55 y.  Exposure to Cold Laborer Canada Aiken & Elizabeth Canada  
2/23/1890 Leichter, Edward  Male Married 27 y.  Phthisis Machinist MA Edward & Susanna Germany  
12/26/1884 Leiderman, Fred  Male Unknown 50 y.  Pneumonia   Hungary Unknown Unknown  
11/15/1893 Leighton, Mary  Female Single 27 y.  Phthisis Table Work Ireland John Leighton & Bridget Gallagher Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/10/1893 Leitch, William  Male Single 76 y.  Debility Operative Scotland William & Elizabeth Scotland Buried Easthampton
10/30/1900 Leitman, Bernard  Male Married 41 y.  Tubercular Laryngitis Shoemaker Russia David & Ida Russia Buried Malden
1/6/1879 Leland, Annie  Female Unknown 45 y.  Apoplexy   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/19/1899 Leland, Leonard L Male Single 65 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Gardner, MA" Amasa & Martha "Gardner, MA & Westminster, MA" Buried Westminster
7/29/1902 Lemay, William  Male Married 47 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Weaver ME Joseph & Margaret Canada Buried Tewksbury
3/27/1874 Lemnow, Charles  Male Married 64 y.  Paralysis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/21/1902 Lenardi, John B Male Married 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy George & Patrice Italy Buried Tewksbury
4/12/1894 Lennihan, Morris P Male Married 58 y.  Cardiac Tailor Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Brookline
4/25/1883 Lennon, Agnes  Female   Unknown y.  Acute Nephritis          
12/29/1884 Lennon, Bridget  Female Married 40 y.  Softening of Brain   Canada Jno. & Mary Connor Ireland  
8/2/1874 Lennon, Christopher  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Laborer Sweden Abram & Manie Sweden alias Linholm
3/13/1883 Lennon, Thomas  Male Single 10 d. Congenital Malformation   "Tewksbury, MA" Thomas Welch & Agnes Lennon Unknown  
2/5/1900 Leona, Angelo  Male Married 39 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Thomas & Katie Italy Buried Cambridge
5/1/1859 Leonard, Ann  Female   55 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/25/1903 Leonard, Catherine  Female Widow 89 y.  Senile Gangrene Operative Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/29/1905 Leonard, Charles  Male Single 54 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Boston, MA" James & Catherine (McCormick) Leonard Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/16/1862 Leonard, Charles F Male   2 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility          
5/4/1886 Leonard, Chester S Male Widower 59 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Hotel Man MA Watson & Zerema MA  
8/1/1872 Leonard, Francis  Male   10 m.  Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary & John Ireland  
9/9/1883 Leonard, George  Male Married 66 y.  Senile Gangrene Farmer Germany Andrew & Mary Germany  
3/10/1857 Leonard, John  Male   58 y.  Debility   "Halifax, NS"      
3/11/1867 Leonard, John  Male Unknown 62 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
9/9/1873 Leonard, John  Male Unknown 4 m.  Debility   "Taunton, MA" Catherine Leonard & J. Murphy Ireland  
7/15/1876 Leonard, Katie  Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Neglect before admission   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
9/10/1904 Leonard, Lewis S Male Widower 71 y.  Hodgkins Disease Unknown MA Robert D. & Abigail (Sampson) Leonard MA Buried Springfield
4/9/1866 Leonard, Margaret  Female Married 56 y.  Diarrhoea Ireland        
3/23/1876 Leonard, Mary J Female Single 34 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Boston, MA" Unknown & Michael Ireland  
7/28/1881 Leonard, Michael  Male Single 46 y.  Cancer Laborer Ireland Michael & Margaret Ireland  
8/15/1875 Leonard, Michael  Male Widower 65 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland James & Julia Ireland  
10/6/1879 Leonard, Nellie  Female Single 1 y.  Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Mary Ireland  
7/29/1873 Leonard, Patrick  Male   30 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Margaret Ireland  
8/15/1867 Leonard, Richard  Male Unknown 35 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Lawrence & Mary Ireland  
12/26/1873 Leonard, William  Male Married 76 y.  Debility Tailor Ireland William & Ann Ireland  
8/5/1868 Leonard, Winnefred  Male Married 50 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/14/1887 Leone, Carmello  Male Married 33 y.  Phthisis Cook Italy Fred. & Mary Italy  
8/12/1897 Lepa, Jan  Male Single 22 y.  Empyaemia Operative "Chicopee, MA" Albert & Unknown Poland Buried Tewksbury
1/25/1891 LePage, John A Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer Prince Edward Island Jno. & Alice (Foster) Prince Edward Island  
10/19/1869 LePage, Paul  Male Unknown 104 y.  Old Age   France Unknown Unknown  
4/29/1874 Lepey, Nicholas  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Seaman Cape de Verde George & Anne Brava  
9/7/1904 Lepkoski, Stanislaus  Male Single 40 y.  Potts Disease Farm Laborer Poland Unknown Poland Buried Tewksbury
2/11/1891 Leppri, James  Male Single 7 m.  ? Meningitis   MA Jno. & Mary Italy  
3/17/1891 Leppri, Mary  Female Married 40 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Italy ? & Felice (?) Italy  
5/30/1895 Leshanki, Pauline  Female Single 19 y.  Meningeal Abscess Domestic Poland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1903 Leslie, James  Male Single 43 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer Ireland James & Susan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/23/1892 Leslie, Mary  Female Widow 38 y.  Cancer & Heart Disease Dressmaker Nova Scotia Unknown Unknown  
11/3/1880 Lester, William  Male Single 2 y.  Congestion of Lungs   CT Unknown Unknown  
2/8/1897 Leva, Concetta  Female Married 32 y.  Phthisis Unknown Italy Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/29/1896 Leva, Notah  Female Single 2 m.  Phthisis   MA Concetta & Leva Italy Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1863 Leverett, John  Male   21 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown      
5/5/1882 Levesque, Narcisse  Male Single 48 y.  Pneumonia   Canada Unknown Unknown  
10/16/1888 Levi, Sarah  Female Single 16 y.  Phthisis Domestic Austria Henry & Blank Austria  
6/19/1891 Levin, Thomas  Male Single Unknown y.  Meningitis Cerebral   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine Levin & Thomas O'Brien Ireland  
6/5/1904 Levine, Margaret  Female Widow 50 y.  Myocarditis Housework Ireland Michael & Margaret (Stephens) Callahan Ireland Buried Brookline
10/13/1887 Levins, Charles  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Laborer OH Joseph & Elizabeth England & New Brunswick  
1/22/1905 Leviolette, Elizabeth  Female Widow 39 y.  Phthisis Domestic New Brunswick Joseph & Marie Blanchard New Brunswick Buried Tewksbury
12/18/1894 Levrito, Johannes  Male Single 1 m. 6 d. Nephritis following Diphtheria   "Boston, MA" Louis & Frances Italy Buried Tewksbury
12/8/1894 Levrito, Louise  Female Single 1 y. 7 m.  Diphtheria   "Boston, MA" Frances & Louis Italy Buried Tewksbury
9/19/1873 Lewin, Henry  Male Widower 75 y.  Debility Machinist "Swansea, MA" Hale & Lydia "Swansea, MA"  
2/25/1858 Lewis, Alex  Male   17 y.  Epilepsy   Boston      
2/13/1866 Lewis, Ann  Female   3 m.  Marasmus Unknown        
8/10/1891 Lewis, Bertha  Female Single 14 y.  Phthisis Domestic MA George? & Ella (?) US & MA Colored
8/3/1892 Lewis, Bridget  Female Married 55 y.  Dysentery Domestic Ireland Thomas & Peggy Ireland  
3/25/1855 Lewis, Deborah  Woman   66 y.  Consumption          
8/12/1861 Lewis, Elijah  Male   1 m. 7 d. Infant Debility   Tewksbury      
5/12/1857 Lewis, Enoch  Male Colored 11 m.  Cholera Infantum   Massachusetts      
3/26/1878 Lewis, Fannie  Female Single 4 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Woburn, MA" Thomas & Mary Ireland & England  
2/6/1892 Lewis, Frank  Male Married 43 y.  Phthisis Laborer England Margie & Unknown England  
1/3/1871 Lewis, Frank  Male   3 m.  Debility   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/24/1870 Lewis, George  Male Unknown 29 y.  Cancer Laborer ME Unknown Unknown  
3/17/1861 Lewis, George  Male   4 y.  Marasmus   Ireland      
6/2/1862 Lewis, George  Male   83 y.  Old Age          
7/9/1866 Lewis, Henry  Male   21 d. Infantile Debility "Lowell, MA"        
2/18/1897 Lewis, Isaac  Male Widower 63 y.  Chronic Nephritis Operative Wales Isaac & Winifred Wales Buried Lowell
2/3/1905 Lewis, John S Male Married 65 y.  Acute Enteritis Carpenter Portugal John & Mary Portugal Buried Malden
1/13/1856 Lewis, John  Male   1 y. 2 m.  Scrofula   Boston      
1/27/1887 Lewis, John  Male Single 31 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia Laborer MA Jno. & Catherine Ireland  
5/19/1882 Lewis, John  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Boston, MA" John & Ellen MA  
7/14/1884 Lewis, Maria  Female Widow 50 y.  Syphilip & Cholera Morbus   New Brunswick Jno. & Rebecca New Brunswick  
10/16/1890 Lewis, Mary J Female Widow 61 y.  Heart Disease Domestic VT David & Lucy Fifield US  
7/30/1875 Lewis, Philip  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Seaman Africa Unknown Africa Colored
9/27/1899 Lewis, William  Male Single 2 m.  Hereditary Syphilis   MA Edward & Ida VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/30/1900 Leyden, Margaret  Female Single 42 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/21/1874 Leydon, William  Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Moulder Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland  
10/7/1895 Liberty, Louis G Male Single 43 y.  Phthisis Barber Canada Stephen & Emelia Canada Buried Tewksbury
11/4/1905 Liddy, Lizzie  Female Widow 68 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Henry & Mary (Haley) Kidall? Ireland Buried N. Cambridge
9/18/1904 Lieske, Alexander  Male Single 40 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Tailor Germany Joseph & Julia (Layman) Lieske Germany Buried Tewksbury
10/9/1874 Life, Myron  Male   1 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/23/1905 Lightfoot, Cookson  Male Widower 74 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Bookkeeper Nova Scotia John & Mary (Cookson) Lightfoot England Buried Tewksbury
3/5/1868 Lightfoot, George  Male Single 49 y.  Intermit. Fever Blacksmith Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/24/1894 Ligriore, Benjamin F Male Widower 52 y.  Phthisis Machinist France Leon & Marie France Buried Tewksbury
6/7/1873 Lilley, Betsey  Female   75 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper England Unknown England  
5/15/1894 Lilligren, Charles  Male Single 20 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand Sweden Alexander & Kate Sweden Buried Tewksbury
7/14/1899 Linare, Charles  Male Married 45 y.  "Phthisis, Nephritis & Malaria" Axe Grinder Finland Unknown Finland Buried Tewksbury
5/15/1867 Lincoln, Lizzie  Female Single 1 y. 3 m.  Scrofula   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/25/1877 Lind, Frank  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Hostler Finland Axsel & Unknown Russia  
1/22/1904 Lindblad, Hilda A Female Single 40 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Housework Sweden John & Anna (Dalgreen) Lindblad Sweden Buried Tewksbury
10/5/1883 Linden, Mary  Female Single 1 m. 7 d. Marasmus   "Boston, MA" John & Bridget Canada  
8/29/1870 Linden, William  Male Widower 59 y.  Phthisis Seaman "St. John's, NF" Martin & Alice "St. John's, Newfoundland"  
7/24/1903 Linder, Lucy  Female Married 59 y.  Aucte Nephritis Housework CT Arnold & Hannah RI & CT not listed
3/22/1892 Lindon, Charles  Male Single 36 y.  Pneumonia Mason VT Charles & Julia England  
6/6/1869 Lindsay, Alexander  Male   3 y.  Atrophy   "Boston, MA" Alexander & Catherine Ireland  
10/28/1898 Lindsey, James  Male Married 53 y.  Cardiac Laborer Scotland Unknown Unknown Buried Clinton
9/8/1859 Lindsey, Sarah C Female   3 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
10/7/1877 Lindsey, Sarah  Female Single 5 m.  Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
11/20/1899 Lindsey, Susan  Female Widow 81 y.  Myocarditis Nurse England John & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/22/1896 Lindsey, William  Male Single 2 d. Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" William McKay & Annie Lindsey Scotland & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/8/1899 Linington, Edgar  Male Single 2 y.  Acute Lymphatic Leukaemia   "Northampton, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Northampton
11/27/1891 Linn, Samuel  Male Widower 60 y.  Phthisis Weaver Ireland Patrick & Mary (Acker?) Ireland  
10/22/1898 Linnehan, Daniel  Male Single 48 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer Ireland Daniel & Julia Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/14/1867 Linnehan, John  Male Married 74 y.  Debility   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
11/15/1860 Linnehan, Julia  Female   28 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/30/1896 Linnehan, Mary  Female Widow 41 y.  Cancer of Breast Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Lowell
12/4/1874 Linnehan, Maurice  Male Single 55 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Catherine Ireland  
3/5/1876 Linnehan, Patrick  Male Single 75 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/10/1861 Linnehan, Patrick  Male   40 y.  Cancer of Stomach   Ireland      
10/8/1874 Linnehan, William  Male   63 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/21/1904 Linnen, Mary  Female Single 68 y.  Acute Enteritis Housework Ireland Patrick & Unknown (Griffin) Linnen Ireland Buried Concord
7/10/1874 Linnett, John  Male Married 44 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Canada Joseph & Victorine Canada  
4/6/1861 Linnihan, Mary  Female   3 y.  Hydrocephalus   Boston IP      
6/21/1872 Linseed, John  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Laborer England Charles & Mary England  
6/1/1854 Linton, James  Male   2 y. 4 m.  Debility          
5/15/1854 Linton, John G Male   9 m.  Scrofula          
11/5/1899 Lister, Thomas  Male Widower 57 y.  Carcinoma of Stomach Merchant Scotland Thomas & Euphemia Scotland Buried Tewksbury
2/17/1897 Littell, Phillip F Male Widower 59 y.  Apoplexy Laborer RI Phillip & Martha RI & MA Buried Everett
9/1/1866 Little, Bridget  Female Married 40 y.  Inanition Ireland        
12/23/1871 Little, Catharine  Female Widow 37 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Charles & Sarah McLaughlin Ireland  
6/15/1868 Little, James  Male Single 50 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/10/1866 Little, John  Male   2 y.  Marasmus "Boston, MA"        
6/7/1874 Little, Mary J Female Unknown 87 y.  Debility Domestic Canada Unknown Unknown  
12/25/1889 Little, Nelson  Male Married 52 y.  Hemiplegia Laborer Canada Mitchell & Frances Canada  
12/28/1904 Little, Sylvia  Female Widow 75 y.  Cancer of Oesophegus Housework "Westport, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Norwell
11/10/1867 Livermore, Mary  Female Unknown 30 y.  Phthisis   "Salem, MA" Unknown Unknown  
1/26/1868 Livingston, Arthur  Male   14 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/9/1900 Lloyd, David  Male Widower 62 y.  Chronic Cystitis Weaver England David & Jane England Buried Tewksbury
9/14/1898 Loan, Mary  Female Single 1 y. 4 m.  Cholera Infantum   CT Margaret & Unknown CT Buried Tewksbury
5/13/1881 Lobb, Samuel  Male Single 48 y.  Pneumonia & Alcoholism Stone Cutter England Samuel & Elizabeth England  
10/16/1899 Locke, B. Frank  Male Married 74 y.  Myocarditis & Dementia Farmer MA Benjamin & Sally MA Buried Tewksbury
3/27/1872 Locke, Emily  Female Married 23 y.  Puerperal Fever Domestic Prince Edward Island Richard & Fanny England  
2/2/1902 Locke, Robert  Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Farmer Ireland Robert & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/22/1872 Locke, Thomas  Male   2 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Tewksbury, MA" Emily & William Prince Edward Island  
5/10/1872 Locke, William  Male   52 d. Cholera Infantum   "Tewksbury, MA" Emily & William Prince Edward Island  
10/22/1871 Lockey, William  Male Married 60 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Christopher & Mary Ireland  
5/17/1870 Lockhart, Isabella  Female Widow 40 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Scotland Unknown Unknown  
7/10/1878 Lockton, Richard  Male Single 8 m.  Chronic Enteritis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
9/29/1896 Lodge, Joseph  Male Widower 80 y.  Senility & Amblyopia Unknown England William & Priscilla England Buried Boston
10/16/1897 Loeb, William  Male Single 57 y.  "Cardiac, Mitral" Clothing Business Germany Emanuel & Rosa Germany Buried Boston
2/8/1875 Loeman, Mary A Female Married 21 y.  Phthisis Domestic "St. John, NB" Dennis Murphy & Unknown "St. John, NB"  
3/8/1874 Loftis, Patrick  Male Married 42 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Catherine Ireland  
8/31/1890 Loftus, Catherine  Female Unknown 46 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/30/1882 Loftus, George  Male Widower 55 y.  Tuberculosis Laborer Ireland James & Margaret Ireland  
11/30/1905 Loftus, Mary Agnes  Female Single 57 y.  Cancer of Breast Mill Operative Ireland John & Mary (Doherty) Loftus Ireland Buried Thorndike
1/4/1890 Loftus, Pasquale  Male Single 36 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Laborer Italy Unknown Italy  
3/6/1905 Logan, Albert  Male Single 62 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Sailor "Eastport, ME" Samuel & Abigail (Oliver) Logan "Lubec, ME & St. John, NB" Buried Tewksbury
3/27/1902 Logan, Bridget  Female Married 63 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Housewife Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/5/1896 Logan, Isabella  Female Married 50 y.  Cardiac & Cancer Housewife Ireland Robert McCutcheon & Mary Unknown Buried Clinton
5/2/1874 Logan, John  Male   41 d. Debility   "Boston, MA" Mary & Unknown Ireland  
2/21/1866 Logan, Matthew  Male Widower 50 y.  Paralysis Ireland        
11/26/1902 Logan, Rita  Female Single 1 y.  Marasmus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/6/1895 Logan, Thomas  Male Widower 77 y.  Erysipelas Farmer Ireland Thomas & Esther Ireland Buried Holyoke
6/1/1903 Logan, William  Male Single 9 m.  Marasmus   "Lawrence, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/15/1890 Logue, William  Male Single 50 y.  Bronchitis Blacksmith Ireland Daniel & Sarah Ireland  
7/8/1871 Lohey, Johanna  Female Married 55 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
4/12/1867 Lomar, Daniel  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis   Ireland William & Mary Ireland  
4/9/1902 Lomba, Johanna  Female Married 28 y.  Phthisis Operative Unknown Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
4/24/1902 Lomba, Raymond  Male Single 6 m.  Phthisis   "Wareham, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/10/1900 Lombard, Corliss  Male Married 40 y.  Phthisis Teamster Canada Joseph & Mary Canada Buried Tewksbury
4/11/1900 Lombard, James  Male Widower 57 y.  Chronic Enteritis Laborer Wales John & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/31/1862 Lombard, John  Male   1 y. 2 m.  Cholera Infantum          
3/13/1904 Londea, Hattie  Female Widow 34 y.  General Tuberculosis Housework VA Jacob & Martha (Evans) Riddick VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
11/5/1883 Londirgan, John  Male   40 y.  Phthisis Fireman   Unknown    
8/16/1900 Lonergan, Kate  Female Single 42 y.  Primary Anaemia Housekeeper Ireland William & Mary Unknown Buried Cambridgeport
10/11/1902 Long, Albert G Male Widower 57 y.  Bronchial Asthma Machinist ME Isaac & Susan "Boston, MA & Ireland" Buried Tewksbury
6/5/1903 Long, Deliah  Female Unknown 68 y.  Gangrene of Leg Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Hyde Park"
5/21/1863 Long, Ellen  Female Married 78 y.  "Senile, Gangrene"   Ireland      
8/7/1893 Long, Hannah  Female Single 61 y.  Diarrhoea & Cerebral Hemorrhage Domestic Ireland Edward & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/7/1893 Long, Henry J Male Single 1 m. 15 d. Congenital Syphilis   "Boston, MA" James Long & Alice Murphy US & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/18/1881 Long, Jacob  Male Widower 80 y.  Old Age Laborer Germany Unknown Unknown  
3/13/1890 Long, James S Male Single 20 y.  Phthisis Laborer NY William & Marian NY  
5/7/1892 Long, John D Male Widower 38 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dennis & Catherine Ireland  
7/20/1887 Long, Nellie  Female Single 29 y.  Epilepsy Tailoress ME James & Fanny Ireland  
3/31/1873 Long, Phillis  Female   3 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/25/1879 Long, Rosa  Female Married 56 y.  Chronic Bright's Operative Germany Unknown Unknown  
10/10/1876 Long, Thomas  Male Married 65 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland John & Ellen Ireland  
12/3/1904 Longfellow, Joseph M Male Single 68 y.  Myocarditis Salesman ME Sewall & Louisa (Clark) Longfellow ME & Scotland Buried Boston
1/1/1859 Longguith, Nicholas  Male   6 m.  Infantile Debility   Mass      
10/9/1903 Lonholdt, Fred C.C. Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Woodturner Denmark Unknown Denmark Buried Tewksbury
2/14/1863 Lonington, Clementine  Female Single 32 y.  Phthisis   Pennsylvania     Check last name
1/2/1862 Loobey, William  Male   4 y.  Marasmus   Maine Born in Ireland    
1/23/1895 Looby, Annie  Female Single 8 m.  Bronchitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Thomas Mack? & Hannah Looby Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/26/1873 Looby, Michael  Male Widower 52 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Johanna Ireland  
4/14/1905 Look, Moy  Male Single 28 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laundry Work China Unknown China Buried Boston
10/2/1890 Looney, Patrick D Male Single 32 y.  Syphilis Currier Ireland Dennis & Joanna Ireland  
1/1/1895 Looney, Timothy  Male Single 51 y.  Asthma & Cardiac Laborer Ireland James & Johanna Ireland Buried Boston
7/15/1882 Looskin, Bridget  Female Single 37 y.  Suicide by Hanging Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/7/1890 Lootie, John  Male Married 25 y.  Phthisis Shoe Cutter Canada Leon & Anastasia Canada  
1/4/1898 Lopatkiewcz, Maryanna  Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Operative Poland John & Antoinette Poland Buried Tewksbury
7/16/1876 Lopez, John A Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis Seaman Fayal Unknown Fayal  
12/9/1869 Loraine, George  Male   1 m.  Debility   "Boston, MA" Bradford & Lizzie MA  
12/21/1901 Lord, Aaron G Male Married 77 y.  Senility Laborer MA Aaron & Lydia MA Buried Springfield
11/15/1863 Lord, Caleb  Male Married 60 y.  Inanition   Maine      
7/11/1866 Lord, Davis N Male Married 45 y.  Paralysis "Berwick, ME"        
12/2/1892 Lord, Honora  Female Widow 29 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Ireland Thomas & Bridget Landers? Ireland  
6/9/1894 Lord, Joseph  Male Widower 88 y.  Pneumonia & Cardiac Farmer NH Joseph & Abigail NH Buried Tewksbury
2/16/1902 Lord, Malvina  Female Widow 84 y.  Senility Housework "Boston, MA" John & Harriet "Boston, MA & Philadelphia, PA" Buried Cambridge
2/1/1896 Lorden, Michael  Male Single 30 y.  "Cancer, abdominal" Laborer Ireland Timothy & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/25/1904 Loretta, Jane  Female Widow 30 y.  Phthisis Housework Italy Phillip Fille & Unknown Italy Buried Cambridge
1/31/1889 Loring, Annie  Female Married 70 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Patrick & Mary Malloy Ireland  
12/4/1887 Loring, Benjamin  Male Widower 62 y.  Debility Laborer ME Zaccheus & Blank MA & ME  
5/6/1858 Loring, Daniel  Male   59 y.  Debility   Ireland      
5/12/1854 Loring, George  Male   5 m.  Diarrhoea          
5/20/1854 Loring, John  Male   6 y.  Consumption   Boston IP      
9/5/1867 Lornie, Agnes L Female Single 4 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Mother Agnes Mountain Scotland alias Mountain
7/19/1902 Lortie, Hector  Male Single 48 y.  Stricture of Aesophagus Wood Carver Quebec John & Musette Quebec Buried Tewksbury
5/4/1905 Losson, Annie  Female Single 56 y.  Phthisis None Sweden Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/19/1905 Lothrop, Charles  Male Married 64 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Engineer ME Leander & Anna MA & ME Buried Tewksbury
5/20/1889 Lothrop, Isaac  Male Widower 77 y.  Debility Clerk VT Caleb & Susan VT  
4/4/1896 Louder, Mary  Female Married 51 y.  Tertiary Syphilis Housewife Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
11/26/1901 Lougee, Darius  Male Unknown 85 y.  Senility Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/27/1891 Loughlin, John  Male Widower 73 y.  Bronchitis Fireman Ireland Hugh & Ann Ireland  
7/9/1866 Louisa, Hannah  Female   2 m.  Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
6/25/1859 Louisa, Stewart  Female   15 d. Cong. Syphilis   Mass      
6/18/1894 Louiz, Louis  Male Unknown 24 y.  Phthisis Unknown Italy Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/15/1898 Louney, Jeremiah  Male Widower 51 y.  Apoplexia Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Lowell
6/12/1903 Loung, Chin  Male Married 39 y.  Phthisis Laundry China Chin Shun & Fow Sing China Buried Boston
9/21/1865 Loury, Ellen  Female Single 47 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/21/1878 Love, Elizabeth  Female Widow 81 y.  Old Age   Ireland John & Margaret Ireland  
7/19/1898 Love, John  Male Single 44 y.  Phthisis Butcher "Newburyport, MA" William & Mary Scotland & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/24/1856 Love, Margaret  Female   1 m.  Marasmus   Tewksbury      
3/30/1874 Lovegrove, Guy  Male   Unknown y.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/17/1900 Lovering, Henry W Male ? 47 y.  Chronic Nephritis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Alias Wm. H., Buried Tewksbury"
5/10/1905 Lovett, Daniel  Male Widower 50 y.  Aortic Insufficiency Teamster VA Denby? & Elsie TN & VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/7/1875 Lovett, John  Male Unknown 53 y.  Atrophy Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/12/1877 Low, Franklin  Male Single 14 d. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/18/1903 Low, Ellen  Female Married 29 y.  General Paralysis Dressmaker England Mark & Ellen Leonard England Buried Tewksbury
4/23/1896 Low, James C Male Married 72 y.  Nephritis Cooper ME David & Susan ME Buried Tewksbury
3/9/1900 Lowe, Catherine  Female Single 58 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea none Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/17/1861 Lowe, David  Male   70 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland      
11/13/1879 Lowell, Abiel C Male Married 60 y.  Chronic Bright's Jeweller New Brunswick John & Rebecca MA  
6/22/1859 Lowell, Charles  Male   4 m.  Infant Debility   Unknown      
5/9/1857 Lowell, Emma  Female   6 m.  Infantile Debility   Massachusetts      
1/12/1871 Lowell, Henry  Male   21 d. Debility   "Lowell, MA" Unknown Unknown  
6/21/1868 Lowell, John  Male   1 m. 5 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/4/1903 Lowell, Lewis J Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Farmer MA George B. & Isabella M. Lowell MA & GA Buried Newburyport
2/7/1855 Lowell, Mary Jane  Girl   3 y.  Scrofula          
7/16/1878 Lowell, Robert  Male Single 13 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/25/1858 Lowry, Margaret  Female   4 y.  Convulsions   New Hampshire      
3/2/1896 Lowry, Patrick  Male Single 38 y.  Pneumonia Mill Hand Ireland Michael & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/14/1874 Loyd, Elizabeth C Female Widow 36 y.  Phthisis Operative Germany John & Sarah Schriner Germany  
4/28/1897 Loyd, John  Male Single 77 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea & Cardiac Canvasser Wales Isaac & Mary England Buried Tewksbury
7/4/1881 Loyd, John  Male Unknown 50 y.  Paraplegia   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/21/1887 Luby, Ellen  Female Unknown 60 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/16/1900 Lucas, Eliza  Female Married 37 y.  Phthisis Housekeeper MA John & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/6/1894 Lucas, Hannah  Female Married 69 y.  Pneumonia Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/4/1897 Lucas, James  Male Widower 68 y.  Chronic Nephritis Blacksmith Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/4/1871 Lucas, John  Male Unknown 62 y.  Paralysis Seaman "Boston, MA" James & Margaret ME  
10/18/1870 Lucas, Thomas  Male Unknown 76 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/11/1904 Luccio, Antonio  Male Married 34 y.  Paraplegia Laborer Italy Pasquale & Christina (Nuchia) Luccio Italy Buried Tewksbury
1/17/1879 Lucey, Julia  Female Single 1 m.  Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/28/1873 Lucia, Peter  Male Married 59 y.  Debility Laborer Canada John & Josephine Canada  
3/5/1885 Luckinburg, Louis  Male Single 60 y.  Heart Disease Sailor Germany Unknown Germany  
1/16/1886 Lucy, Abigail  Female Unknown Unknown y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/22/1858 Lucy, Honora  Female   2 m.  Infant Debility Foundling Almshouse      
7/30/1855 Lucy, Michael  Man   48 y.  Dropsy Ascites          
8/12/1879 Lucy, Sarah  Female Married 60 y.  Dysentery   Ireland Robert & Grace Ireland  
8/24/1895 Luding, Patrick  Male Married 52 y.  Epilepsy Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
4/3/1858 Ludson, John  Male   78 y.  Senile Debility   England      
3/17/1897 Luigi, Nicoli  Male Single 20 y.  Pneumonia Laborer Italy Unknown Italy Buried Malden
8/10/1880 Lumbart, Solomon S Male Married 71 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Painter ME Joseph & Jane ME  
5/5/1865 Lumonico, John  Male Unknown 49 y.  Pneumonia   Sicily      
10/31/1896 Lundborg, John A Male Married 26 y.  Phthisis Painter Sweden Olamel & Anna Sweden Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1905 Lundstrom, Andrew  Male Widower 73 y.  Phthisis Blacksmith Sweden John & Christina (Nelson) Lundstrom Sweden Buried Tewksbury
1/21/1902 Lung, Lee Gim  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Laundry Work China Unknown China "Alias Quon Wo, Buried Boston"
6/10/1904 Lurton, Joseph  Male Married 51 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Spinner "Readville, ME" Levi & Celia (Jefferson) Lurton ME Buried Tewksbury
1/10/1856 Luscomb, John  Male   1 y. 1 m.  Marasmus   Boston      
12/23/1855 Luscomb, Mary Ann  Woman   13 y.  Syphilitic Consumption          
12/3/1886 Luther, Charles  Male Single 18 y.  Apoplexy   England Unknown Unknown  
8/31/1882 Luther, Charles J Male Married 71 y.  Old Age & Epilepsy Farmer RI Henry & Mary A. Unknown  
8/22/1878 Luther, Elishia  Male Married 84 y.  Old Age Farmer "Swansea, MA" Ela & Lavinia MA  
10/22/1871 Lyden, Bridget  Female Married 33 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Michael & Margaret Ireland  
5/15/1888 Lyden, Joseph  Male Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine Lyden & Joseph Ford Ireland & US  
8/2/1868 Lylle, Elizabeth  Female Widow 67 y.  Typhoid Fever   Scotland Unknown Scotland  
8/12/1858 Lyman, Deborah  Female   3 m.  Infant Debility   Mass      
3/15/1873 Lynapp, Martin  Male Single 45 y.  Paralysis Laborer Ireland Richard & Catherine Ireland  
3/4/1894 Lynch, Agnes  Female Widow 61 y.  Phthisis Housewife Ireland John Dolan & Mary Brogan Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/22/1870 Lynch, Ann  Female Unknown 65 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/12/1876 Lynch, Ann J Female   59 y.  Heart Disease Housewife Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/17/1903 Lynch, Annie A Female Widow 35 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland not listed
12/14/1881 Lynch, Bernard  Male Widow 73 y.  Old Age Tailor Ireland Lawrence & Julia Ireland  
2/28/1900 Lynch, Bridget  Female Married 82 y.  Myocarditis Housework Ireland James & Margaret Ireland Buried Arlington
10/2/1865 Lynch, Bridget  Female Widow 55 y.  Disease of Kidneys   Ireland      
2/6/1876 Lynch, Bridget  Female Single 50 y.  Typhoid Fever Domestic Ireland Thomas & Joanna Ireland  
7/13/1876 Lynch, Bridget  Female Unknown 35 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/7/1865 Lynch, Catherine  Female Single 22 y.  Gastritis   Ireland      
10/5/1870 Lynch, David  Male Unknown 86 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/18/1904 Lynch, Dennis  Male Single 67 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Stone Mason Ireland David & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/20/1883 Lynch, Dennis  Male Widower 30 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Edward & Bridget Ireland  
4/28/1873 Lynch, Eliza J Female Single 44 y.  Uterine Hemorrhage Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/5/1901 Lynch, Frank  Male Single 40 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland Patrick & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/5/1869 Lynch, George  Male   8 m.  Infantile Debility   "Lawrence, MA" William & Eliza Ireland  
1/31/1893 Lynch, Honora  Female Widow 53 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland John & Margaret Kelvy Ireland Buried Lowell
8/3/1879 Lynch, James  Male Single 50 y.  Dysentery Cattle Dealer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland  
1/1/1856 Lynch, Jane  Female   2 y.  Debility   Westford      
7/6/1858 Lynch, Jeremiah  Male   20 y.  Inanition   Ireland      
8/10/1904 Lynch, John  Male Single 48 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Mill Operative "Lowell, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Lowell
1/13/1893 Lynch, John  Male Single 1 m. 18 d. Inanition   MA Nora & Frank Ireland & MA Buried Tewksbury
11/20/1896 Lynch, John  Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Longshoreman Ireland Owen & Hannah Ireland Buried Boston
12/15/1859 Lynch, John  Male   28 d. Infant Debility   Mass      
7/11/1871 Lynch, John  Male Widower 68 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Hugh & Mary Ireland  
7/11/1894 Lynch, John  Male Single 39 y.  Supperating Hip Hemorrhage Laborer Ireland Timothy & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/24/1885 Lynch, Margaret  Female Unknown 44 y.  Tuberculosis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/19/1885 Lynch, Mary  Female Unknown 85 y.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/16/1874 Lynch, Mary  Female Single 75 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
9/4/1864 Lynch, Mary  Female   22 y.  Syph. & Phthisis   Ireland      
3/16/1880 Lynch, Mary Jr.  Female Single 2 m.  Syphilis   "Boston, MA" John & Mary England & Ireland  
4/2/1902 Lynch, Michael  Male Widower 76 y.  Facial Erysipelas Woolsorter Ireland Hugh & Bridget Ireland Buried Lawrence
6/6/1881 Lynch, Michael  Male Single 55 y.  Fracture of Vertebrae Laborer Ireland Bartholomew & Kate Ireland  
9/29/1879 Lynch, Michael  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Teamster "Cambridge, MA" James & Sarah Ireland  
11/6/1900 Lynch, Patrick  Male Widower 44 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Timothy & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/6/1862 Lynch, Patrick  Male   41 y.  Consumption          
8/17/1883 Lynch, Peter  Male   60 y.  Cancer of Jaw Operative Ireland Murty & Kate Ireland  
6/7/1858 Lynch, Richard  Male   37 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/17/1866 Lynch, Sarah  Female Widow 40 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
8/21/1856 Lynch, Sarah  Female   2 m.  Infantile Debility   Boston      
8/23/1868 Lynch, Sarah  Female Unknown 35 y.  Inanition   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/8/1873 Lynch, Thomas  Male Widower 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Thomas    
9/7/1886 Lynch, Thomas  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Currier Canada John & Ellen Canada  
3/29/1905 Lyndon, John  Male Single 46 y.  Locomotor Ataxia Cabinet Maker Ireland James & Mary A. (Martin) Lyndon Ireland Buried Boston
2/2/1901 Lynds, George R Male Single 40 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Nova Scotia Lemuel & Mary Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
10/21/1901 Lynds, James  Male Single 52 y.  Chronic Nephritis Butcher NY John & Jennie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/20/1881 Lynes, Patrick  Male Unknown 75 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/10/1872 Lynn, Catharine  Female   66 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
5/24/1891 Lynn, James  Male Married 58 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
9/28/1905 Lynn, William  Male Widower 57 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer Ireland James & Jane (Bingham) Lynn Ireland Buried Brookline
5/13/1883 Lyon, Thomas  Male   82 y.  Heart Disease Hostler Ireland Thomas & Nancy    
2/20/1875 Lyons, Cornelius  Male Widower 72 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/27/1876 Lyons, Denis  Male Unknown 77 y.  Pneumonia Blacksmith Ireland Denis & Bridget Ireland  
8/16/1887 Lyons, Edward  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Weaver Ireland Michael & Margaret Ireland  
6/26/1894 Lyons, Eugene  Male Single 62 y.  Debility Tailor Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/25/1905 Lyons, Frank J Male Single 60 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Salesman Ireland Timothy & Catherine (O'Neil) Lyons Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/25/1900 Lyons, James  Male Single 32 y.  Delirium Tremens Sailor RI William & Unknown Ireland Buried Boston
5/10/1868 Lyons, Jeremiah  Male Single 44 y.  Epilepsy Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/11/1900 Lyons, John  Male Single 52 y.  Oedema of Lungs Railroading Ireland James & Ann Ireland Buried Lawrence
2/25/1879 Lyons, John  Male Single 1 m.  Marasmus   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/9/1896 Lyons, John  Male Married 48 y.  Valvular Cardiac Disease Laborer Ireland John & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/9/1900 Lyons, Julia  Female Widow 55 y.  Diabetes Mellitis & Gangrene Foot Laundress Ireland James & Bridget Ireland Buried Boston
4/7/1905 Lyons, Maggie  Female Single 42 y.  Gastro Enteritis None Ireland Daniel & Ellen Unknown & Ireland Buried Arlington
7/2/1872 Lyons, Margaret  Female Unknown 70 y.  Debility Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/5/1870 Lyons, Margaret  Female Single 80 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Christopher & Alice Ireland  
9/6/1870 Lyons, Mary  Female Married 86 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
1/2/1890 Lyons, Michael  Male Widower 65 y.  Heart Disease Waiter Ireland John & Delia Ireland  
4/8/1896 Lyons, Michael P Male Single 2 m. 19 d. Inanition   "Worcester, MA" Nellie Lyons & Michael Pendergast Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/13/1867 Lyons, Michael  Male Unknown 28 y.  Typhoid Fever   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
7/16/1872 Lyons, Murtah  Male Single 69 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/10/1899 Lyons, Patrick  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/30/1899 Lyons, Patrick  Male Married 38 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Dan & Kate Ireland Buried tewksbury
11/13/1894 Lythgo, Robert  Male Single 76 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Cardiac Laborer England John & Fannie England Buried Tewksbury
11/4/1873 Lythgon, Joseph  Male Married 63 y.  Debility Weaver England John & Fannie England  
2/5/1883 Lytle, James  Male Married 38 y.  Abscess of Liver Laborer Ireland Alexander & Lethesia Ireland  

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