Deaths Reported to the State of Massachusetts by the Tewksbury Almshouse

The following records were transcribed from vital records reporting deaths at the hospital to the state. The vital records will only report patients who died at the hospital, and do not always record where the patients are buried. The content of the death records vary each year.

You may contact Mass Archives in Boston to obtain copies of all death records in this database.

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Date of Death Name Sex Condition Age Disease or Cause of Death Occupation Place of Birth Names of Parents Place of Birth of Parents Comments
12/3/1855 Pace, Ruby  Girl   6 y.  Scarlet Fever          
10/14/1900 Packard, Hollis  Male Single 77 y.  Senility none MA Solomon & Sally MA Buried Tewksbury
7/3/1902 Packard, Jerome  Male Unknown 68 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/3/1904 Packwood, Richard T Male Widower 66 y.  Hemiplegia Physician NY Samuel & Mary West Indies & CT Buried Tewksbury
12/12/1891 Padrie, Peter  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Cook India ? & Mary India Colored
7/19/1903 Page, Frank  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Mill Canada Louis & Mary La Maire Canada not listed
8/20/1874 Page, George P Male Widower 75 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer England James & Betsy England  
7/17/1900 Page, Louis  Male Unknown 77 y.  Senile Dementia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Chelmsford
2/28/1894 Page, Minnie  Female Divorced 55 y.  Phthisis - renal Domestic Quebec Peter & Maria Quebec Buried Tewksbury
2/2/1905 Page, William  Male Widower 38 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer Canada George & Unknown Canada Buried Tewksbury
5/19/1898 Pahrman, Axel  Male Single 38 y.  Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Cabinet Maker Sweden Adolf & Annie Sweden Buried Tewksbury
5/5/1892 Painter, Joseph  Male Single 59 y.  Pneumonia Painter England Jacob & Jane England & Scotland  
9/6/1905 Palander, Frank  Male Married 25 y.  Phthisis Laborer Finland Frank & Gustova (Lebly?) Palander Finland Buried Tewksbury
9/4/1904 Palmer, Daniel G Male Single 55 y.  Chronic Cystitis Peddler MA William & Mary MA Buried Tewksbury
7/21/1891 Palmer, Jane  Female Widow 42 y.  Carcinoma Cook England James? & Mary Williams? (Sullivan) England  
1/30/1867 Palmer, John H Male Unknown 65 y.  Senile Debility   Norway Unknown Unknown  
12/28/1859 Palmer, John  Male   50 y.  Pnuemonia   England      
10/9/1881 Palmer, Leoming B Male Widower 65 y.  Chronic Nephritis Painter NY Unknown Unknown  
11/27/1870 Palmer, Mary  Female Single 25 y.  Paralysis Domestic "Quincy, MA" George & Ann Ireland  
2/24/1899 Palmer, Robert E Male Single 17 y.  Tubercular Peritonitis Farmer MA William & Lizzie MA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
6/4/1897 Palouse, Joseph  Male Single 29 y.  Miliary Tuberculosis Laborer Italy Virgean & Caramille Italy Buried Malden
8/1/1905 Pampalas, Kazimaras  Male Married 31 y.  Phthisis Laborer Russia William & Mary (Degonmity?) Pampalas Russia Buried Tewksbury
5/17/1866 Pannell, Thomas  Male   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility "Boston, MA"        
12/7/1900 Paoni, Annie  Female Married 36 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1883 Papine, Salemo  Male   23 y.  Necrosis & Debility   Italy Unknown Italy  
7/20/1898 Paradis, Eugenie  Female Widow 39 y.  Phthisis Operative Canada Unknown Canada Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1871 Parish, Richard  Male Unknown 76 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer England James & Mary England  
9/25/1875 Park, John  Male Widower 73 y.  Debility Weaver Isle of Guernsey Gilbert & Jeanette Scotland  
7/8/1883 Parker, Alfred  Male   50 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Laborer Nova Scotia John & Mary    
5/5/1901 Parker, Amory  Male Single 73 y.  Hemiplegia Laborer MA Daniel & Sarah MA Buried Hubbardston
2/21/1900 Parker, Augustus W Male Widower 64 y.  Bronchial Asthma & Debility Gardener MA Unknown MA Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1902 Parker, Catherine P Female Widow 74 y.  Acute Gastro Enteritis Housework NH Joseph & Lucinda NH Buried Tewksbury
1/4/1878 Parker, Charles  Male Single 2 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/21/1903 Parker, Edward L Male Married 54 y.  Phthisis Barber "Washington, DC" Edward & Sidney VA "Colored, Buried Waltham"
9/30/1905 Parker, Eng Guey  Male Single 50 y.  Myocarditis Laundryman China Unknown China Buried Boston
10/14/1862 Parker, Frances  Female   20 y.  Died from Injuries          
4/16/1904 Parker, Frank  Male Married 39 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Cook CT Jeremiah & Fanny CT & NJ Buried Tewksbury
9/12/1883 Parker, Fred  Male Single 2 m.  Measles   "Boston, MA" George & Louise NY & ME  
8/29/1900 Parker, George  Male Single 71 y.  Cardiac Aortic Disease Laborer MA Rheuben & Mary Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/3/1888 Parker, George A Male Widower 40 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Nova Scotia William & Eliza Nova Scotia  
5/25/1871 Parker, Harriet  Female Single 21 y.  Apoplexy Domestic VA Unknown Unknown Colored
8/8/1869 Parker, James  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Anna Ireland  
9/29/1886 Parker, James  Male Single 72 y.  Bright's Disease Vender Ireland William & Mary Ireland  
2/22/1881 Parker, Lillie  Female Single 5 d. Malformation   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary Parker & Charles Welch "Boston, MA & Nova Scotia"  
4/24/1905 Parker, Louisa  Female Widow 84 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Weaver MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/19/1905 Parker, Martha  Female Single 61 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Domestic "Woburn, MA" F. F. & Rosanna (Dean) Parker Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/1/1868 Parker, Mary  Female Married 37 y.  Diarrhoea   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/29/1859 Parker, Mary  Female   3 m.  Cong. Syphilis   Unknown      
1/26/1887 Parker, Michael  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Winifred Ireland  
12/2/1880 Parker, Samuel  Male Single 3 y.  Meningitis   "Lynn, MA" Samuel & Eva "Boston, MA"  
5/5/1903 Parker, William  Male Single 33 y.  Phthisis Plasterer VT Edward & Unknown VT & NH "Buried Barre, VT"
12/14/1866 Parker, William  Male Single 72 y.  Senile Debility England        
5/27/1872 Parker, William  Male   12 d. Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary E. Parker & Joseph Johnson VA Colored
6/27/1871 Parker, William  Male   1 m.  Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Harriet Parker & John Morris VA Colored
2/24/1879 Parkinson, Richard  Male Married 69 y.  Syphilis Cabinet Maker England Richard & Mary England  
8/6/1903 Parks, Amy  Female Widow 63 y.  Acute Enteritis Housework NY Unknown & Lizzie NY not listed
3/24/1855 Parks, Edwain  Man   23 y.  Consumption          
10/20/1879 Parks, Joseph  Male Single 60 y.  Phthisis Tailor Scotland John & Ann Scotland  
6/13/1904 Parmenter, Henry E Male Single 59 y.  Chronic Interstitial Nephritis Shoemaker MA William & Adeline (Titus) Parmenter MA Buried Tewksbury
1/26/1903 Paro, Charles  Male Married 83 y.  Phthisis Farmer Canada Warsah & Charlotte Canada Buried Marlboro
2/9/1905 Parodi, Rocco  Male Single 53 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Fruit Vender Italy John & Solarie (Paola) Parodi Italy Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1869 Parris, Mary  Female Unknown 85 y.  Debility   Africa Unknown Unknown Colored
4/23/1869 Parrish, Isabella  Female Married 59 y.  Paralysis   England Unknown England  
4/30/1897 Parrotta, Gaetano  Male Married 39 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Nicholas & Mary Italy Buried Tewksbury
1/2/1896 Parsons, Frances R Female Widow 51 y.  Scald of Thigh Domestic NY Edward & Victoria Hayes Unknown Buried Tewksbury
7/11/1860 Parsons, George  Male   34 y.  Caries of Spine Laborer Nova Scotia      
9/7/1895 Particular, Nothing  Male Unknown 73 y.  Phthisis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/22/1903 Partington, Charles  Male Widower 67 y.  Chronic Enteritis Bricklayer England Edmund & Sarah England Buried Boston
6/1/1879 Partridge, Mary  Female Single 2 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/23/1889 Pascovitch, Anton  Male Single 47 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Russia Unknown Russia  
3/30/1902 Pascuci, Angelo  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Joseph & Anomchetti Italy Buried Tewksbury
3/6/1905 Paselt, Otto Paul  Male Married 54 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Weaver Germany Godfried & Susannah (Halam) Paselt Germany Buried Tewksbury
11/8/1892 Pastel, Annie  Female Married 28 y.  Phthisis Weaver Germany August & Henrietta Dietzel Germany  
8/23/1874 Patenan, Arthur  Male Single 17 y.  Softening of Brain None Canada Robert & Unknown Canada  
9/29/1868 Patiguan, Antoine  Male Single 20 y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer Canada Unknown Canada  
4/17/1886 Patrone, Francisco  Male Married 54 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Sailor Italy John & Mary Italy  
3/18/1899 Pattee, Annie  Female Single 11 m. 13 d. Tuberculosis   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Anabel Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/20/1878 Patten, James  Male Unknown 27 y.  Heart Disease Bar Tender "Danvers, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/22/1858 Patten, Mary E Female   2 y. 6 m.  Gangrene Oris   Boston      
4/5/1891 Patterson, Annie  Female Widow 61 y.  Diarrhoea Tailoress ME Robert ? & Mary ? ME  
3/1/1866 Patterson, Ellen  Female Married 42 y.  Phthisis "Concord, MA"        
11/7/1884 Patterson, Flavel  Male Widower 79 y.  Debility Laborer VT Almond & Betsey NH  
4/26/1894 Patterson, Fred B Male Widower 55 y.  Nephritis & Asthma Barber TX Robert & Margaret FL & TX Buried Tewksbury
12/24/1900 Patterson, Henry M Male Married 51 y.  Phthisis Painter VT Calvin & Jane VT Buried Tewksbury
1/1/1891 Patterson, James  Male Widower 65 y.  Acute Nephritis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/14/1898 Patterson, James  Male Single 47 y.  Phthisis Machinist Ireland Daniel & Lavina Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/20/1875 Patterson, John  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Barber MD Unknown Unknown Colored
1/1/1900 Patterson, Laura  Female Widow 34 y.  Cerebral Haemorrhage Tailoress England Alfred & Martha England & Wales Buried Tewksbury
9/2/1905 Patterson, Margaret  Female Married 56 y.  Cancer of Stomach Housework Ireland Thomas & Kate (Madden) Hosford Ireland "Husband Matthew, Buried Arlington"
5/8/1863 Patterson, Rankin W Male   2 y.  Cong. Syph.   "Lowell, MA" Mary A. Patterson Ireland  
3/5/1903 Patterson, Thomas A Male Widower 56 y.  Gangrene of Lung Laborer New Brunswick Thomas & Ann Ireland Buried W. Roxbury
8/20/1904 Patterson, William  Male Widower 55 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Waiter ME William & Mary (Holland) Patterson MA & ME "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
1/9/1883 Patterson, William  Male Widower 70 y.  Congestion of Lungs Seaman "Taunton, MA" Mary Ann   Colored
11/2/1883 Patterson, William  Male Single 44 y.  Heart Disease Mason VA Natt. & Jane VA Colored
6/18/1904 Patti, Anna  Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Housework Italy Antonio Patti & Unknown Italy Buried Lawrence
12/1/1874 Patton, James G Male Single 44 y.  Softening of Brain Laborer "Nashua, NH" John & Sarah NH  
3/17/1882 Paul, George  Male Single 24 d. Umbilical Hemorrhage   "Holbrook, MA" Frank & Sarah Nova Scotia & Canada Indian
3/20/1863 Paull, Emma  Female   21 d. Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Henry & Ellen Paull US & England  
7/30/1890 Paver, Christiana  Female Widow 68 y.  Cancer of Stomach Domestic England Robert & Ann Hutchinson England  
6/20/1900 Pawetek, Eva  Female Single 5 m. 15 d. Tubercular Meningitis   MA Unknown & Mary Poland Buried Tewksbury
2/13/1885 Payden, Clement  Male Widower 55 y.  Heart Disease Engineer England Henry & Susan England  
10/7/1903 Payne, Bannah  Male Married 27 y.  Phthisis Cook NC Anderson & Rachel NC & VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
2/14/1897 Payne, Hulda  Female Widow 70 y.  Debility Domestic Hanson Unknown Unknown "Alias Reuben, Buried Hanover Centre"
6/18/1871 Payne, James  Male Married 47 y.  Heart Disease Laborer New Brunswick Unknown Unknown  
5/23/1879 Payne, Margaret  Female Married 25 y.  Heart Disease Domestic VA Thomas & Nancy Unknown  
1/13/1901 Payne, Oliver  Female Single 22 y.  Phthisis Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/28/1905 Peabody, Carrie  Female Married 42 y.  Acute Tuberculous Meningitis Housework "Salem, MA" Henry & Nancy (Newhall) Pitman "Salem, MA & So. Peabody, MA" Buried Salem
5/3/1897 Peabody, Ellen  Female Single 40 y.  Pneumonia Unknown "No. Chelmsford, MA" John & Ellen Unknown Buried Winchendon
9/23/1865 Peabody, Emily A Female   1 y.  Cong. Syphilis   "Salem, MA"      
7/4/1873 Peabody, George  Male   21 d. Convulsions   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/28/1880 Peabody, Jennie  Female Single 6 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
1/29/1875 Peabody, Jennie  Female   21 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/10/1890 Peabody, Mary F Female Widow 41 y.  Phthisis Seamstress Ireland Frank & Catherine McGrath Ireland  
6/17/1904 Peabody, Otis K Male Single 62 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Fisherman "Newburyport, MA" Charles & Julia (Williams) Peabody MA Buried Newburyport
3/17/1903 Peacock, Augustus F Male Widower 80 y.  Senility Foundry Work "Milford, NH" Daniel & Nancy "Milford, NH" Buried Tewksbury
9/7/1858 Peacock, Elizabeth  Female   3 m.  Convulsions   Lawrence      
12/25/1889 Peacock, John S Male Widower 60 y.  Heart Disease Painter NY John & Sally Ireland  
7/4/1883 Peacock, Sarah  Female Single 4 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Theresa & Mary NH  
12/24/1883 Peaks, James  Male Single Unknown y.  Phthisis Dyer England Thomas & Bridget Unknown  
11/27/1903 Pearlman, Goldie  Female Widow 75 y.  Myocarditis Housework Russia Morris & Ida Unknown Buried Dedham
6/16/1904 Pearson, David  Male Widower 82 y.  Enlarged Prostate Painter "Salem, MA" Jethro & Anna (Franks) Pearson "Salem, MA" Buried Tewksbury
10/7/1904 Pearson, Paul  Male Single 60 y.  Chronic Parenchymatous Nephritis Laborer Ireland Paul & Johanna (Mullen) Pearson Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1903 Pearson, Susan  Female Single 79 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Tailoress "Salem, MA" Benjamin & Mary "Newburyport, MA & Salem, MA" Buried Tewksbury
5/17/1879 Pearson, William  Male Single 3 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/6/1879 Pease, Emily  Female Married 40 y.  Heart Disease Domestic CT William & Betsy Unknown  
10/23/1873 Peaslee, George  Male Single 43 y.  Phthisis Brassfinisher "Fall River, MA" Benjamin & Mary England  
5/3/1871 Peck, Isaac L. Male Married 62 y.  Apoplexy Unknown "Swansea, MA" Unknown Unknown  
1/21/1902 Peck, Napoleon B Male Married 75 y.  Senility Wheelwright MA Calvin & Annie MA & VT Buried Orange
6/29/1867 Peck, Titus  Male Widower 87 y.  Atrophy   "Bristol, RI" Unknown Unknown Colored
4/4/1898 Pedescini, John  Male Single 71 y.  Myocarditis Unknown Italy Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/15/1859 Pedro, Charles  Male   31 y.  Caries Femur Barber West Indies      
11/13/1865 Peers, Sarah  Female Married 20 y.  Inanition   Ireland      
8/26/1904 Peggatt?, Michael  Male Single 46 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Kate (Barnes) Peggatt? Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/30/1856 Peggott, Michael  Male   12 y.  Heart Disease   Boston     ? Last name
11/14/1896 Pei, Andrew  Male Married 28 y.  Pyaemia Laborer Hungary Unknown Hungary Buried Tewksbury
12/20/1898 Peirce, John  Male Single 70 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Shoemaker Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/23/1864 Peirce, Mary  Female   77 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland      
9/4/1892 Pelman, Fannie  Female Widow 56 y.  Bronchitis & Heart Disease Housewife Russia Unknown Russia  
4/24/1905 Penczon, Annie  Female Single 20 y.  Phthisis Operative Poland Fred & Mary Poland Buried Tewksbury
1/30/1900 Pender, James  Male Widower 59 y.  Acute Croupous Pneumonia Gardener Scotland Albert & Elizabeth Scotland Buried Tewksbury
6/17/1867 Pender, James  Male Single 11 y.  Necrosis   St. John James & Jane "St. John, NB"  
3/10/1879 Pender, Margaret  Female Single 42 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/30/1883 Pender, Mary  Female Single 26 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Peabody, MA" James & Bridget Ireland  
12/6/1882 Pendergast, Michael  Male Widow 50 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Catherine Ireland  
11/28/1870 Pendergast, Patrick  Male Married 62 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Patrick & Ellen Ireland  
5/1/1894 Penderghast, James  Male Single 53 y.  Bronchitis & Cardiac Tailor Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/7/1905 Pendleton, Washington M Male Married 61 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Salesman "Gouldsboro, ME" Samuel & Mary (Grover) Pendleton ME Buried Winthrop
3/27/1876 Penman, George  Male Single 64 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Scotland Unknown Scotland  
3/22/1902 Penney, John S.T. Male Single 50 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Stone Mason MA Edward & Elizabeth MA Buried Tewksbury
3/8/1879 Penniman, Austin  Male Single 9 m.  Dentition & Acute Bronchitis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/17/1897 Penniman, Lillian A Female Single 2 m. 18 d. Marasmus & Acute Diarrhoea   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Mary Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
1/5/1881 Pepferts, Martin  Male Single 18 y.  Necrosis & Abscess   Germany   Germany  
5/13/1879 Perca, Charlotte  Female Single 14 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/23/1871 Perceval, Sarah E Female Single 9 y.  Epilepsy Domestic "Mansfield, MA" Thomas & Julia Unknown  
1/14/1902 Peregory, Nicholas S Male Single 70 y.  Myocarditis Carpenter MD Nicholas & Annie PA Buried Tewksbury
8/4/1879 Perely, Maude  Female Single 2 m.  Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/25/1885 Perez, Annera  Male Widower 24 y.  Phthisis Sailor Portugal Sebastian & Unknown Portugal  
7/16/1869 Perkins, Evangelina  Female   5 m.  Convulsions   MA Jesse & Mary MA  
12/18/1870 Perkins, George  Male Single 31 y.  Paralysis Laborer "Haverhill, MA" George & Unknown Unknown  
8/17/1905 Perkins, Isabella  Female Single 35 y.  Acute Enteritis None NY Robert & Isabel (Johnson) Perkins Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/23/1884 Perkins, Martha  Female Single 74 y.  Chronic Rheumatism Dressmaker England Thomas & Elizabeth Wales  
7/27/1874 Perkins, Mary Ida  Female   10 m.  Diarrhoea   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown Unknown  
6/27/1895 Perkins, William H Male Widower 70 y.  Cancer of Stomach Carpenter "Albany, NY" Richard & Catherine Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/30/1905 Perlatti, Vincent  Male Single 5 m. 11 d. Hereditary Syphilis MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
11/28/1895 Pero, Joseph  Male Single 71 y.  Fracture & Dislocation of Hip Laborer Canada Abram & Mary Pero Canada Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1902 Perra, Joseph  Male Single 1 m. 12 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown & Mary Western Islands Buried Tewksbury
7/29/1902 Perra, Mary  Female Married 27 y.  Phthisis Housework Western Islands Minerell & Mary Western Islands Buried Tewksbury
5/31/1900 Perre, James  Male Single 29 y.  Chronic Enteritis Cook Italy John & Josephine Italy Buried Tewksbury
1/23/1894 Perri, Anthony  Male Widower 53 y.  Embolism Laborer Italy Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1900 Perrin, Victor  Male Unknown 45 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Fall River
4/20/1869 Perry, Agnes  Female Married 45 y.  Atrophy   Scotland Unknown Unknown  
4/25/1899 Perry, Alonzo F Male Single 52 y.  Sarcoma of Testicle Carpenter MA John & Lydia Nova Scotia Buried Everett
10/15/1905 Perry, Fanny C Female Single 66 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Housework "Worcester, MA" Fred & Fanny (Smith) Perry "Worcester, MA " Buried Tewksbury
6/9/1905 Perry, Frank  Male Single 28 y.  General Tuberculosis Engineer NC Frank & Nellie NC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
1/13/1905 Perry, George H Male Married 43 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer "Quincy, MA" Calvin W. & Sarah Perry MA Buried Quincy
2/20/1893 Perry, George  Male Single 45 y.  Paralysis Painter NH Unknown Unknown "alias Gallagher, Buried Malden"
9/18/1901 Perry, Joseph H Male Married 48 y.  Locomotor Ataxia Street Railway Co. MA Lucius & Mary England Buried Boston
9/13/1897 Perry, Manuel  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Fisherman Portugal King & Annie Portugal Buried Tewksbury
3/16/1900 Perry, Mary  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis none Portugal Christie & Neilly Portugal Buried Tewksbury
12/31/1887 Perry, Mary  Female Unknown 25 y.  Phthisis Domestic ME Unknown Unknown  
8/8/1883 Perry, Mary E Female Single 1 m. 21 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" James & Sarah England  
3/21/1876 Perry, Meta  Female Single 1 m. 7 d. Neglect before admission   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/13/1893 Perry, Olivia M Female Divorced 43 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
12/21/1878 Perry, Thomas  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Machinist NY Thomas & Margaret NY  
9/26/1885 Pervener, John  Male Unknown 21 y.  Typhoid Fever   Sweden Unknown Unknown  
6/4/1901 Peters, Ambrose  Male Single 40 y.  General Tuberculosis Farmer Prince Edward Island Ekir & Victoria Prince Edward Island Buried Tewksbury
2/13/1902 Peters, Michael  Male Single 31 y.  Gangrene of Lung Unknown Greece Unknown Macedonia Buried Tewksbury
8/17/1905 Peterson, Alf  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Laborer Norway Peter Stobson & Mary Olson Norway Buried Tewksbury
1/23/1897 Peterson, Annie  Female Married 38 y.  Phthisis Domestic Sweden Frederick & Sophia Sweden Buried Boston
4/10/1900 Peterson, Edward  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Hostler MA Charles & Eleanor MA Buried West Peabody
10/31/1886 Peterson, Henry  Male Married 60 y.  Cystitis & Phthisis Laborer Denmark Henry & Christiana Denmark  
1/28/1901 Peterson, John  Male Single 50 y.  Hodgkins Disease Laborer Denmark Pilocrystie & Marie Denmark Buried Tewksbury
10/10/1879 Peterson, John  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Seaman Sweden Peter & Kaya Sweden  
2/14/1899 Peterson, Martin  Male Married 63 y.  Pneumonia Carpenter Sweden Peter & Dorothy Sweden Buried Tewksbury
4/22/1894 Peterson, Mary  Female Married 44 y.  Cancer uteri Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/1/1897 Peterson, Peter  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Tanner Sweden Peter & Mary Sweden Buried Tewksbury
8/9/1874 Peterson, Susan  Female Widow 77 y.  Debility Domestic "Haverhill, NH" Kill & Martha Howard NH  
9/4/1905 Pettee, James R Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Paper Hanger MA George & Catherine (Lewis) Pettee ME & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/28/1872 Pettigrew, John  Male Single 60 y.  Paralysis Seaman NH William & Polly NH  
9/12/1904 Pettis, Benjamin B Male Single 75 y.  Facial Erysipelas Laborer MA Ira & Jemima MA Buried Tewksbury
12/10/1867 Pettis, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Dropsy   "Adams, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/6/1879 Pettit, James  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Seaman Ireland James & Margaret Ireland  
8/25/1896 Pforte, Johanna  Female Widow 65 y.  Dysentery Housekeeper Germany Unknown Unknown Buried Clinton
7/9/1876 Phair, William  Male Single 41 y.  Paralysis Jeweler Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/17/1863 Phalen, Michael  Male Married 29 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/21/1871 Phaley, Mary  Female Single 23 y.  Epilepsy Domestic MA Unknown Unknown  
7/6/1893 Pharisee, Dennis  Male Married 38 y.  Phthisis Teamster "Newton, MA" Cornelius & Katherine Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/28/1863 Phelps, Mary  Female Widow 74 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia   "Portland, ME"      
10/4/1859 Phenas, Joseph  Male   30 y.  Apoplexy Sailor Western Islands      
3/11/1900 Phetteplace, Ann  Female Single 74 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Senility Straw Worker "Wales, MA" Isaac & Lydia "Wales, MA" Buried Wales
7/8/1871 Philbrick, Ann  Female Unknown 40 y.  Debility Housekeeper NH David & Unknown Unknown  
4/29/1886 Philbrick, Winifred  Female Single 6 m.  Laryngitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Jno. Roach & Winnie Philbrick Ireland  
4/5/1898 Philips, James  Male Widower 62 y.  Pleurisy with cardiac adhesions Laborer RI Stephen & Unknown America Buried So. Attleboro
5/16/1902 Philips, Joseph F Male Single 53 y.  Cancer of Jaw Fruit Dealer Italy Tony & Unknown Italy Buried Tewksbury
3/25/1858 Phillamy, Jason  Male   1 y. 9 m.  Marasmus   Almshouse      
8/19/1896 Phillips, Dennis  Male Married 32 y.  Psoas Abscess Laborer Nova Scotia Joseph & Catherine Unknown "Indian, Buried Tewksbury"
6/24/1877 Phillips, George  Male Single 2 m.  Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Minnie & ? Phillips Ireland & England  
8/20/1861 Phillips, Hannah  Female   3 y.  Marasmus   Halifax      
9/17/1905 Phillips, Henry F Male Married 53 y.  Locomotor Ataxia Meat Cutter MA Jonas A. & Abigail (Buckley) Phillips MA & NH Buried Reading
3/15/1876 Phillips, James  Male Married 78 y.  Old Age Unknown England Unknown Unknown  
12/2/1871 Phillips, Johanna  Female Widow 39 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Edward & Johanna Ireland  
12/29/1903 Phillips, John  Male Widower 45 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Waiter NY John & Jane NY "Colored, Buried Boston"
11/1/1867 Phillips, Joseph  Male Single 5 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/4/1864 Phillips, Lucy  Female   66 y.  Heart Disease   Ireland      
7/1/1894 Phillips, Maggie  Female Married 42 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Housewife Ireland George & Elizabeth Steatton? England Buried Tewksbury
3/14/1905 Phillips, Patrick  Male Single 32 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Ireland Myles & Mary (Rodney) Phillips Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/4/1879 Phillips, Peter  Male Single 58 y.  Hemiplegia Seaman NY Martin & Ellen Australia  
11/12/1895 Phillips, William  Male Married 72 y.  "Cardiac, Mitral" Shoemaker England William & Susan Phillips England Buried Malden
8/23/1873 Philo, Ellen  Female Unknown 60 y.  Cancer Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/11/1890 Philotro, Augustus  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Mason Canada Francois & Caroline Canada  
5/19/1902 Phinney, Dorothy  Female Single 3 m. 9 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Blanche Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/16/1893 Phinney, Patrick H Male Single 73 y.  Debility Currier Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/9/1901 Phipps, Erastus O Male Widower 83 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Shoemaker MA Aaron & Mary MA Buried Tewksbury
5/24/1903 Picard, Joseph P Male Married 37 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Photographer Canada Joseph & Angeline Canada Buried Lowell
8/11/1878 Pick, Salo  Male Married 58 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Druggist Prussia Aaron & Dorothea Prussia  
1/22/1873 Pickens, Charles  Male   14 y.  Typhoid Fever   "Westminster, MA"      
10/10/1893 Picket, Richard  Male Married 35 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Ireland Michael & Kate Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/29/1897 Pickett, Fred M Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Hotel Waiter NC Phillip & Amy NC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
2/18/1879 Pickett, Maria  Female Married 65 y.  Fatty Heart Laborer Ireland Edward & Jane Ireland  
2/11/1888 Pickett, Russell T Male Widower 63 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Hostler NH Jacob & Fanny NH  
7/6/1870 Pickthall, William  Male   1 m.  Debility   "Boston, MA" Mary & Alonzo Hayes New Brunswick  
8/22/1904 Pierce, Anginette  Female Single 62 y.  Carcinoma of Stomach Seamstress MA Joseph & Mary Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/7/1901 Pierce, Edwin F Male Widower 58 y.  Pernicious Anaemia Drummer ME Simon & Eliza ME Buried Goodwin's Mills
5/5/1857 Pierce, Frank  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   Massachusetts      
5/28/1854 Pierce, Franklin  Male   7 m.  Diarrhoea   Boston      
3/17/1905 Pierce, Gamaliel W Male Single 74 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Farmer VT Ephraim & Esther (Perry) Pierce Unknown Buried Saugus
11/10/1903 Pierce, James H Male Widower 55 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Carpenter Prince Edward Island John & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
12/26/1896 Pierce, Leander  Male Widower 82 y.  Cardiac Debility Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/16/1897 Pierce, Lizzie  Female Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Norman Herock & Mary Pierce "Plymouth, MA & France" Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1874 Pierce, Luther M Male Single 49 y.  Phthisis Machinist "Swansea, MA" Mason & Priscilla Unknown  
7/10/1891 Pierre, Franklin G Male Widower 74 y.  Heart Disease Laborer MA Peter & Eliza (Shephard?) West Indies Colored
3/30/1876 Pierson, Henry  Male Single 21 d. Imperfect development   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/24/1893 Piggott, Michael  Male Widower 67 y.  Pneumonia Iron Dealer Ireland Thomas & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
11/11/1894 Piggott, Richard  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried So. Boston
12/2/1904 Piggott, Robert  Male Married 53 y.  Pneumonia Laborer West Indies Robert & Sarah (James) Piggott West Indies "Colored, Buried Boston"
7/8/1872 Piggrun, John  Male Married 69 y.  Dropsy Laborer Unknown Samuel & Sarah England  
8/11/1892 Pihlagamma, Matti  Male Single 23 y.  Sero. Pneumo. Thorax Laborer Finland Unknown Finland  
1/14/1904 Pihlajamski, Jalmar  Male Single 19 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Quarryman Finland Unknown Finland Buried Tewksbury
12/18/1899 Pike, Charles  Male Single 72 y.  Senility Sailor MA Worcester & Caroline MA Buried Tewksbury
8/5/1885 Pike, Lydia  Female Unknown 75 y.  Debility & Diarrhoea   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/8/1905 Pilkey, Mary  Female Married 43 y.  Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Housekeeper Canada Lewis & Philomene (Pleurd) Pilkey Canada Buried Tewksbury
12/9/1858 Pilkington, Daniel  Male   60 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
7/19/1867 Pilot, John  Male Single 61 y.  Dropsy   Cape de Verde Unknown Unknown Colored
6/7/1881 Pindell, William T Male Widower 56 y.  Chronic Bright's Merchant MD Unknown Unknown  
7/29/1869 Pinder, Anne  Female   3 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" Anna Ireland  
6/11/1900 Pinion, Otis  Male Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Ella VA Buried Tewksbury
6/26/1876 Pinkerton, Centennial  Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/1/1893 Pinkerton, Mary  Female Married 32 y.  Phthisis Domestic NYC John Finn & Bridget Mahoney Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/28/1901 Pinkham, Atwood  Male Widower 50 y.  Aortic Regurgitation Laborer ME Unknown ME Buried Tewksbury
6/3/1902 Pinkham, James O Male Widower 86 y.  Senility Farmer Canada Samuel & Theodosia Canada Buried Haverhill
4/12/1886 Pinkham, Sawyer  Male Widower 73 y.  Phthisis Carpenter ME Unknown ME  
10/5/1887 Pinning, Clara  Female Single 34 y.  Debility Operative England Unknown Unknown  
8/14/1905 Pinos, George  Male Married 28 y.  Phthisis Laborer Greece Peter & Unknown Greece Buried Tewksbury
9/5/1894 Pinti, Leon  Male Single 24 y.  Miliary Tuberculosis Unknown Unknown Unkown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/19/1857 Pintry, Patrick  Male   26 y.  Consumption   Massachusetts      
3/26/1903 Pinyarto, Salvatore  Male Married 44 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Salvatore & Gratzia Italy "Alias Pingnato, Buried Malden"
3/14/1898 Piper, William O Male Single 39 y.  General Tuberculosis Laborer IN David & Sarah OH Buried Tewksbury
7/31/1902 Pisarezyk, Sophia  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis Housework Poland Clement & Kate Poland Buried Tewksbury
11/30/1867 Pitkincle, Peter  Male Unknown 23 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Peter & Mary Ireland  
3/7/1895 Pitts, George  Male Married 50 y.  Acute Nephritis Carpenter "Waterboro, ME" Benjamin & Myra ME & NH Buried ME
10/28/1874 Pitts, William  Male   3 m.  Cong. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/26/1884 Pittsley, Jerome B Male Widower 75 y.  General Debility Farmer NY Joshua & Rebecca MA  
8/31/1904 Pittsley, Josiah W Male Widower 60 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer "Freetown, MA" Matchel & Duderia MA Buried Tewksbury
11/28/1856 Place, James B Male   6 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown      
10/26/1899 Placeo, Louis  Male Married 58 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Italy Piscale & Theresa Italy Buried Tewksbury
8/18/1903 Plack, William M Male Single 39 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Waiter MD Jacob & Louisa Germany Buried Boston
12/26/1903 Plant, Marcelline  Female Widow 82 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Tailoress Canada ? Vorean & Julia (Beauchant) Canada Buried Lynn
6/19/1897 Plant, Robert  Male Single 35 y.  General Tuberculosis Sack Maker "Taunton, MA" Robert & Susan "Taunton, MA" Buried Taunton
11/2/1889 Plantiff, Almon A Male Widower 53 y.  Cancer Laborer Canada Francis & Maggie Canada  
5/15/1899 Platt, Frank  Male Single 23 y.  Nephritis & Cardiac Shoemaker Italy Dominic & Unknown Italy Buried Tewksbury
5/8/1868 Plauriary, James  Male Widower 46 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/27/1878 Plott, Erastus  Male Single 2 m. 14 d. Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/31/1900 Plouff, Rosanna  Female Single 11 m. 2 d. Acute Meningitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Lizzie Canada Buried Tewksbury
11/9/1876 Plumley, George W.  Male Married 68 y.  Brain Softening Seaman "Boston, MA" John & Hannah "VA & Salem, MA"  
1/20/1882 Plummer, Grace  Female Single 1 m.  Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" George & Emma ME & Nova Scotia  
8/9/1877 Plunkett, John A Male Widower 79 y.  Old Age Laborer Germany Charles & Unknown Germany alias Plannett
12/18/1893 Plunkett, Mary  Female Widow 70 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Cardiac Laundry Ireland Patrick Plunkett & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/7/1873 Pointing, David  Male   6 m.  Convulsions   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/23/1896 Poland, Mabel  Female Widow 23 y.  Croupous Pneumonia & Epilepsy Housework ME Oliver & Mary ME "Buried Norway, ME"
12/6/1903 Polcholopek, Peter  Male Single 2 y.  Cerebro-spinal Meningitis   "Chicopee, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Lowell
4/27/1882 Polin, Victor  Male Married 70 y.  Chronic Nephritis Seaman Canada Michael & Mary France  
11/12/1904 Pollarino, Annie  Female Married 36 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Martin & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/17/1871 Pollock, Mary  Female Widow 76 y.  Debility Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/22/1867 Pollock, Thomas  Male Married 69 y.  Debility   Scotland Unknown Unknown  
4/29/1904 Pollt, Samuel  Male Single 26 y.  General Tuberculosis Candy Maker Italy Joseph & Matilda (Pupa) Pollt Italy Buried Malden
4/17/1900 Pomero, Pavlo  Male Widower 47 y.  Phthisis Waiter Italy Joseph & Mary Italy Buried Tewksbury
3/4/1888 Pomfrey, Sidney  Male Single 6 m.    MA Ellen & Blank Unknown  
5/8/1901 Pomloski, Peter  Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Machinist Poland John & Annie Poland Buried Tewksbury
4/21/1904 Pond, Chan  Male Single 30 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laundry China Mon Chan & Unknown China Buried Boston
9/16/1880 Pond, Charles  Male Single 46 y.  Scrofula Farmer "Roxbury, MA" Moses & Susan MA  
8/25/1876 Poole, Albert S Male Single 65 y.  Chronic Dysentery   "Boston, MA"      
10/27/1878 Poole, George W Male Married 50 y.  Aortic Regurgitation Hostler "Boston, MA" Melvin & Elmira MA  
6/30/1904 Poole, Lyman H Male Single 81 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Laborer "Grafton, NY" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/27/1904 Poor, Charles L Male Married 48 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Teamster "Lynnfield, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Peabody
2/16/1866 Poor, Mary  Female   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility Unknown        
2/13/1903 Poore, Robert  Male Single 9 m.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
7/21/1901 Pope, James  Male Married 65 y.  Chronic Cystitis Spinner Ireland John & Nell Ireland Buried Lawrence
10/28/1880 Pope, Nancy W Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Domestic VA Unknown Unknown Colored
9/29/1904 Poro, Maxim  Male Widower 82 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Sailor Canada Philip & Julia (Blake) Poro Canada Buried Tewksbury
9/10/1876 Porter, Charles  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
10/28/1887 Porter, Daniel  Male Widower 41 y.  Hip Disease Operative England Daniel & Johanna Ireland  
5/19/1903 Porter, Ethel  Female Single 28 y.  Carcinoma of Cervix Domestic Nova Scotia Jane Nova Scotia "Colored, Buried Everett"
11/23/1877 Porter, John  Male Single 1 y.  Dysentery   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/10/1898 Porter, John A Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Weaver "St. John, New Brunswick" Dennis & Rachel Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/11/1865 Porter, Mary E Female   6 m.  Cong. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA"      
8/5/1899 Porter, Mary  Female Married 30 y.  Cardiac Domestic MA Edward & Kate Ireland Buried No. Cambridge
5/21/1872 Portland, John  Male   6 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/10/1873 Portland, William  Male   1 m.  Debility   "Boston, MA" Anna Clark & Unknown Unknown  
9/28/1888 Potter, Mary E Female Widow 52 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland William & Mary Ireland  
11/3/1904 Potter, Susan T Female Widow 64 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Housework Ireland Charles & Ellen (Stephens) O'Connell Ireland "Husband John, Buried Mattapan"
1/20/1901 Potts, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Engraver England Unknown England "Buried Manchester, NH"
2/18/1870 Powderly, Catherine  Female Widow 35 y.  Paralysis Domestic Servt. "Boston, MA" Charles & Mary Falvey Ireland  
4/27/1889 Powell, Edward  Male Widower 66 y.  Obstruction to Gall Duct Spinner England Edward & Elizabeth England  
8/18/1888 Powell, Eliza  Female Widow 80 y.  Debility Domestic MA Eliza & Blank ME  
3/25/1904 Powell, Frederick H Male Single 61 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer VA Randolph & Marie (Ballenster) Powell VA "Colored, Buried Boston"
10/10/1861 Powell, Mary Abbe  Female   2 m.  Marasmus   Tewksbury      
10/11/1905 Powell, William  Male Single 50 y.  Phthisis Roofer MA John & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
7/29/1858 Power, John  Male   11 m.  Cholera Infantum Foundling Unknown      
10/29/1874 Power, Mary  Female Single 68 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Ireland John & Margaret Ireland  
8/21/1901 Power, Thomas  Male Single 75 y.  Senility Sailor "St. John, New Brunswick" Thomas & Mary "St. John, New Brunswick & ME" Buried Tewksbury
3/18/1886 Power, George W Male Single 24 d. Bronchitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Etta Power & Jno. Riley Ireland  
5/17/1884 Power, Mary  Female Single 40? y. 40? d. Septic Peritonitis   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Maggie America & Newfoundland  
8/24/1871 Power, Thomas  Male Unknown 39 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/11/1904 Powers, Ann  Female Single 52 y.  Acute Enteritis Weaver "Plattsburg, NY" Unknown & Catherine Powers Unknown Buried Webster
12/30/1901 Powers, Catherine  Female Single 59 y.  Mitral Regurgitation Domestic New Brunswick John & Mary Ireland Buried Malden
11/27/1872 Powers, Ellen  Female   1 m.  Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" John Harris & Bridget Powers England & Ireland  
12/15/1886 Powers, Ellen  Female Widow 80 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Jno. & Mary Cleveland Ireland  
1/24/1885 Powers, George  Male Single 26 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Unknown William & Hannah Unknown  
12/10/1881 Powers, Harry  Male Single 10 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Bridget Powers & Moses Weisner Ireland & Unknown  
1/1/1904 Powers, Henry  Male Single 47 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Upholsterer Mexico Alonzo & Ann Mexico Buried Lowell
5/18/1863 Powers, Ida  Female   3 d. Cong. Syph.   "Tewksbury, MA" Edwd. Johnson & Susan Powers US  
6/8/1866 Powers, James  Male Single 26 y.  Pneumonia Ireland        
7/26/1889 Powers, James  Male Widower 75 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/1/1889 Powers, Johanna  Female Unknown 54 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/1/1903 Powers, John  Male Married 37 y.  Phthisis Tailor England John & Bridget Ireland Buried Malden
9/2/1903 Powers, John  Male Unknown 56 y.  Trichinosis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Worcester
6/11/1859 Powers, John  Male   18 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
7/21/1883 Powers, John C Male   64 y.  Bright's Disease Shoemaker Ireland John & Helen Ireland  
7/31/1860 Powers, John  Male   7 m.  Cholera Infantum   Boston      
3/12/1883 Powers, Joseph  Male Single 1 m. 7 d. Abscess   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Grace St. John's  
11/15/1887 Powers, Maggie  Female Single 29 y.  Chronic Bright's Disease Domestic Ireland John & Johanna Ireland  
6/15/1871 Powers, Margaret  Female Married 53 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
3/7/1861 Powers, Mary  Female   1 y. 2 m.  Pnuemonia   Boston IP      
7/31/1873 Powers, Mary  Female Unknown 31 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/10/1868 Powers, Michael  Male Widower 78 y.  Phthisis Laborer NY Unknown Ireland  
6/5/1869 Powers, Michael  Male Married 72 y.  Atrophy   Ireland Michael & Bridget Ireland  
1/19/1879 Powers, Norman  Male Single 1 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Norman & Nellie "Portland, ME & Taunton, MA"  
8/12/1896 Powers, Patrick  Male Single 54 y.  Empyaemia Laborer Ireland Laurence & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/5/1860 Powers, Patrick  Male   33 y.  Hobnail Liver Laborer N. Brunswick      
9/9/1862 Powers, Richard  Male   23 y.  Syph.          
1/28/1855 Powers, Stephen  Man   55 y.  Diabetes          
2/2/1895 Powers, Susan  Female   1 d. Cough & Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Harry Franks & Susie Powers MA Buried Tewksbury
12/17/1905 Powers, Thomas  Male Single 18 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Gertrude Powers "Malden, MA & Boston, MA" Buried Tewksbury
2/8/1878 Powers, Thomas  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Johanna Ireland  
7/21/1899 Powers, Thomas J Male Widower 42 y.  Phthisis Brass Finisher MA Patrick & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/1/1873 Powers, Thomas  Male Married 26 y.  Epilepsy Laborer "Boston, MA" Bridget & Unknown Ireland  
10/9/1899 Powerson, John  Male Single 40 y.  Cancer of Stomach Sailor Sweden Unknown & Catherine Sweden Buried Tewksbury
9/28/1902 Powmosky, Stefen  Male Single 36 y.  Sarcoma of Scapula Laborer Russia Joseph & Nemia Russia Buried Tewksbury
7/15/1899 Pratt, Ezra B Male Widower 55 y.  Pneumonia & Paraplegia Stone Worker "Boston, MA" Ezra & Mary "Boston, MA & Ireland" Buried Tewksbury
9/23/1864 Pratt, Georgiana  Female   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA"      
7/31/1873 Pratt, Nelson L. Male Single 33 y.  Delirium Tremens Stone Mason "Clinton, MA" Eben & Betsey MA  
2/13/1872 Pratt, Phebe  Female Single 82 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper NH Eleazer & Mary MA  
10/17/1876 Pratt, Thomas  Male Widower 76 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Thomas & Catherine Ireland  
12/14/1888 Pray, Lloyd W Male Single 45 y.  Chronic Bright's Disease Teamster ME Moses & Elizabeth ME  
8/3/1872 Prendable, Michael  Male Single 40 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/2/1894 Prentiss, Roy  Male Single 2 m. 10 d. Whooping Cough None "Boston, MA" George ? & Maud Prentiss ? & VT Buried Tewksbury
12/23/1863 Prescott, Eliza A Female Married 33 y.  Phthisis   Maine      
3/7/1855 Prescott, Elizabeth  Woman   17 y.  Congestion of Lungs          
1/31/1880 Prescott, Hattie S Female Married 21 y.  Puerperal Fever & Pneumonia Domestic "Lawrence, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/16/1882 Prescott, James  Male Married 43 y.  Epilepsy Sailor "Lawrence, MA" James & Olive Unknown  
3/20/1879 Prescott, John W Male Married 60 y.  Phthisis Lumberman "Deerfield, NH" True & Olive NH  
8/5/1879 Prescott, Mary  Female Single 2 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/18/1878 Prescott, Minnie  Female Married 54 y.  Phthisis Operative Canada Joseph & Julia Unknown  
4/9/1895 Presey, Lavinia  Female Single 75 y.  Senile Gangrene Domestic DE Aquilla & Rachel W. I. "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
4/13/1900 Preston, James  Male Widower 58 y.  Nephritis Baker Scotland James & Jane Scotland Buried Tewksbury
2/13/1902 Preston, Theresa  Female Single 1 y. 4 m.  Broncho-pneumonia   "Lowell, MA" Frederick & Elizabeth England Buried Tewksbury
10/20/1901 Preston, William H Male Single 7 y.  Acute Enteritis     Unknown & Elizabeth Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/21/1872 Price, Anna N Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis Domestic Scotland Unknown Unknown  
8/21/1869 Price, Caroline  Female Married 49 y.  Dysentery   "Boston, MA" Unknown Ireland  
4/21/1879 Price, Carrie  Female Single 14 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen & James Ireland  
2/28/1891 Price, Joseph  Male Single 23 y.  Syphilis & Pneumonia Waiter West Indies Benjamin & Unknown West Indies Colored
4/30/1905 Price, Lizzie  Female Widow 50 y.  Cancer of Uterus Housework GA Anderson & Delsie (Plott?) Smith GA & VA "Husband Walter, Buried Tewksbury"
8/12/1881 Price, Louis  Male Single 28 y.  Paraplegia Cook SC Edward & Amelia SC Colored
4/29/1869 Price, Pearl  Male   5 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/26/1868 Price, William  Male Widower 59 y.  Phthisis Laborer Wales Unknown Wales  
6/6/1898 Price, William  Male Single 39 y.  General Tuberculosis Painter Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/12/1884 Priest, Abram  Male Widower 60 y.  Debility & Diarrhoea Farmer NY Aaron & Susan MA  
5/20/1872 Priest, Maude  Female   1 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/28/1877 Primary, Thomas  Male Single 1 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/22/1877 Prime, Ophelia  Female Single 2 m.  Chronic Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/23/1892 Primor, Helena  Female Married 35 y.  Ter. Syphilis & Alcoholism Domestic England Walter & Ann Carrigan England  
1/18/1899 Prince, Anna M Female Single 60 y.  Phthisis Domestic NH Josiah & Abigail NH Buried Tewksbury
9/12/1868 Prince, John  Male   4 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/10/1868 Pringle, George  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   "Lowell, MA" Unknown Unknown  
12/14/1903 Printer, Peter  Male Married 18 y.  Abscess of Lung Laborer Italy Unknown Unknown not listed
3/16/1897 Prior, Bertha A Female Single 20 y.  "Suppurating Glands, Syphilis" Domestic VA Thomas & Mary VA Buried Tewksbury
3/19/1873 Proctor, Harriet  Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis Domestic Lyden Unknown Unknown Colored
8/20/1872 Proctor, James  Male Single 54 y.  Bright's Disease Spinner England William & Margaret England  
1/17/1891 Proctor, Maria  Female Widow 81 y.  Cancer   NH ? & Ann Ackley England  
7/5/1877 Profit, Samuel  Male Single 49 y.  Chronic Bright's Sailor Cape Verde Island Thomas & Freelove Cape Verde Island  
6/10/1903 Proulx, Annie  Female Married 32 y.  Phthisis Operative Canada Louis & Mary Canada not listed
6/25/1900 Proulx, Marie  Female Single 17 y.  Phthisis none NH Alfred & Marie Canada Buried Tewksbury
11/25/1905 Provancher, Virginia  Female Single 32 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Cook At Sea Calex & Amy (Banchine) Provancher Canada & West Indies "Alias Proventia, Potter, Buried Tewksbury"
8/1/1890 Prue, Frank  Male Married 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada Frank & Rosa Canada  
9/12/1904 Prye, Bridget  Female Widow 40 y.  Phthisis Cook Ireland Patrick & Margaret (Quinnie?) Fay Ireland "Husband George, Buried Tewksbury"
9/9/1905 Przytota, Francis  Female Single 4 m.  Marasmus   "Salem, MA" Frank & Ellen Pryztota Russia Buried Tewksbury
7/31/1905 Przytota, Jennie  Female Single 2 m.  Marasmus   "Salem, MA" Frank & Ellen Russia Buried Tewksbury
2/11/1894 Pucklitch, Edward  Male Widower 28 y.  General Tuberculosis Baker Germany Edward & Minnie Germany Buried Malden
11/20/1856 Puckman, John F Male   51 y.  Congestion of Lungs   Germany      
11/30/1896 Puffer, Almira Z Female Married 71 y.  Apoplexy   "Monson, MA" Unknown "Monson, MA" Buried Milton
3/26/1868 Puga, Louis  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Seaman Spain Unknown Spain  
10/20/1880 Pullen, Warren  Male Single 68 y.  Bright's Disease Mason ME Sargent & Elizabeth Ireland  
3/14/1865 Purcell, Catherine  Female Widow 70 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
12/11/1867 Purcell, Edward  Male Single 61 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland Unknown Unknown  
5/19/1859 Purcell, James  Male   48 y.  Psoas Abscess   Ireland      
1/25/1863 Purcell, Joseph  Male Married 48 y.  Delerium Tremens Laborer Ireland      
5/3/1896 Purcell, Mary  Female Single 66 y.  Epilepsy Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/16/1861 Purcell, Mary Ann  Female   2 y.  Gangrene Oris   Lowell IP      
12/21/1901 Purcell, Phillip  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Mary Ireland Buried N. Attleboro
5/23/1861 Purcell, Thomas  Male   60 y.  Cong. of Lungs   Ireland      
2/5/1866 Purcell, William  Male Widower 75 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
11/21/1903 Purdy, Albert F Male Single 1 m. 5 d. Hereditary Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown not listed
8/24/1890 Putman, Ralph  Male Single 4 m.  Syphilis   MA Marcellus & Laura ME  
1/31/1904 Putnam, Edward J Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Cook US Frank & Annie (Fancy) Putnam MA & US Buried Everett
4/4/1905 Putnam, Roxanna  Female Single 61 y.  Acute Enteritis Seamstress "Southbridge, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/13/1898 Putnam, William T Male Widower 61 y.  Cardiac Steam Fitter NH Cyrus & Lucinda NH Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1876 Pyne, Vicery  Male   1 m.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  

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